Stigers Tigers (Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer, #1)

Stigers Tigers (Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer, #1)❴Epub❵ ❧ Stigers Tigers (Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer, #1) Author Marc Alan Edelheit – The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South A nobleman from an infamous family imperial legionary officer fighter and a right proper The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South A nobleman from an infamous family imperial legionary officer fighter and a right proper bastard of a man Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South Placed in command of a truly terrible company the th Imperial Foot he is unknowingly sent on a suicide mission to resupply an isolated outpost the garrison of Vrell Along the way he must rebuild his new company gain the respect of the men he leads survive an assassination attempt fight bandits rebels and an agent of an evil god His companions on this journey of discovery and adventure are one of the few remaining elven rangers and a paladin on a uest for the High Father The battle to save the empire and the world begins here in the first book of this exciting new series. Well written interesting start to the seriesWhat I liked most were the military elements I believe this is where the book really shines The author’s bio describes him as somewhat of a history buff I don’t know very much about Roman legions but the descriptions and actions of the characters were believable and the author seemed to have a good grasp on military training and expectationsThere were some small issues that took away from the experience though First the author explained too much and didn’t allow the reader to come to their own conclusions This is most noticeable when Stiger is trying to earn the respect of his soldiers The why of a decision is evident in the outcome It doesn’t always need an explanation I would have also liked to see some of the supporting characters fleshed out a little Despite Stiger being fairly likable and clearly someone you can respect and root for having a fully imagined cast could have deepened my connection to his struggles and provide much needed depth to the serious lack of military bearing being displayed Although this is labeled historical fantasy I’d say it’s history than fantasy at this point Most of this first book focuses on the legion garrison and supply train Eventually the book progresses from basic legionary life to the exciting fantasy side but being that so much of the book is spent focused on the day to day activities of the legion and is basically uneventful I assume some readers will find it disappointing So overall this was a uick read and fairly enjoyable It looks to pick up on the fantasy side of things in the next installment so I will probably continue the series to see where it leads He wasn’t interested in glory or fame Stiger was simply intent on doing his duty to the empire With duty came honor To Stiger nothing was importantIf you have been “into” FRP; if you enjoy novels of military adventure; you can add Edelheit’s Imperial Legionary saga to your list The tension and anxiety he felt were not over his own safety He worried that they would be discovered before the assault began He worried that he would make a mistake in leading them in and he would lose men as a result He worried that once the men went in in the heat of the fight they might panic and forget their training costing lives What if he’d missed something critical? He worried Despite this he had not once reconsidered carrying the assault home It was natural for a commander to worry He was careful to project a sense of calm and resolve to the men around him and not betray fear He had trained and worked his men hard He felt they were ready for this The enemy was before him and he meant to destroy them It was as simple as thatWhat we have here is something akin to Imperial Rome complete with the historical Roman military tactics and euipment in a fantasy realm complete with paladins elves magic etcStiger had just finished introducing himself and explaining his expectations which he considered simple In short honor courage and loyalty to both unit and empire They were the watchwords by which Stiger lived his life and he would communicate them by example and force of will alone if necessaryOur hero finds himself sent “south” for a new posting He has no idea what he will face but he knows what kind of first impression will accompany him Ikelys were clients of the Agadow family which made them a loosely tied ally to the Stigers Family is everything and the Stiger family comes with a lot of baggage Stiger’s first assignment consists of legionaries that have lacked any consistent leadership and discipline What should have taken less than thirty minutes consumed than an hour Stiger was not at all surprised The men moved almost lethargically Though he did not like it he understood why Filthy and ragged they were living like animals Half the men were missing proper marching sandals More disturbing they looked hungry—almost starved It was a testament to the supply problems in the encampmentThis marks the start of a slow and patient buildup to the battle that defines Stiger and his “Tigers” Again you have to love this genre to find Edelheit’s patient world building worthwhile It also takes a long while to get the back stories that illuminate our hero and his familyThe plot elements in play get some resolution It dovetails with the next book but you are expected to acuire #2 immediately and keep reading Not uite a 4 but I am rounding up a new year’s resolution despite the following uibblesIn the morning he would have to watch someone flogged Damn damn damn How he hated the lash