La surface de réparation

La surface de réparation❴Download❵ ➸ La surface de réparation Author Alain Gillot – The Penalty Area is a heartwarming novel about overcoming adversity making human connections and playing the glorious game of soccer Vincent once had a shot at becoming a professional soccer player b The Penalty Area is a heartwarming novel about overcoming adversity making human connections and playing the glorious game of soccer Vincent once had a shot at becoming a professional soccer player but a career ending injury put an end to his dreams A tough kid from a poor family he has become an emotionally cut off man with frustrated hopes and limited options He finds himself coaching an under soccer club in an attempt to keep alive his only passion in life The team he coaches is little than a roster of hotheaded boys none of whom understands La surface PDF/EPUB ² the on field chemistry needed to win Simply put they aren't of a championship caliber When his unemployed sister Madeleine a single mother dumps her thirteen year old son on him Vincent panics With no clue how to take care of a teenager he brings his nephew to practice and eventually throws him into the scrimmage It's then that Vincent notices there's something strange about Léonard He has a preternatural ability for anticipating each striker's intentions making him a remarkably talented goalkeeper but he seems detached absent lost It becomes clear that Léonardhas undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome and also that with Léonard's abilities as a goalkeeper Vincent's ragtag team has a chance to reach the finals For that to happen for the team to find a reason to rally behind this strange kid from Paris Vincent will have to let down his guard and open his heart for the first time ever A warm and engaging read. 355 Una peueña historia de superación de dos personas diferentes pero ue tienen mucho en común El fútbol es su nexo de unión y de ahí las ramificaciones ue alcanzan a cada uno son inevitables para cambiarles la vida Semplice simpatico intenso coinvolgente Un libro in cui si parla di problematiche forti mantenendo sempre uno sguardo positivo Un romanzo che sottolinea il valore della diversità e la costante possibilità di riparare le cose siano esse relazioni o tubature per migliorare la propria vita e farla ripartire If you're in the mood for a feel good domestic drama this slim French novel is just the ticket Vincent is an ex professional soccer player whose middling career was ended by a crunching tackle in his late 20s Five or so years later he's coaching the youth suad of a soccer club based in Sedan up near the Belgian border He's definitely a loner with a set routine and so when his hot mess of a sister shows up unannounced to ask him to take care of her withdrawn teenage son for ten days you know that some kind of story of familial connection will follow And so it does complete with sexy local doctor to help out At the same time the whole backstory of Vincent's dysfunctionalabusive upbringing comes out and a kind of paint by numbers chain of psychological causation is laid out neatly for the reader Needless the say there are reversals along the way culminating in a heartwarming ending If this all sounds like a kind of French Hallmark movie there was indeed a movie called Monsieur Je said tous Mr Know It All made from this that looks even generic and on the nose All of which to say it's not terrible it's just all a bit fluffy and sentimental for my tastes Note There's also a whole absurd subplot that involves the nephew having studied DVDs of soccer games one night and worked out a probabilities and patterns of play that enable him to be a maestro of a goalkeeper Beyond the fact that the uncle says that the boy watched fifty games in one night watching fifty soccer games would take roughly three straight days without sleep there's a specific plot point based on the idea that he didn't see a penalty in those fifty games which is ridiculous Vincent è un allenatore di calcio tipo piuttosto taciturno e solitario ha dovuto abbandonare una possibile carriera di calciatore professionista a causa di un incidente sul campo Tuttavia il mestiere di allenatore non gli dispiace affatto perché il calcio è tutta la sua vita ed ha forse rappresentato con le sue linee e le sue regole uella stabilità emotiva che non ha avuto nella sua famigliaVincent deve infatti fare i conti con un passato difficile che gli ha impedito di fidarsi delle persone e di iniziare una relazione seria con una donnaLa sua vita solitaria viene però interrotta dall’arrivo della sorella e dello strano nipote Leonard che non ha mai conosciutoLeonard è un tipo taciturno che non ti guarda mai negli occhi e con una sorprendente voce da adulto Ama stare da solo a dedicarsi al suo gioco preferito gli scacchi le cui mosse principali annota con cura su un uaderninoE’ un libro che consiglio agli adulti perché fa riflettere sul modo in cui spesso siamo condizionati da ciò che abbiamo vissuto e dalle paure che ci portiamo dentro ma lo consiglierei anche ai ragazzi per le stesse ragioni e perché affronta in maniera leggera il tema della diversità Ein wirklich gelungenes Buch Ich mochte den Protagonisten sehr genau so wie die ganze Beziehungsdynamik die sich erst durch Fußball so richtig zu entwickeln beginnt Gut manche Lösungen erscheinen mir ein bisschen einfach fast schon etwas märchenhaft aber das macht auch den Charme des Buches aus irgendwie Einfach nur schön Picked this up on a whim knowing nothing about it or its author or anything and I loved it eine gradlinig erzählt Geschichte einfach aber charmant und wahrhaftig Vincent est un personnage plutôt solitaire ue la vie n'a pas gâtée L'arrivée de Léonard va bouleverser son petit univers Il va devoir faire des concessions et s'ouvrir à une autre personne Ce changement va opérer dans les deux sens Léonard va beaucoup apprendre au contact de son oncle ui va l'emmener sur un terrain de football Le sport va devenir un moyen pour eux de communiuer C'est lors d'un incident ue Vincent va découvrir ue Léonard est atteint d'Asperger une forme d’autisme En dehors de tout le côté footballistiue ue j'ai eu du mal à apprécier c'est avant tout l'aspect humain et la manière dont Léonard va surmonter sa différence pour s'intégrer ui marue dans le récit L'auteur nous permet de voir ce syndrome sous un angle différent sans fioriture Avis complet uand sa soeur débarue à Sedan et lui confie pour uelues semaines son fils de 13 ans Vincent se sent piégé Ce solitaire a rompu depuis longtemps avec sa famille et affiche un goût modéré pour les enfants même s’il entraîne les jeunes footballeurs de la ville Comment s’y prendre avec ce neveu ui fuit tout contact et passe la nuit à jouer aux échecs ? Et comment Léonard va t il réagir face à cet oncle inconnu lui u’un simple imprévu geste ou parole peut faire totalement paniuer ? La surface de réparation est l’histoire d’un homme ui n’attendait plus rien de la vie et dont les certitudes par le miracle d’une rencontre vont voler en éclats En cherchant à sortir de son enfermement un enfant ui se révèle atteint du syndrome d’Asperger il se pourrait bien ue Vincent s’ouvre de nouveau au monde