Hardpressed➳ Hardpressed Read ➻ Author Meredith Wild – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk PREPARING EDITION FOR MERGE 1 REVERTING AGAINST THE RULES CHANGES ON EDITION 2 MERGING THIS EDITION WHICH WAS CREATED AFTER THE PREVIOUS EDITION HAD THE ISBN TITLE LANGUAGE AND ALL OTHER DATA REMOVED3 PREPARING EDITION FOR MERGE REVERTING AGAINST THE RULES CHANGES ON EDITION MERGING THIS EDITION WHICH WAS CREATED AFTER THE PREVIOUS EDITION HAD THE ISBN TITLE LANGUAGE AND ALL OTHER DATA REMOVED MERGE INTO ACTUAL EDITION Removed isbn to enable reverting on vandalized edition. ★★★★ ½ Hardpressed book 2 of 5Books in Hacker series should be read in orderBook 1 HardwiredBook 2 HardpressedBook 3 HardlineBook 4 Hard LimitBook 5 Hard Love I read the Hacker series book 1 5 while sick I wish I had time to write reviewsHarvard graduate Erica Hathaway’s whirlwind romance with former hacker and billionaire technology investor Blake Landon continuesThis series is a gem Just what the doctor ordered 6 star shelfHero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 3 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 5 starsPlot rating 4 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating NAOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes I feel it necessary to start this one just as I began the review of Hardwired WARNINGIf you are not a fan of some of the recent series with these kinds of characters this may not be the book for you I honestly don't understand why people who do not like these types of stories continue to read every new series that comes out and then gives it bad ratings and talks a lot of crap about it when obviously it's not your thing I say that because I am sure that this will happen with this book as well Also if you're one of those people who believe that there is only room for one dominant billionaire man on the planet then you won't want to read this book either You'll spend the entire time comparing Blake to your precious Christian Gideon or Jesse Now on to the show The best way to describe Hardpressed is to say that it had everything that I hate and love about these types of stories but just like Hardwired I LOVED it I really enjoy the banter between Blake Erica in these books I also enjoyed the sexual growth and progression that was in this one That one scene involving a spanking was tectonic plates shifting kind of orgasmic inducing I'm also happy that while we are left with some uestions to ponder and having to patiently or not so patiently await the next book we got a great deal of answers in this book It ran the gambit in emotion inducing from wanting to cry to wanting to scream and all kinds of gush worthy awe and holy hotness in between So yeah once again I cannot wait for the next book Blake Erica Do you feel me? It's me baby It'll always be me You're going to be the death of me I swear it I kissed him deeply Finish me Don't make me beg I breathed into his mouth What I feelfor you Erica With everything else that's going on sometimes it's just too intense I feel like I'm going to rip us both apart I wanted tonight to be different I really did He closed his eyes for a moment You deserve to be worshiped Loved What if I just want to toss you on the bed and fuck you senseless? Vanilla Missionary Hard Mine You're mine Just like this Your body your heart Every part of you Loving me wasn't enough You've made me desperate I can't even think about it God help me I'll keep trying until I break you down Say it Baby please Say it he whispered kissing me sweetlyI love you I haven't been this angry about a seuel since Damaged 2 WTF happened to my smart independent techie genius Erica? In the last book she was fierce and focused someone I could admire I rooted for her as she bravely started her own company went toe to toe with her control freak boyfriend and overcame a stunningly shitty introduction to the world of sex In this book she was replaced by some TSTL damsel in distress She waffled she cried she ran and hid from everyone who might have helped her get out of her situation But did she hide from the bad guys? No Did she outwit them with some clever scheme? No Did she enlist the aid of law enforcement private security or her billionaire badass boyfriend with his bevy of blackmail material? Fuck no that would apparently make her intelligentdependent This woman has a Harvard education FFS and yet she thinks going off to meet with the Bad Guy and his evil henchman at an abandoned gravel pit with no backup no surveillance and no one who knows where she's going is the best way to solve her problems? After the guy has repeatedly hit her threatened her life and made her an accessory after the fact? What did she major in at Harvard helplessness ? It's not like I go looking for role models in romance nor do I expect authors to stray far from stereotypes That's ok that's not why I read these books But after all the promise of Hardwired after I had gotten so emotionally invested in Erica and Blake I am just so grrrrr 45 