Foolish Encounters: A Rainbow Gold Anthology

Foolish Encounters: A Rainbow Gold Anthology➺ [Reading] ➼ Foolish Encounters: A Rainbow Gold Anthology By Amy Lane ➯ – An accident a chance encounter a thought blurted out a boat blown off course a change in direction that suddenly runs into the line of fire – the smallest misstep can change everything These foolish An accident a chance A Rainbow PDF/EPUB » encounter a thought blurted out a boat blown off course a change Foolish Encounters: PDF/EPUB ² in direction that suddenly runs into the line of fire – the smallest misstep can change everything Encounters: A Rainbow MOBI í These foolish encounters are the moments around which lives pivot and sometimes spin out of control Join us for tales of imprudent choices and bad decisions that can lead just as easily to hilarity as they can to tragedy. DNF A year ago I put this anthology aside because it was bugging the shit out of me Not the stories themselves but the fact that the stories are about 75 80% sci fi Now I like sci fi but it's not my go to genre I have to be mentally prepared for it okay? And it just completely annoyed me that nothing about the cover or blurb said MM SCI FI to me THIS IS WHY IT'S GOOD TO HAVE A LIST BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF EACH STORY IN YOUR BLURB Anyway I decided reviewing the rest of the stories when I was so IRRITATED wouldn't be fair to the authors and put it aside until a time I was less annoyed But here I am 13 months later and I'm still annoyed every time I think about it What can I say I can hold a grudgeI'm not rating the anthology as a whole or reviewing the stories I haven't read but I will say this if you love sci fi short stories with some contemporary stories thrown in this may be the perfect anthology for youA Message from the Home Office by Angel Martinez 3Sissal an alien cobra shifter has been happily living alone amongst the natives on Earth's only posting until his intergalactic bosses decide to assign him a young germaphobe never met a rule he didn't want to hump dik dik shifter assistant named Richard Let's just say their meet cute doesn't exactly go cute Soon though Richard's big brown eyes little horns and inability to deal with crumbs starts to grow on Sissalbut will their mutual attraction survive Sissal's past and Richard's secrets? Cute little story about opposites attracting The HEA seems a little rushed but then they generally do in short stories However I'm willing to forgive it as I really love stories about neurotic dudes and the men who adore them I might've rated this one a 4 but the alien and shifter part seemed a bit much for a short story One thing Recently I read a story where a serial killer and his hostage had rough sex next to the body of a guy they just tortured to death That was less weird to me than the scene in this story where Sissal in his fully shifted form a 6ft long cobra masturbates in the shower while singing Much Less WeirdAngel Martinez is also the author of the awesome Prisoner 374215Shredding the Heart by JC Wallace 25Nicholas is part time student deli worker and competitive skateboarder uinn is a straitlaced businessy business guy who recently got out a relationship with a con man Will their relationship survive uinn's trust issues?This is one of the longer stories in the anthology It's cute and I liked Nicholas but the author tries to cover too much time months and months and months go by and as a result there's a lot of telling instead of showing I just couldn't connect to it emotionally However an MC who's a competitive skateboarder is uite different from what I normally read and I enjoyed that partJC Wallace is also the author of Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts and Pink Lace and a Stolen Proposal A Seuel I hear there are mantiesThe Lunar Imperative by Elin Gregory 15Color me bummed out I've enjoyed Gregory's stories in Tea and Crumpet Lashings of Sauce and British Flash A revealing collection of short LGBT fiction and was looking forward to her story in this anthology But I didn't like it At all I felt like I'd been dropped in the middle of a full length novel and had to fight my way to the end But I'm doing this backwards I need to summarize Umit's sci fi A group of men who are like large warrior werewolves are on a mission to kill their former leader Haken is the sargent of their unit and has feelings for Raimi but doesn't feel like he can act on them because he's Raimi's superior And then some spy and fighting stuff happens andI don't know It'd be interesting as a novel but there was just way too much info and set up for such a short storyBlue and Green Persuasion by Tinnean Well Hello Eight Eyes by Tali Spencer The Fenestra Penetration by Amy Lane 3Steve is a UPS driver who loves to peak in people's windows No no not in a entirely creepy way he loves to observe people's odds and ends and imagine what their lives are like Unfortunately there's