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Out of Darkness❮PDF❯ ✈ Out of Darkness Author Ashley Hope Pérez – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk “This is East Texas and there’s lines Lines you cross lines you don’t cross That clear”New London Texas 1937 Naomi Vargas and Wash Fuller know about the lines in East Texas as well as anyone T “This is East Texas and there’s lines Lines you cross lines you don’t cross That clear”New London Texas Naomi Vargas and Wash Fuller know about the lines Out of Epub / in East Texas as well as anyone They know the signs that mark them “No Negroes Mexicans or dogs”They know the people who enforce them “They all decided they’d ride out in their sheets and pay Blue a visit”But sometimes the attraction between two people is so powerful it breaks through even the most entrenched color lines And the conseuences can be explosive “More than grief than anger there is a need Someone to blame Someone to make pay”Ashley Hope Pérez takes the facts of the New London school explosion—the worst school disaster in American history—as a backdrop for a riveting novel about segregation love family and the forces that destroy people. GutPunchThis is a powerful painful story not about the school explosion though that plays a part but rather about the lives of marginalized individuals in history Set in east Texas in the 1930s this story told in alternating POVs explores a Mexican girl coming to terms with her family's heritage; a white man's interest in ownership and power; a black man's interest in being and doing good; romance; and so much It is not an easy read in the least but Perez does an outstanding job of making it compelling These are rich layered tough characters in a rich layered tough environment Their stories are worth reading aboutMy one complaint the one thing that bothered me was this view spoiler the epilogue It felt too much like trying to make a closed happy ending It's obviously NOT happy but it was too much a happily ever after in a story that didn't need that Beto WAS the hope; we didn't need to be told he was hide spoiler I am known for being soulless and hard but this book has broken me in about a hundred ways Brilliant Heartwrenching Brave Intricate I will say coherent things in the morning maybe but DAMNOkay here's the rest of my review I don't even know how to rate this book Like it's an important book And I liked the characters But it's also possibly the bleakest book I've ever read and I hated so much of what happens in the story because it filled me with so much rage Full review to come Hopefully a rating will come with it Okay so I'm going with a 25 star rating at this stage Because even though I think the story is incredibly important and wonderfully diverse I mean it's set in the Texas oil fields in the 1930s and it's the story of a Latina girl and an African American boy falling in love it's just so dark and bleak and miserable to read that I can't really give it anything than that I honestly would even hesitate to call this a young adult book Because even though that's clearly the intended audience and that's the age of the narrators it deals with so many incredibly serious issues and there is so much of those issues on the page that I genuinely doubt I'd ever recommend this book to a teenager I mean just knowing that this is about an interracial relationship in 1930s Texas should be enough to tell you that this book isn't going to be the happiest of stories don't get me wrong I LOVED the relationship between Naomi and Wash But Texas 1930s Interracial relationship You know? But when you add in the fact that this is about a seventeen year old girl whose stepfather considers her his property and that he's entitled to do whatever he likes to his property things become even bleak Honestly this could have been a 3 35 star book for me if it wasn't for the way the story ended I know that a happy ending was always going to be difficult But like view spoileran ending where a seven year old girl dies in a gas explosion and as a result of the gas explosion the African American kid is nearly lynched the Latina girl gets raped by her stepfather a man I should add who's been molesting her from the time she was ten in front of her beaten and tied to a tree boyfriend and her traumatised seven year old brother the Latina girl and the African American kid get shot and killed by the rapist child abusing stepfather and the seven year old brother then shoots and kills his father the rapist child abusing stepfather? hide spoiler I don’t get book hangovers very often but when I finished reading OUT OF DARKNESS I swore I took the names of various deities in vain and I stared off into space for a few minutes I was physically exhausted by the time I read the last line This book will just tear you apart from the inside out and spit you out on the back endOUT OF DARKNESS is a dark book that deals with some really rough things like blatant and violent racism and statutory rape At times it’s a difficult book to read but it’s so damn compelling I dare you to willingly put it down If life didn’t get in the way I have no doubt I would have just plowed through this in a very long sittingThe story itself focuses on a real event that happened in East Texas where leaking gas caused a white school to explode back in 1937 The majority of the events that happen around that particular moment are fictional but they’re not outside the realm of reason Some of the things are outlandish and grotesue and as a human being you’ll have a hard time fathoming how people can think in such ways and act in even worse ways But when you sit down and you really let that darkness in you’ll know that while these specific events may be fictional what they’re based on is not This country went through some dark times and that kind of thinking runs deep even today and hopefully dragging it out into the light in such a way gives people a reminder that this wasn’t that long ago racism isn’t dead and if we allow this ignorance to come back into the light this is the kind of fear that everyone would be living inPerez switched POVs between Naomi Beto Naomi’s little brother Wash Naomi’s love interest and Henry Naomi’s step father with a sprinkling of The Gang thrown in this mob mentality thought bubble that isn’t specific to any one individual but the collective brain of those thinking the same things It didn’t need to be specific and that was the point It’s a look into the hive brain functioning in East Texas and it’s meant to be horrifyingI’ll start with Henry first because he’s just repugnant But getting into his