MaryJane's Outpost

MaryJane's Outpost[Read] ➼ MaryJane's Outpost ➹ MaryJane Butters – Get out No matter what your age MaryJane Butters walks you to the door and OUT you go Wilderness ranger turned Idaho organic farmer MaryJane is a woman OUTSIDE the norm Drawing from her own diverse ba Get out No matter what your age MaryJane Butters walks you to the door and OUT you go Wilderness ranger turned Idaho organic farmer MaryJane is a woman OUTSIDE the norm Drawing from her own diverse background she’ll show you exactly HOW to get outdoors—and what to do once you’re thereThink and get inspired in her OUTTHINKING chapter Head to your porch yard or rooftop using the innovative and easy suggestions you’ll find in OUTBOUND Kick up a little sass with her ideas in OUTRIGGED joining the ranks of “reel” women who go tramping trailer camping or wily huntresses who take the kind of “heart shots” that knock ‘em dead and into the freezer In OUTSTEPPING learn to load a backpack with her uniue high protein meal plan that won’t break the bank or your backAnd throughout these pages you’ll encounter the inspirational stories of OUTSPOKEN women who’ve blazed the trail and beyond By the time you turn the last page you’ll be going flat OUT for all the world to see. This book is a wonderful exploration of life outdoors of women's strength found in adventure and of simple self sufficiency It's not a book about being self sufficient 247 or living off the land all the time though Instead it's a book about refueling and refreshing yourself with bits of the outside in any season It's a book about finding courage in simple acts of venturing out beyond the house It's also about finding out about the land around you what foods are hidden in plain sight and what a weekend or a week of camping can do for your soulThe book includes recipes for simple camping food advice about packing ideas for bringing children along on outdoor adventures and lots of inspiring stories of women who have gone out and made their lives richer beyond the boundaries of town and home I checked this book out of the library and then checked it out again I think I'm going to need to buy a PDF copy of the book so that I can browse it again when I feel the need for some inspiration MaryJane Butters' cheerfully feminist book MaryJane's Outpost was just the thing to read this gray May month It stoked my desire to take my two little girls camping this summer and made me realize that even in my own little city backyard we can pitch a tent and sleep outside and have our own little mini camping trip Now I just need some warm weather Love everything about this The layout and pictures in this book are very pleasing and it has a cheerful tone I liked the how to projects in this book better than the ones in her idealifebook book There is a nice how to on making an end table from willow branches that I think is lovely and certainly wish to try on my own The author jumps around a lot with different ideas but I like the overall outdoorsy spirit of this book It is nice that she includes info with pics about common wild edibles and how to prepare them I may purchase a used copy of this book down the road but for now I intend to copy a few pages with my favorite ideas on them before returning the book to the library I got this from the library and was so intrigued However I didn't finish it before I began to pile up late fees So I return it today and plan to check it out again as soon as possible OK I don't know how much later it is but I have finished this book now I love it The ideas are terrific the inspiration is abundant and the eye candy on every page is delicious This is one I must buy There is a kindred spirit of mine out there I thought when I picked this up from the library it was a home decorating book using things recycledantiueoutdoorsy from the cover It wasn't until I got home and read it that I found out it was about all things Kim lovesoutdoor activities foraging for food dandelion wine anyone? raising chickens backyard BBs with friends grass whistling animal shadows camping I want this woman's life A fun read I liked the antiue ironing boards the fantasy of sleeping outside and the survival skills section I am adding large plastic garbage bag to my Circleville Pumpkin Show backpack list I never thought of wearing a trash bag and stuffing it with leaves or grass for insulation There has been many a cold and windy show where I would have been glad to have the wind cutting power of a plastic bag over my clothes How to keep on being a country girlFun and interesting Loved this book What a fantasy getaway for a few hours to read this book on the front porch swing Okay so I am not a camping hiking kinda girl but this book is still fun to read and appreciate Who doesn't want to unleash their inner wild?

MaryJane's Outpost ePUB ¿ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • MaryJane's Outpost
  • MaryJane Butters
  • English
  • 22 March 2015
  • 9780307345806