A Warrior's Knowledge

A Warrior's Knowledge[Read] ➲ A Warrior's Knowledge ➺ Davis Ashura – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 099112765X ISBN 13 9780991127658 The redemption of the fallen man is neither easy nor uick It is fraught with hardship and loss and those who seek to aid someone tr Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN X ISBN The redemption of the fallen man is neither easy nor uick It is fraught with hardship and loss and those A Warrior's eBook ´ who seek to aid someone traveling this twisted path might do best to journey ahead and light the way The Word and the DeedRukh Shektan has lost everything his home his standing and his future He must journey with Jessira to reach her mountain home the OutCaste city of Stronghold before winter's icy snow and winds bar all passages Their travels test Rukh's will and hope as Chimeras hound their footsteps but the most difficult challenge proves to be Stronghold itself The city is not as Jessira describedRector Bryce and Mira Terrell form a reluctant alliance A secret from his family's past threatens Rector forcing him to do the bidding of Dar'El Shektan the ruling 'El whom Rector had betrayed Rector and Mira seek the means to bring down House Shektan's most bitter rival Hal'El Wrestiva the man responsible for Rukh's banishment Meanwhile Bree and Jaresh continue their search for the Sil Lor Kum Their hunt brings them closer to the truth Danger lurks and the Withering Knife murders continue And unbeknownst to them Hal'El Wrestiva the SuDin of the Sil Lor Kum furthers his own intentionsAbove the clouds watching the world is Suwraith Her clouded mind is clear for the first time in millennia and She makes Her own plans The Sorrow Bringer has learned of Stronghold's existence. 3⭐️ An Adventurous High Fantasy ReadI really enjoyed the seuel of this series but the plot seemed to spin around in the same circle as the first book and became heavily romance based for a large chunk of the middle I still really enjoyed the characters and thought the world building was strong I would have liked to see development of the story itself as I got kind of bored reading certain repetitive scenes The ending however was too uick and just seemed to fall off like the end of an tv episode verse a book As I still enjoy this wild world and care for its future as the Sorrow Bringer nears I’ll have to be back for book three Rating 45 stars Not as good as the first book but still very good and the ending had me riveted This story starts right where the last one left off Rukh has been banished from his home He and Jessira are now headed to her home One thing I loved is that the first few pages gave a synopsis of the first book I didn't need it because I had just read the first book but sometimes there are monthsyears between 1 book and the next I wish other authors would do that especially with epic fantasy with complex plots Rukh and Jessira have a hard path to travel to Stronghold Once there Rukh has to go through what Jessira did when she was in Ashoka view spoiler In reality it is much worse for Rukh then it ever was for Jessira I like that Rukh ended up getting to Stronghold hurt If he was able to show what he could do right away I think there would be fear than awe from the outcasts I know that people do tend to ignore their own ignorancehypocrisy but it was a little over the top in Stronghold I liked that Jessira and Rukh got together in the end I was afraid that Rukhs family would arrive 1 day before the wedding or something like that to draw out this story plot even longer hide spoiler This book is something else So glad I found it thanks rfantasy Usually with so many POV's I tend to skim over some of them but each POV here was engaging I could feel some of Rukhs emotions jump out of the page specially during the tournament1010 Can't wait for the next book Wonderful story even richer that the last one I am loving how much the author has invested in creating this whole culture but seriously I could have done with less drama I mean I am a grown man I shouldn't be crying by the corner with such a powerful scene like view spoilerStronghold demise Jessira family death hide spoiler A Warrior's Path was good A Warrior's Knowledge was great Even in the slow parts the way Ashura wrote his characters and world had me interested I feel a connection with them especially Rukh and Jessira I also enjoy the way Ashura examines themes of prejudice in these novels With prejudice it's very easy to show one group being completely right and the other completely wrong In this series it's much nuanced showing that there is good and bad on both sidesAnd then there was the last ten percent of the book It had me frantically flipping through electronic pages It's always a good sign when a book does that for meI can't wait to see where this is goingRating 910 The growth of each individual character as well as peoples as a whole Absolutely phenomenal If I could I would give this entire series 1000×1000 stars Very well done with this amazing debut seriesAll I have to say about this series so far is all my God My only problem with the series is that I now have to wait for the third book to come out Absolutely amazingrealism the racism the ignorance the prejudice the knowledge the compassion the overcoming of diverse city Absolutely amazing just amazing that's all I have to say is just Find this and many other reviews at GeekritiueThe second novel in Davis Ashura's fantasy epic trilogy The Castes and the Outcastes continues to fill gaps within the world he's created