Super Fast Pace StarsHardpressed is book two of the Hacker series You must read them in orderWow is all I can say Hardpressed is a super fast pace no non sense read You will be gripping the pages wondering what happens next There are so many twist and turns It will leave you dizzy and beginning for I’m starting to really love this seriesHardpressed starts off where Hardwired left off Blake and Erica are still working on their relationship Blake is still the bossy and controlling dominate I wouldn’t have him in any other way Erica is still super focused on her career Both are super in love with each other still SWOON You’re bossy todayIt’s not a mood baby It’s who I am You’d do well to remember that Blake is an investor in Erica’s company He’s a silent investor and Erica works hard to keep the business and personal relationship separate Erica hires people in her company as it expands So we see new players and there’s even a glimpse of a slight love triangle with co worker James gaspI really like Blake and Erica because the relationship feels like its multilayered and there is so much to them Blake continues to push Erica in the bedroom oh my and it adds some mild and sexy fun kink to the story He starts to tie Erica up but he is very cautious because of Erica’s past He doesn’t want to do anything to drastic where he scares her away I like that Erica is open to Blake because she loves him so much Blake had been a mystery to me in so many ways but the I uncovered about him the I fell hopelessly in love with the man Erica is putting effort in the relationship but she wouldn’t be like the Heroine we know if she wasn’t and yes still flighty She cares for Blake and would do anything for him Even if that means she has to keep him at a distance Of course this makes Blake even super controlling and domineering And of course it makes me love him Erica’s company is being targeted and we are left trying to figure out who it is and why I love that We also have to deal with Erica’s dad and his stepson What are Daniel’s intentions and will Mark be a problem?I can’t stress how much I love the tone and pace of Hardpressed It’s very fast and there’s a lot of action There was never a dull moment The book shifts a lot and it will leave your head spinning but in a very good way We’d passed the point of being the best we could be on our own What we were together had become so much powerful a force that took my breath away and made everything secondaryMine You’re mine Just like this Your body your heart Every part of you An Arc was provided REVIEW | Paperback release May 12 um wow ok this turned a gigantic leap down lane wtf i was not expecting that This kind of situation really put’s a hopeless cloud over everything I mean Erica has been on my good side since the start her character isn’t the unrealistic perfectly behaved girlfriend that usually relieves me but I loved how realistic her emotions were More importantly she is truly independent in an honest wayI just wanted to jump in an save her somehow but I couldn’t even fathom an escape from her situationWhen the drama hit and we unravel the big holy shit fuck my heart dropped and I was just so confusedI can’t really express much without spoilers but wow the first book really stuck with me so I was excited for this one Erica and blake togetherjust sexuality rolls off their scenes in waves I was happy that wasn't lost but this book was an insanely different direction than I would’ve ever thought it takingThere’s the huge slap in the face early mid climax then all of these other little plot builds popping up all over the place that are fraying your nerves and have you biting your nails I LOVED ITI’m still mulling over the end it was understandable in a waybut also likeoh ok? Are you sure? Anywaystried not to spoil so apologize for that mass of angsty confusion After reading 50 Shades and Bared to You I started searching for a bookseries similar I was on the hunt one day on my GoodReads account and happen to have came across the Hacker Series I was instantly hooked after the first few chapters I loved that there was dimension to the characters and that Erica wasn't your typical submissive She had her own rules and wouldn't stray from speaking her mind She did her best to remain independent while starting up her own business even tho Blake Landon was a millionaire and would give her whatever her heart desiredWith that being said There was NOT a lack of sexual escapades the sex scenes were graphic but not over done Still found myself blushing but not embarrassedThis was a great read The book read well and did not seem to be drug outMove over Christian and Gideon there's a new MAN Well that's like itD I hate to admit that my first meeting with the Hacker series was not extremely fortunate because I thought something was definitely missing but after reading the second book I've decided to continue giving the series a try because after the events from this one it began to grow on me So  the title Hardpressed describes the