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When the Crows Fly Low➹ [Reading] ➻ When the Crows Fly Low By V.J. Patterson ➮ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk When the crows fly lowrain is coming At eleven years old Will Lawson discovers that Hell isn’t just a place for demons It exists on earth in an act so evil it rips away a part of his innocent soul I When the Crows Fly Lowrain is Crows Fly PDF ´ coming At eleven years old Will Lawson discovers that Hell isn’t just a place for demons It exists on earth in an act so evil it rips away a part of his innocent soul In its place; bitterness hate and a vow for revenge Consumed by darkness Will descends into a life of reckless living; booze and women the outlet for his guilt and despair But meeting Sarah a beautiful young woman running from her own ghosts changes everything When the ePUB ô Finding his salvation in her Will wades into the unfamiliar waters of love Just when happiness is within his grasp a familiar face returns to Will’s hometown of Doyle Tennessee A wicked twist of fate forces Will to decide between the girl he loves and his need for revenge Is love enough to save Will from the darkness that endeavors to unravel his sanity In this debut romantic drama When the Crows Fly Low weaves a story full of suspense loss and love It is sure the Crows Fly Kindle Ð to stay with the reader long after the final page. Oh my gosh this book Where do I even begin? It was beautiful and touching heartbreaking and tragic and everything I absolutely need and crave in a love story When the Crows Fly Low really just snuck up on me and then blew me away completely I was not expecting to love this book as much as I did This is a beautifully written classic love story in every sense of the word yet I’ve never read a book uite like this before its plot and delivery were so uniue and this really added to my enjoyment of the novelWhen the Crows Fly Low begins in Doyle Tennessee with Sarah now happily married to Sam for many years receiving a letter from Will who has just died We uickly discover that these two once shared a brief yet passionate love affair and although Sarah had the chance to move on Will did not In his letter to Sarah he finally discloses his life story to her a story she asked for some 40 years ago that at the time he wasn’t able to give Sarah sits down to read Will’s letter and we’re instantly transported back to a simpler time where a young eleven year Will witnesses the death of his beloved father This event sets Will off on a dark life full of self hate and revenge until the day he meets Sarah Having just arrived in Doyle to be the new schoolteacher Sarah left a past behind she’s not willing to return to When she meets the local bad boy Will she can’t help but hand her heart to himThis is a beautiful story that takes you through every aspect of falling in love for the first time VJ Patterson’s writing is beautiful and the moods she sets are brilliant and haunting Told from both Will and Sarah’s point of view I felt every emotion they went through; the beauty and joy of falling in love and then all of the gut wrenching pain and sorrow when it all crashes down I would absolutely 100% recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story Reading When the Crows Fly Low was like reading The Notebook for the very first time it’s that same type of love story that burrows its way under your skin and into your heart one you won’t soon forget I know I won’tA tremendous thank you to author VJ Patterson and to CBB Book Promotions for providing me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review When The Crow Flies Low is a true love story as opposed to a romance This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as you follow the harrowing life story of Will Lawson The title is from a family omen When the Crows Fly Low rain is coming and is a pivotal saying for 11 year old WillIn 1924 Will and his friend Sam were fishing when Will realises he's late to help his father on the farm They live in Doyle Tennessee Running home he sees three low flying crows and the old saying rings through his head He arrives in the field full of guilt that his father had to mend the fences alone but finds him arguing with a neighbour about ruined watermelons Joe Cannon is drunk again and the argument turns into a fight one that Will will never forget Distraught and blaming himself for his father's death Will's childhood ends that dayWith 8 siblings Will and his family worked hard to keep the farm but it was finally lost in the 1929 crash Now a young man Will works in the local mill but is part of an illegal bootlegging gang He drinks hard and plays hard trying to drown out the dark side which rears its ugly head He avoids large social events and has lost all faith in God It takes the arrival of the new school teacher Sarah Williams to pull Will from the gloom Like a moth attracted to a light Will can't get Sarah out of his mind She brings out the good in him and he begins to thaw and open up about his dark side However all this comes crashing down when Joe Cannon is released from jailThis story is told through a letter sent to Sarah in 1982 and the details are filled by her own memories of events she never stopped loving Will although her life went on and he in turn never stopped loving her The author does a really good job of pulling the reader into the story and filling them with all the emotions of the characters a very well written read Every once in a while you read a book you just know you’re going to remember forever ‘When The Crows Fly Low’ is such a book for me I remember reading the book description a couple of weeks ago and thinking that this book really sounded like a book for me And it really was From the very first page this book grabbed me and I just didn’t want