Gifted❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Gifted ❤ Author H.S. Stone – In a kingdom where the Gifteds are captured and thrown into fights to the death Voima is fortunate that she is just a Regular However her brother Vendd isn’t so lucky Since his Power started manifes In a kingdom where the Gifteds are captured and thrown into fights to the death Voima is fortunate that she is just a Regular However her brother Vendd isn’t so lucky Since his Power started manifesting itself the siblings have lived a life on the run barely escaping the king’s soldiersJust as Voima and Vendd have settled into a new home a fleeing Gifted enters their lives begging for help but bringing soldiers after him Despite the siblings’ efforts the soldiers discover Vendd’s Power Now Voima an outmatched Regular girl must find a way to defeat the kingdom’s most dangerous Gifteds in order to save her brother from certain death. I was given a free electronic copy of this book by the author in accordance with the terms of For Love of a Book's Advance Reader Opportunity ProgramI'm slightly torn on how I feel about this book hence the very middle of the road rating I liked the premise I liked the main characters and I liked the powers on display I don't take back the fact that I recommended it to a couple of people as I was reading But at the same time there were problems that did knock it down from top ratings uite hardI'll deal with those first to get them over with The big thing was that the majority of the cast were extremely thin on motivation meaning that a lot of major plot points just seemed to happen for no reason The antagonists in particular suffered extremely badly from this a category in which I also include Retir or Party TraitorBasically I spent the whole book asking why the Evil King was rounding up and killing Gifteds The whole book I just couldn't get my head around it or why he seemed to have so much support There was some suggestion that he was using his power on the whole kingdom but why? And how? And how were some people apparently immune to it? Voima I get and if she was the only one then it could have been foreshadowing of her power but there was also Abime and the other Regulars on the farm not to mention the fact that Gifted people don't seem to hate other Gifteds so what? It may seem a minor nitpick but it made no sense It also meant that I couldn't get a handle on him as a character why did he let Voima live? Why didn't he round up the people on the farm when he knew they'd been sheltering Gifteds and therefore he could reasonably have had them executed as traitors? Why did he decide to finish off all the captured Gifteds with a grand Hunger Games? Why didn't he arrest Voima given that she was the only person who ever resisted his power and therefore it was a fair guess that she was Gifted and that her power would have enabled her to lie to him about being Gifted and she'd tried to assassinate him twice? Why? Why? Why?It's actually a real testament to the rest of the book that that didn't completely ruin it now that I think about itAlso yeah I'm not being entirely fair by invoking Hunger Games I'll freely admit that when I saw this book was about a girl trying to save her beloved sibling from being sentenced to a duel to the death by an evil government this had Hunger Games written all over it But I like Hunger Games and I was interested in the additional layer of the fantasy setting and the powers so I went for it It was actually not Hunger Games at all which was greatI'll talk about Voima and Venedd in a moment but first I just want to finish off the antagonists Pahia was pretty straightforward she was just a petty minded sadist I didn't have too many uestions about her The person I do have uestions about is RetirWhy did Retir betray the farm the second time? Was he lying about turning them in under compulsion the first time? Was he lying that the king just let him go? By the way if true that was out of character to the extent that Abime looked insane for not suspecting something was up but I don't know if it was true or not because I don't understand the reasoning behind the king's actions Anyway why did Retir make a big speech about how they should do something to save the Gifteds who had been sentenced to death? Why did he go back when again assuming the king makes any sense at all he was signing his own death warrant? Why did Retir do any of the things he did? Why was none of this addressed in the book?Honestly I think this book could have done with being a few chapters longer There was a lot that could have been really cool with time and development and the ending was very rushed More time might also have got rid of the massive uestion mark of how the king's power in terms of superpower and political power actually worked; as it is he dies and the entire country just shrugs declares he was evil and good riddance and decides to have a republic And I'm like really? How convenientConvenience was something of a watchword honestly and that was frustrating on a deep level The majority of the actions of the secondary characters don't make any sense in world but they make sense with what's needed to drive the story The king needed to let Voima go Abime needed to take her in They needed to keep trusting Retir He needed to betray them And so on It was frustrating because it lent the very strong feeling that this was a world of chess pieces not charactersAnd yet I'm serious that still didn't make me dislike the book I was frustrated but not angryThe people I did like were