Bride of Pendorric

Bride of Pendorric✼ Bride of Pendorric Epub ✿ Author Victoria Holt – When Favel Farrington met Roc Pendorric on the Italian island where she lived with her father they fell deeply in love and there was no reason to suspect that they would not live happily ever after Th When Favel Farrington met Roc Pendorric on the Italian island where she lived with her father they fell deeply in love and there was no reason to suspect that they would not live happily ever after Then Faval's father was drowned while swimming a circumstance that was as puzzling to Favel as it was heartbreaking No one could have been devoted during these sad days than Roc and when he took her home to Bride of ePUB ô Pendorric the ancient family home on the Cornish cliffs no family could have welcomed her warmly than Roc's sister her husband and twin daughters In fact everyone in the house and the village was eager to meet the Bride of PendorricAt first the phrase amused Favel Then she found herself looking and often at the portraits of two other Brides of Pendorric who had died young and tragically one of them Roc's own mother The very stones of Pendorric seemed to be waiting for her to slip; the courtyard seemed to have eyes And was there speculation even in the eyes of the young twins who watched her constantly Did she imagine it or was Roc curiously attentive to other women at Pendorric and did his absence grow freuent Surely no legend no evil out of the past could threaten their happiness Surely Roc's love for her had not been pretenseAt last in a terrifying moment Favel can no longer dismiss as accident the strange things that are happening to her at Pendorric She must confront the very real dangers of the present. 35 stars rounding up So we've got a rechristened Retro Reads GR group for early to mid 20th century nostalgic type reads mostly historical fiction with some mysteries and romances mixed in and there's an upcoming buddy read of Victoria Holt's Mistress of Mellyn in about two weeks It sounded kind of fun to me and I found a big fat omnibus volume of Holt gothic romantic suspense novels on Abebooks4 for the hardback of all four novels and no shipping charge Score It arrived in the mail yesterday and I was having a really hard time not jumping the gun on the Mistress of Mellyn BR I may or may not have read a few chapters So to distract myself from that one I opened up Bride of Pendorric and read the whole thing last night it's only a couple of hundred pages in this bookIt's a pretty classic novel of the gothic romance type published in 1963 and set in that era 18 or 19 year old Favel Farrington lives with her widowed artist father on the island of Capri A 32 year old British man Roc Pendorric visits their studio and sweeps Favel off her feet marrying her a few weeks later in a whirlwind romance When Favel's father mysteriously dies while swimming in the ocean Roc takes Favel back to his Cornwall mansion Pendorric Roc and everyone else in the area have a habit of calling Favel the latest Bride of Pendorric and the ominous story soon comes out some Pendorric brides have died young and there's a legend that each Bride will haunt their home in turn until the next young bride dies Favel is a practical person so she shrugs it off or tries to But soon dangerous accidents OR ARE THEY? start to happen and Favel has no idea who she can trust And her husband has pretty clearly been keeping some major secrets from herThis is one of the better Victoria Holt novels I've read She's not a great writer for my money she too often tells the story rather than showing it I never felt any real romantic tension between the main characters and the pace can get a little plodding But she's good at building up the suspense and you feel the confusion of the heroine I wasn't fond of the large age gap between Favel and Roc or his occasionally high handed ways though you see that kind of thing a lot in these older gothic romances The mystery here was predictable in one sense but not in another I spotted the villain early on but Holt gets points for a late twist that I only saw coming a couple of pages before the big reveal I've seen this kind of thing in a couple of other mysteries but this book was written earlier Recommended for those who like retro gothic romances This was the first gothic romance novel I ever read in 7th or 8th grade and I'm giving it a 5 because I loved it so much at that time It was a transitional book for me an adult romancemystery after having read all the Nancy Drew series and Scholastic book selections for young readers etc If I were to read it again now I might not feel the same way; so I probably won't Why meddle with a good memory? All the books we read add something to our minds and surely lead us on to other books that will be important in further stages of life so it's all good 35 starsBride of Pendorric seems a popular read but I'd never read it before and it looked interesting I liked it but did not love itBut it was a a good creepy read Part Historical romance part Gothic somehow this book slipped by meMy favorite aspect to this book was not the mystery which is rather predictable What I loved was the lush atmosphere the rich imagery and the Historical elements I also found it to be wellcreepyvery much sothe way a good Gothic is supposed to be As I said it is pretty predictable but it does not lack for creepiness There is one scene where the main character gets locked inside awellI am not going to sayLOL But suffice to say that was pretty chillingAll in all this was a fun read I have not read many of Holt's books but think I should probably read as I have a feeling I'd be a fanSPOILERSThe twist you may figure outit isn't the most difficult to figure out but it is still very well written how it plays out and I was engrossedI would give this a strong 35 and recommend it to people who love Historical or Gothic or both fiction I think that some of you Gothic lovers out there will love this one I did not love this or even like it much This took me ages to get through It had so many characters and just a lot of information dumps here and there that didn't work for me Also the main character Favel yes that's her name was uber frustrating since she just tra la las during most of this book though she believes someone is out to kill herBride of Pendorric is about a young woman who marries a random