Fair Juno

Fair Juno❮Read❯ ➱ Fair Juno Author Stephanie Laurens – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Seria auela enigmática mulher o amor da sua vidauando o Conde de Merton se encontrou de repente a fazer de cavalheiro de uma dama em apuros soube ue os seus dias como famoso libertino estavam contado Seria auela enigmática mulher o amor da sua vidauando o Conde de Merton se encontrou de repente a fazer de cavalheiro de uma dama em apuros soube ue os seus dias como famoso libertino estavam contados Mas embora parecesse agradecida pela sua ajuda a dama desapareceu sem revelar o seu nome O conde estava decidido a encontrá la por muito ue o seu escandaloso passado e os perigos do presente amenazassem a procura dauela misteriosa mulher a uem ele pressentia estar destinado. Fair Juno is as captivating as any Laurens book Martin Willisden Earl of Merton and renown rake rescues Miss Helen Walford from her would be kidnappers This starts off a chain of events whereby she seeks to ensure her anonymity and Willisden seeks to know first who she is and then to know her intimately However she is no ninnyhammer after a rich aristocratic husband instead she stands by her independence She is also wary because of her own slightly scandalous past Undeterred Willisden seeks to show her that what he wants from her goes far beyond being a rake’s conuest As the novel progresses so does the emotion between the two as they start to fall in love Yet that is not enough to cause Helen to accept Willisden’s hand She is caught in intrigue of her own as well as being susceptible to the manipulations of Willisden’s weak younger brother This results in her continual refusal of Willisden A refusal she undertakes because she thinks she has to save Willisden’s estate The book races along at a cracking pace with plenty of sex intrigue and romance to satisfy most readers of this sort of fiction Repetitive and without any drama as to the romance The two are clearly in love from the beginning and then begins a long tedious playacting courtship that goes on and on and on No sizzle either Helen has been kidnapped but is uickly rescued by the Earl of Merton Both are smitten but the barriers between them are huge especially when someone else is stirring the potThis book was uite stupid and I didn't enjoy it at all I can't say I like the narratorI no longer have any patience with conflict that could be resolved with a few words Very few I only finished this book to explain in detail everything that I dislikedThe hero had a mistress While this isn’t normally a deal breaker for me I like heroes and heroines with romanticsexual experience and past relationshipsmistresses work within the context of a historical I found this particular situation in this particular novel disturbing The hero did not have just any mistress we are told but “the best mistress he had ever mounted” Now who was his mistress? A Jamaican woman Erica with “black ringlets and coffee colored skin” Yikes on many many levelsNow shall we compare Erica with our “Fair Juno” the heroine Helen? Helen’s the typical peaches and cream English flower described in the same paragraph as Erica’s description as gold and ivory So we have a food stuff description of the mistress versus precious materials of the heroinefuture wife Perhaps I’m reading too deeply but the comparison immediately sets the impression that Erica is good for sex but not marriage material while Helen is marriage material Using the term “mounted” also has an animalistic connotation that when used in reference to a woman of color is deeply disturbing Blah blah blah the past is a different country and all but when I’m reading a romance I’d prefer for my heroes to not treat and speak of women in such a terrible dehumanizing way And Erica let us take note was a woman the hero LIKEDSpeaking of the way the hero treats women let’s talk about three other women in the story his mother his dead brother’s wife and his spurned pursuer His mother wasis a mean woman who hates her son and he hates her just as much it seems but the hero seems to take a perverse delight in messing with this woman She’s awful it’s true but her meddling could easily be resolved if the hero wasn’t so high handed Just say “nope got my own plans” and follow through she’s a woman in 19th century England and can’t make you do anything dude And while this is a minor moment at the beginning of the story I think the way he describes his sister in law is sad and disturbing He treats her like she’s furniture than a person Doesn’t even speak to her or say hello Yikes Everyone forgets poor plain Melissa and it’s treated like a funny jokeThen there’s the spurned pursuer which yikes Yikes yikes yikes was this a plot point that made me set the book down for the day So she was a debutante who had her feather set for the hero but he wasn’t interested So she concocted an entire story of how he raped her so he’d be forced to marry her and then he was sent off to Jamaica