A Smarter Way to Learn HTML CSS

A Smarter Way to Learn HTML CSS[Reading] ➸ A Smarter Way to Learn HTML CSS By Mark Myers – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The ultimate learn by doing approach Short chapters are paired with free interactive online exercises to teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS Written for beginners useful for experienced developers The ultimate Way to PDF ✓ learn by doing approach Short chapters are paired with free interactive online exercises to teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS Written for beginners useful for experienced developers who want to sharpen their skills Prepares the reader to code a website of medium complexity The learner spends two to three times as A Smarter Epub / long practicing as he does reading Based on cognitive research showing that retention increases percent when learners are challenged to retrieve the information they just read Explanations are in plain nontechnical English that people of all backgrounds can readily understand With ample coding examples and illustrations. I can't believe I'm about to say this but I really enjoyed learning something It is easy and fun and very informative and useful If someone can make learning a fun something to look forward to process esp something complicated like HTML and CSS and simplify the overwhelming learning process then he must be a genius Great author simple and amusing writing style with outstanding results Time flew by and now I'm currently reading A Smart Way to Learn JavaScript and I'm loving it Of course this book is for people who want to be website developers and know nothing about it This is where to start Also if you're bored and feeling down I highly encourage you to read this book to create your first website just for fun Very broad and good to help brush up on HTMLCSS and to get an idea of the different types of considerations to make when formatting a webpage I appreciate the numerous provided exercises even though I personally only did a few of them as I feel doing them all would be too much of a time investment when the bulk of learning HTML and CSS will come from one's projects The content was aptly spaced into sections which makes the book good for simple references I appreciated the sample code for each section so that one can view the results of each section incrementally The sample code serves as an effective reference as it uses a variety of features so than one would use for an actual webpage I appreciate Mark Myers' teaching style and I think it works especially well here since as opposed to Python and Javascript HTML and CSS are much smaller so Myers' sparse style works well to capture the bulk of what one would need to know to get started with these technologies A remarkably digestible introduction to HTMLCSS that does a great job of helping you internalize the basic tenets of web design and many key lines of code My main ualm is that the book only scratches the surface of responsive design something that must've already been essential in 2015 when the book was first published Also both the book and the online exercises look a little dated design wise That shouldn't matter too much but whenever Myers shared his opinion on the coding variations that he believes look better or cleaner I cringed a bit since he'd already undercut his own credibility on that front I am well aware I’m likely not going to be a web programmer ever and it’s generally not as useful to learn htmlcss coding nowadays but since I have been learning JS might as well get on it It is a slow and easy guide The last example with full mock website attached with the html and css codes are helpful It is a bad idea to learn web coding from books but I learn the basic and put down some good notes and built my site Anyhow this book is likely the extent of my involvement in web coding Perfect for beginner coders If you don't know a thing about writing code of any sort definitely start here This book helps you learn and recall HTML and CSS I haven't read many other tutorial books but for the price and content this one is a keeper This ebook is a great way to learn html and css You will retain what you learn with this book😎 Excellent bookLoved the layout of this book The content was well explained and the author provided ample hands on work to help solidify learning Excellent Book and Online ExercisesThis book and its related online content were structured in a way that made it exceptionally easy and fun to learn html and CSS While I recognize there is still of lot to learn especially in the arena of html 5 there was certainly enough content to form a good foundation upon which to build I definitely feel like I am walking away with the necessary skills develop web pages My next step is to grab Mark's book on JavaScript as a refresher It truly was a great way to learn and I hope that Mark puts out several books such as one with advanced html topics I highly recommend this book Good for beginnersVery practically laid out and decently thorough in terms of what it covers Easy to follow and useful practice links all throughout I may need a deeper book down the road but for the level I am in now this is perfect I will continue to rely on this for uick reference I am not finished learning about HTML CSS but I am done with this book It is nice to have practice exercises but if the material is not explained what good are they?