Perguntem a Sarah Gross

Perguntem a Sarah Gross❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ Perguntem a Sarah Gross Author João Pinto Coelho – Em 1968 Kimberly Parker uma jovem professora de Literatura atravessa os Estados Unidos para ir ensinar no colégio mais elitista da Nova Inglaterra dirigido por uma mulher carismática e misteriosa ch Em Kimberly Parker uma jovem professora de Literatura atravessa os Estados Unidos para ir ensinar no colégio mais elitista da Nova Inglaterra dirigido por uma mulher carismática e misteriosa chamada Sarah Gross Foge de um segredo terrível e procura em St Oswald’s a paz possível com a companhia da exuberante Miranda o encanto e a sensibilidade de Clement e sobretudo a cumplicidade de Sarah Mas a verdade persegue Kimberly até Perguntem a PDF/EPUB or ali e no dia em ue toma a decisão ue a poderia salvar uma tragédia abala inesperadamente a instituição centenária abrindo as portas a um passado avassaladorNos corredores da universidade ou no apertado gueto de Cracóvia; à sombra dos choupos de Birkenau ou pelas ruas de Auschwitz uando ainda era uma cidade feliz Kimberly mergulha numa história brutal de dor e sobrevivência para a ual ninguém a preparouRigoroso imaginativo e profundamente cinematográfico com diálogos magistrais e personagens inesuecíveis Perguntem a Sarah Gross é um romance trepidante ue nos dá a conhecer a cidade ue se tornou o mais famoso campo de extermínio da História A obra foi finalista do prémio LeYa em . The action of this book developed in two places and different times the Northeast of Poland between 19351941 Paris between 20012002 in an apparent metafictional game with the reader What can I say about Sarah Gross?This is a jewel of a book Extremely touching yet very serene in its construction of the plot It is rigorous in its historical background characters are larger than life and yet eminently believable and Kimberley Sarah Esther Henryk Anna Max are archetypes of Humanity itselfThe construction of the book is uite clever and the different registries past and present different characters points of view etc are expertly woven to make this an exuisite tapestrySarah is breathtaking she gives back to you your true image as if her eyes had a mirroring uality to themselves but maybe exactly because of that uality Sarah's soul keeps out of reach beyond the mirror The book is also about goodness Sarah's goodness regarding Esther for instance; it is also about loss and human dignity Anna and Henryk facing together their destiny Sarah bidding goodbye to her eyes'lightI loved reading this book and I believe it should be translated because it will be a major best seller if it isCongratulations to the Author What a tremendous first romance I am expecting Maria CarmoLisbon 30 May 2015 Probably my favourite book of this year As a lover of anything about the World War II I knew I had to buy this book as soon as I watched an interview with the author on TV The story surprised me in such a positive way that it was very difficult to put this book down for even a secondIt's not just a story about the horrors of the Second World War; it's also a story about strength of character perseverance love and friendshipThe first part starts slowly the author introduces you all the characters builds the beautifully detailed world of this story and sets the mood with delicate poetryAs soon as the story starts intertwining and you realise this book is not what you expected it to be It's so much and that's what made it so special for me There's mystery recounts of WWII episodes the horrors of the Nazi the extreme famine and poverty people faced and so much and so much emotion and life in Coelho's characters that it was hard for me to believe it was his first published bookIt's definitely a book for anyone who loves a good gripping intricate story especially if you're as fascinated by the WWII as I am There are books that one wants to keep forever this is one of those books This is an extraordinary book The story captures us from page one The reading is fluid the plot complex tragic surprising but also mesmerizing The language is beautiful Kimberley Sarah Esther Henryk are characters that will stay with the reader forever This is also a hunting story or survival hardship happiness tragedy friendship and hope This book should be read by many One of my favorites of all times A book about the 2nd World War written in Portuguese Was a surprising combination but it got me interested in order to read it in just a few daysDespite being a fast read it didn't open new threads on this topic for me or made me curious to learn about the places or events narrated Also I remained detached from the characters especially Kimberly's story didn't uite work out for me and wasn't so surprised by the twistsI'd definitely be interested in reading another book by this author especially about a Portuguese event PT | ENCrítica a caminho To be added later Hopefully this book will be translated to other languages soon because this story deserves to be told everywhere An interesting writer The book has a good story and it is almost impossible to stop A story that we discover with the main character and kept us attached to the book I m really curious to read the second book of this new writer very interesting and well organized I liked but at the beggining didn't catch me Impressive descriptions but it feels like the story has some holes like somebody decided to cut parts to get to the core faster

Perguntem a Sarah Gross ePUB Á Perguntem a  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Perguntem a Sarah Gross
  • João Pinto Coelho
  • Portuguese
  • 15 November 2016
  • 9789722057103