11/9➽ [Reading] ➿ 11/9 By Ben Lovejoy ➲ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk 911 was the world’s worst terrorist atrocity Julian Fox intends to change that fact The planning will take months The attack will take just two minutes911 had been four airliners three buildings and was the world’s worst terrorist atrocity Julian Fox intends to change that fact The planning will take months The attack will take just two minutes had been four airliners three buildings and deaths What Fox is planning will down airliners devastate countless city centres and kill around half a million peopleHis method won’t reuire a single hijacker just lines of computer codeSarah Green is an Aviation Risk Analyst in the Dept of Homeland Security Her job isto out think the terrorists identify weaknesses in airline security arrangements figure out how those weaknesses might be exploited and get protections in place before the terrorists get their chanceNeither knows the other exists yet the two are locked into a race that only one of them can win. EDIT I'm removing my original comments on proofreading errors and adding a star as the author contacted me and said they'd be updated in the ebook The prevalence of this problem is still frustrating but it's fantastic to see that some authors are paying attention to it and that it's not something future readers should encounter for this particular bookThis is a uick fairly enjoyable suspense novel without a great deal of depth It has the usual ingredients two dimensional villains with stereotypical motives intrepid but under appreciated investigators with no apparent personal lives and an evil plot with enough thought put into it to be convincingly plausible The author has clearly done his homework on the technical aspects and for the most part does a good job of making them understandable to a general audience though there are a couple of places where in doing this he began to sound like an encyclopedia article The characterization could have been stronger but was serviceable for what the book was trying to do Curiously I often felt the minor characters were interesting as if the author has a particular talent for uick character sketches but isn't uite sure how to expand themWhere this book was strongest was in its very long build up of suspense This is tricky to maintain evenly across an entire book and I thought the author did an excellent job of it and of the pacing in general enough that despite the other problems I would at least be willing to give another of his books a try 119 sets up the story in the first chapter A terrorist Fox hatches a plan to bring down every Airbus airliner in the world The set up is terrifyingly plausible Fox assembles a team of well meaning innocents each with their own role to play but with no idea of the horrific end goal The characters are rounded out and the pace once it gets going never slows down The danger of a first time technothriller author is to get stuck into the techno rather than the thriller and to be tempted to show how authentic it is by regurgitating his research The author avoids this and places the emphasis right on the thriller with the good guys picking up clues and closing the gap on the bad guys Will they do it in time? Highly recommended After contributing to the Kickstarter for this novel I was excited to get my hands on 119 It proved to be a pacy technothriller that I thoroughly enjoyed Told from multiple perspectives the narrative never grows dull and I genuinely had no idea how things were going to turn out Sarah Green proved a standout heroine of the kind that's difficult to come by and I was gripped until the last page Captivating and terrifying concept Beautifully written the author creates relentless and escalating tension Great characters whose motivation is always at the forefront of the novel giving them an eerie sense of purpose and determination Fabulous attention to detail makes the whole experience riveting The book is uite unputdownable I have mixed feelings about this book I was an early backer and one of the first readers Well researched detailed in places some neat aspects to it But I think fundamentally I didn't love it There was some detail to the characters but they were still felt bit distant from me the reader I didn't feel connected or loyal to any of the main characters and as such the climax and conclusion didn't satisfy or dissatisfy me It just was The story had moments of tension and suspense but without my emotional connectionI also think that the whole terror plot was a little too easy The private investigator's antics in Fox's office was far suspenseful than the infiltration into Airbus to actually execute the terror plot It never felt risky enough all things consideredI have respect for Ben for taking on a big challenge and I don't mean to diminish what he has done I offer this review primarily as feedback for him to take with him into his future novels This review is for the audiobook narrated by Chris AbellThis is definitely the first technothriller I have read so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but it seems that's it's a genre that I enjoy Yes there is a fair bit of technical jargon in here but I think it was necessary to satisfy the 'techno' description and I was able to listen without totally understanding what it meant I found the narration jarred a little in terms of accents and particularly the pronunciation of 'mobile' which was a freuently used word Overall it's a really well plotted story but probably not one you want to read on an aircraft A little bit too technical and with way too many details also some really important stuff IMO is left unexplained but is a fun read and fast paced at the end Very intelligent terrorism plot Good characters and a plausible approach make this fun to read Fantastic twisting plot which promises lots and delivers even I'll be taking my next holiday by train I don't know if I'll ever get in an airplane again without thinking about this book