one house Gordie's that always has its' blinds drawn Will a delivery from Geoff and Johnny Enterprises a sex toy provider mean Steve can take a closer look at Gordie's goodies?Short answer YesLonger answer Okay I have to admit to some disappointment The second I read about Gordie's window blinds constantly being drawn I thought I'd be reading a romance about a shut in Woot But no Gordie's just a regular guy who's discovered that while working at home is great it also means he hardly ever gets out to meet anyone Thus the sex toy order Thus the hot delivery guy followed by a date and hot delivery guy fun times I'd like everyone to know that I've worked at home for 7 years now and have yet to have experienced hot delivery guy fun times WTF universe WTF? It's like my romance novels are lying to me The Fenestra Penetration is a light sexy read with a HFN ending It's also loosely related to Lane's Ryan Scott series And Geoff and Johnny Enterprises has to be part of the Johnnies series yeah?The Nut Job by Freddy Mackay Copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 45 heart review by VickiA Message from the Home Office – Angel MartinezUh what? A cobra shifter who can only come while he sings? Yup Angel Martinez I’m pretty sure I can say this is the only time I have read about a snake masturbating against a soap holder while singingWhat an awesome little story Sci fi but paranormal Shifters from space spying on humans A snake shifter falling in love with a dik dik shifter Yes I did go Google to see what a dik dik looks like The plot is pretty basic as it needs to be in an anthology Sissal is stationed on Earth living in a cabin alone watching the humans The home office sends him an assistant unexpectedly who turns out to be a dik dik shifter named Rcrred Or Richard as they decide his human name should be Yes a dik dik named Dick There is a little drama Richard is very cute and seriously neurotic there’s a little sex a lot of humor and a good ending Great start to this anthologyRATING 45 HeartsShredding the Heart – JC WallaceThis one was a sweet simple story about stalking and love Nicholas is a skateboarder practicing in the park each morning He notices a very attractive man jogging in the park each morning and for some time watches him and tries to catch his attention But nothing works One day he gets a little assertive in his stalking and his skateboard hit the pretty man in the head Off they go to the hospital But this finally gives Nicholas a chance to meet uinnThere is some dating getting to know one another but uinn has some serious trust issues It takes time but they finally get together Only to have it go all wrong I liked this story it was a little basic but that’s ok considering the length of the story The writing was fine the characters were ok and the story was good It’s not overly exciting but it was good It had lots of details about skateboarding tricks and such not something I’ve really paid attention to so that was different for me It also fit the theme of a foolish encounter leading to a connectionRATING 4 HeartsThe Lunar Imperative – Elin GregoryOh that was cool Another shifter in outer space story A shuttle lands with a few men in it on their way to find Sheill a Very Bad Man Haken and his crew are Vargan which seems to be a sort of shifter Haken has a plan to infiltrate the community Sheill is hiding in but things don’t uite go his wayIt’s a short story with a lot of history and world building crammed in but it worked for me I had to go back over a couple of things when I got lost but that’s ok Haken has a crew member that he feels some attraction to that’s the little bit of connection in the story however there is no “romance” and very little sex Some implied but not actual sex Again that was ok The world was interesting the characters were as well it felt like the beginning of a story and relationship I’d like to know about I liked it a lot Great writingRATING 45 HeartsBlue and Green Persuasion – TinneanAnother sci fi story I liked this one Tinnean gave us some great characters and included a lot of background in the story I wish the ending had been a little longer there is a lot of story then it ends a bit abruptlySo there is a transport space ship full of refugees in cryogenic tubes with a crew caring for them They all ended up spending 600 years in space trying to find a new home after they got bumped through a rift in space Very Star Trek Generations have passed with new crew being born and raised to their jobs with this whole bunch of refugees sleeping away As this story starts they have run out of time and resources and are about to all die when they find a potential planet to check out Hart the one remaining scout is sent down to the planet He has the ability to hear a language and be able to understand and speak it He finds the planet is perfect but has some sentient beings already there I’ll stop there It’s a cool story but needed to be