head you see his thought process I don’t think it’s meant as a way of understanding why he did what he did but it allows you a look behind the curtain to see how he’s reasoning with himself and how his mind is breaking down everything that’s happening There’s a high level of expectation and ownership because he’s a white man and certain things should be bestowed upon him Henry has a very solid ideal of what his life should be like but when reality doesn’t match up with that he doesn’t know how to cope so he allows his anger his frustration and his scapegoating to really rear its ugly head and take his failings out outwardly where he thinks they belong As a rational human being reading his sections it’s horrifying because there is nothing rational about HenryNaomi Beto and Wash are just trying to exist in this really messed up world Naomi and Wash are well aware of the world of racism around them and they try to function around them as much as possible Beto just loves who he loves and skin color means nothing to him He recognizes right from wrong and knows enough that even when someone of authority does something wrong he shouldn’t blindly follow He’s not aware of the blatant racism around him being light skinned and able to pass for white He doesn’t see how people treat Naomi or Wash in part because they don’t allow him to see it and when he does see injustices toward them happening he doesn’t fall into the hive He hurts when people he loves hurt and it’s heartbreaking to see him in painNaomi and Wash are two just incredibly endearing characters that are immediately likable Naomi is a little outwardly bitter for lack of better words and evasive toward people because of how she’s been treated in her past while Wash at the insistence of his father has adapted to it in a way that forces him to kowtow to people spitting on him Each have adapted to shut out the world around them and function as best they can but when they find each other and those public barriers come down they can finally be who they really are and they both open up to each otherThe ending though is what really destroyed me No spoilers but I’ll just say things don’t get betterOUT OF DARKNESS is a difficult brutal look at a window to our country’s history when everyone was suffering but some so than others at the hands of those who had it a little better simply because of skin color It’s a look at what did happen in our past but it doesn’t mean this kind of thinking stayed in our past It’s a rather apt book to read considering the talking orangutan running for Republican presidential nominee who has no problem publicly scapegoating minorities and wants to actually evict those people from this country Racism is not dead Not by a longshot and this book is a lesson in how bad it was and how bad it could be again Lessons are hard learned and a lot of the people in this book didn’t learn them Reading that should make your skin crawl This SHOULD be a painful book to get through in so many different ways If it doesn’t tear at your soul a little it may make me uestion your humanity5I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review If you haven't read a book by Ashley Hope Pérez you are missing a uniue and empowering voice in young adult fiction The author's work for Teach for America Corps inspired her debut novel What Can't Wait Her gritty sopho novel The Knife and The Butterfly explored the conseuences of gang violencePérez's third novel Out of Darkness features a clandestine romance which dares to cross the racial divide of 1930's Texas Inspired by the most deadly school disaster in American history this provocative novel gives voice to those whose voices were silenced and whose histories were unjustly revised In Out of Darkness seventeen year old Naomi moves with her half siblings to her stepfather's new home in an oil drilling settlement town When their Mexican American mother died in childbirth seven years earlier Naomi became the surrogate mother to the twins Now Naomi must balance the demands of being the only Mexican American at her high school with keeping house for her Caucasian stepfather whom she despisesA sign at the town diner No Negroes Mexican or dogs Beautiful Naomi becomes the object of desire and of racial prejudice She finds secret pleasure with Wash an intelligent boy who is a senior at the all black school in a segregated town They imagine a future together with the twins free from persecution The writing is as lush and as beautiful as the landscapeIt was getting late but time seemed to stretch like taffy The pines stood out dark against the pinks and oranges creeping across the sky and a breeze stirred around her She found herself walking to their spot at the river It was not a usual meeting time for them but she couldn't help hopingAfter an explosive and confusing start the narrative down shifts to an unrushed pace building tension slowly and allowing for in depth character development The chapters are told from multiple points of view Naomi her Born Again stepfather her seven year old half brother and her boyfriend Wash Their star crossed romance is realistically rendered with adolescent lust and idealistic love The pace accelerates to a page turner ending that left me stunned and shattered Although this tragic story was set in the 1930s the central theme of racism still feels relevant todayOut of Darkness could have been published as literary historical fiction for adults Since this novel includes sexual abuse pedophilia and graphic violence I would only recommend it to mature teens and to adults who aren't afraid to explore the dark side of human nature Both Kirkus Reviews and School Library Journal gave this soon to be released book starred reviews Out of Darkness is Pérez's strongest young adult novel so far and shows a maturity of voice techniue and vision I look forward to reading of her workFollow the link to my blog for the author's explanation about why she wrote this historical novel You know what this book is about from the first page The worst school tragedy in American history I almost looked it up to see if it still was but then I didn't want to know a gas explosion in a Texas oilfield school that killed most of the students and teachers It's also about racism about family about death and loss abuse and violence And that's why I'm not really sure about how I feel about this book It starts with the explosion and the community working to clear away the debris gathering up pieces of the bodies mostly of children Then it rewinds a year to show the events leading up to this We're introduced to several characters an African