Yet deep down he understood it was a necessary part of the legionary’s life Without it there would be no order I guess this was included because it was a sanctioned form of punishment with Rome’s legions And the British Navy believed the sameThere is no mention of daily time in this novel except the usual morning noon and night And then somehow we have a way of measuring minutes? The captain had instructed the main body to spend forty five minutes of every hour on the move followed by a fifteen minute break Welll huha good bookWhat we got here is a sort of historical fictionfantasy book We're looking at a world with a version of the Roman Legionnaires facing off with the barbarians at the edges of the Empire We seem to be nearing the end of the Empire's life Our hero Stiger is from a leading family but has a kind of black mark against his name so to speakThe story here is of him taking a slovenly undisciplined group of legionnaires and turning them completely aroundI liked this one Forgive the lack of detail but any would get into a sort of extended synopsis and they'd be spoilers there You don't want spoilers I've already purchased the next in this series and plan to fit it into my currently reading ueueWhen I own books they always end up waiting for me to finish library booksRecommended enjoy Stiger's Tigers is an impressive debut novel from Marc Alan Edelheit From page one I was transported into his fantasy world of elves humans and magic where I immediately felt connected to the main character Captain Stiger who is a no nonsense honorable soldier determined to whip a lazy group of men into fighting shape This book is well edited and is written in a very straight forward fashion which suits the nature of the protagonist Although I would've liked a little action I was always excited when I would turn on my Kindle knowing I would get to read of the tale I highly recommend this novel for those who love war centered fantasy stories that feel real while still having magic and mythical creatures I loved the idea of adding traditional Fantasy elements in to a story about a Roman solder But after just a few chapters I realized it is of traditional fantasy story with just a bit of Roman elements added in But if you don't over think it it is an enjoyable and fast paced read It is a pretty short book though I finished book 1 in just a few hours and am about half way done with book 2 all in 1 day Very readable and enjoyable start to a series blending Ancient Rome ish vibes with just a few tablespoons of fantasy magic At its heart it's a tough commander whips a ragtag bunch of misfits into the best group ever story and I'm such a sucker for thoseI'm not even taking my usual other book between books in a series as a palette cleanser Nope onto book two Boom I received this book in a Goodreads GiveawayStiger is a Captain in an Imperial Army tasked with resupplying an outpost while retraining and preparing his newly assigned company men He has the help of his friend Eli'Far and elf with pointed teeth The main story sounds interesting and exciting an army with elves the possibility of magic wizards and and other fantastical things I was so pumped to read this but I found it a huge letdownThe biggest problem is the plot there isn't one or at least the author forgets there is one until the very end of the book When the main event you've been waiting for finally arrives it is over in a few pages and is hardly worth slogging through 200 pages to get to The majority of the book is spent on telling the various details of training and preparing the men It's interesting for a bit but I want excitement and battles When we finally get to battles there are no details no buildup It was like going to a fireworks display and seeing one dud and heading home Really? That's it?The second major problem was the repetition Stiger's name creates fear and terror to everyone he meets We're told this over and over although we are never told why The elf has pointed teeth The shields are most expensive If everything was told only once this book would be half the length The overall premise had promise but sadly it didn't live up to my expectations If Bernard Cornwell wrote a DD campaign about a legionary I wanted to like this but the ending and the fantasy elements didn’t work for me The buildup of the first couple hundred pages just didn’t have enough of a payoff and the main character Stiger plays too small a role in the resolution The opening felt like a transplanted Richard Sharpe Story and the ending like a summary of someone’s RPG weekendThat said the story was short and entertaining and I didn’t feel like giving up on it As a mashup genre novel it works better than others I’ve read from bigger names and traditional publishers Kudos to the author in that regardIf you like hybrid genre fiction this will be worth a try but if you prefer historical or literary reading look elsewhere Gritty Raw Driven One man's account Lieutenant Stiger of the extraordinary events occurring in the life of a soldier in the imperial legions A fascinating book an intriguing book one in a series I absolutely must continue The pace is steady as the world building is done but with just enough emphasis on the events occurring as setting the stage for much much to come I am finding I am enjoying the anticipation as much as the intensity of the character building uite promising as I will uickly begin book two now A promising start on a promising series Well played Marc Alan Edelheit well played Another book by this author that I had trouble putting down A book of this length usually takes me a week to read instead of just 2 days I was expecting historical fiction but it does have fantasy elements like elves and dwarves No romance which surprised me