to make his fortune and we all know that no matter how nicely and uickly you gloss over THAT detail meant that the hero likely made his money off of enslaved people Of course she’s proven to have made everything up and she’s really just The Worst and wants to ruin the hero’s life because she’s Petty Like That TM The absolute rarity of false rape accusations combined with the amount of people who are never charged with the rapes they committed makes this plot point an upsetting one for meAdd to this mess the hero’s spoiled younger brother who just wants to ruin the hero’s life because reasons like jealousy and you’ve got a recipe for all the outside conflict you need for the rest of the book Our heroine Helen who is praised for her forthrightness and non “missish ness” suddenly refuses to have the frank conversations she’s famed for with the hero and we’ve got our third act conflict that is hastily resolved after the heroine spurns the hero’s marriage offer for a second time and then he “rescues” her from marrying another man before having that all important conversation Our hero and heroine everyoneThat’s the end of my review I put way too much thought into this than I should have but I was too angry to let it sit and fester The author has a way with words and maybe her other romances are different this was published in the early 90’s the genre has changed over time However I was pretty badly burnt by this one and I don’t know if I can pick up another one I generally don't write reviews for romance novels but I had to make an exception for this oneMartin our swashbuckling earl literally cannot get over our heroine Helen In fact he can only try to forget her by thinking of the woman of color who was his mistress in Jamaica then a British colony where he made his fortune “Then he tried thinking of Erica the mullato mistress he had left behind That did not work either Somehow Erica's dark ringlets and coffee coloured skin kept transforming to golden curls and luscious white curves ” See unlike his ivory gold goddess Erica is not white Martin pictures his beautiful white English rose “He wanted to see her standing before his fireplace with his son in her arms” But non white Erica with dark curly hair and tanned skin is merely “the most satisfying mistress he had ever mounted” Forget white Madonna black whore Mounted You don't mount humans You mount horses The white woman is his wife and the non white woman is likened to an animal At this moment you are acutely reminded that our very British very elite hero made his entire fortune in Jamaica at the start of the 19th century By complete happenstance of course at the start of the 19th century the British elite were enslaving and dehumanizing thousands upon thousands of non white people in the Caribbean in order to export sugar to their tea parties in London In fact Jamaica is still reuesting reparations from the UK government even today hundreds of years later Given that great loads of money don't fall from the sky the only way our hero wasn't complicit in the pillaging and exploitation is if God personally sent an archangel to oversee that money materializing on the ground instead I get it The novel is set in 19th century Britain It was another time Fine But in the same way I expect novels not to glorify wife beating which was also a legal practice in early 19th century Britain I expect a novel published in 1999 not to cheerfully feature a hero who made his fortune on the backs of slaves And please please don't non ironically compare British imperialists' exploitation of women of color to mounting a horse Actually don't even do it ironicallyDNF I was loving this book until we got to the Oh I can't tell him what his brother said because it will cause him too much anguish I'll just marry this repugnant man insteadI hate hate hate the stupid plot device of people not just talking to one another This heroine who through the entire book has been open and remarkable because she is not missish and is forthright all of a sudden will not talk with the love of her life to see if what she was told is trueSheesh DNF'd Definitely not as good as the first book of the series Really not a fan of the woman in the book who claims rape to trap the main male character into marrying her It doesn't work he heads to the colonies and comes back to save the day with a different female character This book really shouldn't have been packaged into a 2 for 1 book by Harleuin with the first book in the series the plots are very similar The last part of the book kept me turning pages but some of the actions of the heroine had me wanting it hang it up before I got there I’m an avid Stephanie Lauren’s reader and this isn’t what I’d consider her better series but she still keeps me coming back Excellent story so typical of Stephanie Laurens Twists and turns misunderstandings but a hint of humour throughout Not going to say of the story line as I don't want to spoil it for readers Well deserved 5 stars