Voima and Venedd our main characters I liked the fact that they were both pretty smart that they were able to do what needed to be done to protect one another and survive no matter how much it might hurt them I really enjoyed their loyalty to one anotherI didn't like the fact that it seemed like every man in the kingdom wanted to get his hands on Voima the unnecessary and pointless romance subplot between her and Retir the fact that she only came up with the idea of killing the king through an unexplained dream or how Venedd was only really affected by killing Hammer Fist for one scene but those are ultimately fairly minor Except that first one I feel like there were plenty of scenes where inn patrons tried to grope her that could have been excised and the king's attitude to her was both creepy and incomprehensibleI did actually like the fact that it turned out Voima had misjudged Retir and she ended the book single; that was genuinely refreshing and actually bumped the book up in my estimation In many ways I think these two actually saved the bookBut oh one thing I didn't appreciate New Powers As The Plot Demands I don't like that trope and its inclusion here was probably the only thing that really annoyed meI have no problem with Voima being Gifted That's fine If this had been about her brother being found out and her using her own power to survive and save him while having to keep undercover alone that would have been fine My objection is to the fact that the book was premised on her not having a power and having to go up against these impossible odds and then just when things look hopeless she develops a power that's exactly what she needs and powerful than anyone else's How Bloody ConvenientThis is something else that actually some time and development could have saved especially after she first resists the king's power and everyone's asking how she did it even I was thinking I bet she's Gifted after all but nobody in book seemed to even wonder about that even though especially after Retir returns with his story of being uestioned under mind control someone would could resist that mind control would be really useful I could have forgiven it if it weren't for the fact that in the climax she's just suddenly Gifted and crazy powerful and somehow knows how to use itSo that's it really I loved the protagonists the premise and the general plot were very good but the whole thing could really have done with a bit length and development especially for the personalities and motivations of the secondary characters A pretty solid middle of the road 3 stars I received a free copy from the author in exchange for a fair and unbiased review What a pleasant surprise Not sure what I was expecting when I went to read this one but I was not disappointed If you enjoyed the book Graceling you will love this one Our main character is Voima Her and her twin brother Vendd have been on the run almost their entire life Vendd is what one calls gifted The gifted are people who possess powers or superhuman abilities Ex heal uickly turn metal into gold super strength and etc The king and his sister who are also gifted capture the gifted and make them fight in a dual until only one is left alive I really like Voima Her unconditional love and willingness to protect her brother at all costs made her a very likeable character Vendd also showed these same feelings toward his sister and he was a sweet loving character Later in the book we meet Retir who I can't speak about much because well spoilers I wanted so badly to like Retir and I did a little in the beginning but he turns out to be a very unlikeable character We also meet Sobel and Abime along with their friends I LOVED Sobel and Abime from the very start They were adorable especially together I enjoy their uick and witty banter and their love for each other was very enduring Overall Gifted was a very entertaining read The plot kept at a good speed and I never felt rushed or bored If you are thinking of giving this book a go don't wait another minute What a thoroughly enjoyable read Set in a land where people fall into two categories Regulars and Gifteds the Gifteds find themselves at the mercy of their twisted King Although a Gifted himself King Yolus has decreed that all Gifteds are to be imprisoned and forced to fight to the death in gladiator like combat Caught in this web are a brother and sister twins one of whom is Gifted and one of whom is not Despite all their efforts to hide they find themselves embroiled in events pitting them against the evil King and his eually depraved sister Pahia to try and save the kingdom and with it the Gifteds While the basic events may have been told in stories before and the mutant powers displayed by the various Gifteds seemed familiar I found their combination here and the author's narrative to be engrossing The entire story was well planned the action points distributed with just the right cadence and the ending satisfying I would highly recommend this to young adult readers as well as any who enjoy a good fantasy tale featuring underdog heroes Originally posted on my blog H S Stone contacted me to see if I was interested in reading his book I read the premise and thought “this is fantasy mixed with some Roman culture with the whole fights to the death thing that very much reminded me of gladiators and so I accepted to review the book And I have to thank Stone for letting me read it because I had a blast It was a fun fast paced read and I really enjoyed itSo Gifted follows Voima and Vendd two siblings that are