Work❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Work Author Unloyal_Olio – Sterek Post 3A When the Sheriff lost his job in Season 2 the effects were worse than Stiles realized Determined to help his dad Stiles heads to San Francisco for a summer jobHe runs into a certain wer Sterek Post A When the Sheriff lost his job in Season the effects were worse than Stiles realized Determined to help his dad Stiles heads to San Francisco for a summer jobHe runs into a certain werewolfBasically slow build StilesDerek in the real world. Sterek does retail Seriously Derek and Stiles find themselves working at the same clothing boutiue the summer after season 3A it's like 3B never happened I thought the fic where everyone works at a tow truck company The ETA from You to Me was an odd idea but I think this one beats it I mean Derek and customer service? C'mon You can only be so pretty Really really prettyAnyway it works It's a lot of fun I loved Stiles's Aunt Gwen and his friend Harley She's almost an original character but not uite apparently she was supposed to be friends with Stiles and Scott on the show but her character got cut PAnd I really liked how Derek's character was portrayed he has a shitty past that leads him to make shitty decisions especially when it comes to relationships So even though I hate to see him make those mistakes with Stiles check the author's notes if you'd like details well it felt natural Also just a warning you will crave ice creamgelato while reading this fic so be prepared and buy some beforehand Unless you don't like ice cream or gelato In which case you'll just wonder why everyone's going on and on about it So buy something else Btw who the fuck doesn't like ice cream? That's just odd Post season 3a divergence after Derek and Cora leave Stiles gets a summer job in San Francisco where he can save money by living with his dryly comical aunt the Sheriff's sister and get a better paying job in the big city Where does he end up getting a job at the same boutiue shop that it turns out Derek works at Despite being tentative allies when Derek departs from Beacon Hills the isolating social scene of the big city plays the perfect stage for a friendship and budding romance Of course for these two the Monster of the Week has to try and crash their party but maybe it solidifies their bond even wink wink This is just a well written well paced enjoyable read You get Derek and Stiles portrayed fairly maybe a little comically at timesin character despite the San Francisco back drop and unlikely working situation You get the Monster of the week adventure the blossoming friendship evolving into a deeper relationship even emotional angst from these two's tragedy ridden pasts UST and sexy times round out all this fic has to offer A fun Sterek on the lighter side of what UnloyalOlio usually offers but with all the uality I know I know Just reading Sterek fanfic is me suspending belief but this one? Really I totally had to just believebecauseDerek picking out clothes for people in a retail establishment? UmI liked it though mostly There was some stuff that I didn't like so much but honestly that stuff was the most believable Derek would be completely self destructive He just wouldThis is promising thoughview spoiler hide spoiler 45Will have to check out fics by this author LMAO at the idea of canonDerek advising people on their outfits Nearly PMSL when that person was Lydia This was great Read Rosa's review 25 stars? Points for Aunt Gwen who should be in ALL The Things and Harley but the rest of it was a hot confusing mess Even the ice cream was weird 35 stars 35 There was something about the tone in this that really freaking worked for me I enjoyed Stiles feeling like he has to take responsibility and that working hard works for him I really liked Harley and Stiles' aunt her interactions with Stiles' dad? Brilliant her incessant dating and her fabulous attitude to sex I loved the hard work that went into Stiles and Derek getting together and one of my favourite things ever that we got to see them work at staying together Derek's growth was beautiful Loved the recurring hand gripping at Stiles' neck Really great 'real world' Sterek that works absolutely beautifully Although and maybe that's because it did feel real I really felt Stiles age and the age difference in this one Still really enjoyed it uality read Enough said