Although it's a slower start than the first novel the wait pays off uite handsomely All this said it's a novel that's nearly as aggravating as it is goodAny second novel in a trilogy takes a dip in storytelling prowess attempting to reel in the events of the first book while saving the series true revelations for the next book A Warrior's Knowledge appears to have taken that very dip That's not to say the story doesn't move It does If the first novel took the tale from points A to B and then again to C than this novel simply took it from C to DAll the characters from our heroes to those most vile have a believable character arc Everyone grows in some small way and most times it's a big way But this book doesn't balance its large cast like the first had No I'd say the characters back in Ashoka get far too little to say this time around Which is a shame While Rukh and Jessira go from one crazy adventure to the next having a grounded mystery type tale like the one unfolding in Ashoka keeps the story feeling relevant and connected to the greater world But this one seemed to relegate it's secondary plots as well just that The only way this balance would have worked in the book's favor was if these sub characters in Ashoka closed out the novel with a dramatic cliffhanger but sadly the cliffhanger we're left with on their end arrives far too earlyThe series being the eastern epic it is it works on several levels but I think most poignant is the notion that there need not be a Caste system in place for the world to live on happily The OutCastes get along just fine Well Maybe not But much of the novel is spent overthrowing ideologies and beliefs that hinder the characters from accepting the changing worldMuch happens in this novel that hasn't seen a resolution yet or will have greater conseuence as the story unfolds As this is a trilogy these things I cannot judge for better or worse until I see the final outcome in book 3 which happily arrives sometime in April Just know that this is not a series you want to missGrab this inPaperback | Kindle | Audible Oh manthis book pulled me in and I drank deep from the well not wanting to stop Then the last sentence saidThe End I was saddened It was an extremely good book Better than the first of the series and I really really liked the first I am so glad that the first book was introduced to me on bookbub Thanks Mr Ashura for giving me the opportunity to read this one uicker than I anticipatedI love how the story has an eastern flair to it Completely different from a lot of fantasy novels out there today The characters seem so real to you as you read The author has a way to make you feel the emotions they are going through I can't wait to read the final book Anxiously waiting for it to appearwanting to know what is going to happen Will they all pull together look past their predjudices and work together to overcome all the tragedy and devestation that is occuring So if you haven't read it yet Do This is another page turner by an author I'll be following in the future The snapshots we get into the minds of the various characters on both sides of the story elicit compassion even for some of the antagonists This is a fun read just like Ashura's first book and like that one I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy 45Taking place directly after the first book this book continues the adventures of Rukh Shektan and his family to survive Suwraith the Sorrow Bringer If in the book 1 we get to see the culture and daily lives of Purebloods in Ashoka this book shows us the stark and pragmatic culture of OutCastes in Stronghold As per first book Ashura excellently explores the xenophobic hypocrisy and prejudice when it comes to the 'other' It turns out that for all the diversity and inclusiveness that Stronghold seems to promote and take pride of they exactly mirror the Pureblood counterparts in Ashoka It's uite rewarding when all of these frictions culminate in mid book climaxOn the flipside it doesn't sit well with me that in the end of the day Purebloods are depicted as seemingly superior people with will and open mind to changeAshura matures his prose crafting even further in this book Oddly while reduced the repetitive 'broke x's reverie' he replaced it with 'mentally x ed' And like Wheel of Time and Stormlight Archive this uirk can get annoying sometimesThe pacing in this book can be weird The first half is a total slow burner which I didn't really mind The last third or last uarter of the book is a non stop rush of events However unlike Brandon Sanderson's Avalanche or Sanderstorm as referred by some people where events fall into place neatly based on logical build up and rigid plotting Ashura's turn of events often feels too convenient to my taste We're often told why these events happen and how yet there is not enough build up and foreshadowing shown This actually reminds me to early Brandon Sanderson with his debut book ElantrisAshura also tends to show the POV of villains in depth While this is good in fleshing out their motivation and thoughts the early reveal of their plan to the readers dampens the effect severely This book also features a number of secret societies While I find the idea of these societies interesting they don't contribute much to the plot in reality As a result I found the final confrontations and climaxes to be lukewarmConclusion A Warrior's Knowledge is a solid but flawed continuation of A Warrior's Path Weird pacing and contrived conveniences dampen what originally is an engaging tale about hypocrisy and prejudice of societies