trying to not get caught by the King soldiers because Vendd is a gifted You see society is divided between Regulars common people and Gifteds ones with several powers like super strength or the ability to heal and things like that But the problem is that Gifteds are persecuted by the King and his sister who ironically are also Gifteds If you are caught then you are imprisoned and forced to fight in a duel with another Gifted until one dies So when Vendd is discovered and locked up Voima his sister is only concerned about freeing himOne of the things I enjoyed most about Gifted was the characters Voima and Vendd and also other Gifteds that helped Voima out I could relate to them since page one even though I’ve never had to hide to be safe and I also despised both King Yolus and Princess Pahia with all my heart because how can you exterminate your own kind? And made a show out of it? And also some of the powers the Gifteds had were super cool and I very much wanted to have all of them They could be really handy especially Vendd’s he can heal himself The other aspect I was very grateful for was the writing style It was very gripping Since page one I was intrigued and I wanted to know And despise being written in 3rd person which is uite rare lately with all the books written in 1st person I didn’t mind it one bit I was okay with it because it was well done It is also a very short read and therefore uite fast paced Things are always happening and there is not a boring moment and what’s it is a standalone so we get a conclusion which is always awesomeBut there is one inconvenience due to the shortness of the story the world building isn’t huge However I wasn’t bothered by this in any way because what we need to know to get through the story is in it I just wished it had been a little longer so we could have learnt about the powers and about these two villains because despite the fact that there is some explanation as to why they are killing those with powers I wanted a bit background to themSome things were slightly predictable or rather I predicted them but again I didn’t care because I was enjoying myself and I wanted to read how Stone would make those things I predicted happen you know? With barely 260 pages H S Stone tells us a very nice fast paced and action packed fantasy story in which the reader can not only relate to the characters but also feel involved into the narrative As previously mentioned I wouldn’t have minded a bit background but overall I’m pretty satisfied with what I read and I would definitely recommend this especially for those who are trying to get into fantasy or want to because it is very easy to follow not confusing at all and short “Summoning strength from the edges of her mind she built a layer of safety that grew in size enclosing all of them”This book held you on the edge of your seat It was very descriptive and had a set of characters that you grow to love In this world there are two types of people Gifted and Regulars Gifted are just that gifted with special abilities and powers that normal people don't have However being gifted is a curse than a blessing Their king hates Gifteds and captures them Once captured their fates are sealed They fight to death in an arena with other Gifteds The king has also poisoned the minds of other citizens and no one will be able to help them This is why Gifteds try to hide their power Vendd was doing exactly that He is a gifted with the power to heal His sister Voima is all he has since their parents are dead They were gifted as well Vendd must hide but one fateful day when a group of soldiers who were trying to capture another gifted accidentally discovers him He is taken away and sentenced to the fate of all gifted caught; a fight to the death His sister however refuses to let her last remaining family go She attempts to plead with the king but to no avail They had a very strange encounter and Voima discovers that he also has a power the power of manipulation She unfortunately succumbed to it but she got the chance to stay and the palace and visit her brother which she took She goes to meet up with her brother but also makes a new friend Retir the gifted who the soldiers were trying to capture Warning from this point there will be spoilersview spoilerVendd ends up winning the battle but feels incredibly guilty Nobody was expecting this of course so Voima did not know if she was allowed to stay During the fight Voima realized that the only way to save her brother is to kill the king however when she tries she is met with banishment and failure She ends up telling her story to a couple who turn out to be rebels and gifted's in disguise They help Voima to break Vendd and Retir out of imprisonment They are met with challenges as the king does not give up so easily and sends an obstacle after obstacle Across this journey Voima learns that she isn't normal and that she's actually powerful than she knows hide spoiler I was given a copy of this book for review by the author This in no way influenced my reviewrating 4 starsThe Gifted are being hunted but soldiers loyal to the King and made to duel to the death in the Arena Voima and Vendd and twin siblings Voima a Regular and Vendd a Gifted When Vendd gets caught Voima will do anything to save her brotherThe Gifted was a good uick ish read The beginning stumbled a bit I had a hard time getting into the story but then things smoothed out and I had trouble putting it down I enjoyed some parts and other parts I felt could have been cut Don't we all feel that way about books at one