book precisely being a very good combination of drama treason love and some other hard things I loved the way the plot progressed and even if there were some soup opera ish scenes it was better than the first book Erica and Blake are a couple now but they are constantly trying to find a balance being extremely different Ericaindependent and Blakecontrol freak With this uniue trademarks their relationship is intense and confusing because one moment they are happy and the next they are screaming at each other Now that Erica managed to get the funding necessary for her business Clozpin everything seems back on track but ghosts from the past will enter her life and threaten everything she loves It will be up to her to take a decision and try to protect her loved ones even making sacrifices on the way It sound like a soap opera right? It had it moments but they were OK Erica is still not my favorite because she tends to over analyze so many things making them complicated and turning everything into a drama There will be a part in this book were she will have to take an unwanted decision but from my POV it was not necessary She is used of handling things alone and tends to leave Blake aside but she has to learn to trust him and decide things as a couple She says she is not used to be told around but she has that tendency of keeping certain things for her and I didn't like it especially having Blake by her side who will do anything to protect and keep her out of harm's way Her trust issues are her worst flow and will determine a lot of drama in this bookBlake is still the central piece of the book even if the plot might annoy you sometimes you will love him no matter what Even with his dominant tendencies and control issues he is still breathtaking and a total alfa male I really liked him and consider him a very powerful character that definitely stands out VS other heroes from books of this genre He is straightforward than Erica even if he has a past of his own I could read him better and understand his motives better than Erica's Don't get me wrong Blake has his fare share of complexity but he is lovable that the heroine because he has something else feels completely different As a reader I could totally see the different between the first book and this one It was mature even if Erica has a lot of growing up to do but our couple is stronger and even if the road so far has been hard they love each other do death You are really impacted by their feelings and connection and I believe it is one of the most important aspects from this book to take with you in the next chapter They will fight  a lot argue yell but also be there for each other and consolidate their relationship I really think you will like this one and be eager to start book 34 starsFor reviews please check HardpressedauthorMeredith Wild|7190965 The Hacker series is my new favorite series I read both books and both were amazing I am one of the many that read 50 Shades and The Crossfire series Neither compare to Hardwired or Hardpressed I love that Meredith added all kinds of elements to her books there was of course the smut but there was also suspense and moments where I felt like I was in the book I felt the emotion her characters felt There were moments in Hardpressed I was thinking What in the world is Erica thinking?? Hardpressed was so suspensful I was on the edge of my seat throughout a lot of the book but I LOVED itI loved that the story flowed so well I think this is why I loved these books even than 50 shades and the Crossfire series Which is key to any great story I have nothing but great things to say about these two booksThank you Meredith for an amazing story I cannot emphasize how much I love this series Blake has to be my favorite book boyfriend I love how much he loves her and how he is always there when she needs him I was very shocked and the turn this book took but very happy that it was not predictable I can't wait for the next one I have not enjoyed a book this much in a long time Hardpressed is phenomenal This book gave me server whiplash I was certain that I had a particular event figured out The author didn't have me fooled I've read enough erotica that gives me a sense of how things were gonna play out Oh how wrong I was The cause of the event hit me like a slap in the face Then little did I know only a page or two later the whiplash was back Holy cow did that just happen? My heart was torn out the blackmail is their any way out? Any hope? I won't ruin it for you You'll have to read for yourself The sex the dominance the emotions are so intense I like having the feeling that I'm not reading a book It's better then watching a movie It's real So very human I must say that I'm disappointed that it's Erica that Blake is spanking and not me Totally infatuated with this authors writing skills I can't wait til books of hers are released It would be a pleasure to read about a female character named Melissa Hint hint ;

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