American teen boy a Mexican girl her little brother their white stepfather As they interact with each other with the community the whole picture begins to emerge It's a tense book with a lot going on especially behind closed doorsAnd then there will be a chapter where you get to read about someone masturbating And then the story moves on and the tension ramps up and then there's some masturbating At first it was a character who was well icky The antagonist of the story But then possibly so that Perez is not seen to be preaching that only perverts and abusers engage in such behavior she throws in scenes of pretty much everyone else doing it Which just irritated me It distracted from the plot slackened the tension and felt like padding to a story I was racing to finish There are a lot of little kids in this story and I wanted to know if they all died I didn't want to read about someone sitting in a tree pleasuring themselves Which just doesn't seem safeAnd then I got the explosion And it was horrible Just a terrible tragedy And the aftermath heartbreaking And then It just keeps going and getting horrible Unnecessarily horrible Graphic violence Rape People being absolutely brutalized in bloody detail I literally thought I might throw up And why? Why did this need to be on the page? I really don't think it did It did not do anything for me except upset me It was absolutely gratuitous this is being described as a novel about a major disaster an explosion at a school in Texas in 1937 as a backdrop for a story about love family segregation racism etc Which is accurate But is also a novel about a young girl being molested by her stepfather This is why trigger warnings are a thing I don't want to read books about young girls being molested I find it upsetting I think understandably I am especially tired of picking up YA books that I think are going to be literary and moving and having them be super rapey I mean half the town thinks she should marry her stepfather so gross I cannot deal with this sort of thing any and that's not even getting STARTED on the extremely crazy and bummerific ending which I live chatted in a Slack channel bc I was so horrified and bemused One friend said it sounded like misery porn and I honestly have to agree Ugh Publishers can't you use words like harrowing for stories like these so we know? B Beautifully told story wonderful editing But so so bleak Why on earth would anyone need to endure such a horrific tragedy in their leisure reading? I needed hope More joy YA is becoming diverse THANK THE LAWD in representing a variety of issues people of color have experienced Further I was SO EXCITED to see an interracial romance that wasn’t black and white PUN Would that be considered a pun? Moving on Heartbreaking beautiful and superbly executed read about race politics and love that is very much relevant today Let’s talk about my the tragical element The two main characters mixed in with Naomi’s crazy stepfather and his lemme get advice from this terrible yet i know of plenty that still exist could be baptist preacher relationship When we meet Wash Naomi they were just radiating thatEspecially because in my cinematic mind Let’s just say that BOI Meets GURL and ensues In the teenage agnst way because nothing says first love like a whole lotta communication issues Yet it was the undercurrents of the book that made it precious Those menacing undertones like Naomi’s past and Wash's future The fact that the “gang” was narrating and I’m like OH SHIT something is going to go down and when I was younger that would bug me The older I get I treasure the wonderful moments the moments that you're hidden in a tree and sharing love with one other person that gets you Deadpool the movie had a fun uote Here's the thing Life is an endless series of trainwrecks with only brief commercial like breaks of happiness This had been the ultimate commercial break Which meant it was time to return to our regularly scheduled programming The fact that Perez took the time went and made the stepfather a well rounded character blew me away Don’t get me wrong what he does is sickening and despicable but i love that you get into his pysche ESPECIALLY when I heard the stories in my own family line through convos with my mom that “back in the day” a LOT of young women were married offabused by their older stepfather Yet no one is talkingwriting about all the crazy justifications that happened in history ESPECIALLY That the church LOTSA TIMES tried to put their “stamp of God’s approval on it” I LOVED that she delved into that aspect More importantly I loved that the younger brother got to see the dichotomy of race relations I'm always surprised at how much history we DON’T learn about i don’t know why i’m always ending up surprised This is a fascinating glimpse of a town right up to the tragedy and the individuals affected by the aftermath I’m briefly touching a few themes This book is an experience which I feels makes you a better person JUST BY READING IT I feel you go through if not a transformation a metamorphsis after from beginning to end The best part is it looks hefty but BOY does it read fast I was hooked and felt I flew through the book faster than what I had anticipatd For me the heart and soul of this book revolves around the color lines The internalized views of the town people as they treated Naomi differently than her step siblings The fact that your ethnic differences can be looked at as an exotic plus which causes boys to want you and girls to hate you OH MAN Ashley Perez is a hell of an author I was publicly weeping at the hair salon and two people told me they were obsessed with watching me read this book and wanted to know what story was I reading I replied TRAGICAL Honestly this book bored me to tears the chapters were very short and not concise There are some books that start off very intriguing but a little bit too intriguing if that makes sense? I feel that the author tried to sound spooky with the language but it frustrated the hell out of me The synopsis did not even make sense it was just a bunch of mini plots that was not consistent with the first plot Who were the characters that suppose to make a difference? When is the story about to pick up? I wanted to be in the light after reading this snooze fest thank God I came 'out of darkness reading this travestyNote to authors Please save all the foreshadowing if there is a BIG event happening Also if you are going to have short chapters at least let it be CONCISETerribleforgettable laughable and cringe worthyNEXT

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