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Swords Of The Phoenix ueen[PDF] ❤ Swords Of The Phoenix ueen Author A.J. Strickler – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk After decades of training under his mentor Gildor Kian Cardan walks out of the Blue Dagger Mountains with little on his mind but a strong desire to return home Now a master of the ancient techniues of After decades of training under his The Phoenix Kindle ´ mentor Gildor Kian Cardan walks out of the Blue Dagger Mountains with little on his mind but a strong desire to return home Now a master of the ancient techniues of the Elven warriors the time has come for him to defend the weak and combat ever present forces of evil But a cruel welcome awaits him and he soon falls into the company of K’xarr and Cromwell two mercenaries who appear Swords Of PDF or to be harbouring a dangerous secret Hard times have befallen the kingdom of Bandara and when the king dies the crown is passed to the princess Raygan instead of her older ambitious brother With war drums beating in neighboring Abberdon and sinister schemes festering within the castle walls the Princess Raygan turns to the three unlikely allies for salvation Only time will tell if the courage in Kian’s heart is great enough to overcome the growing darkness in his Of The Phoenix MOBI î soul Gods Of Blood And Fire Series • Book Swords Of The Phoenix ueen • Book Song of Fury Coming This Winter • Book Coming Spring • Book Coming Fall • Book Coming Spring . EDIT Original review below breakSo I recently re read this book after it was revised late October I had to post my new thoughts after reading a edited versionand it really is now a true great book I mentioned before this is why I love ebooks as its easy for them to push out revisions But with the edits in place the story really flows chapter to chapter There is no reading a line going back a few to make sure that what you are reading is a character speaking and not inner thoughts Spelling mistakes fixed and grammar correctionsPerfectIf you had this book on your shelf but you put it away Grab a revised edition and start again you won't be disappointed To start I'll just say this does have some formatting issues I read it on Kindle and some parts where characters are speaking don't have indications ie that they are speaking and not inner thoughts But good thing about Kindle is it can be edited and updated uicklyNow that that is out of the wayWOW Where the hell has this author been all my life? Seriously like what the hell I was expecting a nice easy read to help me through the weekinstead I got an epic journey where I didn't get to bed till 4amSeriously though this book has everythingTo start we have our innocent and naive half elf Kian After training for half a century of near about he leaves his Master to discover the wide world and reunite with his family I was hooked right from the beginning I mean who doesn't like a half elf and all the fun that comes with that? After a bit he runs into two mercenaries K’xarr and Cromwell who are looking to make a name for themselves and join a mercenary company Kian is in for a rude awakening seeing how the world works and being such an honorable fellow in a dark worldhe's a little lostBack in the Kingdom of Bandara we have a ailing King ambitious son and spoiled daughter and all the fun politics that come with a King giving the Throne to a daughter who wants nothing to do with it and passing over the son who backing of the Nobles And with war loomingBandara needs a strong leader to ruleThrow in a religious order preaching the one God burning anyone who they deem magic or differentyeah you will be hookedWe also have the older Pagan Gods reminded me of NorseGreek Gods who still walk the world of Men Some want a return to the old days and some just want to watch the world burn But all are watching and planning manipulating from behind the scenes for their own endsWith all the different cultures races and various GodsGoddesses walking around I wish there was a character sheet at the backbecause this is a long book which I love And no ending on a cliffhanger thank god The book ends with threads being closed and others opening laying the groundwork for a seuel but nothing that will leave you angry with the author yeah I'm looking at you GRRMpls hurryAll in this book was one of the best I read this year The characters are well developed the world the author has created here is huge and book one barely touches on what's out there I can't wait for the second one Get an editor and a POVThe constant pov changing is ridiculous no warnings random in chapter breaks and chapters ended randomly The book also needs editing badly A couple times verbs were used instead of adverbs several places had the wrong punctuation it's odd to 'humbly reuest someone's presents' or to have the 'offal thing' removed from one's sight Most of the hero characters were likable however a couple were not the bad guys were stereotypical and the plot line is pretty convoluted I may pick up the next one to see if a pov is picked to finish the story with Gruesome EpicWhat a talegood vs evil Parts of this story are truly horrifically gruesome sadly greedy megalomaniacs are capable of such atrocities The Old Gods are manipulating events and a merry band with secret honor save the day The characters were written so well I found myself cheering and hoping and booing and hissing I will definitely be waiting for the seuel I have left out so much of what this tale includesprejudice fanatic corrupt religious leaders magic the power of the people flawed heroes and loyal friends all in an engrossing thrill ride The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was editingmisspellings and omitted words occur enough that it was noticeable Maybe some beta readers?? Could've been 4 stars if only the author secured the services of a good editorThe story itself was fine The book was uite long and probably should've been split into partsThe problem is that the author lacks basic writing skills There were run on sentences in this book than in all of the other thousands of books I've read combined Errors in grammar punctuation and spelling are rife Sadly this is an all too common occurrence these daysThere are jarring transitions of scenes From one paragraph to the next the story changes between characters and locations Oddly the author uses scene breaks so he knows what they are and how to use them Why he doesn't use them consistently is anyone's guessThere's real potential here if only there was better workmanship Herovillain or bothOk to start with this group is definitely not Knights of the round table They don't start out to save a kingdom like pillage and steal Our hero's if you want to call them heroes just sort of stumble on each other Then it becomes the enemy of my enemy is my friend I'm not telling you any of the plot I want you to decide between the good and evil There is a twist on it I look forward to the next book to see what our new heroes ? Get into TerribleI wouldn't recommend this book to anyone I've only read 15% so far and there are simply too many errorsOk he doesn't want to pay an editor I get it But would it really have hurt to just read through your own book once before you decided to publish it? English isn't even my native language but in the 15% I've read this far I've found errors than in any other book in my library Great bookI loved it full of twist plots romancetypically I am not fond of it magic and heroism Tie all that together this turned out one of the best book I have read in a long time Hurry up with the second book Great storyReally enjoyed this book uite the page turner Good story and character development Can't wait for the follow up book Disappointing This book was written with great potential and brings the reader in to be captivated with attention to detailThen the unthinkable happens either the author went insane or the author wrote the worst plot ending ever it completely turn the whole vibe off This story line went from a great read to a disappointing one and very predictable ending This book is a waste of time and money Good bookGood book but it pisses me off that I have been waiting years for next in line but the title was changed at some point Now the series is known as The Gods of the Forever Sea or something like that should send a notice that a title has been changed when you download a book