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Lord of Scoundrels➞ [Epub] ❥ Lord of Scoundrels By Loretta Chase ➨ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk O romance conta a história de Jessica uma solteirona ue pelo fato de ter criado vários meninos sabe lidar com homens; afinal são todos um beberrões não E apesar de seu irmão não ser nenhuma cri O romance conta a história de Jessica uma solteirona ue pelo fato de ter criado vários meninos sabe lidar com homens; afinal são todos um beberrões não E apesar de seu irmão não ser nenhuma criança ela deve meter se em problemas uando o cabeça de vento deixa se levar por Lorde Dain ou Belzebu para os íntimos; um canalha convicto ue adora levar Lord of MOBI :¿ as mulheres à perdição e evita todo e ualuer tipo de sentimento desde ue sua mãe traiu seu pai e fugiu com o amante E então Dain conhece Jess e fogos explodem. romances that make me laugh swoon are top tier especially with a truly domineering heroine emotionally damaged hero chef's kiss This is my favorite book of all time well tied with Jane Eyre Great hero heroine story humor romance angst Perfect except I didn't want it to end I fell in love with Dain from the moment of his birth He was an ugly baby loved only by his dearest mother who was taken away from him He was horribly treated by others growing up because of his half Italian heritage and his large nose and ungainly features Not knowing love he felt he was unworthy of being loved As an adult he lived a life of selfish pleasure spending his time with women who he could pay for his pleasure thinking no woman would want him voluntarily How could I not want to know and fall in love with a hero who is so tortured?Enter Jessica the best heroine ever written other than Jane Eyre She is ruthlessly intelligent and knows just how to handle Dain And she pretty much loves him the first time she sees him Although others think he is ugly he is perfect to her There's a statement made by Jessica where she thinks or says she cannot resist him and he is baffled that she would feel that way used to being considered ugly as sin I am like Jessica To me Dain is gorgeousThe chemistry between Dain and Jessica is better than any other book I've read and I've read a lot I've read books that were much sexually explicit The love scenes are not at all descriptive in this book But they are incredibly effective because of the passion between Jessica and Dain and the deep caring and love they feel for each other She knows of his flaws but cares about him anyway although she doesn't let him get away with anything She even shoots him when he compromises her in the eyes of the ton but doesn't offer marriage How cool is that? Dain cannot resist her even knowing that she is much too good for him and will change his life irrevocably The scenes between Dain and Jessica are so delicious it's like eating a banana split with a cheesecake chaser And I have read few books that could manage poignancy and humor so well There are scenes that make me cry every time I read them Yet other scenes cause the biggest smile to spread over my face One of my many favorite scenes is when Dain acknowledges his illegitimate son knowing he loves him even though he is just as ugly as Dain was as a child and is filthy and covered in vomit My heart wept and tears flowed from my eyes At the end of the day it's really hard to describe why I love this book so much But I do I have absolutely no reservations in saying this is my favorite book of all time or at least tied with Jane Eyre for favorite which is nothing to sneeze at If I ever meet Loretta Chase I will thank her from the bottom of my heart for writing this book that has so enriched my life I hated this bookI hated the heroI hated his bratI hated everybody but the heroine and her I pitied for having these other morons aroundWell Now I feel like I kicked a puppy because everybody told me to read this book and that it would be wonderfulIt was beautifully written sureAnd it had a lot of scenery change that consumed a big chunk of timewhile other HR usually happen in a matter of daysor if they do notwe just get a FIVE WEEKS LATER insert and then the story unnaturally moves onBut the characters Ugh And the plot And most of all the resolution in the endUGHJess was my favourite kind of heroine Strong older witty and beautiful I loved her to no endsSo why in Gods name did she want and eventually love a moron that liked whores and had so much self issues it was ghastly?He was not a tortured hero He was a hones to God lunatic I know all of his trust issues were 'explained ' by his mother But they were so poorly portrayed I just saw a winy grown up man that didn’t like or trust anybody and used his childhood as an excuseHe had a few bright moments when he talked nice things in Italian or when he told Jess he would kill himself if she left him But even thou that was cute again I frowned while reading I mean what a drama ueen He would kill him self without her but still he can not show her he loves her? What ever misterEventually he comes to terms with his mothers departure and his son It was all so unnatural I wanted to scream First of all the ‘his mother the hero’ was such a stretch I could hardly see one bit of logic She had a lover She left her kid End of story Don’t make it romantic by saying she knew he could have died She was not a fortune teller How was she supposed to know that she would die on that boat? But ghastly than Dain’s sudden understanding of his mothers totally unrealistic motives was the fact that even thou the whole book he goes on an on about how eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil his kid is and between you and me the kid is kind of eeeeeevil he just poof Comes to