Runaway Summer Polwenna Bay #1

Runaway Summer Polwenna Bay #1➹ [Read] ➵ Runaway Summer Polwenna Bay #1 By Ruth Saberton ➼ – Come and visit Polwenna Bay a beautiful Cornish fishing village full of drama and surprises and leave as a friendRunning AwaySince leaving Polwenna Bay for the bright lights of London actress Summer T Come and visit Polwenna Polwenna Bay Epub ß Bay a beautiful Cornish fishing village full of drama and surprises and leave as a friendRunning AwaySince leaving Polwenna Bay for the bright lights of London actress Summer Trelawne has tried her hardest to never look back; Jake her childhood sweetheart let her down terribly and the beautiful Cornish village holds nothing but painful memories It’s only when a volatile relationship threatens to destroy all she holds dear that Summer finds herself returning Runaway Summer Kindle - to the place she knows so wellJake Tremaine has travelled the world but reluctantly finds himself drawn back to Polwenna Bay to run the family marina and take care of his unruly siblings While Jake knows his attention should be on the rescuing the business determined Ella daughter of a wealthy hotelier is set on working her way into his affections and beneath his sheets The last thing Ella will tolerate is the reappearance of a rivalAs the Summer Polwenna Bay Kindle Ø holiday season approaches and seaside life gathers pace Jake suspects that Summer is keeping a huge secret from him But Summer is not the only person in the village with something to hide Is she just an echo of Jake’s past or are there far important matters at stake. When I mention something is a 'slow burner' that is not necessarily a derogatory term as far as I am concerned and this book proved to be a slow burner of the decent type classificationNo surprises to going the phrase of a well known advert 'it does what it says on the tin' and I would class as a no strings attached holiday or wet Sunday afternoon read that is pleasant and unassuming I enjoyed and will read the other books in the series because I am a nosy cow not because it was some huge piece of writing with major plot twists woven through itThe production values seemed very high indeed and I found no mistakes trust me when I say I look uite hard for them It was an interesting and complex read for me The first book I've read by a british author? Anyway it felt and read really british and compelling The description of every gust of wind and blow of a leaf became tideous and frustrating when I realised the people and feelings and situations and actions were only background and never fully clear We are told over and over by a bunch of characters what happened and how much they are still affected living in the past but in the last chapters of the book everything is magically OK and everything is forgiven except for Justin who smacked her a few times and is alluded raped her? The mother that cost her relationship with Jake at 16 and left her alone far away pregnant and pennyles to become an actress or jumped at the chance to blame her only girl with something so ridiculous it made me sick to my stomack and caused her to have another miscarriage and never rushed to her and never demanded the truth and never had any ounce of protective motherhood feeling towards her The father that judged her a worthless whore and treated her like his own prostitute ever demanding her money and never acting like a father The cartoon brothers big and burly that never cared to protect their sister and never visited or saw the bruises The aunt that could never keep a secret but she never raised alarm bells when she knew the situation she run away from in London The agent that never cared to alert her parents of her situation at 16 The grandmother that kept a grudge and never acted the adult in their love story The various brothers sisters of Jake that couldn't be bothered to ask a few simple uestions The best friend almost twin who gave up on her at the first fight and never demanded answers caused her to lose her love baby and abused her verbally from day one of her return never cared about the bruises caused her to be beated and almost raped by Justin The hero who gave up after a few weeks of making love to his One never cared to ask if that caused any conseuence never grew up enough to pop up one day in London and see if there were still any lingering feelings anything to add and the 'Hero' that forgave too easy and made light of so many tragedies that even one of those would have changed and traumatised any healthy human being All of them got forgiven and forgotten off the page the restart of the love story happened off page the resolution with Justin was off page everything important was except for the most boring and meaningless descriptionsRant over Guys Ruth did it again Went and wrote another cracker of a bookAnd it could be my whole review in fact because she again has written a superb brilliant colourful lovely novel set in Cornwall full of vivid characters sea and horses Everything that a girl like me could dream of Each time when I start reading Ruth's new book I am dead certain that I am for a real treat and she has never disappointed me Ruth's book is as always full of incredibly vivid living their own life characters She has this unbelievable talent to create them in such a way that we are sure they are to pop out of the pages in a moment and they often feel realistic than our own neighbours next door She can picture all kind of characters lovely best friends aggressive boyfriends arrogant girls larger than life young men boys with Tourette Syndrome Afghanistan veteran a vicar and they all sound than realistic and just true There is never anything too pushed or too forced in her characters they are never perfect they have their flaws and this is why I always just fell for all of them root for them or want to slap them or bang their heads on the wall At the beginning of the book though I must admit I was a