longer I think It’s a great world but there are things left with no resolutions I liked it though uite a bitRATING 4 HeartsWell Hello Eight Eyes – Tali SpencerThis is an odd story Tanner is out in his boat on Lake Michigan and gets caught in a storm and wrecks He is rescued by a group of seriously strange people who take him to an island Cory one of the inhabitants convinces the others not to kill Tanner and takes him back to his cabin to care for him until the mysterious Jonas gets there and can take Tanner back to the main land Tanner and Cory bond over beans and hot chocolate then things get strangeI liked the story the characters were interesting and it left me wanting to know about this worldRATING 4 HeartsThe Fenestra Penetration – Amy LaneYes Hot sexy and funny Perfect Steve the delivery driver takes a box with the name Geoff and Johnnies on it to the home of Gordie the lonely horny man Steve happens to know that boxes from Geoff and Johnnies contain all sorts of toys for horny boys He is greeted by a sexy and sweaty Gordie and a little flirting happens Then a little individual enjoyment of toys for horny boys Then another box and some actual horny boy on boy actionIt’s Amy Lane so it’s a uirky fun little story if you know her at all you’ll recognize the character names from Amy’s real life and chuckle a bit Great little storyRATING 5 HeartsThe Nut Job – Freddy MacKayWhat a fun story This one ties in to the first story in this book This is following Spence the Captain of the ship that drops Rccred off on Earth with Sissal Is starts up just as Spencer is heading out of the area as fast as he can so Sissal can’t make him come back Turns out they aren’t going far just up the Canada to harvest nuts I’m not really sure why but there they are So Spencer is a giant suirrel his crew is made off several odd and cool beings They all head in to the woods to pick nuts and it goes to shit They run in to a crazy red neck hunter looking for big foot One of them gets shot Spencer finds another human and we get a fun and fast paced story with a few fun punsIt was good no real romance no sex but just a good adventure story with some uniue characters I liked itRATING 4 HeartsOVERALL REVIEWI liked this anthology I liked the uniueness of the stories and the theme of odd foolish encounters There are a wide range of stories sci fi and contemporary some humor and some sadness some sex and some love Well worth readingOVERALL RATING 45 Hearts A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews author interviews guestposts and giveaways 35 starsAs with most anthologies this was something of a curate's egg with some stories striking chords tunefully than others A Message From the Home Office by Angel Martinez kicks this anthology off I spent all my working life in government and Angel's account of the machinations and evasions that are at the heart of how it works is perfect I liked her world weary hero Sissal who had been banished a backwater planet Earth as semi punishment running a Class Five outpost where they have to remain undetected Rcrred the assistant he's gifted with is delightfully anal and CDO that's OCD with the letters in alphabetical order The way they should be But I really didn't need them to be shifters on top of their alienness It was a false note to me Reaching too far Isn't just being alien enough? I'd have preferred not having the diversion from the politicking and plotting personallyShredding the Heart by JC Wallace The story of a skateboarder and businessmanfinancier type Opposites attract and all that It was a good read but not as uirky as most of the stories in the anthology It does rather stick out as a slice of normal Yes it's a foolish encounter where uinn businessman is too uick to assume he's being used but it is a contemporary story that felt a little out of place here It felt a little flat when set against shifters and werewolves and talking spaceships and that means I think that it doesn’t get judged fairlyThe Lunar Imperative by Elin Gregory is the sort of harder military science fiction that I like I’ve read other stories by Elin where she fixes on the sort of tenacious military mindset Sir Maharis of A Taste of Copper is a case in point there where honour and duty override everything that her Sergeant Haken has in this story Only here you have the added layer that the team of soldiers carrying out a covert raid to assassinate a treacherous former politico are all werewolves Yup Werewolves in space It amused me no end when you think that if they’re in space isn’t it always a full moon somewhere in the galaxy? How do they know when they’re going to change huh? Another thing to like was the next overlay one of Norse ness in the social structure of the werewolves—a nod to the Vikings there who were considered as ravenous as wolves and whose mythology was riven with wolfish imagery I’ve always loved the sagas and that little nod delighted me All in all I enjoyed