care And all that animosity turns out to be anguish over his own dejected destiny I hate hate hate when authors just wrap it all up in a nice tight little bow I could have stomached his gradual approval of the kid IF the kid became better But him the person that likes nobody just falls literally over the kid and oooooh the love is in the air? And he loves himwhy? I know people say ‘you can not help but love your own flesh and blood’ I think this is KIND OF true But not alwaysHere you have an ill mannered child that does nothing nice he is 8 not 3he could be less hostile that you did not want To add to the pile is the fact that he is a son of the woman you hate a woman that had him on purpose without your knowledge So why? Yes he is a kid And all kids are kind of nice But how can you just do this big jump start all at once even thou it changes all your former beliefs? People just do not have these kind of epiphaniesAh now the kid First of all I hate all brats in stories So the whores take precautions when having sex for money? Dude why not help her? Take your penis out It’s a stupid and partially ineffective way to stop pregnancies but why not be on the safe side?Sure people can say that I am a girl an can not understand a man's need to take full pleasure Well all of our girly lives people say how men have needs Sure women have them also Sometimes Maybe Not that men care We do not talk about what women need Well why? Why do men have to have sex all the darn time? Hormonally speaking there is nothing that can really pinpoint a man's superior need for sexual release I think this is just one of those thing that are set in stone A long time ago women were nothing then possession And even today we have a dogma that tells us males have to have sex or they die So if you are having a bath or out of time to visit your grandmother the man can have sex with other women because he has urges Yes some men are fateful But even if they were not it’s not really their fault And if they are fateful –God are you lucky Huh? I’m lucky? Well I'm giving the finger to all your 'urges'So in the Lord of Scoundrels we can not blame Lord Dein He had urges One of them was to ejaculate multiple times in to a woman from his village that he shared with a friend You just have to like him no? Well I don’t But also I don’t like his bratYes you all gasped now Here I have gone and done it I said I do not like the boyWell he was horribleSure the poor thing was unhappy and had an greedy motherBooohoWhy didn't Mr Dein who does not know how to pull his penis out before ejaculating put him in a safe little home? A school? And no I do not think he should have taken him inFirst of all he did not want him I know you should want all parts of youBut kids are ultimately just dna splatters And if you are tricked in to having a kid even thou it is not the kids fault why should you be held responsible?Back to Lord Dein’s bastard Why do authors think the only right thing is to take the kid in? WHY DO THEY ALWAYS TAKE THE KID IN TO THEIR HOMES? There are childless marriages out there between people that would want him Sure the kid is not the one whose fault this is And at that my heart aches a bit Because he was unwanted by his parents But being a father is a feeling A deed Being a parent has nothing to do with dna Nothing People just kind of skip over this all the timeAll in all this kid was 100% bratty The author tries to make a Oprah moment out of this saying that he was neither pretty by face nor by nature Well some people even children are just not lovable This kid was not lovable And he needed a good spanking If they took him in the should have semi killed him first Yes give him love After he learned his lesson And that lesson is do not be a monster He had an ugly personality and the authors nice little comment about how he will be clay in his father hands is disgustingUghUGHI'm going to hug my nicely behaved little sister and have a little brake before i finish this rew If I do not I'm just going to have a meltdown from all the frustration Next we have the kids mother and her lover The mother was given money and a chance to live again because she was just a kid herself And Jess kind of pitied herWhy? Why should anybody even for one minute like this girl? She was a moron a whore usually we have whores that did the whoring because they are hungry etc She liked whoring and she was greedy I have no nice feelings for her and a gold diggerHer loverloved her I have no idea why And I have no idea why the author made this man so stupid as to not see that this girl was a sly fox that liked only herself And money Let us not forget the money So Dein is making her lover marry her Well What ever The whole thing was so stupid I kind of just gave up Why not? Let her marry her Wooopie What a super endingThe actual ending I think is perfect btw It so goes with the rest of this infernal bookA book about a heroine who could have done so much better for herselfWe have the hero and heroine having sex The hero tells his wife he loves her All is well in a strange and sudden way like all things in this book we snap our fingers and years of emotional baggage are erased But he has to leave his wife’s bed so they can see the source of an infernal noise Oh it is the God awful bastard of his running naked around the place while trying to climb draperies he is 8Where is this child’s brain? Sure he wants attention Well get it nicely What’s next? Him burning the house down while his father the one that miraculously wants to make him very happy after hating him for 8 years smiles idly?He talks to his son man to manHear me ROOOOARFather and son are settledThe son takes a liking to the bed in which his father and lady have constant sex Why does