The Book of Nonsense (Sacred Books: Volume 1)

The Book of Nonsense (Sacred Books: Volume 1)➱ [Read] ➬ The Book of Nonsense (Sacred Books: Volume 1) By David Michael Slater ➼ – Before there were books there were Words of Power and those who spoke them could rule the worldDexter and Daphna Wax don’t uite fit in even with each other She loves reading and he loathes it but ne Before there were books there were Words of Power and those who spoke them could rule the worldDexter and Daphna Wax don’t uite fit in even with each other She loves reading and he loathes it but neither is pleased by their “special” thirteenth birthday gift a ruined old book full of nonsenseBut the moment it enters the twins’ lives bizarre things begin to happen Why is their father who found the book suddenly so distant The Book MOBI :¿ Is the old man who took it from him some kind of hypnotist Why is a giant red eyed boy stalking themNow Dex and Daphna have to work together to stop the old man from ruining their lives But as they unravel the secrets of The Book of Nonsense they will discover the truth about their own extraordinary destiny. This book starts out a little similar to Inkheart by Cornelia Funke The father buys unusal and antiue books and sells them to dealers In the begining we see him with his daughter Daphna also a lover of books Later we are introduced to her twin brother Dexter who is not so fond of books The father finds an strange book that has words of nonsense in it and tries to sell it to a local book store full of magic books Little does he know that this is the book the store owner has been seeking for yearsThe Book of Nonsense is magical and full of surprises there is no doubt about that I just wish the beginning wasn't so similar to another book even though the end is very different I am interested in seeing where the series goes I have to admit I was biased in favor of this book from the moment I read the title I thought it was a both a marvelous and ingenious invention calling one's novel The Book of Nonsense Having now read The Book of Nonsense I can honestly say that my good opinion of this book was not misplaced This is one terrifically fast paced and dynamite read As a rule of thumb I tend to read books very slowly carefully absorbing every nuance of every word in a book But The Book of Nonsense was so gripping that I couldn't pace myself Instead I was swept up into the wild and furious white knuckled ride that author David Michael Slater has engineered from the depths of his wonderful imagination The Book of Nonsense is uite a departure from your average children's books It is the tale of two young twins 12 year old Daphna and Dexter Wax who are unwittingly forced to participate in a series of events that lead to the discovery and deadly pursuit of a mysterious 12000 year old book loosely referred to as The Book of Nonsense Daphna and Dexter are your average kids who face the everyday struggle of learning how to grow up in this case a task made difficult since they are forced to grow up without their mother Unfortunately for the children their father Milton a dedicated and full time professional book scout seems to be missing in action most of the times as well One day while accompanying her father on one of his scouting missions Daphna witnesses the strange encounter between Milton and a peculiar old book store owner named Asterius Rash This encounter leads Daphna to learn about her father's search for a mysterious ancient book containing a dangerous but powerful secret Daphna and her brother Dexter suddenly become the target of a menacing large boy with red eyes and other clandestine figures lurking in the shadows A slew of uestions haunt the children as they seek to uncover the mystery of the Book of Nonsense and Rash's nefarious plot to retrieve it What deep secrets does The Book of Nonsense hold? Who is Mr Rash? Why does he want the Book of Nonsense so badly? Does the tragic death of their mother have anything to do with him? And what does their upcoming thirteenth birthday have to do with the Book of Nonsense? You'll have to get your hands on this book to find out the answers to these puzzling uestions and many In conclusion I recommend The Book of Nonsense to readers of any age who enjoy a fast paced mystery enshrouded in a deep and literate package The Book of Nonsense will have you chomping at the bit as you anxiously wait to find out how this great fantasy book ends The Book of Nonsense by David Michael SlaterreturnreturnDon't let the title fool you this book is anything but nonsense returnreturn Twins Daphna and Dexter couldn't be different but they are forced to work together when there father discovers a very old and mysterious book Daphna and Dexter soon discover that the words in this book can literally change the world When someone evil gets a hold of the book it is up to them to stop him I don't want to give too much of the story away as there are uite a few twists and turns return return Thoughts This was a uick and fast passed read that I uite enjoyed Words can be very powerful I think that the author used this idea any interesting way I also enjoyed the characters of Daphna and Dexter They were both very sympathetic and well developed characters In particular I liked Dexter because of his struggles with dyslexiaIt must have been difficult for him hiding this secret from everyone I didn't feel as sympathetic towards Daphna as seem came off as a bit of a know it all My only complaint about their father's character didn't seem to be as well developed However the story really focuses on the Daphna and Deter so maybe my complaint is unfounded Still it bothered me for some reason returnreturn Their were also some twists and turns in the book that I did not see coming I always enjoy being caught by surprise I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the book in this series I'm dying to know what it going to happen to Daphna and Dexter next returnreturn I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy or wants a fun and uick book to read The day before their thirteenth birthday the father of feuding twins Daphna and Dexter Wax Milton returns from a book scouting trip with a mysterious old book Daphna immediately knows what to do with it She wants to take it to the new rare book shop that just opened up in earlier in the summer The Antiuarian Book Center ABC Somehow the blind owner of the shop Asterius Rash mesmerizes Milton into giving him the book and promising to have Daphna return the next day to be his assistant What baffles both Daphna is that the book was full of nonsense The writing was in an unknown language and these nonsense words seemed to change right in front of her eyes Suddenly her father is stuck ill overnight and Daphna is forced to team up with Dexter in order to solve the mystery of the book because things aren't as they seem at The ABC and their lives are unexpectedly in dangerThe Book of Nonsense is Book One in a planned five book series I enjoyed the adventure that the twins went on and I'm positive that the target age group of 9 12 year olds will love this book The plot twists are imaginative and the characters are well developed The ending was neatly tied up but at the same time there is a cliff hanger that will have readers looking forward to book two Daphna loves going to bookstores and everything about them from choosing a book to trading books You can imagine Daphna’s excitement when a new bookstore opens called The Antiuarian Book Center Daphna calls the bookstore ABC This bookstore is not like anything Daphna has ever experienced ABC only specializes in books about magic Also what is up with the owner Mr Rash? He is one odd bird After only spending a short time with Mr Rash Daphna’s father comes home acting really weird Come join the adventure with Daphna For only being thirteen I thought Daphna was very smart both book and street She is a very cute and sweet girl I was surprised at how uickly this book read Who knew that going to a bookstore could be so dangerous I started it in the morning and by the afternoon I had finished reading it The Book of Nonsense is a fun uick young adult read that teens will enjoy The Book of Nonsense is book one Seeing as to how book one was good I am sure the next book will be just as good I downloaded this book about 4 years ago on my Nook I would've bought the next book but surprise surprise alas the next book is not available on Nook Or Kindle So I set aside the book as well as my curiosity when lo and behold 4 years later I suddenly decide to read it again And I'm stuck in the same dilemma So suffice it to say I shall still wait for the book to appear on Nook Or maybe I'll get it by some other means idk But I still rate this book 5 Star Hailed as the “Da Vinci Code” for young adults David Michael Slater brings us into the realm of the Sacred Book series with the first book in the series The Book of Nonsense Read my review here Bobbi's Book Nook my uncle wrote it and it's great The Book Of NonsenseHmmm at times this was an interesting even exciting book At other times it was just plain boring read it and make up your mind kind of choppy writing story did not flow well