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Father of Lies➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Father of Lies By Brian Evenson ➤ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Evenson's scary fictional treatment of church hypocrisy has the feeling of a reasoned attack on blind religious obedience— Publishers Weekly Provost Eldon Fochs may be a sexual criminal His therapis Evenson's scary fictional treatment of church hypocrisy has the feeling of a reasoned attack on blind religious obedience— Publishers Weekly Provost Eldon Fochs may be a sexual criminal His therapist isn't sure and his church is determined to protect its reputation Father of Lies is Brian Evenson's fable of power paranoia and the dangers of blind obedience and a terrifying vision of how far institutions will go to protect themselves against the innocents who may be their victims. What a creepy disturbing and nasty little book Honestly though I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way; in fact it could very well be a complimentI've never been one to rate a book negatively based on the unpalatability of its content if I were I wouldn't have read a book like this in the first place but I definitely need some time to mull this one over before I rate and review fullyAt the off though I will say this This book is dark compelling and excellently written It's also one of the most harrowing things I've ever read in my life I feel like I need to take a shower after finishing this Whether that's a good thing or not is likely up to the reader's discretion I discovered Brian Evenson earlier this year and he has become one of my new favorites He is a writer that hooks into my consciousness so thoroughly and so well that I find myself recommending his books to strange people in my dreams Father of Lies is an unrelenting horror story about a depraved man and the institution that protects him It's hard not to speed read Evensen It draws you in sticking you with this mass that crushes all joy But yet something is found from reading truth in horror even if the subject matter is incredibly difficult and raw This book is not for the faint at heart I picked it up because it mentioned the hypocrisy of religion and the issues of mental health However I din't anticipate the pedophilia not a pleasant subject Unfortunately as a mandated reporter this is something I've had to deal with in real life The story is too real I liked how Evenson presented it from different perspectives the therapist the client and the different personalities that tortured himWell worth the read Really dark which is a given considering the subject matter but whereas some might disguise such brutality with flowery pose there is none of that here What you get is an unreliable narrator who with some weird other self performs these sexual and violent acts and an institution which instigates ire through their complicity in the cover up only enabled by the way their system functions It's sinister and it's closeness to the real world only makes it so This story made me so unbelievably uncomfortable But I may think that was the pointLike all of Evanson's work it's minimal horrific and damned well written Father of Lies opens with a letter from a psychoanalyst Dr Feshtig to the Director of the Zion Foundation Institute of Psychoanalysis Ballard Kennedy Feshtig works for this Foundation and is a part of its religion but he argues for client patient confidentiality and reminds the Director that he was promised his work would operate independently of the sponsoring religion He refuses to share the reuested information about his patient and calls into uestion the fact that the Director is asking for it at the reuest of an apostolic elder We learn that Feshtig's patient is a church leader Provost Eldon Fochs Fochs comes to Feshtig for analysis at the behest of his wife who is disturbed by his increasingly violent dreams At first pass Feshtig attributes the disturbing dreams to Fochs' ambivalence toward his recent appointment as church leader and a general low self worth since childhood After Fochs stops attending his appointments Feshtig begins to believe that Fochs' recountings of dream events may not have been dreams at all And that Fochs had been deceptive and even manipulative during the sessions Fochs dreams of pederasty He dreams of violently raping boys under his leadership and of killing a young girl and violating her body A Bloody Headed Man appears to him and is at times a part of him The Bloody Headed Man tells him that nothing he does is wrong because he and therefore all his actions are sanctioned by GodWhen the mother of two boys come forward with charges against Fochs the elders use the circular logic that Fochs is a church elder therefore inspired by God and so can't have committed the atrocities of which they've accused him When the mothers don't back down they are brought before a panel for excommunication and the ultimate vote is left to Fochs himself This book is a disturbing and well thought out psychological horror It's all the frightening because of the well written glimpses into the insulated and isolated atmosphere of this religious sect This novel is dark It is disturbing It is uncomfortable And all of it is completely necessaryThough written nearly two decades ago it still speaks truthfully and unreservedly about religion about cult like followings about perversions of the mind It is difficult to read in many passages but truly sheds light on using religion and blind faith as excuses to harm others in this case through pedophilic sexual assault murder and incest and as excuses to trust and protect the unworthy against your better judgmentEvenson does not hold back Though less graphic than it probably could have been there is enough here to make your skin crawl—and it should This is the point of the novel There are so few books that take place within the Mormon Church that that alone almost makes FATHER OF LIES a must read despite some stumblesIt's a compulsively readable thriller but I thought Evenson lost the thread a bit as writers usually do in the final third of the book He could have gone deeper into the psychology of the character or raised the stakes but he ended up searching for an ending And of course he found oneThis is the first book of Evenson's I've read it's his first novel and I'm interested in reading Cold as ice sharp as a knife It seems an easy read but there are many sub levels to discover each one very uncomfortable and disuieting A free ride into the mind of a psychopatic who can easily take advantage from the blindness of society Another great book from Brian Everson one of the best and personal writers around

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