Revival[PDF] ❤ Revival Author Noelle Adams – When she was a girl Leila had an embarrassing crush on Baron James her brother's best friend She has grown up now divorced with twin daughters and a new job as a college professor and she needs to mak When she was a girl Leila had an embarrassing crush on Baron James her brother's best friend She has grown up now divorced with twin daughters and a new job as a college professor and she needs to make good decisions No matter how irresistible Baron is when he reenters her life she won't be a fool over him againBaron James has been a bad boy all his life chasing women and seeking thrills but he's forced to take on leadership in his family's company after his father dies His new role takes everything he has and he doesn't have room in his heart to start a relationship with Leila and her daughtersBut his heart doesn't seem to know this. When Leila was a girl she had a huge crush on Baron James and after an embarrassing moment with an unexpected exclamation of her feelings she ran Now years later Baron James is back in her life and this time he finds himself unexpectedly attracted to Leila Baron though has a lot on his plate and had led a very cavalier life and Leila comes with two twin daughters Could Baron find true happiness in a different kind of life?Good story there was a lot going on in this story with flashbacks and a struggle that Baron is dealing with where his own family is concerned I liked both Leila and Baron thought the history games the twins played were a hoot Would check out by this author 25 Stars for this book It was okay but I really think it could have been betterI wanted to know about Baron James and about why he felt he had to carry through with his father's legacy to the point that he did I wanted to know about the break in his family and why it was as brutal as it was I didn't feel like I got all of that in this story I also wanted Baron to expose his feelings You only seemed to get snippets here and there about what was going on with him and I wanted For such a playboy I would have expected him to be a little swoon worthy in his approach with Leila not that she would fall for it mind youI like Leila she was uirky smart and I loved Jane and Charlotte I liked the overall premise of the whole story as it was sweet and touching how Leila finally had Baron in the end when she has had a crush on him since she was a little girl But I also liked how she was careful with her heart and understanding of him but he never seemed to open upThe best part of the story was his gift to Leila I think to that story could have been done at the time of the gift instead of the small blurb Its a feel good story about a man who is missing something in his life and finally finds it in a way he never expectedThis honest review is done in exchange for an ARC through NetGalley I liked Leila and Baron's story it started nicely Leila writes a poem to Baron some seventeen years ago describing his smoldering eyes breathtaking smile and overall all a teen girl can pore in a poem about a sexy guy Well as I wrote before I did like the start but I would have 'Loved' it if the author has written about their past NOW WE COME TO THE PRESENT Leila is a mother of twin girls who are incongruous in nature one is ill mannered and uite troublesome whereas the other Jane is a darling Leila is divorced and works as a teacher she researches a lot The hero who is as sexy as ever is back after his Dad died He seeks help from the heroine regarding the church Leila knows a lot about the local church and agreesThe hero who was never loved by his family is very introvert he doesn't want relationships but Leila has captured both his mind and soul What will happen next?Three stars because after 95% of the novel the story was just lingering it got boring and HARD TO READ I'd say 275 stars for me This is the third in a series though it reads like the second however Baron played a supporting role in 'Intimate' I really liked Negotiated Marriage Molly's story where her break up with Baron was the catalyst for her marriage to Luke Baron also played a role in the final act inadvertently helping Molly to her HEA Revival is Baron's story It's well constructed but I didn't connect with the characters the way I did in 'Negotiated Marriage' and that was written completely from Molly's pov yet I felt I understood Luke better I really didn't feel the spark between Leila and Baron I also felt that Baron needed redemption than he was given He was written as a player in 'Negotiated Marriage' He really hurt Molly and later tried to get her to leave her husband to go back to him In this book view spoiler he is the one who leaves Leila and her daughters albeit he comes to his senses at the end hide spoiler I never did like Baron in the first book and I was reluctant to read his story that's why it took me so long to start this book But I'm going through a Noelle Adams phase now and I'm glad I gave him a chance The Baron we meet in this story is uite different from the previous one and it almost justifies his behavior Baron is a guy who's thirsty for affection and family bliss He feels obligated by his father's legacy and is torn between his duty to his father and brother who he considers family and what his heart is lusting after Through out the story we witness his struggle and his conflict and guess what? view spoilerThe heart wins at the end hide spoiler Noelle Adams does it again Gives you love loss and a whole hunk of hotness to get your teeth into All bundled into a good story I want me a Baron James ♥ Not bad but I have to admit the book seemed to flow really slowly It wasn't dramatic or anything that I could really enjoy but it was an okay read different from the others I've read by Noelle I love Baron The end Crushed dreams become a realityThis is a light hearted and relatively uick read where we again meet Baron James ex playboy and now Coffee King after the recent death of his father In the past he’s been frivolous – playing fast and loose with the women and going easy on the work so much so that he just doesn’t know what he wants out of life any especially after his failed romance with Molly from A Negotiated MarriageLeila used to have an unrelenting crush on Baron James and at the age of 12 suffered the mother of all embarrassments – his discovery of her love poem Now at 29 and one failed marriage twin six year old daughters and one Doctorate later she’s a much practical womanShe’s also passionate about saving a damaged historical church on the grounds of the university she’s teaching at and also happens to be the one that Baron has a sentimental attachment to He can’t believe how gorgeous she is and he can’t believe it when a woman for the first time ever blows him offRevival is a book that I got through very uickly and was nice to read as a follow on from A Negotiated Marriage It’s ideal if you just want to switch into cruise mode and enjoy something that is easy to consume in one sitting Noelle Adams is one of my auto one click authors and I have no hesitation is saying this book is money and time well spent 4 Stars I started reading this with trepidation as I’m always wary of plot lines in book series that includes a current hero as a previous heroine’s love interest or sex partner This trope would always make me a little nervous would he treat his new love interest as second best or is he with her because he didn’t want to be alone? Not many authors get it right Thankfully Noelle Adams addresses this beautifully in the early parts of the book as he clearly knows that what he feels for Leila is very different from what he experienced before Thank God now I could actually enjoy the book Very sweet story loved both main characters but I especially liked the heroine she was sweet yet strong and mature Epilogue was swoon worthy 💜