little confused It seemed that the book is going to have thousand or characters what with the many siblings in the Tremaine's family then Penhalligons family and Ruth added some friends of them all and a vicar on the top It took me some time to organize all of them but then I could draw the family trees of all the characters with closed eyes So there No confusion any Together with so many characters there come many sub plots as every one of the heroes and heroines want to tell us their story Ruth has managed it beautifully all the threads of this incredibly original interesting fresh plot are brilliantly and neatly wrapped up although there is no end to the book As it is the first in the series Ruth lets us with a big cliffhanger and I so hope that the next story is going to give us of Mo The Bandmaster and Cashley? Pretty please???I don't want to get much into the details because it would mean spoiling the book for you and I would hate to do this if you haven't read the book yet you are for a real treat Let me just tell you that Ruth masters characters and plot again and she creates a brilliant summery read We have Summer Penhalligan an actress who's running away from London and her fiancé the public sweetheart number one footballer Justin They are the new Beckhams so why is Summer running back to Polwenna Bay to her family when the relationship between her and especially her father is so strenuous? Oh my word I so liked Summer and I so felt for her The situation she found herself in was so stereotypical and we all know what we should do but if you were in Summer's shoes what would you do?Jake oh my Jake He was also absent from Polwenna Bay for a long time leaving it to travel around the world after Summer has so cruelly dumped him But was it really like this? Nevertheless he is back now and he takes over the responsibility for the whole big family trying to rescue the business first of all The return of Summer is a big surprise for him he was sure there are no feelings for Summer left in his sexy like hell body but is it really so? Yes Ella Salmonella is a nice distraction but he's not for a longer game with her what of course doesn't suit Ella at all And Ella always gets what she wants This time as well?Jake oh Jake swoon sueee swoon I guess I would shhh swap Jake for my husband I loved him simple as that and it's no wonder that all other girls loved him too He could do anything no matter what you needed he was understanding and he didn't held the grudge for a long time so what's not to love??? He was responsible but he also knew what fun is so really for me he was the perfect mix of everything that I love in a great guy But I think that Mo was the most authentic human character in the book I could just picture her mood changes could hear her hissing and imagine her tossing her mane and pawing the ground with her leg like a horse She was so real in agreeing to the deal with Ella and then also so real in regretting it she was so real in her anger fierceness and her love to horses I guess this is why she was my favourite person in the book next to Morgan Fact as I am also a horsy person and I so totally get her and her desire to forget about all the wrong things on a horsebackLet's not forget the vicar Jules and Danny I don't know what to think now about their plot as one small complication appeared at the end of the book but I so hope it's going to be just like I wish and that we are to get of them in the next novel Jules was one most exceptional vicar with a heart made of gold who was always taking things as they were I loved her attitude and the distance that she had to herself and all other things She didn't take herself so seriously and I personally would love to have Jules by my side if I were Danny And not only to help her to gain a better condition Danny can you hear me? Ruth has also so wonderfully described the situation with him and made the change in him so natural and I absolutely adored the new or maybe old? Danny Ruth so masterfully twists the plot and makes it so full of secrets and so many unexpected new situations and when you think there couldn't happen anything bang here she throws new facts in your face facts that change so much She has taken me by surprise so many times that I stopped counting and it's incredible how much she has sueezed between the pages of this lovely book Although I must admit it started slowly very slowly and as much as I love Ruth's writing I wanted to cry and bang my head on the table at those long long very detailed descriptions of everything and the background information But of course Ruth being Ruth she can not only describe the most insignificant things as if they were the most significant ones but she can also make them relevant to the story and the lives of the characters So just sit back and enjoy really go with the flow And Ruth really know how to describe people places and situations There were moments that I felt a shiver on my back there were moments that I was cheering the characters out loud wanted to slap them or kick them hard on their backs I almost felt the smells it is really amazing and rare how she can describe things that we usually don't pay attention to or that we take for grantedIt also always amazes me about how many things Ruth writes and still makes her books so clear and easy to read In Runaway Summer she touches unfulfilled ambitions domestic violence broken hearts and broken friendships comebacks many different family situations problems and how we shouldn't judge on appearances only and yet the book is clear everything has its place everything fits In fact this story has everything that you could wish for and even and I have enjoyed it immensely Ruth Saberton is my absolute must read author and I am already waiting for her next bookCopy received from the author in exchange for a review The writing is tedious and overly descriptive without any purpose other than to bulk up the word total and