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Greater Gains Definitions❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Greater Gains Definitions Author K.M. Peyton – In this seuel to Small Gains the love hate relationship between Clara Garland and Nat Grover continues Clara has been left a widow pregnant with another man's child and it seems as if things could not In this seuel to Small Gains the love hate relationship between Clara Garland and Nat Grover continues Clara has been left a widow pregnant with another man's child and it seems as if things could not get worse But soon her pretty and reckless youngest sister Ellen Greater Gains PDF/EPUB ² is harshly sentenced to deportation to the newly discovered land of Australia alongside many other convicts And back in Norfolk Clara becomes the victim of blackmail that puts her in the clutches of the wicked Nat Grover in ways than oneWill her pure love for Prosper Mayes ever survive Spanning from the gritty county of Norfolk to the wilds of Australia in the early nineteenth century the Garlands face huge obstacles in their struggle to survive as a family Yet they remain as inimitable and courageous as ever. I was uite disappointed with this one I did enjoy it but it seemed rushed and badly plotted ending on a strange note with lots of things left hanging So unsatisfying As with the first book in the series it was not at all cliched or predictable which is always refreshing but many things about it irritated me deeply1 Ellen was awful Didn’t like having so much of the book focused on an unpleasant character who just kept making terrible life decisions one after the other I couldn’t bring myself to care what happened to her I felt like if the author wanted to focus on her story she could have given her of a character arc instead of making her relentlessly Bad to the Bone2 SPOILERS The lovehate relationship between Nat and Clara was so intense and passionate and I had such high hopes for it but everything fizzled right at the crucial point The story stopped abruptly at their wedding then jumped to YEARS later where we’re told oh bad luck their marriage is unhappy and unsuccessful But why?? There was such potential there They clearly found each other super attractive and Clara kept suggesting in this book and in the last one that without the evil influence of his father Nat could become a different person It was hinted that there were hidden depths to his character kindness and gentleness under layers of cultivated cold indifference because of his father’s bullying and abuse I was so looking forward to hearing about their marriage how they got along together whether he truly loved her or if not WHY on earth he married her? He was willing to throw away a lot to do so which to ME suggests his feelings must have been deeper than just physical attraction I was hoping for redemption and blossoming love between them – him learning how to be a kind landlord and a kind person their farm becoming a happier place etc But instead Poncy Perfect Prosper galloped up on his white mare and it was all sighing and swooning and My One True Love – pah I was not on board with that AT all Didn’t like him and didn’t feel their romance 3 Why did Clara assume Nat joining the Navy meant she was free to be with Prosper? He wasn’t DEAD He hadn’t divorced her or given her permission to take on a live in lover and I can’t imagine anyone in the village or their families tolerating that either no matter how permissive and accepting they are The whole ending just made no sense I feel like there is definitely a third book waiting to happen in which we will find out what ends up happening with Nat Clara’s marriage Propser their kids Ellen the Harridan Phillip Charlotte so many others in this book who did not get any closure to their tale It was written uite recently – 2005 in fact I don’t know why that surprised me so much I suppose because the Flambards series was written back in the 60s 70s I guess K M Peyton has had a long and prolific writing career What a good book I could not stop reading it wanting to know what would happen to the charactersWhat a time to live in with women totally subjected to the menI like the way the characters evolve and how events turned out impredictable I loved the characters with their determination and failures their silly mistakes and confusionIn this book Ellen Garland the young sister ends up being deported to Australia after a silly prank turns really bad She accidentally kills the cruel Ebenezer Grover Clara who has sacrificed herself to save her brother Jack from being caught from his running away after he set fire to the Gover's barns sacrifices herself once by marrying Nat Grover's son so that Jack can come back homeClara's feelings for Nat are mixed and confusing her a mixture of attraction and hate Nat himself is a confusing mixed bag some decency mixed with pride and vain attitude but mostly he has not found himself being crushed by his overpowering father Then there is Proper the son of a richer farmer who Clara is in love withI want to read books by Peyton One of my favourite books I didn't want it to end Whilst I enjoyed this seuel to Small Gains and read it no time at all I'm not entirely happy with the way the story turned out I so wanted Clara and Nat to work out for him to become a nicer person after his awful father's death and for her to gradually begin to love him but no she doesn't put in the effort and he tries to dominate and rule her and sadly his cruel streak doesn't disappear I suppose this is realistic and it's unusual to read a young adult book where the female character has an unsatisfying marriage so that's nice that it's original but it doesn't stop me from feeling a wee bit disappointed I never felt anything for her 'true love' Prosper Mayes either I was too busy rooting for Nat It also seemed strange how callous Clara could be about her relations she often says she has 'no maternal instincts' and doesn't have much to do with her children she claimed to never have loved her sister Margaret and admits to herself that life without her younger sister Ellen is nicer And she's uite cruel to Ellen when she returns home but Ellen was so infuriating I didn't mind so much It does seem that Margaret and Ellen are rather hard done by by the author though with hardly a redeeming feature and they get their just deserts death by consumption deportation to Australia whilst favoured Clara rolls on getting luckier in all that she wants Just a bit of favouritism eh Ms Peyton? The ending all came about rather uickly too and I don't see how Nat leaving for the navy made Clara and Prosper's situation any better she was still married But all in all a cracking read I would say the story was very different than what I thought it would be the whole time reading I was expecting something else and the plot turned somewhere else the story was simple and a bit honest in a way I did read it fast enough to find out what happened next so I would say I enjoyed it

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