this one and would like Please Pretty pleaseBlue and Green Persuasion by Tinnean was another highlight of the anthology but one that I ultimately found a little frustrating It reads like the set up for a full length novel one I’d be glad to read There is too much left unfinished too much that’s hurriedly skated over to make this entirely successful as a short story But I loved the idea of scouts genetically encoded to be able to translate any language including that of machines and I liked the premise an ark in space reaching the end of its voyage creaky and old and breaking to pieces I won’t say too much to spoil the story except to crow sorry about wingfic with the scout’s love interest being a man like being able to fly The denouement while not entirely unexpected was subtly handled Really a longer version of this would be welcomeWell Hello Eight Eyes by Tali Spencer What can I say about this except that I was grinning even as I shuddered Another shifter story but one that was a little different to the usual The new life offered the PoV character Tanner gives him the best of both worlds and I was cheering as he took his opportunity to be with Cory I enjoyed it lotsThe Fenestration Penetration by Amy Lane is the story of a delivery man and a home worker Another contemporary story rather than an outré one The second ‘slice of normal’ story Perfectly pleasant reading but as with Shredding the Heart while it does offer a sort of palate cleanser of ‘normal’ in contrast to the other whackier stories being in an anthology with cobra shifters didn’t uite do it justiceThe Nut Job by Freddy Mackay is set in the same universe as Martinez’s opening story so the anthology is bracketed by shifters in space The ship dropping Rcrred from Martinez’s story runs into trouble on a stop somewhere in the northwest territories with its crew hunted as sasuatches Amusing but a little too long I think Original review on Molly LollyThis anthology was super fun Each story had some kind of comedy of errors happening that brought people together in the strangest of ways Definitely recommend reading this anthology if you enjoy crazy antics flying skateboards and aliens that look like cute animalsOverall StarsFour and a halfA Message from the Home Office by Angel MartinezThis is a cute little story I loved how RccredRichard was so twitchy but had a pure heart at the same time There was a good amount of lore involved in this story kind of surprised how much for the length It was also done in a way that didn’t feel like an info dump or that words were wasted on telling the background I want to know about the different species in this world Fuzzle was an adorable addition and I hate how he was sabotaged Sissal was so gentle with Rcrred when he needed to be A very solid happy for now to this storyStarsFour and a halfShredding the Heart by JC WallaceI really enjoyed how their relationship built slowly over time I felt really bad for uinn and his past keeping him from trying to have a relationship with anyone Poor Nicholas being accused of using uinn My heart hurt as I read how shattered Nicholas was I loved how they were able to work through their problems and we saw them a little bit in the future happy together and working towards a common goal togetherStarsFour and a halfLunary Imperative by Elin GregoryThis was a very interesting story I enjoyed the politics and dynamics created in the world built Haken was an interesting character and I wasn’t sure if he was going to get together with Raimi at first I would have liked a stronger happy ending But it was good enough for the length of the story I’d love to read in the world createdStarsFourBlue and Green Persuasion by TinneanI found this story and the world created to be very interesting There were clues and hints about things to come that never got fully fleshed out or answered My guess is due to space constraints but it did leave me hanging a bit at the end I really liked Hart’s character The way he dreamed of being with Kes but didn’t know exactly what he was dreaming I wanted to know about Kes and his back story since there was just enough given to intrigue me but not so much I felt like I got to know him all the way I really would like books in this world The side characters were interesting plus a spaceship that was almost sentient? Give me pleaseStarsFourWell Hello Eight Eyes by Tali SpencerTanner has an sad backstory that you don’t fully understand until about halfway through the story But it’s no less heartbreaking Cory was adorable with his vibrant hesitancy I kind of figured out the mystery of the island before it was revealed but it was interesting Made look up to see if such a place actually existed I would have liked to see of the relationship between Cory and Tanner However they have a solid foundation for a relationshipStarsFour and a halfThe Fenestration Penetration by Amy LaneSuch a fun and cute story I really liked Steve’s outlook on