The Look of Love (Mamas Boys, #1)

The Look of Love (Mamas Boys, #1)[EPUB] ✼ The Look of Love (Mamas Boys, #1) ✿ Crystal B. Bright – You can’t fight loveThere’s only one thing MMA fighter Gunnar Wells is devoted to than his career and that’s his mother “ueen” Elizabeth An elegant African American woman who adopted Gunnar You can’t fight loveThere’s only one thing MMA fighter Gunnar Wells is devoted to than his career and that’s his mother “ueen” Elizabeth An elegant African American woman who adopted Gunnar and his two white brothers Elizabeth was there when they needed her and they’ll do anything for her For Gunnar that means running her hair salon when she suddenly falls ill The Look PDF/EPUB ² And if that’s not awkward enough for the champion fighter he’ll have to work alongside Eboni Danielson the other love of his life The one he left behind to pursue his dream The one he’s never forgottenBetween the salon and her volunteer work Eboni keeps busy to keep her mind off the man who broke her heart So when Gunnar shows up again she does her best to stay cool—on the outside But the she watches Gunnar step up and help out the less she can deny her feelings Soon Gunnar is doing everything he can to convince Eboni to give him a fighting chance Can she trust him again—even when old secrets and new dangers come between them once. I wanted to love this book Because the hero is a MMA fighter white and adopted by black woman together with his 2 brothers so there will be seuels and he returns to town to help his momma run her beauty shop after she falls ill En passant he’ll try to fix the relationship with his ex girlfriend and maybe even get a second chance to love What’s not to love? Sadly though I ended up merely liking it The no’s The Hh were not as like able as they could have been The hero Gunnar was uite ok Eboni though she was annoying aseuhm fuck There I said it The plot was larded with unbelievabilities view spoilerlike hero claims to love his momma dearly but never visits home after moving to Vegas to pursue his dream of being a champion It’s not that he couldn’t afford to visit or even send for his mother he did become a champion so it couldn’t have been because he had money issues hide spoiler This was a decent book I thought Eboni and Gunnar were likable characters I really liked ueen Elizabeth She was very blunt and honest I was happy that Eboni and Gunnar could work out all their past issues and get their HEA I look forward to seeing how his brothers stories go I've read Crystal's books for years romances under both of her names and she knows how to create an atmosphere that draws you into the story I was drawn to The Look of Love for its setting Virginia where I live and the premise of a macho man who hasn't forgotten his roots In this first of a trilogy MMA fighter Gunnar has come home to help his mother run her hair salon Sounds easy but there's baggage namely the girl he left behind in order to achieve stardomGunnar and Eboni are a great couple fighting romantic tension and sparring over his mother's well being I look forward to the other two books and hope to see of the supporting players who add to the settingARC received from publisher via NetGalley I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThe Look of Love is a story about a white man and his brothers being adopted by a black woman in Virginia She runs a series of businesses and each brother grows up with a talent for each of the businesses They all become sports stars but are all called home when their mother becomes ill This book is the first in a series and is Gunnar's the oldest brother story Gunnar is an MMA champion and comes home first to see to his mother's Beauty Shop He runs into former flame Eboni and they both soon realize that ten years apart wasn't enough to get rid of their feelings for each other Gunnar and Eboni have to determine if what they had can work again or if it's safer to just stay apartThis book had a lot of potential going in I was excited to read it It had a lot of my favorite book elements A sports star going back home to a long lost love An interracial romance But the story didn't uite meet the markWhat I liked I liked the premise of the book I liked the side characters The other hair dressers were pretty hilarious and really added to the story I loved Gunnar's brother Gideon I'm very interested in his storyWhat I didn't really love Eboni I didn't exactly love Gunnar all that much either but I did like him better than I liked Eboni I think for most of the book Eboni didn't really like herself all that much so it was hard for me as a reader to like her Gunnar just seemed kind of unreal It was hard to picture him doing the things he did in the book The writing was kind of awkward at first but it seemed to smooth out later on in the book Parts of the book seemed too unbelievable and as I read them I spent time thinking that could never happen than focusing on the plot Other parts were pretty predictable Pretty much everything that happened you could accurately guess on the outcome There was never an I didn't see that coming momentOverall the book was a uick fun read It'll be interesting to meeting Gunnar's brothers in upcoming books I love the “second chance at love” trope so I was glad that I was approved to read this book by the author However I didn’t love this book I actually finished this book several days ago and I’m still having a hard time articulating why this book wasn’t really for meMy biggest issue with this book is I didn’t feel any chemistry between Gunnar and Eboni There wasn’t much of a romance between the two They start off giving each other the cold shoulder Eboni especially even though the attraction is still there but nothing really happens between them until the middle of the book What hindered their romance was the slew of secondary characters that had life in them than the main couple While I enjoyed the beauty shop realism I didn’t care about Gunnar’s scenes where he’s getting to know the rest of the staff on a one on one basisI would really like to know why the author didn’t just make Gunnar black White guy in a do rag? Typing it is just as ridiculous as visualizing it I mean I like the premise of a white guy being adopted by a black woman and having him obviously partake in black culture But at the end of the day he’s not black and I felt the author was constantly trying to prove how “down” he was Like he’s an MMA fighter who knows how to do a black woman’s hair and make haircare products for them I meanokay Sounds fake but okay I also wanted him to be alpha than