The Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus➛ [KINDLE] ❅ The Blood of Olympus By Rick Riordan ➥ – L'euipaggio della Argo II la nave volante guidata dai semidei greci e romani non è ancora riuscito a sconfiggere la minaccia più temibile la divina Gea e il suo esercito di giganti Ad Atene la Festa L'euipaggio della Argo II la nave volante guidata dai semidei greci e romani non è ancora riuscito a sconfiggere la minaccia più temibile la divina Gea e il suo esercito di giganti Ad Atene la Festa della Speranza è alle porte e la perfida dea della Terra ha intenzione di celebrarla in grande stile sacrificando due semidei per tornare in vita Percy Jackson e i suoi amici devono fermarla ma hanno visioni sempre più freuenti di una cruenta battaglia che minerà la pace tra il Campo Mezzosangue e il Campo Giove Solo The Blood PDF \ se i semidei riusciranno a condurre la statua di Athena Parthenos al Campo Mezzosangue potranno evitare la guerraLe armate di Gea stanno avanzando e le forze greche e romane dovranno combattere unite o per il mondo sarà la fine. UPDATE NO 2It's outYou guys we did itWe survivedThere are no gifs to accurately portray my current level of excitement I will update y'all as soon as possible once I get my hands on this book Until then thank you for your supportFor everyone who has read this review and went through this year long emotional rollercoaster with me you guys are the best UPDATE51414 COVER REVEAL Just look at that It's beautiful Absolutely beautifulIt also reveals absolutely nothing Oh and where the hell are Percy and Annabeth? Oh my God is this some horrible feat of foreshadowing? Look what you've done Rick You've made me angstyAre You Kidding MeFinishing House of Hades and being hit with that realization that I have to wait ONE MORE YEAR for the next book IS NOT POSSIBLEMy brain at the momentDAMN THOSE WELL CRAFTED SUBTLE CLIFFHANGERS Rick Riordan you just be sitting there likeYou're pleased with this pandemonium aren't you? FREAKING 2014 EH? WELLLLLLLThe rest of us are allRick please just give me the book Please? Pretty please?LOOK AT THIS FACE HOW COULD YOU NOT RESIST THAT FACE???Fine then Be that way Oh don't mind me I'm just going to sit in a corner with a box of chocolates counting down till October of 2014 LOVED IT BUT IT NEEDED MORE PERCY JUST SAYING I feel empowered by that book ESPECIALLY the fight scenes So BA A 80% | Very Good Notes It’s about phantoms figments and vaporous things darkened by ghosts of dishonor and lit in the emotive afterglow Upon further consideration I've decided to give this book a 35 Or maybe a 4 Some of the concepts were a bit unrealistic and the scenes that I was excited about the most sort of let me downI still love the series don't get me wrong I'll update as often as possible If you guys want some good news scroll down until the end of this review GuysIt's done The series is over and I'm shaking and I want to cry out of happiness because it ended on a terrific note and sadness because my favorite series is overThis series and by series I mean the PJO series and the HOO series they were my childhood They helped me feel better when I was sad and now it's over I mean can you believe it? This insane journey we all rode together? Some readers have waited almost 10 years others have waited 5 And now it's over I don't think there are enough gifs in the world to show you guys what I'm feeling So for my review I'm going to go in the order of the people who had POVs and then the rest of the charactersJason He has developed so much in this series At the beginning of the series he's so formal and always follows the rules but in The Blood of Olympus he is so kickass not that he wasn't at the beginning of the series he loosens up and he starts to follow his heart insteadReyna I loved her POV so much; we learn tons about her and her past She is a very interesting character who I hope will find what she secretly wishes she has hint love Her relationship with Nico was a very sisterly relationship and I am so glad he has someone like herNico Boy oh boy I love this kid and I loved how he managed to overcome his fears and stand out There's a scene at the end of the book that I loved so muchview spoilerNico goes up to Percy with all his sassiness and tells Percy that he had a crush on him Annabeth smiles and they both high five while Percy is left dumbstruck I wish I could have given Nico the high five hide spoiler WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS IF YOU READ THIS AND SPOIL YOURSELF IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT NOT MINELet me start by saying I cried while writing this because this world holds a special place in my heart Ok so I have to say this straight away I'm not someone who grew up reading Percy Jackson no I'm horrified to say I watched the movie first but even though I didn't grow up with the characters and loved them and through time I fell in love with them like I ran into a brick wall HARD So hard it could make me cry in pain I read the first series in one week school week and I just couldn't stop there so I read the fist 2 books in the HoO series and painfully waited for Mark of Athena And let me say thank you Rick Riordan for creating my favourite series everI would also like to say I read BoO in 8 hours I regretted nothing the next day except for the lack of sleep I got and yes it was a school night Oh wellLet me start with saying I did not hate this book I loved it but just not as much as any of the other books When you continue reading you will see why I'm going to do a summary in every character now so get a drink and some food because this is a