when a whole slew of new characters were introduced without any real definition I became totally confused and boredDnf at 5% I would like to thank author Ruth Saberton for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest reviewWhen I first dived into the world of Polwenna Bay it is following Summer as she flees from London back to her home town a town she left as a sixteen year old to find fame and fortune The book is written in the third person and is from the POV of four of the main characters Summer Jake Mo and Jules There are lots of other characters in this story as there are seven in Jake and Mo's family and Summer also has two brothers To start with this can be a little confusing but Ruth takes her time to describe each character and I felt by the end of the book that I was beginning to know them allIn the past there had been secrets that were keeping Summer and Jake from being happy also Summer was hiding things now and despite everything they couldn't stay away from each other Mo has made decisions in the past and now that has affected them all and although deep down she knows she is wrong is driven by anger towards Summer for hurting Jake Jules is the local vicar and new to the area but she soon finds friends among the villagers of Polwenna Bay especially Jake's brother Danny and his son MorganI love the descriptions of Polwenna Bay and would love to be able to visit I fell Polwenna Bay is going to turn into a great series of books and am really looking forward to book 2 which I believe is Mo's story What can i say yet again Ruth has hit the mark I loved this book and all its twists and turns The story is of two people who were childhood sweet hearts but growing up and careers moved them in different places The story not only heavily involves the main characters but also lots of family and friends which is a tad hard to get used to but its so life like when you meet a big family Descriptions of the little town on the cornwall coast are second to none and you can feel almost thereI really loved the whole book and found it a real page turner but then to top it off i found out its part of a series and literally jumped up and down now just need to nag Ruth for the next instalment Runaway Summer was my first book by Ruth Saberton I enjoyed this book so much I immediately headed to to buy the second one in the series and pre order the third I was rooting for Summer from the start she was such a likeable character When her secret is revealed to the readers but no one else I was urging her to confide in Jake or Morwenna Jake and Summer have history and you know as soon as they meet their feelings for each other have not been resolved The other characters who surround Jake and Summer all have interesting lives and you think I hope we get to hear about them Five stars for this book and I look forward to reading of Ruth's books More like 25 stars I liked it OK got this as a freebie on my Kindle so thought I'd give it a shot I'd just finished powering through Harry Potter series for the first time and needed something lighter Definitely in the romance genre which I rarely delve this book had a little plot and better characters than some romances I've read First love lost then they meet again years later will they reignite the old flame??? The characters were fun but I felt like it was a little unrealistic at times But it was a decent story not too many cheesy romance scenes and it had a satisfying ending I found this for free via BookBub and I really enjoyed it It caught my eye simply because we had been to Cornwall where it is set The characters were fun and well developed and I really wanted to know what happened I feel like I've been burned on BookBub a few times with pretty awful books you get what you pay for? but this one was great I've been a fan of Ruth Saberton since Katy Carter Wants A Hero was gifted to me from a friend who had been in Polperro I grew up in Cornwall and so I love the entire Polwenna Bay series mainly because I recognise a lot of the places and remember what it was like to grow up in a small Cornish villageSummer Penhalligan has it all a successful modelling career fame a footballer boyfriend Justin Anderson and a beautiful mews house in Kensington It's a million miles away from the life she once had living in a small fishermans cottage perched on the harbour wall at Polwenna Bay with her family However behind her giant Chanel shades Summer is hiding a big secret When things came to blows in London the first place she thought to run to was back home to Polwenna BayJake Tremaine recently back from a decade overseas is adjusting back to live in Polwenna Bay The oldest of the seven Tremaine children it's fallen to Jake to be the responsible one in the family and take care of the family business Even after all this time he's still not over the love of his life who left him all those years ago and broke his heart It's been difficult to ignore her recently with her constantly all over magazines and billboardsHiding out in Cornwall seemed like a great idea when she hurtled down the motorway to get here but Summer had forgotten just how difficult it was to hide in Polwenna Bay After a huge bust up with Morwenna her once best friend on the uayside Summer comes face to face with Jake for the first time in ten years Feeling fragile and rattled by past events Summer longs for things to go back to the way they once were all those years agoSummer is desperate to hide away from the long lenses and the reason she left London in the first place Terrified to share with anyone what has gone on Summer finds it difficult to hide things from those who knew her for years Ella St Milton a local hotelier with her eyes on Jake Tremaine is unhappy about Summer arriving back on the scene Things with Jake had been going according to plan until she finds out that Summer is back in town Desperate to hold on to Jake Ella will do all she can to make sure that happens