Emergence (Janus Unfolding #1)

Emergence (Janus Unfolding #1)[KINDLE] ✾ Emergence (Janus Unfolding #1) Author C.A. Knutsen – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Chanticleer Cygnus Award winner 2015“Knutsen’s book is a compelling read for those who like a dash of science fiction in their whodunits A fast paced mystery with a uniue and startling premise Thi Chanticleer Cygnus Award winner “Knutsen’s book is a compelling read for those who like a dash of science fiction in their whodunits A fast paced mystery with a uniue and startling premise This thought provoking and intriguing novel crosses genres to create a great read that takes place in the Pacific Northwest Highly Recommended” Chanticleer Book ReviewsJim Post the wealthy leader of Compass Enterprises has always been a man of mystery The remains of a body are found in the ashes of Post’s home in rural southwest Washington State Whose body is it Was it murder Jeff Pierce Jim’s closest associate aided by an Artificial Intelligence program can only disclose part of what he knows about Jim and Compass as the police try to sort out what has happened Are the motives behind this tragedy greed and power or are there secrets at Compass that could change everyone’s lives forever. Please note that I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewEntrepreneur Jim Post knows that he’s faster smarter and perceptive than most people It’s allowed him to become wealthy yet psychologically separate from others Jim’s uest to find anyone who might be like him unleashes possibilities than he could have imagined But unscrupulous people want a piece of Jim’s business enterprises and will do almost anything to get itWritten for a younger audience Emergence Janus Unfolding Series #1 has a great premise and theme Being different doesn’t mean that one has to live completely alone and that individuals no matter how far off track they’re heading can achieve great things with the right direction and supportThe book is an interesting blend of a police procedural mystery at least in the first part and speculative fiction Jim Post is an intriguing character His vocabulary is as controlled as his emotions This might make him appear almost robotic to some readers while others will view him as a human being with heightened awarenessJim’s calm thoughtful approach actually manifests its way through the entire book It’s a different approach from most action packed genre fiction but this might also be a problem Fiction is driven by tension and conflict It’s a large part of what keeps readers turning pages While there is certainly conflict in parts of this book as well as the threat of conflict there were also lost opportunities When Jim finally encounters a formidable adversary there is surprisingly little tension and suspense thus the ending lacks the suspenseful buildup that readers might expect Still Emergence is a good story with positive messages that I hope readers will appreciate This is the story of a new breed of human emerging Jim Post a young age realises he is different and soon understands there will be conseuences He must be careful He also needs to find others like him; surely he cannot be alone?An intriguing story indeed The author unfolds this tale set only slightly in our future with insight and compassion It remains humanity’s story although it delves into the realm of scifi I wished for a little direct action but cannot otherwise fault Emergence It’s written from a reporterwitness point of view rather than active participation and I suspect this tactic will have a stronger impact once the reader is immersed in the larger story there is after Emergence Definitely recommended This is a story of a young man Jim post who at an early age finds that he is different from his peers both physically and mentally and how he becomes aware of his abilities how he copesAs an adult her creates a company that facilitates the inventions of beneficial products and gives the results away to other companies He is also researching his own self and discovers that his DNA is significantly different from the norm using his company and its resources he begins a search for people who have this strange DNA I found this to be a very good read and will be getting the seuels to continue the story An amazing tale that most readers would wish to be trueThis is my first introduction to this author I can say he has made me a follower as I have ordered the next book in this series This story has good character development and the plot is close to being uite believable The author treats science with respect and his attention to detail is well done Words can't begin to describe the awesomeness of this book and this series I kept SEEING it actually happening Picturing it as a movie a television series The the action moved forward the eagerly I awaited what was coming next It's worth it for everyone to immediately grab this book and delve into an amazing story with mind bending concepts After a mysterious fire ravages the vacation home of Jim Post a secretive owner of a major investment and research corporation leaving the local police to find a body burned to the bones within the home and three unconscious assassins in the surrounding forest Jim’s longtime best friend and second in command Jeff Pierce commits to assist the police in finding who was responsible in sending the assassins However Jeff soon discovers his specially evolved friend has developed a very independent artificial intelligence entity and started a major new project seeking and enabling other DNA gifted individuals in the human population This well written novel starts out flitting between the engaging mystery investigation of the deadly fire and the intriguing history of Jim Post and the uniue talents that created his corporation The mystery winds up with a twist that will pleasantly surprise many readers although I surmised a hint to the twist ahead of time Yet the main basis of the story lies in a subtle utopian sci fi flavor in genetics For some readers the seemingly easy resolutions to some potentially dangerous conflicts may seem weak but when put within the perspective of the positive theme the story will be very acceptable to readers who look for positive messages Excellent 5 star Fictional NovelAs a former Seattle resident and a fan of crime science fiction I found this novel as intriguing Excellent use of English grammar I like that anti smoking technology wishing it was real Great read Warning spoilersWhy is it that when someone invents a superhero they have to be like a multiple superhero?Before I get into my review let me make it clear that I enjoyed reading ‘Emergence’ C Knutsen is no Orson Scott Card or Brandon Sanderson but he has an enjoyable if slightly amateurish writing style1 I enjoyed reading Emergence and I will look forward to reading the seuels I recommend that others read him I have a nephew that I would lend the book to assuming I owned itWhen Mr Knutsen sent me his email explaining how he had read one of my reviews on and wondered if I would review his book for which he sent me a free copy I can’t tell you how much it annoys me to have people write about how great a reviewer I am would I mind buying their bookiphone coveretc and reviewing it my one word answer was ‘sure’ I have made mistakes in agreeing to review something but this was not one of themThat said why do superhero writers insist on giving their heroes so much stuff? This hero has super speed when fighting super intelligence long life and an artificial intelligence sidekick Oh and no real discernible weaknessesAnd why must modern books be so politically correct? And economically ignorant? I get the ‘willful suspension of disbelief’ thing so I can ignore the nonsense about evolution and the ‘emergence’ of artificial intelligence twice But the rest of the flashes of political correctness and economic ignorance are just annoyingBut my biggest complaint about this book is that it was all dressed up and had nowhere to go The first part of the book looked like it was going to be a murder mystery with a fake body That was soooo obvious to an old reader of sci fi and superhero books I grant I was surprised at where they got the body but it just kind of fizzled outThen it seemed there would be a super villain or two who fizzled out into flower children without even much of a fightAnd so in the end the book had no real plot no real tension It was X men without the evil government organization and Magneto But fun reading for all of thatThere were some missing parts of the book that I would have liked to read1 The transition from age 4 to age 12 for Jim Post I don’t happen to believe that he just sort of slid through school till age 12 and then ended up that naïve by age 12 Jesse was better Too bad modern readers don’t happen to have heard of homeschooling That would have fit perfectly2 The first ‘other’ That was super annoying I was so looking forward to having Jim or Jeff or Milly work on and find the first ‘other’ kid And their reaction What I would have liked to be serious parts of the book ended up just little vignettes3 Milly Seriously? You just kill Milly off in a flashback?? No real tension danger etc just depression on the part of Jim?? Sigh I don’t like it that she was killed but I especially don’t like how she was killed off stageAll in all a book I would recommend but I would have liked to have had some good serious arguments with the author while the book was still in ‘notes’ form 1 Show don’t tell

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  • 290 pages
  • Emergence (Janus Unfolding #1)
  • C.A. Knutsen
  • English
  • 13 May 2014
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