Horfðu á mig

Horfðu á mig☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Horfðu á mig By Yrsa Sigurðardóttir ✓ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Um jovem adulto com síndroma de Down foi condenado por ter ateado fogo às instalações do lar de cuidados continuados em ue vivia provocando um incêndio ue causou cinco mortos Porém um dos ocupan Um jovem adulto com síndroma de Down foi condenado por ter ateado fogo às instalações do lar de cuidados continuados em ue vivia provocando um incêndio ue causou cinco mortos Porém um dos ocupantes Horfðu á PDF or da ala psiuiátrica de segurança em ue agora se encontra vai contratar Thóra para provar ue Jakob está inocenteMas se não foi Jakob o autor do crime uem será E de ue forma é ue o múltiplo homicídio estará ligado à morte de uma jovem mulher por atropelamento e fuga. Against the backdrop of Iceland's fiscal crisis this multi faceted novel provided a literate and very suspenseful read A fire in a home that sheltered those unable to look after themselves an autistic boy a paralyzed girl another girl with locked in syndrome and a young man with limited intelligence kills all including the night watchman and the young man charged But did he do it?Asked to re open the case Thora sets out to uncover evidence that this young man of sub mental abilities did not have the planning skills necessary to commit this crime Love the character of Thora she has a blended family and a dogged sense of right and wrong There are multiple threads in this story and for uite some time I was not sure where they fit including a haunted house and young child There are constant revelations to keep the plot moving very interesting characters and eventually all comes together in a very believable and well plotted wayA very good thriller this writer just gets better and better Love that her stories are so structurally tight nothing is left hanging One of the best Nordic stories I have read latelyARC from NetGalley A special thank you to St Martin's Press Minotaur Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s latest complex crime thriller Thora Gudmundsdottir #5 Series reminding you of the classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with this multi layered dark spine chilling psycho Nordic noir Set in Iceland a fire an arson eighteen months earlier A young man Jakob with Down's Syndrome had been convicted of burning down a residential assisted living facility and killing five people A fellow inmate of the Secure Psychiatric Unit SPU at Sogan has reuested Thor’s assistance and says Jakob is his friend He is twenty years old and may spend the rest of his life here Karlsoon says Jakob did not do it and wants Thora to prove it Until 1992 prisoners with mental health problems had either been placed in institutions aboard or simply kept among the general population at at Litla Hraun prison Neither option was ideal The first option the language barrier untold hardships and the distance from their family and friends The latter The prison was not an adeuate healthcare facility Thora did not know how well the prisoners considered to be of sound mind would interact with those suffering from mental illness and she could not imagine how the harsh conditions of prison life could possibly be conducive to the treatment of the criminally insane All seven places at Sogna were always occupiedThe guy hiring her is no run of the mill inmate due to lack of evidence in several cases he received suspended sentence of six years for false imprisonment Twelve years later he sexually assaulted a teen and this time there was no neighbor who intervened However when reading through the records the police had received an anonymous tip telling them exactly where to find certain things He was found guilty but declared no criminally liable due to insanity This meant he was acuitted of criminal charged and sentenced to the SPU until the court proposed he was no longer a threat He now has been here eight years and says he has inherited money from his mother And he says “A child who’s had their fingers burned might still want to play with tire “ now wonder what he means by this we soon find out The mystery heats up as one case turns into several involving arson murder rape and financial corruption Thora continues to receive texts from an unidentified sender who seems to be feeding her enigmatic clues A mysterious set of numbers and letters appears in a text as well as on a frosted window and in the drawings of an autistic boy Then there is a haunted house and a ghost And how is the multiple murder connected to the death of a young woman killed in what was supposed to be a hit and run?Wow Thora is really thrown into a complex cases and in addition dealing with the disabled family of those with disabilities as well as the world of rehabilitation she is dealing with criminals she has to uestion There are numerous pieces to this mysterious puzzle and Thora is tenacious in getting to the core to connect all the dots At the same time she relates to Iceland's recent financial and economical issues and other items of reference to provide vivid descriptions and settings of the area Many secondary characters with twists and turns for a complex multi layered engrossing suspense and the cases all come together for an explosive ending Well written and intense with extensive research into mental illness emotional and social issues with a nice balance of Thora’s work and personal life My first book by this author and look forward to reading Judith D Collins Must Read Books The spookiest of the Sigurdardottir books that I have read so far this is a crime story full of twists and corruption; as well as some genuinely chilling moments Reading this makes me all the convinced that I will need all of my courage to read Sigurdarddottir's actual horror novel I See You This also serves as an interesting look into how Icelandic society views disabilities I realise that it is a work of fiction; but I very much doubt that the majority of the attidudes displayed here would be able to be included in a novel from a British or American author at least not a novel with a modern contemporary setting Sigurdardottir is probably my favourite Scandi Crime writers and this novel has done nothing to knock her off top spot The crime novels of Yrsa Sigurdardottir get better with each outing and this one is destined to be a Nordic Noir classic It begins with a hit and run and then an even horrendous crime is committed a deliberate fire at a residential home which results in the deaths of 5 people 4 of them disabledThe lawyer Thora Gudmundsdottir becomes involved in a bid to free a young man with Downs Syndrome who was found guilty of setting the blaze The latter followed a highly suspect investigation by the authorities and the subseuent trial which was almost a foregone conclusionHow Thora is led to begin her investigation is a story in itself and sheds light on several darker aspects of criminality in societyAs she unravels the labyrinth of lies surrounding the deadly fire Thora also comes to realise the dreadful plight of many disabled people in her community Meanwhile there is trauma related to the fatal fireThora with occasional help from husband