life and wanting to think happy thoughts about the random bits he sees on his delivery route Gordie is cute with his unsureness and wanting both “sexy sexy” and the date There’s a good solid happy for now ending But I want to see them together Not because anything was left hanging but I just enjoyed these characters that I didn’t want to let them goStarsFour and a halfThe Nut Job by Freddy MackayThis story is related to Angel Martinez’s story in the anthology Characters mentioned in Angel’s story are the main ones in this story and the characters from Angel’s are referenced It’s set in the same world with the same rules and I’m glad this story happened There was just enough of a hint of these guys in A Message From the Home Office that I wanted to know them The story was cute I loved that Raijin thought he was tripping the whole time Spencer was so funny with his twitchiness about being labeled a suirrel They all worked well together to get out of the crazy situation they were in I want to know about all of the characters plus how Raijin handles the trip to MithuanaStarsFour and a half 289 starsIn a way reading an anthology was like gambling sometime you win found a great story; or losing get a bunch of meh This one was a generally fun reading some stories I liked the others not so muchMy favorite here is A Message from the Home Office by Angel Martinez 4 stars a story of dik dik shifter named Rcrred and Sissal a cobra shifter who had to sing to reach climax They were earth stationed OIL liaisons trying to dismantle arms dealer involvement within intergalactic top echelons Unusual pairing and very adorable togetherNext is Well Hello Eight Eyes by Tali Spencer 35 stars a rather creepy story about cursed spider shifter What do you know eh It was touching tale about Tanner who decided to move on from his lost love and Cory a local of remote island in Lake MichiganThe Nut Job by Freddy Mackay 275 stars was related to the first story In the wake up dropping off Rcrred at Sissal's doorstep the Nutcracker crew found trouble of their own Pretty funny story though a tad confusing with unclear species and alien languageThe rest I found so soBlue and Green Persuasion by TinneanAn interesting last voyage of a spaceship span into romantic drama of its last scout with a planet native and the scout's half brother with a refugeeShredding the Heart by JC WallaceA contemporary staring Nicholas O'Brien a skateboarder and uinn Matthews an acuisition specialist The story started promising with an astounding OUCH but then it turned Meh The redeeming part was the chaser showed some spine and dignity later on before went too far So it's basically an over the top storyThe Lunar Imperative by Elin GregorySci fi story of the vargans mission led by Sargent Haken The world building was not enough plot unclear I could not connect with it At least they got the bad guy in the endThe Fenestra Penetration by Amy LaneStory of delivery guy and working at home designer over some adult package yep pun intendedAll things considered this was a win win pick for me Well sort of ;D Fenestra PenetrationI loved Steve – he is straight forward no specific problems and okay asking for what he wantsGordie is a recluse only because of his job – so when he gets hit on by the hunky Steve they go on a date that turns into foreverVery low angst Super sweet Another nice one from Amy ARC provided by the publisher through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review This is a collection of stories in which one or both of the MCs have something happen which disrupts their routine before they have that first chance encounter As the blurb states “An accident a chance encounter a thought blurted out a boat blown off course a change in direction that suddenly runs into the line of fire – the smallest misstep can change everything These foolish encounters are the moments around which lives pivot and sometimes spin out of control”A Message from the Home Office by Angel MartinezSissal a cobra shifter is sent an assistant to his outpost on planet Earth The young guy named Rcrred and nicknamed Richard is cute blond very high strung and uses his eidetic memory to spout regulations at Sissal every chance he gets Richard is a dik dik shifter and is the last thing Sissal wanted in his life But Sissal adapts to the situation until he discovers that Richard has hacked into his computer and is apparently trying to find something on him to report back to headuarters Actually he’s reporting back to a specific officer who has had it in for Sissal for years This is a very nice story with great world building interesting characters and a plausible complex storyline Great for those who like sci fifuturistic adventures 4 starsShredding the Heart by JC Wallace Nicholas is a skateboarder who is hoping to win a national title and in the meantime is working going to college part time and practicing on his skateboard every chance he gets He’s