The Second Year

The Second Year❰BOOKS❯ ✯ The Second Year Author Steve Demaree – This is an ACE of ASINB00CTA724 The Second YearIn this Second Book in a Humorous Christian Romance Series the number of elderly people wielding paintball guns increases This book has the same lovable This is an ACE of ASINBCTA The Second YearIn this Second Book in a Humorous Christian Romance Series the number of elderly people wielding paintball guns increases This book has the same lovable characters finding themselves in different predicaments and a few new ones join The Second ePUB ô them Like the first book the second book starts out with everyone getting ready for Christmas but Aylesford Park plays of a role in this book and the romance bug is biting big time. Comedy RomancesWouldn't it be great if we could all live in a community like Aylesford Place? It's a picture of America the way it should be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AwesomeSteve Demaree is a wonderful author These books are so fun They had me laughing I loved them They also show the love of Jesus and that is so important Laughter and love I enjoyed the relationships of the characters They seem to sincerely care for one another Their righteousness was evident by how they loved one another Aylesford Place seemed like a great place to live I want to move in Neighborhood Hi Jinx is the second book in a series revolving a small interwoven neighborhood The neighbors care deeply for each other They all attend the same church The have neighborhood traditions They pray for each other support each other and meet each other's needs There is little upset and little drama In fact nothing truely upsetting ever happens These people live in a community I won't see until Heaven Even the difficult people are relatively nice These are cute stories and have a fairly clear if simplistic gospel presentation I am debating on reading the third book simply not sure I can take that much sugary sweetness This one didn't drive me crazy like the first one did There was a lot less joking around but the plot wasn't as solid either It seemed to be a series of small events rather than one long story although they were moving towards one event throughout most of the book So maybe lots of little stories alongside the big one Not annoying but I prefer a little of an interwoven story Awesome BookThis is the second book in the series and another winner I just love all the characters from this series This time around there are marriages fun shenanigans with a lot of laughs I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a small neighborhoodChristian based story Another great book from a great authorFantastic story of neighbors on Aylesford Place Well developed characters that you fall in love with Steve Demaree is a master at sucking you in on page one and leaving you wanting I highly recommend you read any of the series he writes It amazes me his name is not a household word He's the best least known author I've read Neighborhood Hi JinxWelcome back to Aylesford Place This is the second book in the series I had not read the first book before reading this one so I was a bit confused about the characters to begin with I enjoyed chuckling along with the neighbors as the play pranks on one another and smiled as they practiced acts of kindness Neighborhood Hi JinxI grew to really the people on Aylesford Place I liked seeing the relationships grow and change The book also gave me some ideas of good activities to do with my own neighborhood