Every Thing We Touch

Every Thing We Touch❮EPUB❯ ❄ Every Thing We Touch ✿ Author Paula Zuccotti – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Features exposed spine showing stitching and enabling book to open completely flat What's the first thing we touch when we wake up How do our favourite things reveal our hopes and fears Can objects te Features exposed spine showing stitching and enabling book to open completely flat What's the first thing we touch when we wake up How do our favourite things reveal our hopes and fears Can objects tell the story of our lives Imagine Every Thing Kindle - how your day would look if you recorded everything that you touched From smartphone to soap from spice to spoon what if they were all brought together in one place Would they tell a bigger story Driven by this idea Paula Zuccotti travelled around the world to find people from an incredible array of ages cultures professions and backgrounds She asked them to document every object they touched in hours Then she gathered those objects together and photographed them in a single shot From a toddler in Tokyo to a cowboy in Arizona from a cleaner in London to a cloister nun in Madrid Every Thing We Touch is their story told through the objects they own consume need choose treasure and can't let go Each image is mystery a story a work of art Each is a moment in time a life and a world reflected back at us. To navigate modern life we use a myriad of things every single day; phones spoons tools clothes and pencils are just some of the objects that we touch and use every single day In this book Zuccotti has got people to log everything that they touched then got them to bring them to a studio to have those things photographed Each photo was taken on a large white floors and shows that person’s life that day Some of the items are deeply personal some have huge sentimental value and others are transitoryJust a glance at the objects on the page and you can almost always tell if the individual is male or female young or old but it sometimes becomes harder as she has people from different cultures bring in the snapshots from their lives The range of people makes it fascinating too there are cleaners cowboys artists dancers and even a nun Each person has a little bio of why they used some of these things and gets to choose a favourite object It is uite amazing just how many things you touch and use throughout each day just to get up get to work or school and get back home There are a number of things that are similar across all the people who participated technology for example but Zuccotti has managed to select a diverse range There is not a huge amount to read though unless you like reading vast lists but if you can lay your hands on a copy it is worth spending some time flicking through This book claims to feature all items touched by a number of selected people in a 24 hour span excluding fixtures and non movable items such as lights furniture etc We see a 2 page spread of all these items laid out and photographed followed by a short 1 page description of that person hisher job and what heshe did during that 24 hour periodOne of the featured people a Bulgarian chemistry graduate working in London as a cleaner surmised that everyone would have at least some objects in common eg toilet paper for one Indeed I thought And yet you will notice that no one has toilet paper in their touched items except her Some people also did not have any underwear featured So I presume these people were lying or they must be freaks Along this line some people also didn't have food items I guess they fasted? You get the picture So what's the point really? If people weren't going to be honest about what they touched? Or missed out stuff they thought was irrelevant?The only fun I had with this book was guessing people's occupations based on the items featured We see the items first followed by a description of the person I was right most of the time because duh What else can someone be if all you see are baby clothes baby toys and diapers? Or a paint stained apron large canvases of art and miscellaneous art tools? Or a nun's habit? Or a huge slab of meat meat hooks cutting knives weighing scale etc? And so onThe author claims that one of the aims of this project was to offer insight into the human condition The project was to make us think about the things we depend on and how they affect our lives etc Or what we would have needed at different points in our livesSadly I didn't feel that at all The items were also pretty mundane and boring Except for some specialised occupations eg a male geisha and a koto repairman both from Japan But even then what was the point of showing what these people touched? They could have just been interviewed about their job Because I darn well wasn't interested in seeing what toothpaste they used for instanceAll in all the item showcase was pretty redundant and meaningless This becomes all the obvious when the author features a nun whose only item she apparently touched was her habit When the author uestioned her about all the other items she touched she said that she could not show them to usThe author then tries to draw a fanciful conclusion from thisLook I didn't really need a nun to be featured to know that 1 she's been cut off from the world; 2 she would have many constraints on what she's allowed to do I suppose the author wanted to spur readers into thinking about what choosing a life like that would constitute And for the other people featured what being a mother is like having to deal with baby stuff etc what being a teen is like items show a transition between child and adult taking place what being a child is like toys mainly etc But I don't think the item showcase was a good or effective way of doing thisLastly I don't know if the author's intent was to show a regular workday for some people or what But some people had their 24 hour item showcase happen on a weekend when they weren't working while others had theirs on a regular workday What the point of this was I still do not know Nonetheless neither was very interesting to meI think the idea behind the premise is there but choosing to execute it this way using the 24 hour inventory showcase just didn't cut it for me An interesting read looking at how the objects we touch tell the stories of our lives I enjoyed it Many of the people were uite similar to each other though eg several artists designers musicians I think that including diversity would make this book even thought provoking An interesting read I wonder how much people's actions on the day were influenced by the knowledge that the photos were going to be taken? Very interesting project This is my favorite kind of photography It was cool to see all the objects that people touch in a day While reading I found myself wondering what objects would be in my photo and even considered renting a photo studio to make my own photo But it's probably not as easy as it looksOne downside was that I feel like some objects were missing with many of these people Toilet rolls sometimes food underwear Some images ended in a weird way whereas most ended with the people brushing their teeth and putting on pyjamas Makes me wonder if the instructions were clear enough what is 'everything'? Like personas on PCP Full review here

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