Matthew immerses herself in painstaking interviews and an in depth reading of crime and court reports Other events unfold sometimes with the unwitting aid of interested parties almost all of whom have reasons to be ashamed of their actions immediately following the hit and run and the residential home blaze Eventually through a series of dramatic twists and turns the investigation draws the 2 crimes together and both cases are solved Though whether justice is done is a matter for the reader to decideIf you're a fan of any kind of crime genre this book should at the top of your 2013 list of must reads This is my first book by this author but definitely won't be my last In fact I already have another one to read I can easily see why Yrsa Sigudardottir is known as the ueen Of Icelandic Fiction but I'd say she's accurately the ueen Of ScandiNoir I will write a roper review shortly but be assured I'm definitely a convert to this highly talented author As for guessing whodunit? No chance She's way too smart for me An utter triumph of a crime novel with a small touch of the supernatural Spooky This was a pretty good book Lots of little details went into this book and you feel like you are really there If that makes any sense Thora is an attorney in Iceland who has been hired by a heinous pedophile named Josteinn Karlsson to prove that a young man with Down Syndrome named Jakob who has been convicted of starting a fire that killed five residents of a care facility and a security guard is actually innocent Thora is very puzzled by this Her services cost a lot of money and she can't understand why Josteinn wants to clear Jakob's name Josteinn says that he came into a huge inheritance from his mother and that he has personal motives for hiring herThora investigates the dead residents and talks to their surviving family members in order to gather as much information as possible She ends up finding out a lot that has been withheld from the police and discovers a number of family secrets There is an autistic boy who was killed in the fire who had a previous interest in starting fires himself This is something that his family has not revealed One of the dead residents a comatose woman was found to be pregnant upon autopsy and the father has not been identified Thora along with her husband Martin who is currently out of work because of the economic downturn In Iceland during the time this novel takes place in 2010 do most of the investigative work themselves The police are not in the picture because Jakob has already been found guilty in a court of law It is Thora's hope that the case can be reopened and retried this time with the real culprit punishedThe book takes place during a very short period of time mostly in January 2010 but there is some backstory in the prologue about some creepy events that take place in a house It is believed that a spirit haunts the house and an exorcism is performedOther characters are introduced throughout the novel There is Ari who is the conservator for Josteinn's estate and who also perhaps coincidentally was Jakob's inept lawyer There is a disc jockey named Margeir who is getting and frightened as he gets weirder and weirder calls on his radio talk show that allude to something in his past Additionally Thorla finds out that there is someone who used to live in the care home but was transferred out before the fire She has 'locked in syndrome' a rare condition where she can't move any part of her body except her eyes Does she know something about the fire and who is responsible?The book is very well written and I love the characterizations Philip Roughton did a wonderful job with the translation as everything flows very smoothly and reads like it was written in English to begin with I plan on looking up the author's other books as this one is so good Excellent allegory for how elites manipulate the institutions they're embedded in for personal gain 'Someone To Watch Over Me' could just as well be a sardonic cynical reference to the people's democracy of Iceland that utterly failed to 'watch over' its citizens This is s story of deep disillusionment with democracy's promises of prosperity social justice and euality Essentially an indictment of democracy and in particular its invisible machinery the deep bureaucracy which by its sheer density is able to manipulate justice and remain anonymous Government bureaucracy in the United States has often been called the 'Fourth Branch of Government' due to its competence of interpreting how laws are implemented once they have been legislated Arguably bureaucracies have power than actual legislating bodies Opportunities for collusion and corruption are immense Anonymity and immunity are also likely Sigurdadottir weaves a masterful suspenseful thriller that keeps the reader guessing at all turns Despite having some issues with the fact that the plot could have been concluded in about five minutes since the character who hired Thóra to investigate the fire already have all the information including who the perpetrator is I really enjoyed this bookIt set up very intriguingly and I had moments where I couldn't put the book downBut I do have some problems though they only bug me when I activly think about them Like why did Josteinn contact Margeir? It makes no sense at all I don't know maybe the author had another plan with him and just forgot the edit some things out or there was supposed to be a follow up about it in another bookAnd it was unfortunately blurbed by someone who has never read a horror story in her life considering she labeled this horror crime Like there are two mentions of a ghost in the beginning and at the end It was one of the reasons I decided to read this because it sounded interesting But it's a just a crime story with a slight supernatural twist that's easily ignored if that's not your thing It's so vague that someone calling this horror is laughableBut like I said it was very well put together and I really liked it Have you ever read a book and wished the author would get to the point? Well that's how I felt reading this book It was not the author's best work Too many characters too much unnecessary exposition and far too many scenes with ancillary characters adding nothing to the storyA young boy with Down Syndrome is jailed for burning down his assisted living facility Did he do it? That alone would have been fascinating but the author instead focuses on every other thing her relationship with her boyfriend her lazy Secretary her aged parents moving in with her the Icelandic recession the family members of the deceased patrons of the assisted living facility the staff of the facility and the police investigating the crime Jeez I'm tired just typing that and it was even tiring reading itWhile I'm a fan of Yrsa Sigurdardottir and dream of visiting Iceland some day this book was a chore to get through Despite being seuestered for the past eight weeks due to the VIRUS even reading this story was no escape as any great book should be As a writer myself of four novels the worst sin we can committ is to tell a story no one cares to finish SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME is that book The only clever writing in this book is its title