guy Roc Pendorric that shows up to her father's studio to buy some paintings Favel and her father live somewhere off the coast of Italy getting by with him selling his art after the death of her motherThe beginning of this book reminded me a bit of the beginning of Rebecca You don't really get why the main character is so obsessed with the man she comes to contact with Roc in this case instead of Max de Winter Roc is painted as a gambler just like Favel's father and so I was puzzled why she would even consent to marry this guy He doesn't seem charming at all just tall and dark This being a Gothic book though Favel and Roc do marry and then her father mysteriously dies while swimming after going off with Roc Favel and Roc eventually return to England to live specifically in Cornwall where Pendorric stands The subject of twins comes up a lot in this one Roc is a twin his sister Morwenna still lives at Pendorric with her husband Charles and their twin daughters Hyson and Lowella And of course Roc's dead mother was a twin We find out through other characters about Roc's father and what a philander he was man cheated with everyone it seemed that lived nearby and Favel starts to worry that the man she knew for like a month may be similar to his father Good job caring about these things now There are mysterious neighbors relatives a governess and a nurse I can't say much about these characters besides to say that they were all just a bit too bland and underdeveloped I still didn't like Roc through the majority of this book There are way too many twists in this book to even make sense of most of them The flow was awful tooI usually like the Cornwall setting but besides hearing about the moor here and there no place stood out I think Holt hoped that Pendorric would be up there as much a famous house like Manderley or even Shirley Jackson's Hill House It just didn't live up to that for meThe ending gives you an information dump via a diary that just happened to be there for Favel to read and know all I just laughed Reminded me of Holt's The Secret Woman where all is revealed via a letter The ultimate gothic classic Madness secrets crypts suspicious husbands cliffs and moors it never gets old Victoria Holt had clearly swotted up on before writing this doom laden account of a young girl's infatuation marriage to an older man After her father's unexpected death Roc whisks Favel from Capri to Cornwall where she is terrorised by the legend of the Brides of PendorricWhile reading I found Favel's constant unease surprising in one so young nineteen but she was completely on her own married to a man she barely knew So I'm cutting her some slackA major weakness for me was that I didn't find Roc appealing neither the description of his physical appearance or his generally distant behaviour there were far to many characters to keep track of a lot of them didn't add much to the storyview spoilerI thought I had guessed the solution early but I missed some obvious clues hide spoiler It is hard for me to be objective about this book and to keep from comparing it to Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca since it is so obviously inspired by it I just couldn't take it seriously Way over the top heavy handed and ridiculous with that cliche dumb as a post heroine who refuses to see what is staring at her in the face and a so called hero who spends so much time away from the action that he truly seems ghost like than the departed Barbarina that name the malevolent spirit who torments the newest bride of Pendorric I like my gothic novels just fine but this was about as haunting and evocative as an episode of Scooby Doo Eking out a living with her widowed father in his art studio on the island of Capri Favel is swept off her feet by visitor Roc Pendorric and they are married although her happiness is marred by the sudden death of her father Upon arrival at Roc's Cornwall estate Favel learns of the legend of the Brides of Pendorric married into the family for their money and die mysterious deaths at a young age and then destined to haunt the halls until another bride dies and takes her place Not surprisingly things soon begin to go bump in the night is it possible that the ghost of Roc's mother really does haunt the home? Is Favel destined to be the next Bride of Pendorric to die and haunt the mansion or is something sinister involved?As Favel begins to experience unusual accidents she begins to wonder about her husband Roc Did he really fall in love with her or was there an ulterior motive? How did he happen to show up at their studio in Capri? Just a coincidence or did he know her father beforehand? What about the three former lovers of Roc? Do they want Favel out of the way? Or is it Favel's sister or one or her two young daughters? Who is the mysterious wealthy old man in the large estate who takes an uncommon interest in Favel?Packed with plenty of mystery and intrigue as well as the appropriate gothic spookiness of Cornwall and those ever present mists let alone getting locked in that old tomb with all those caskets yikes this tale should keep the reader guessing until the very last page While Holt isn't uite up to the perfection that is Du Maurier she's still a gifted storyteller and fans of that classic romantic suspense genre might want to check this out Favel was a lovely heroine if a little unsure And I am not surprised that she was so unsure how can you not be when people don't tell you what's happening? And what was she to do with so many little things destroying her peace? From two twins set on her becoming one of The Brides to accidents happening a little too soon after the others for comfort and being locked in a crypt something is afoot and it's enough to craze the most stable of us There were three sets of twins Three Try figuring out who's who Barbarina and Debora Barbarina's set Pedroc and Wenna Then Wenna's set Hyson and Lowella Hyson and Lowella were the hardest to tell the difference between because they played each other so well PG Throughout the book it is suggested that there are Ghosts haunting the manor there are no ghosts as something human is at work A few swears and all of a sudden at the end of the book Favel suddenly begins smoking and it's treated as if that was what she always does So many sets of twins and such a cliched way of combining twins and suspense narratives sigh