he came off as Sure he was hulking guy who beats up people for a living but so sensitive gentlemanly and understanding that it came off like “The Perfect Guy”tm fantasy They literally ask the “what’s your ideal man” uestion in the book and OF COURSE Gunnar ticks off all the boxes which had me rolling my eyesAnd I dislike saying this but the meddling mother ueen Elizabeth and geez that nickname was just as ridiculous as Gunnar wearing a do rag had interesting presence than the hero and heroine She was a bit much I cringed so hard during the sex talk parts but the book really would have been dull without her She really upstaged the MCs and I don’t think that’s a good thingSo much didn’t make sense to me and caused me to suspend a lot of belief First you love your mother but you stay away for 10 years? Speak off staying away how are you not responding to messages that your mother is having serious health issues? Not one check in? How old were Gunnar and Eboni when he wanted to leave and start an MMA career and she wanted to be engaged? Bright made it seem like they were late teensbarely early 20s when Gunnar decided to leave so wanting a ring at such a young age didn’t jive with me I thought the sex scenes when they finally FINALLY had sex were hot albeit a bit technically But when Bright found her stride I felt chemistry between Gunnar and Eboni in the bedroom rather than out While the first book in this series wasn’t for me I do want to see who Gideon and Thane end up with My guess is Shay and Tisha ? respectively and I’ll definitely tune in to find out if my assumptions were correct25 starsARC given to me be the author in exchange for an honest review I was given an ARC copy for an honest reviewGunnar Wells had left home without a thought of returning There were things he didn't want to remember and people he didn't want to face There was only one thing that could make him return home his mother When he got a call from her informing him of her sickness he realized that it was time to go home and face his past and the people he left behind Eboni Daniels had been a part of Gunnar's past the part he wanted to take with him but she refused to leave with him and leave behind her family and the only home she's ever know When the two of them come face to face can the leave the past behind and build a future together or will past secrets and present dangers rip them apart for good?This was a really sweet story What I liked about Gunnar was his need to protect the ones he cared Gunnar and Eboni both came from humble backgrounds so they both had ideas of a better life just different ways of achieving that goal In Gunnar's absence Eboni had become really close to his mother looking out for her and I think that endeared her to him At times Eboni could be a little immature in her actions but she had a kind heart She wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of I enjoyed their journey of getting reacuainted and finding out that if it's meant to be nothing steps in the way of fate Gunnar has two brothers so I look forward to reading their stories also Review also found at I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is June 23rd 2015 This story managed to deliver exactly what I expected from it no and no less You have the story of two estranged lovers who try to deny their feelings until the point where they don't at least physically and then emotionally later on No surprises with this story There were a few steamy scenes for those who like that in the story The usual amount of conflict and drama to keep the story going Overall it does justice to the formula The one thing that I found a little odd was how Gunnar was with his mother Here we have a huge MMA fighter who seemingly becomes a polite little child in the presence of his mother I have been around several men who treat their mother's well but this seemed almost extreme Do men like this actually exist to the point that they are lecturing others to watch their language in front of ladies still opening doors etc It seemed a little extreme I do think it is good but not sure how prevalent it still is in today's society Kudos to all the moms out there if they are raising boys like thisOverall an entertaining read 35 StarsNote ARC provided by Lyrical Press Kensington Books via NetGalleyYOU CAN'T FIGHT LOVE that first line of the book description was the reason I was drawn to it1st of the trilogy of the Mama's Boys namely Wells BrothersThis is where we meet Gunner Guns WellsHe left Virginia 10 years ago on the Greyhound bus to pursue his dream of becoming MMA fighter roll on to the present which is now that he's the Heavyweight International Ultimate fighting champion he never forgets his roots He gets a phone call of his mama which he always does before a fight He then finds out that his mama is indeed in the hospitalHe decided to come home and help to run his mama's hair salon problem is that the girl Eboni he sadly left to pursue his dreams works there tooI seriously love the chemistry between them when they try to figure out what's the best way to care for Mama she's better known as ueen ElizabethLooking forward to read the next ones that feature other Wells brothers Gideon Thorne A story of three boys being adopted by a women named ueenie she now needs help because she is sick and the oldest one comes home His name is Gunner and he is a MMA fighter ueen wants him to run her beauty shop she has three different businesses and each one of the boys worked at each one and was good at the one they were at This one he is arguing with Eboni who just happens to be a girl he liked before he left One of the reasons he left was because he was into the streets pretty heavy and gangs This is really where he learned to fight Now he fights in a cage but he is thinking that it is time to end that part of his life and settle down The problem is weather Eboni will have again or not A very good book With just the right amount of drama and light heartiness to make the story flow Like the characters and the story I gave this book 4 stars I got this book from netgalleycom Follow us at www1Rad Readerreveiwscom Loving itI really got into this storymama Elizabeth is such a characterraising 3 abandoned boys her own regardless of their raceEboni and Gunnar's relationship is riddled with doubts and secretssome were trivialities and some complexbut in the end the love broke through all of the messy situation and conuered allby the way thanks to Crystal for the Virginia Beach backdropIt's a nice place to live

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