he like it? Because it’s the same bed his father used to fuk his mother and his mother told him so The lady of the house smiles while listening to the boy’s funny little antics about his whore of a mother having sex with her husband in their bed His father tells him why yeeees in this bed I fuked your mother until you were conceived and yeeeeeeeeeeeees my wife has conceived here alsoArg arg roar I am a manly man The happy endWhat? What? This is cute? I wanted to punch the kid and get the divorce started for the heroine But I justI give up Still this book just was definitely not my cup of teaOver and out On sale To celebrate its 20th anniversary Lord of Scoundrels Kindle edition is on sale for just 199 Edited to Add Renee just pointed out that the Audible version is reduced to 299 if you own the Kindle Version Thanks ReneeEdited Again to Add If you don't already own the Kindle version you can still get this for the sale price of 695 during Audible's Big Hits sale Thanks Lady WesleyMy reviewThis is one of the best historical romances ever written Lord of Scoundrels is a story so well laid out and so beautifully told that it will forever hold a special place in my heartWhat do you get when an emotionally detached 42 year old widower marries the 17 year old daughter of a French nobleman? A poor match an unhappy relationship and a child who bears the brunt of it allLucia was truly only a spoiled young woman herself when she gave birth to a son Sebastian He wasn’t an attractive child and his proud Florentine nose which came from his mother’s side of the family was referred to as a beak by those who looked upon him His own father considered him a punishment because of Lucia’s enjoyment of “lewd unnatural conjugal acts” and after the birth of his son never again went to her bedEventually Lucia went away with another man leaving Sebastian in the care of his father She thought she was doing the right thing by leaving him behind It was left to his father to break the news gently to his son He failedview spoiler From the bookHis father called him into his study “You are to stop plaguing the servants about your mother” his father told him “You are not to speak of her again She is an evil godless creature Her name is Jezebel and ‘The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel’”Somebody was screaming very loud in Sebastian’s head So loudly that he could hardly hear his father But his father didn’t seem to hear the screaming He was looking down at the Bible “’For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honey comb and her mouth is smoother than oil’” he read “’But her end is bitter as wormwood sharp as a two edged sword Her feet go down on earth; her steps take hold on hell’” He looked up “I renounce her and rejoice in my heart that the corruption has fled the house of my fathers We will speak of it no ”I felt it important to include that snippet in this review because it speaks volumes about what Sebastian's young life was like While reading this I cried I can’t imagine how little Sebastian felt He had spent most of his short life being ignored when all children should be loved and adored and worshipped as the gift they are But Sebastian was given only the occasional attention by his mother and none by his father To hear these horrid things being said about his mother the one person in his life who showed him any affection was devastating This along with a life filled with taunting and torment created a bitter ruthless manNow let’s take a child raised in a home full of love praise and support encouraged to be all she could be You have Jessica Trent who has grown into a capable young woman who is determined to save her brother from the now grown Sebastian’s evil influence Now known as Lord Dain he held uite a bit of influence over Bertie Trent Jessica’s brother and was driving him to ruin Bertie’s determination to be just like Lord Dain was bankrupting him Spending his money on women every night drinking and gambling was what Dain enjoyedand could easily afford He seemed to take pleasure in watching those around him fail though It didn’t matter than Bertie was losing everything in his attempt to live the same self serving self indulgent lifestyle that Dain did This is where Jessica steps in and tries to save her brother and in the process finds that there is much to Lord Dain than meets the eyeThis novel takes ‘one ups manship’ to a whole new level and is so well written that nothing seemed absurd or unlikely I loved these two very well written characters who were both so strong and so set in their ways they could not no matter how hard they tried destroy each other They were perfectly matched each possessing a strength and a uality that the other did not I loved how Dain would figure things out in his mind Having been so emotionally scarred he always expected the worse from Jess Always felt that there was some underlying dark ulterior motive in the things she did But her unfailing love and perseverance finally broke down the walls he had built around his heart and in the end when it was all said and done and when it mattered the most he accepted her love and gave her his own freely hide spoiler I hardly know what to say about this one I haven't read too many historicals in the past year but boy oh boy maybe I should start This book had me totally riveted The story the witty dialogue the oh so complicated hero the take no guff heroine the whole lovehate thing between the Hh it was at times funny sad frustrating but there was never a dull moment At times I felt sooo sorry for Dain who grew up unwanted and unloved but other times I wanted to slap him upside the head and tell him to grow up already Thank God that Lady Jessica came into his life because I'm not