Hostage Rescue Team Box Set Vol. I (Hostage Rescue Team #1-3)

Hostage Rescue Team Box Set Vol. I (Hostage Rescue Team #1-3)[Download] ➺ Hostage Rescue Team Box Set Vol. I (Hostage Rescue Team #1-3) By Kaylea Cross – The first three books of the Hostage Rescue Team Series MarkedTargetedHunted The first Team Box PDF/EPUB ä three books of the Hostage Rescue Team Series MarkedTargetedHunted. Marked 4 StarsUnlike previous books where the action scenes literally put you in the middle of the action this book literally puts you in the middle of the romance I missed the heart stopping action but loved the intense romance Great start to a new seriesRachel Granger a hard working architect is living her dream great job her little brother Brandon nearby everything except someone to share it with Although she loves her brother she is not so fond of one of his friends Tim a Chinese national the guy creeps her out He had been invading her personal space and asking a lot of uestions about her work When thumb drives with her work on them disappear she blames Tim and her brother defends him Knowing something just isn't right she contacts Jake Evers a friend that could have been from collegeFBI Special Agent Jake Evers is part of the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team HRT He knows that he made a big mistake in letting Rachel slip away two years ago and after a harrowing time in Afghanistan he was determined to find her and reconnect Six months ago he tried to contact her but she shut him down Didn't matter when she calls and he realizes she has had contact with a known Chinese terrorist He will do whatever he needs to protect herTargeted 4 StarsAction was top notched as always for Kaylea Cross romance was hot and steamy and of the friends that catch fire variety Loved both Tuck and Celida although Celida did go a tad martyr during the hostage crisis Tuck was a wonderful hero and they truly deserve their HEA Celida and Tuck were partners for two years and grew to both like and respect each other He moved on to HRT and she went into Domestic Terrorism They kept in touch but the budding feelings from their partnership days well all relationships reuire time and effort When Celida is almost killed Tuck realizes that time is not guaranteed to anyone and decides it's time to formally declare himselfCelida's childhood was totally messed up and she has a tough time believing that anyone will stick for the long term She has thrown herself into her job and is than a little off balance after her attack PTSD and self doubt about her abilities plague her and Tuck decides he wants their relationship to move to another level It's a lot to process and now there is a very smart nutcase blowing up FBI related facilities Tuck and Celida are both right in the middle of the latest bomb threat and this time there are innocent hostagesHunted 5 StarsWow This is possibly the best Kaylea Cross book I've read Excellent plot Hot bordering on steamy romance Bite your nails suspense Be careful when you hit the last half of the book or you will be spending your night reading instead of sleeping it's that good Kaylea Cross has been teasing this pair for the first two books so this isn't an insta love situation which I really like The next couple meet in this book Matt and the mysterious B I can't waitFBI Special Agent Clay Bauer is a cynical man He has reason to be His ex wife really did a number on him and now his trust for anyone of the opposite sex is non existent Yet he finds himself inexplicably drawn to his best friend's cousin the uirky Zoe They are vastly different people but the attraction is there and Clay is determined not to act on itZoe Renard is a bestselling author of romantic horror books and pours her heart and soul into them especially the steamy sex scenes Her own life is not uite that steamy but she wants to change that with Clay Bauer When Clay is in New Orleans for a conference she pulls out all the stops to get him in her bedThe national security conference is a powerful draw for the terrorists and everyone there knows that While looking at the conference for any threat Clay and Zoe miss the real personal threat that her volunteer work has put her in Now an unstable unsub has Zoe and when he get what he wants he will have no reason to keep her alive Her only chance for survival is using her wits and praying that Clay and his team can find her in time Several major spoilers within the first five chapters Titanium series by the same author even if I would love to start this series now it has to wait until I read the Titan series first Nice StartThis was a nice start to this series I still wanted a little Some scenarios felt like we did not fully get a conclusion to some burning uestionsexample Eve from book 3 For me I wanted a little humor from some of the guysNow moving on to the next volume set hoping the stories get better and come to a well rounded completion from each story Excellent Author Discovered her through another author I read Pamela Clare Ms Clare needed the the assistance of the HRT Hostage Rescue Team in one of her books So I figured if Ms Clare thought they were good enough to insert into one of her books I should check these guys out And I am Very Glad I Did Ms Cross is an excellent writer I have almost finished this series Lucky for me Ms Cross 3 other series I can check out Thanks To Both Writers for their excellent work Hostage Rescue Team #1I love these series I like the ones on HOT not by this author but these types of books showcase our men and women at the front of domestic and foreign terrorism The last is better than the second which is better than the first 45 Great boxed set Clay's book was my favorite Great readKaylea Cross is a new author to me I enjoyed the first 3 books in HRT series I'm so excited because now I have lots of books to read and stories to discover ExcellentMARKED 4 STARS Rachel works for an architect Some of her USBs are taken and they contain building plans When she recognizes one of her brothers friends as a terrorist on the FBIs most wanted She reaches out to Jake an agent for NSA and he is than happy to help Then her brother is kidnapped and they want the building plans in exchange for her brother I'll be honest it just couldn't hold my attention for some reason You have sex terrorists and hunky military men TARGETED5 STARS Celida and Tuck were partners for two years in the FBI He went on to the HRT and now he is after her for a relationship Celida doesn't do them but she's willing to try for him There is a crazy bomber setting bombs off in the city and they are racing to find his next target Full of suspense hot sex and muscular guys¬†HUNTED5 STARS Clay has been burned by his ex wife and it has left him jaded But something about his leaders cousin makes him want to try for than a one night stand Zoe knows Clay doesn't trust his judgment about women but wants to show him not all are like his ex When Zoe is kidnapped Clay is afraid he'll never get to tell her how he feels So now it's a race to find her before it's too late Full of suspense edge of your seat action and hot muscled men Fantastic SeriesThe characters in the series are all very well developed Sometimes in a series you can run into the same old things with characters but Cross does a fantastic job of creating different uniue layered characters in each of her books The plots are original to each book as well which I thoroughly enjoyed The intimate scenes fit each of the characters perfectly and are well placed in the stories Each one brings out the heat whether it is slow and sweet or hot and heavy They are tailored so well to each story and plot that you never know what is going to happen or when Each book is set up nicely to introduce the next one I love it when we get a glimpse of what is to come from the charactersCross is a fabulous storyteller too She knows just how much detail to give you during each operation the team is tasked to keep you in the thick of the action but not so much that you get a little lost and drift away from the scene It is a great balance If you are fan of romantic suspense I very highly recommend you give this series a try You will be glad you did