time or another? The world building was lacking but there was enough to go not to feel lost The characters were flawed and not just goodevil view spoilerExcept for the King and Princess we never do get an answer for their motive hide spoiler This is by far on of the best books I have ever read It is packed with action and adventure and really makes you feel like you are actually in the world with them I loved it I received a copy of this book for an honest reviewVendd and Voima are fraternal twins living in Soltusland where to be Gifted earns you a death sentence fighting in the arena The King and Princess another brothersister team who stole the throne from the previous rulers are powerfully Gifted themselves and they use these powers to force the other Gifteds to fight to the death Vendd who is Gifted has been on the run with with Regular sister Voima since their Gifted parents died in the arena After Vendd is captured by the King's soldiers Voima meets up with a group of underground Gifted to fight back against the KingFirst what I enjoyed This was an intriguing story and I liked the fact that the main characters were a brothersister duo and that the sister was the main character She has to make some tough decisions as well as face hardship with courage in order to bring the fight to the King There is plenty of action and some great fighting seuences I particularly enjoyed the description and creativityvariety of the different Gifted characters I also found this book to be polished and highly edited which as a reader of much indie fiction I very much appreciatedCAUTION SPOILERS AHEADHowever there were a few things that interrupted my enjoyment of the story There were a few plot points that just didn't ring true In Voima's first encounter with the king she attempts to stab him with a knife He and the Princess foil her attempts with their powers but then they just let her go Apparently they didn't see her as a threat but I still think that a foiled assassination attempt would be met by a swift execution Then Voima returns to the town and at the first tavern she comes to she gets drunk and confesses this to a strange group of people who all turn out to be Gifted hiding in plain sight That seemed a little careless and than a little convenient to the plot There were a few instances along the way where I just didn't buy where the plot was going but I still kept readingI did enjoy the ending Spoilers continue I suspected that Voima was about to develop powers at any moment and when she did so they felt natural and creative I liked what the author did with her character Her power to protect her and her brother was consistent with what the character strove to do throughout the book and was not your run of the mill Gift that you might see in other storiesAll in all I found this book to be a pleasant read I received a free copy of this book for an honest reviewThis book was an easy read It started off kind of slow but was interesting right from the start I chose to begin reviewing books since I have come across numerous books that have been labeled Christian and were clearly not This book with its powers clearly is not a Christian book but is not a book that Christians necessarily need to be wary of This is a very clean book which is what most parents look for when reviewing a book for one of their childrenTwin 16 year olds Vendd and Voima are basically running for their lives They are in a world where people with Powers is something to hide Vendd has a power that they must hide for fear he will be captured by the king and killed in a Gifteds Duel One day Vendd is captured after inadvertently showing his power Voima thinks of everything possible to save her brother and in the end realizes that she too is Gifted She has the power of protection which protects her and her brother from the king killing them Many Gifteds die throughout the book but the twins survive along with friends they meet along their journeyThere is a powerful life story of betrayal portrayed throughout the book that you would never expect Overall I would recommend this book to other parents Please use discretion when allowing younger children to read this as there is death and destruction as well as science fiction Please note that I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest reviewGifted is the story of twins Voima and Vendd They have lived in fear for years hiding out and concealing Vendd’s special abilities They live in a kingdom that is ruled by a horrible king that captures and imprisons people that are gifted One fateful day Vendd is captured and taken to the king’s palace where he will be kept in order to participate in the Gifted Duels These duels are fights to the death between gifted individuals in which only one comes out alive Voima has to decide what it is that she needs to do in order to rescue her twinI really enjoyed this book overall It sucked me in right from the beginning and had me wanting I really enjoyed the characters and felt that I could really relate to Voima and Vendd I loved that they were so devoted to each other and looked out for one another I appreciate that the gifts that the gifted characters had ranged and you didn’t just see your usual cliché powers The book was very fast paced and enjoyableIf there was one downside to this book is that it left me with a lot of uestions I liked the ending but I felt that there were a lot of things that I still wanted to know or that should have been expanded on Overall this is a really great read that keeps you on the edge of your seat