to stop reading I devoured this book from beginning to end ‘When The Crows Fly Low’ is a story about Will Lawson When Will was eleven years old he witnessed his father’s murder That day changed Will forever He blamed himself and became consumed with wanting to have revenge Will never had serious relationships woman were their but they never became than a short distraction But one day Will meets Sarah a young beautiful and passionate woman who makes him feel things he never felt before A magical and explosive relationship began But Will’s past didn’t let him forget and even though he loved Sarah than anything his anger and uest for revenge stayedWhat I loved most about this book is the way it is written The writing in this book is just so addicting and it makes you wonder how this book can be the debut of author VJ Patterson It’s just so good I loved how this story begins in the present and how it takes us back in time through a letter While reading this book I felt like I was at the front row seat of a outdoor theater watching an old love story This book was just so beautiful tragic emotional and pure The characters in this book are well developed and the author really made sure I loved both main characters They both have their flaws but that made the characters even real to me At times this book made me think of ‘The Notebook’ by Nicolas Sparks It’s definitely just as good and maybe even better I really recommend this book It’s a read you will remember forever I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or my review in any wayThis book has the makings of a classic The ending would have had me in tears if it wasn't for the fact that I was wearing mascara and about to start work in fifteen minutes when I finished the book In spite of this book only being released this year yes I'm going to bookmark it as a classicThe characters in this book are believable and realistic I think this is one of the reasons the book was so emotional for me Two people being so deeply in love and one so broken but they can never be together You can't hate them They're flawed characters but I love them for it I like that later on in the book it gives us a glimpse of when Will goes to war and how it changes him I love the character development in this part of the book The changes to him are very subtle but they're amazing He's like a new man I think it's like war changing a man he's learning forgiveness the hard way The storyline was excellent It reminds me a lot of The Notebook Dear John and even some Jane Austen novels maybe even Jane Eyre too The plot is well developed and the twists are realistic and well thought out You can feel the love that has gone into this bookI'd highly recommend this book I can see it becoming a best seller and in time a classic too I'm in love with this book If you like tragic Romeo and Juliet style romances this is the book for youFor of my reviews please visit my blog at The themes of lovehate lifedeath and goodevil run strong throughout this novel Will goes through his life by feeling almost dead inside he uses women and alcohol to dull his senses and pain His life was shattered when he witnessed his fathers murder as a young boy and ever since the only feelings he seems to have are knowing when a storm is coming But little does he know that the biggest storm he will face is about to come in the form of Sarah Doyle There is a strange magnetism between them and it isn't long before Will realizes he is in love for real this time Sarah isn't like his usual conuests they fall uick and hard But in the end one of them has to lose I love the way the story is told through flashbacks and although it is through letters from Will to Sarah many years after his death her voice and POV still come through and oh the feels This book kind of reminded me of the movie The Bridges of Madison County in a lot of ways very emotional and you see the protagonist open up and start to rebuild his life Definitely a great read with a lot of love and emotion and will also be a tearjerker for a lot of people But somehow through these kinds of books as hard as the stories may be to read you can find your own redemption and perhaps find some help with your own inner demons Because these characters are all of us each of us has something in our past we wish we regret and wish we could change and we also all deserve that one true love that will save us 5 stars I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review Please note I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewWhen the Crows Fly Low is a very well written novel that brings out the readers' emotions Both characters' point of view are told which give viewers the understanding and anticipation for what comes next This book takes you on an emotional journey full of mysteries I give it a 4 out of 5 stars What a lovely book This story is build with tiny colorful fibers that created a beautiful colorful tapestry that in the end turned out to be a bittersweet love story It's sad heartwarming and brutal everything a great book should be Ms Patterson is wonderful writer 🎁 FREE on today 1312020 🎁 Three stars A hauntingly beautiful story all about love and lossWill Lawson refuses to believe that anything good could happen to him He is consumed with darkness and unwillingly to accept that anyone could love him since the day witnessed the murder of his father when he was eleven Now as an old dying man he reaches back through time to recount to the one love of his life his heartache and his regret over a life spent loving from a far What happened to Will and Sarah? Why did Will lose the love of his life?What I LikedWhen Crows Fly Low was a different type of romance It is a beautiful story that takes you through the highs of falling in love and the pain of loss but through it all love can still shines