sure there was another person in the world who could get through to him and into his heart and go toe to toe with him She was one tough smart heroine I loved her Dain had such a low opinion of himself both physically and morally women children and life in general that I didn't think he could be saved I don't think I've ever read about a messed up tortured hero But boy was he fascinating I also loved how he and Jess were so passionately attracted to each other but didn't want to be animal lust I think they called it I just loved their whole dynamic how they met how they wanted each other how they fought those sexy Italian phrases he used with Jess and how they grew to love each other Wonderful storytellingA minor uibble I got a little tired of reading about Dain's supposedly huge nose I get it his nose was big and the reference to him as Beelzebub that just sounded too ugly and in my head Dain was one giant sexy man who just desperately needed some lovin' I'm so glad that this wicked hero was able to be redeemed and I enjoyed reading about his stubborn journey towards loveIf you haven't read a historical in a while you can't go wrong with this one I urge anyone to try it This is just as good if not better than anything I've ever read by the fabulous Lisa Kleypas 5 big stars Damn the minx for tempting him kissing him and then forcing him to salvage her reputation Lord Dain can't wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place and in some amorous position And if that means marriage so be it though Sebastian is less than certain he can continue to remain aloof and steel his heart to the sensuous headstrong lady's considerable charms I really enjoyed this book Sebastian tortured shunned by his father Jessica sweet independent proud “I love these pet names she said gazing soulfully up into his eyes Nitwit Sap skull Termagant How they make my heart flutter” There is something deliciously decadent about Historical romances A look a touch they are all forbidden and dangerous “Jessica swallowed I think you had better stick to English But Italian is so moving Dain said To ho voluto dal primo che ti vedi I've wanted you from the first moment I saw you Mi tormenti ancora You've tormented me ever since” Dain Dain Dain I just wanted to take you and hug you and tell you that you were worthy of loveFirst time reading this author I think they book has been on my kindle for over 3 years Not sure why I hadn't read it prior to nowI even woke up the other night talking about the Duke or the Dook as Himself called him Himself asked me what I was talking about and I said it was the cows LOL you will have to read it to get it Just as well he gets my obsession with readingThis is probably my last read of 2014 222 books Bloody hell that's a lot of books Maybe need to ditch the reading for a while and start on the exercising a bit 45 starsNow I know why this book is considered a classic in the romance genre I was utterly charmed by the unconventional love story between Lord Dain and Jessica Trent Dain was described as somewhat less than an appealing hero physically with a countenance of a brute But boy did he won me over in the end not by changing into someone unrecognizable but just by being him and falling in love with Jessica Jessica Trent is one of the best heroines I've read of all time Seriously this girl rocks She was sassy smart and beautiful Most of all she wasn't afraid to call Dain on his bullshit And while she was a virgin she didn't act like a nitwit when it comes to getting physically intimate with her brute of a husband Their banter was hilarious It was one of the best things of this book I found myself giggling and sometimes outright laughing at their banter and their inner monologues The wit and the humor was outstandingWhile this book was far from being perfect I enjoyed it immensely Loretta Chase's skill at making an almost impossible character likable was truly remarkable By the end of the book I totally and utterly besotted with Dain and felt for him even though some of his thoughts were truly horridly misogynistic The only explanation I could find for it aside from her skillful writing was the fact that Jessica was the best and the perfect heroine for Dain Had she been paired with a far classic hero who was so handsome and dashing the outcome would have been different As it is Dain and Jessica were magnificent together I'll definitely be reading this one again on my Kindle because while I enjoyed listening to it I would much prefer imagining Jessica and Dain's voice on my own in my head Not that Kate Reading didn't do a wonderful job but I find her voice distracting sometimes especially while voicing Dain But other than that this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience 5 stars for the first half 2 for the latter Overall 35 stars It's the most unhappy people who most fear change Mignon McLaughlin And this time the grown man asked with the same despair a little boy had asked decades ago Why will You not help me? It's the kind of romance with hero like Dain someone whose pain was hurting me too I wanted to tell him that I know I understand I wanted to reach him hug him soothe him This time he felt as lost and helpless as that little boy had been trying to understand why his Heavenly Father had made him wrong inside and out and wondering what prayer must be prayed what penance must be paid to make him right It's the kind of romance with heroine like Jess someone I wanted to have as a sister because I admired her “I am not a pocket watch” she said tightly She told herself she ought not feel in the least surprised that the cocksure clod pole proposed to settle matters by making her his mistress “I am a human being and you will never own me no matter what you pay You may have destroyed my honor in the eyes of the world but you will not destroy it in fact” It's the kind of romance that held my breath and sent shivers through my body “I wanted to lick you and kiss you and touch you everywhere” He kissed her forehead“Everywhere it’s white Everywhere it’s pink Everywhere else” He trailed his tongue over one sleek eyebrow “That’s what I’m going to do now And you must lie there And take it” It's the kind of romance with some of the best scenes that still lingered in my memory long after I finished reading it She held up her fan in front of his face to display the masculine scribbling upon the sticks “Look carefully” she said “Do you see ‘Beelzebub’ written there?”