A Marginal Jew

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Meier – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Since the late nineteenth century New Testament scholars have operated on the belief that most if not all of the narrative parables in the Synoptic Gospels can be attributed to the historical Jesus Th Since the late nineteenth century New Testament scholars have operated on the belief that most if not all of the narrative parables in the Synoptic Gospels can be attributed to the historical Jesus This book challenges that consensus and argues instead that only four parables—those of the Mustard Seed the Evil Tenants the Talents and the Great Supper—can be attributed to the A Marginal PDF or historical Jesus with fair certitude In this eagerly anticipated fifth volume of A Marginal Jew John Meier approaches this controversial subject with the same rigor and insight that garnered his earlier volumes praise from such publications as the New York Times and Christianity Today This seminal volume pushes forward his masterful body of work in his ongoing uest for the historical Jesus. The shortest volume in the Marginal Jew series happens to be the most controversial of the bunch Contrary to the vast majority of New Testament scholarship over the past hundred plus years Meier argues the following on the one hand it's practically certain that Jesus taught using parables On the other hand only four can be traced to the historical Jesus with any degree of certainty He bases his concussions strictly on the criteria he set out in the series from the beginning and lets the chips fall The biggest evidence he relies on is multiple attestation whether a parable shows up in different transmission streams Mark Matthew Luke and the Coptic Gospel of Thomas which he argues is mostly dependant on the Synoptic gospels Most parables are excluded by this criteria alone He also situates the remaining parables into the picture of Jesus his research has been painting throughout the series Analyzing parables on the level of theme structure and individual word usage the latter datum being especially tedious as he repeatedly apologizes for This is a great series I don't recommend beginning it with this volume though It's less engaging and very reliant on the former volumes I'll write a full review later In stark contrast to N T Wright’s works Meier offers a thorough going historical critical study with fresh results In the fifth volume he concludes 1 scholars do not agree on what is a parable of Jesus; 2 the wisdom mashal of the OT is the prime source or analogue of the Gospels' parables; 3 prophets like Isaiah and Ezekiel expand the genre of the comparative short story; 4 Jesus who tells narrative parables thus stands in the prophetic tradition notthe wisdom tradition; 5 Jesus' parables cannot be described in terms of essential characteristics; 6 the parables in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas are not independent and earlier parables of the historical Jesus; 7 there are relatively few authentic parables of Jesus Meier presents his seventh thesis as the corollary of the first six theses authentic Jesus parables that emerged from the previous chapters establishing their authenticity the parables of the mustard seed of the evil tenants in the vineyard of the great supper and of the talentspounds8 works with the criteria he finds useful embarrassment discontinuity multiple attestation coherence Jesus' rejection and execution; pp 12 17; cf vol 1 pp 167 95 Very helpful to catch up with the new idea of Jesus as a Jewish prophet The problem Meier’s skepticism leads him into minimum acceptance of the canonical material we will be forced to maximize the genius contribution of the witnesses and later hands to Jesus’ parables which look so masterful and profound if Meier is correct in his methods Continuing the series this book behind rejecting the mainstream consensus about authenticity of most of the parables based on the acceptance of the independence of the coptic gospel of Thomas as an independent source of the synoptics After that a process of deep critical analysis results in successfully identifying some of them as authentical although for most of the others almost nothing can be said in this respect Finally the conclusion is that though the message in the authentic parables is coherent with the portrait of a marginal Jew many of its characteristics are not present in them Hence the shocking conclusion the parables cannot be seen from a critical point of view as the most representative source of message of Jesus This volume takes on the thorny uestions of parables historicity and what message of Jesus comes directly from him and which parables are creations of the early Church to preach the message of Jesus Not as 'exciting' as some parables books but still a solid and worthy addition to the series I imagine that this latest volume will be somewhat of a game changer in the way scripture scholars approach the parables of Jesus At least it will be a book with which they will have to contend Review to come soon Glad to finish another book

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