not only obsessed with skateboarding though He’s obsessed with the guy he sees out running every morning and in an attempt to get closer one morning he accidently overcompensates on his board sending it slamming into the man’s head uinn is a workaholic driven to achieve in his high pressure finance job and hadn’t noticed the gorgeous skateboarder until they both ended up in the hospital together Eventually uinn gives in to Nicholas’s attempts to befriend him and the two find they have a lot in common But uinn’s been burned before and doesn’t give his trust lightly When he perceives that Nicholas has used him to get sponsorship to attend his next skateboarding event he cruelly breaks Nicholas’s heart and storms off in a huff This is the longest of the stories and was very well done The author took the time to build a relationship with the men and gave them plenty of time to work out their own issues and for uinn to realize his own stupidity Shredding is defined as performing an athletic sport well and it’s not until uinn learns how to master his heart that the two can finally find their HEA Great for those who love a little angst and self flagellation mixed with their romance 5 starsThe Lunar Imperative by Elin GregoryFuturistic sci fi about Haken a Vargan sergeant who leads a covert mission to another planet to exterminate the man who escaped their planet with their treasury One of his soldiers Raimi is attracted to Haken but is not of the same rank so Haken hesitates to pursue anything The Vargans are huge and shift shape to beasts during the full moon often losing their humanity during that time and feasting on each other However at this full moon both Raimi and Haken have been captured The heart of the story revolves around whether or not they will kill each other exterminate their captor or be killed This is an interesting tale with a lot of world building for such a short story If you like non human species and sci fi space adventures you will likely enjoy this one 3 starsBlue and Green Persuasion by TinneanStranded aboard The Midnight Ride a starship which has been floating without power through the galaxies for centuries Hart accepts that his fate may be to die aboard the ship that was to have transported them to a new world before it lost power But as they enter a new galaxy his father the captain asks him to power up his pod—a small spaceship that he uses for scouting As Chief Scout he will not only drop into a possibly hostile atmosphere but he may never return to the ship since there’s not enough power to get back But the reports look good The planet seems to have both water and land mass and when he lands he finds an oxygen rich atmosphere small animals to use as food and beautiful bird like sentient beings Kes is such a being and right from the start they are attracted to each other But Hart has to direct his father and the other survivors onboard The Midnight Ride as they use shuttle tenders to land in this new world so the men are separated until Hart completes his mission This was a great story with amazing world building within so few words The primary romance and another between Hart’s brother and one of the soldiers were sweetly done and we see enough of the promise of a future together to make it a satisfying romance story 5 starsWell Hello Eight Eyes by Tali SpencerTanner is out on Lake Michigan when a horrible storm blows up and he can’t make it back to shore Shooting for an island his boat capsizes and he ends up on Spider Island where the residents don’t seem very happy about saving his life He’s assigned to Cory as his housemate and “sitter” and told to stay in the cabin no matter what happens while Cory is gone during the day He steps onto the porch and is greeted with a scary sight—huge furry eight legged creatures resembling spiders seem to be playing with each other in a nearby field Needless to say he gets indoors and doesn’t plan to go out at all the next day That night he and Cory get closer and romantically involved and he’s starting to wonder if he even wants to leave the island the next day when the supply boat is due to arrive But before he has to make the choice he gets a greater shock when he spots a spider indoors with him What happens next changes the course of his future and he finds a chance to be happy with Cory in a warm and fuzzy way pun intended 35 stars The Fenestra Penetration by Amy LaneA fenestra is an opening or a window Steve is a UPS driver who enjoys imagining what goes on behind the windows he views as he makes his deliveries every day Usually he can see something inside each window that fires his imagination but one house on his route has all the shades pulled and when he sees where the package he’s about to deliver is from he’s hoping that the guy who lives there is as hot as his imagination makes him out to be That particular company only produces certain items—the kind of items Steve himself prefers and when he gets a