“I’m not shortsighted” he said extracting the fan from her tense fingers “You needn’t hold it so close Ah yes is this the one?” He pointed to a stick “Rouvier?”“Yes” she said looking past him “Here he comes”Dain turned A Frenchman was warily approaching his countenance pale Dain fanned himselfThe man paused Smiling Dain pressed thumb and forefinger to the stick with “Rouvier” written on it It snappedRouvier went away It's the kind of romance with the best kiss that made my nerves jumped The desultory plops of rain were building to a steady patter upon the trottoir Droplets glistened on her hair and shimmered on her pink washed cheeks One drop skittered along the side of her nose and down to the corner of her mouth “Damnation” he saidAnd then he didn’t care what he crushed or broke He reached out and wrapped his monster hands about her waist and lifted her straight up until her wet sulky face was even with his ownAnd in the same heartbeat before she could scream he clamped his hard dissolute mouth over hersThe heavens opened up then loosing a torrent All in all it wasn't perfect but it hit me so hard and left me emotionally drainedIt's special Written December 13 20145 Huge Stars Hilarious chuckling fun audiobook listening Great plot amusing banters and wicked characters A by many readers highly beloved historical romance The hilarious enjoying story about Sebastian Ballister the notorious Maruess of Dain and Lady Jessica Trent Written already 1995 I've listened to the 1139 hrs audiobook narrated by Kate Reading “You'll want all your strength for the wedding night”“I cannot think why I should need strength” she said ignoring a host of spine tingling images rising in her mind's eye “All I have to do is lie there”“Naked” he said grimly“Truly?” She shot him a glance from under her lashes “Well if I must I must for you have the advantage of experience in these matters Still I do wish you'd told me sooner I should not have put the modiste to so much trouble about the negligee”“The what?” Charming from the very first chapter Don't mind the cheesy kindle or paperback cover This is not a silly sugary damsel in distress historical This 'Regency' story doesn't have the standard topic or the ordinary lovely goodlooking larger than life Lord Lord of Scoundrels by my meaning is a wonderful memorable romantic HR comedy A witty smart story in the oldish lovely so brilliant “Austen” spirit with hot bedroom steam of course Very much worth to pick up at onceAdd to that; Without the slightest remark grandly good narrated Ms Reading was perfect here Paris and later Devon 1826 Lord of Scoundrels in many ways a tender and soft kind of 'Beauty and the Beast' story Sebastian Ballister Blackthorne Maruess of Dain seen by the noble society including himself as the darksome and black eyed very ugly unattractive devil himself She the very sharp and witty Jessica Trent just wants to save her silly younger party brother from this devil and his badboy gang there in Paris The trouble is the devil in uestion is so shockingly irresistible and the person who needs the most saving is in the end herselfA storyline as done for funny giggling banters amusing talk and gossip in the fine salons in Paris and a angry snorting sniffing depraved English Devil Maruess ‘He pulled away the glove and at the first glimpse of her fragile white hand all thoughts of negotiation fled I don't see how matters could become worse he muttered I am already besotted with a needle tongued conceited provoking ape leader of a ladyHer head jerked up Besotted? You're nothing like it Vengeful is like it Spiteful” Jessica is strong uick witted and fearless Dain is angry bitter and don't like young elegant ladies of good family Nor if the women in uestion is of the unmarried a bit older variety Independent ladies that for anything in the world do not want to be married by a dominant tall dark eyed scary manThe war for love pride and the last word starts in Paris ‘Ti desideravo nelle mia braccia dal primo momento che ti vedi’‘I’ve wanted you in my arms since the moment I met you’ What was it that made it?Those sexy Italian husky whispered words and love statements? Haha No it was rather everything that made this book into something else Historical heroes and heroines with uite big faults and shortcomings yet so easy to love A lot of gossiping wacky characters hilarious remarks indescribably funny critical self analysis and a lighthearted tone of the whole An exuisite storyline with a hero with an heartbreaking poor self image and sadly ruined childhood A hero who gets and a sudden chance to affection love desire a warm bosom and something unexpected amazing A Spiritual Sweet Stunning Sexy Smart wife A triumph for this genreA future romance favorite to read or listening to again and again Perfect to pick up when I need to get a good laugh and be reminded of why I like this old style of light hearted historical romances so very much RECOMMENDEDI LIKE immeasurable much

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