How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence PeoplePDF Epub How To Win Friends And Influence People Dale Carnegie You Can Go After The Job You Wantand Get It You Can Take The Job You Haveand Improve It You Can Take Any Situation You Re Inand Make It Work For You Since Its Release In 1936, How To Win Friends And Influence People Has Sold Than 15 Million Copies Dale Carnegie S First Book Is A Timeless Bestseller, Packed With Rock Solid Advice That Has Carried Thousands Of Now Famous People Up The Ladder Of Success In Their Business And Personal Lives.As Relevant As Ever Before, Dale Carnegie S Principles Endure, And Will Help You Achieve Your Maximum Potential In The Complex And Competitive Modern Age.Learn The Six Ways To Make People Like You, The Twelve Ways To Win People To Your Way Of Thinking, And The Nine Ways To Change People Without Arousing Resentment. This book had a profound effect on me, however, of the negative variety It did give me pointers on how to actually break out of my shell and win friends but in the long term, it did way harm than good Not the book per se, but my choice to follow the advice given there The book basically tells you to be agreeable to everybody, find something to honestly like about them and compliment them on it, talk about their interests only and, practically, act like a people pleaser all the time.It might sound like a harmless, or even attractive idea in theory, but choosing to apply it in your every day life can lead to dangerous results Case in point after being a smiley happy person with loads of friends for about a year, the unpleasant realization began to creep in, that by being so agreeable to everybody else, I rarely ever got my way I also sustained friendships with people who were self centered, so talking about their interests was all we got to do together, which drained me of my energy The worst thing still, is that by trying to find something to like about every person, I completely disregarded their glaring faults It didn t matter that those people did have redeeming qualities they weren t redeeming enough I ended up with a bunch of friends I didn t really want and, because I was so preoccupied with winning those friendships I missed out on the chance to fo
This is an incredible book I ve heard people mention it for years and years and thought the idea of it was so stupid The way some people talked about it made it seem like it was a book for scoundrels or for socially awkward people I didn t want to be either, so I didn t want to read it Finally, a great friend of mine recommended it to me and I started reading it This is a book for people It s not about being evil or admitting you re nerdy it s about how to get along with people Anyone who ever has problems getting along with people should read this book I know I do, but this book has completely changed my perspective This really comes close to a life changing book The main point of this book is that if you want to have friends and be successful, you should be nice not mean It sounds so obvious and I thought I was doing it, but now I realize all the mean things that I ve done and still do to people when I don t get along with them As I ve read this book and I l
Dale, saying people s names often when you re talking to them, Dale, doesn t make you popular, Dale, it makes you sound like a patronizing creep.This book is probably really handy when you re trying to befriend kindergarteners, not as much adults It
Three things about this book surprised me and I liked it a lot than I thought I would One it seemed pretty much timeless Not much anachronism here, because language still serves the same purposes as ever, and people still want basically the same things they ve always wanted I liked the examples taken from Abe Lincoln, etc.Two the techniques described in the book aren t duplicitous We all try to do what the title says, just like everyone else, whether we re admitting it to ourselves or not Readers are repeatedly encouraged to develop genuine interest in others, be honest and ethical, and obey the golden rule.Three I enjoyed it read twice back to back and it felt easy and natural to apply some of the ideas in my life Shortly after reading this book, I wa
I bought this one in 2004 from an Amsterdam bookstore and it has been laying on my bookshelves since then It s an icon of self help books and that was a problem because I kind of hate that genre I decided to get rid of this one as well but not without trying, at least, to see if there is anything of value in it Well, I was surprised to read some sensible advice and I decided to actually read charming in their archaic ways So, the book wasn t total garbage As I said above, it had some good advice about the subject of win friends and influence people although there was a lot of filler in order to make his principle into a book Some examples were really interesting others a bit ridiculous One of the problems I had with the author and one I find too often in self help books is the condescending tone, the ones that tells you how smart he is and that she is the only one capable to tell you how success is achieved It was an interesting read, I learn some useful skills but it isn t g
Utter dreck Anyone who thinks this book offers important wise advice on friendship is an idiot.Dale Carnegie was nothing but a huckstering sophist, and a very repulsive one at that For those of you who may not know, Carnegie s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a handbook on how to exploit friendship for the sake of financial and political gain Now fans of this book why such people are allowed to read, much less vote, I do not know will say this book helped them overcome their shyness and make real friendships But Dale Carnegie is not interested in real friendship His only concern is to exploit friendship for financial and political gain One need not be Einstein to know this One need only read all the garish claims on the back of the book I have an earlier edition than the one usually found in bookstores today such as, say, Increase your earning power Carnegie s book will m ake you a better salesman, a better executive If the book were really about true friendship, as its many lobotomized fans insist, then one would expect the blurbs to claim that the book will make the reader a better friend, not a better salesman A true friend cares about his friends, but a salesman cares about hi
It s considered corny to read books like this, but that kind of cynicism is ultimately limiting and counterproductive My dad forced me to read this book and it was one of the main things that pushed me out of my shyness and made me an amicable person. This is a sad book A book that aims to turn us into manipulating individuals who would want to achieve their means through flattery and other verbal mental tricks Even technically, it seems to me that the ploys in this book would never really work Here is a quote from the book Don t be afraid of enemies who attack you Be afraid of the friends who flatter you And what does the book do It tries, or at least pretends to turn you into a someone who would flatter everything that moves so that you get WHAT YOU WANT Most of us read so that we are inspired, moved, even shocked or atleast entertained by stories We also read so that we
, 1 , , , 2 , , , , , , 3 , , , , , , , , INTJ T , .4 moral high ground fags , .5 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , view spoiler 1 2 3 4 hide spoiler When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity. Dale Carnegie is a quintessentially American type He is like George F Babbitt come to life except considerably smarter And here he presents us with the Bible for the American secular religion capitalism with a smile.In a series of short chapters, Carnegie lays out a philosophy of human interaction The tenets of this philosophy are very simple People are selfish, prideful, and sensitive creatures To get along with people you need to direct your actions towards their egos To make people like you, compliment them, talk in terms of their wants, make them feel important, smile big, and remember their name If you want to persuade somebody, don t argue, and never contradict them instead, be friendly, emphasize the things you agree on, get them to do most of the talking, and let them take credit for every bright idea.The most common criticism lodged at this book is that it teaches manipulation, not genuine friendship Well, I agree that this book doesn t teach how to achieve genuine intimacy with people A real friendship requires some self expression, and self expression is not part of Carnegie s system As another reviewer points out, if you use this mindset to try to get real friends, you ll end up in highly unsa

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