rally long readJasonInsert clap hereJason you little piece of sexiness where have you been this whole entire series You guys may not know but I hated Jason couldn't stand him in the first books But during House of Hades I got so much respect for him he was so supportive of Nico and I felt like he stepped up in these last two booksThe book started with his POV which you know i was fine with I didn't care When they were at that place and his mum showed up though I was sitting there going oh my Gods what is he going to do? I mean it must be hard to see his mum even if it’s not really her any child would want to be with their parent it natural But the way he was so strong that whole time was inspirational even if Piper and Annabeth were helping him through itSecond point the bromances he has are awesome The one with Nico is such a brotherly bond its like he feels like he has to protect Nico like when he says he is worried about him and wants him to be safe I mean when he could possibly be dying he is telling Piper that Nico is in tricking trouble I mean if thats not something then I don't know what is Next bromance is the best friend rivalry with Percy putting those two in a room together should end with world war three but they act like best bros When Percy tells Jason at least he didn't get knocked out and Jason tells him to piss off I'm just sitting there with the biggest grin on my face partly because i was thinking the exact same thing But I also love their little competition over who is the most powerful like the whole part where Percy was like I don't want to kill Jason and Jason was like or I could kill you So perfectThird point is his relationship with Piper The only thing that I need to say about this relationship is about how at the very end he remade Pipers memory of their first kiss At that moment I wanted to scream into a pillow By the end of this series I can proudly say Jason you have earned my respect you may not be my favourite character but you are now right up near my favourites so well done PiperIn all honesty Piper never stood out to me as a character I could love as much as I do the others now don't hate on me because remember this is MY review so its MY opinions Thank you Now I don't like reading her POV because it doesn't seem to keep my attention as much as the others but I did start them in this bookOne thing that Piper has taught me is that you can be beautiful on the outside but its the inside that counts and I know that we hear that all the time but in all honesty who actually believes that whole heartedly? Piper is just so strong minded and she doesn't care who her Godly parent is she creates her own path she doesn't let a prophecy or parent tell her what she should or shouldn't do Also how strong did her charm speak get You go girl I mean she even made Jason nearly fall unconscious when she was telling Gaia to fall asleep She single handedly made Gaia fall asleep so they could defeat herCan I just say that moment when Piper is teaching Annabeth a daughter of Wisdom someone who thinks strategically and always has a plan how to let your emotions guide you was really moving Annabeth was really struggling to let go of all her thoughts and ideas and to just focus on how she was feeling and lets be honest the moment when they touched foreheads shipping names were all over tumblrThrough this series I have had empathy for Piper because of how hard her relationship with Jason was and how she felt like she was stereotypically thought to be a princess and not like to fight because Aphrodite is her parent and the way she dealt with this was so amazing and inspirationalHazelOk im putting it out there WHERE WAS HAZEL IN THIS BOOK??Yes she was mentioned yes she had a cool fighting scene or two but where the hell was she In all honesty I felt like her and Frank were just not given as much book time as anyone else and thats just not fair because of how amazing they areSo because she was barely in the book in my eyes I'm going to talk about the thing that stood out the most for me in this bookHer Mist powers were amazing in this book if it wasn't for her where would they be right now? Dead thats where all of them would be She made Jason into an old man so they could find out so information and at the same time she made sure the Argo II wouldn't be seen You go girl Also when her Frank Leo and Percy were in that arena to fight it out to the death I fell in love with her Mist powers so much like dudes she made a moving maze with her mind How cool is that????? I feel like she has learnt so much about how to control her gem power thing and how to control the Mist She has also completely gotten over her feelings for Sammy from what I saw and is now fulling focused on how she feels about Frank and isn't confused about LeoFrank Again WHERE WAS FRANK IN THIS BOOK? And if I get comments saying he did this he did that I'm not saying he didn't do anything I just don't think he got the attention he deservedHe just became a leader of the Roman camp and we don get to see how he is handling this new found strength we don't get to see how worried he is that he might die because of that fire on a stick I mean he was told that either himself Hazel Percy or Leo were going to die so I would be freaking out like no tomorrow about making sure that flame is still burningI really love him turning into any animal because every time someone is explaining what each demigod is doing in battle they go to Frank and say something like Frank is a Gorilla hanging from something or Frank is a fish or Frank comes swooping in as an eagle Yeah because thats normalReynaReyna you are one