look at the cute guy who receives the box he wants Eventually he not only gets it he gets much than his imagination could have possibly hoped for A really cute sweet hot well done story packed with humor and romance 5 stars The Nut Job by Freddy MackayThis one is somewhat of an offshoot of “A Message from the Home Office” by Angel Martinez Spencer is the pilot who dropped off Rcrred and got out of there uickly before Sissal could make him return for the irritating little rik rik Spence is a suirrel or a suirrel like being who is on a mission to gather nuts not only for the people on his planet but there’s also a little side trip to set himself up with his own private stash When his assistants some of whom are large and furry are spotted and shot at by a human Spence has to abort his mission drop his nuts and try to get his friends to safety It’s during this escape that he meets Raijin a human male who is stoned on pot and ’shrooms and doesn’t really believe his own eyes Over time and a great deal of bickering he and Spence start to form an attraction and when Raijin is injured by that same gun toting human Spence does whatever he can to keep him safe including making Raijin his pet This is a nutty story pun intended in which the author shows a definite sense of humor with the nut jokes A great way to end the anthology and though not strictly a romance there’s hope for one as the story closes 4 starsOverall this is a nice anthology definitely just perfect for those who enjoy sci fi since many of the stories were space adventures I enjoyed some stories than others and I’m sure other readers will have their own choices but overall I enjoyed this very much Review can be read at It's About The Book 35 starsThis Anthology was full of all kinds of crazy encountersShredding the Heart by JC Wallace – A skateboarder tries to impress a cute jogger but ends up sending the man to the hospital when his board accidently cracks him the head and knocks him out I LOVED this story The MCs were great It had just the right amount of angst and the heat level was set to perfectWell Hello Eight Eyes by Tali Spencer – When a mans boat capsizes he ends up stuck on an island full of gigantic spiders Creepy shudders A Message from the Home Office by Angel Martinez – A Planetary Liaison has been given a new assistant and the guys is a pain in his rear He’s all OCD and hyper He’s always yelling about all the violations in sight This was a cute story and I don’t care what Spencer from Freddy Mackay’s story The Nut Job says Rcrred AKA Richard is adorable with his spazzy ways I love anthologies There is something about an anthology that relaxes me You can sit down start a story and finish within a few hours You can pick and choose which story you want to read and you’re not limited to just one long tale That’s the best part The bad part of an anthology is sometimes you never know what you will get until you start reading In Foolish Encounters I found that I had a tough time with some of the stories Some I really liked and some I just had a really hard time getting into I won't be reading this not very into short stories but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this coverI'm so glad mm authors are steering away from the half naked neck down man and in general the really bad photoshopping that has been prevalent in this genre Kudos I liked this anthology it was so different from what I'm used to readA Message from the Home Office – Angel Martinez 4 starsThis story was probably my favorite how adored Richard and how the MCs took care of each other Moreover it was clear how serious they were about their future together and I got a HEAShredding the Heart – JC Wallace 4 starsThis story was the most complete Ifound hilarious how Nicholas stalked uinn and finally when he got the other man attention they were both in the hospital i saw them dating and fall in love make mistakes and ask for forgivenessThe Lunar Imperative – Elin Gregory 25 starsthis story was a little strange to me i admit I didn't understood well the whole background I got lost a couple of timesBlue and Green Persuasion – Tinnean 375Tinnean created a very well done story various characters to meet and love Hart so brave to know it could be the only one to found a new world for his people And then there was the meeting that changed his life i would like to know Well Hello Eight Eyes – Tali Spencer 35 starsThe story between Tanner and Cody is not for you if you're not a fan of spider It was interesting and surely different although at the end they found a way to be together it was a HFN ending and I wanted The Fenestra Penetration – Amy Lane 25 starsSadly this story didn't work for me at all it was really nothing special and knowing the author it could have been so much The Nut Job – Freddy MacKay 4 starsThis story was really funny sure nothing romantic happened but I found it interesting and the promise of eas right there at the ending