awesome strong minded girl Im actually so happy we got her POV i wasn't sure if i would like it at first but I really did I love the sisterly bond she got with Nico in this book And whats with that whole i can give you energy thing?? Ummm awesomeI really liked the reunion between Reyna and Hylla I felt like it was a nice insight into her life and helped us find out how she became the person she is today I also really like the back story of her family and father and how she actually has broken important Roman Camp rules Even though the back story seemed forced into the book I really like it and felt it gave her personality and gave people a bigger understanding to the way she isNicoOH NICO HOW I LOVE YOULets start with his moment with his dad Hades Hades is someone who is thought to show no compassion at all he's thought to show no love or sympathy for his children so when he took his time to see Nico i was so happy and jumping with joy I mean its not everyday we see this side of the God of the Underworld But the part that i thought was the most beautiful bit in this conversation was when Hades told Nico he understood his feelings for Percy and didn't hate him or that they made him look down on Nico He told Nico children of Hades are rarely happy and he wants Nico to be that exception I mean how beautiful is that?Next is his crush on Percy which we really get to understand in this book its not as strong as I originally thought but thats ok because not everyone fall in love with everyone people get small crushes too But at some moments when he described Percy made me want to give Nico a big hug and tell him everything will be alright But i couldn't I like how though out this book we saw him also get over his crush that he has for Percy which is good because how boring would it be if all he is thinking is Percy this Percy that One of the parts in the book that brought me to tears i get emotionally attached so ill probably mention crying a lot It’s not my fault it was this partShe said we so easily as if she and Percy were interchangeable inseparableNico had once read a story from Plutoall humans had been a combination of male and female Zues split them in half man and woman Ever since humans had felt incomplete They spent their lives searching for their other halvesAnd where does that leave me? Nico wonderedIt wasn't his favourite story Im sorry but that is beautifully sad I cut some bits out but you get what I'm saying he feels like there is no one out there for him but there isimage error PRETTY DISAPPOINTED WITH HOW THIS WRAPPED Here's my full discussionbooktalk “I don’t define myself by the boys who may or may not like me”This book was so empowering The characters are strong smart diverse in so many ways and true to themselves Riordan has so much influence as an author especially on younger readers and it is amazing that he uses his voice to promote bravery kindness and friendship That alone deserves 5 out of 5 starsPlotwise he again managed a worthy and satisfactory finale to a 5 part series I have to admit that I often get tired of the way certain events happen There's an adventure there's a godmonsterenemy standing in their way there's a fight and a battle that seems impossible to get out of alive in the end they win This happens so often throughout this and every single book I've read by this author I just wish Riordan would figure out a new concept at some pointI have another confession to make I really don't like Leo I just can't connect with him and he easily annoys meIt took me years to finish this series but I'm happy I finally did it Now I can move on to The Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase I can't waitFind of my books on Instagram I really did not want to finish this book because that would mean that it's over Again It certainly did not disappoint Loved it so much Riordan created a fantastic world which I do not want to leave Ever And he also created characters I wish were my friendsI would love to get scenes between the characters without any fight and worries Just hanging out and having funNico and view spoilerWill hide spoiler Review Coming SoonI need to internalized what had happened firstUPDATE 4Its bloody October 8th and my book hasn't came in the mail yet please help me get through thisUPDATE 3I am starting the official Blood of Olympus Count down I will be expressing those days with very Interesting looking art i found from the trusty old Google UPDATE 21 More MonthI couldn't wait for summer to end because it gets me closer to Leo BoOI don't Know about you guys but the closer its gets to October 7th the harder the wait I am running out of places to type in Leo Valdez in the search barTumblrPinterestGoogleDeviantArtRandom BlogsInstagramWikiaYouTube Any suggestionsUPDATE AGAINI was sent an message telling me that The storm or firething is most likely Leo because Jason one of the big three sons hence important and because he is on the coverJason being on the cover doesn't mean he is home free it could be rick riordans tribute to his deathAlso if you look closley at the cover Jason is falling to his death or straight into that giants hand not a good scenario and by the looks of it that giant doesn't look like a vegetarianHopefully none of them die but if one of them has to welladios jason UPDATEOH wheeze MY wheeze LEOthe cover is finally revealed I don't know what to feel Angry because Leo is not on the cover or Happy because this is as close to reading the book I will ever get until OctoberI am so confused which emotion should I chooseview spoiler That rhymed hide spoiler

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