through and it made me pause as I reflected on the beauty of the romance even though it was fraught with pain and sorrow it still withstood the test of time Yet it ends with a bright spot and I liked that This is a book for those who have endured there own loss of a great love The heart of the story centers around Will Lawson who at eleven witnessed the murder of his beloved father Since that day Will has been consumed with darkness and hatred as he feels that he should have been able to save his father thus he believes he doesn't deserve anything good in his life When Sarah enters the picture Will is immediately smitten It is a romance with instant chemistry and it is all about healing I loved watching Will and Sarah come together and I especially enjoyed Will's transformation The reader knows from the onset that the romance isn't meant to be so it was bittersweet as I was anxiously awaiting for the moment when it would break Still after it was all said and done I liked that it ended on a beautiful note Sarah was the highlight of the book She is a young girl who has gumption and determination not to mention courage She was born to wealth and privilege but never felt loved by her parents Sarah in an act of defiance she sets out on her own to teach school in a small town I loved her spirit and I especially liked the way she always saw the good in others She is kind and beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her The ending is bittersweet I won't go into detail but in the end I closed the book smile satisfied For those of you who love achingly beautiful and haunting romances this is a read for you And The Not So MuchI didn't like the way the story was presented It starts out with Sarah receiving a letter from Will after his death Sarah is supposedly reading Will's point of view of how things went down in the past but it didn't read like that since the book was told mostly in third person narrative There were instances in the book that were in first person when a character was thinking in their head but other than that it was third person narrative I think the book would have been so much better in first person Not to mention it never felt like a narrative from Will That was a big fail in my opinion The pacing was a bit slow The book spends a lot of time building the romance and then the big pivotal event happens and the pace moves into hyperdrive I didn't like that some of the exciting parts of the book were in the last couple of chapters and that they were so rapid fire I would have loved coverage with Will during the war I also didn't like that there was no discussion of what happened to Will or how he spent his life after his last meeting with Sarah I wanted so much I was also disappointed that there wasn't with Sam He is an important character in the book yet I hardly got to know him I really liked him he was truly a good guy and I wished there was regarding him especially his romance and so forthWhen The Crows Fly Low is a romance for those who like a bit of tragedy and heartache in their reads Never fear this isn't and overly sad book It is bittersweet and haunting and beautiful If you are in the mood for something a bit deeper and sad give this book a try I received a copy of this book from the tour promoter in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review PostedRainy Day Ramblings The Crows Fly Low is the first book by the author that I have read Right from the start this book intrigued me The title is so uniue and unconventional that had it not been recommended to me I would never have checked this book out I mean what can one make out of the title?But now that I have read the book and totally fallen in love with it that I know how apt the title isThe blurb again is good but still doesn't catch that essence of the story and if you don't have an idea of the story beforehand the blurb is not that appealing The cover is intriguing but still creates a picture so different than the actual story The true importance of the cover title and blurb is truly understood only after you have read the storyHaving said this I absolutely one hundred percent loved this book and think that this story is one of the best that I have read this year The plot settings execution of the idea characterization and the emotions this story managed to elicit had me feeling deeply affected and left me with a deep impression even after finishing the book I can still feel the remnants of the intense emotions I felt while I read the book even though I finished it days agoThe story takes place in a small town of Doyle and manages to move from the present to the past before the Second World War The shifts in the times is so fluid that I was easily transported to those times of army marches flying confetti and the general simple lives of the people Even though I have only had experience of that era through TV and books but still I felt as if I was there and could feel the energy in the air the fear of the losses in War the determination of people to brave all odds and amidst all this adversity bloomed a love story that shook me with its intensity and left me feeling as if I had borne all those hardshipsThe characters are so beautifully sketched that I just could not help but fall in love with them Sarah and Will had my heart in my mouth the whole time I sat at the edge of my seat praying to God that they get their happily ever after while tears ran freely down my cheeks Their story is one that I know will haunt me forever and which left me feeling gratitude for all that I have in my life The other characters are also memorable people I will always remember because of their various sacrifices and all the lessons they taught me in one storyThe settings are beautifully described Be it the town of Doyle which is so beautiful that it made me want to go there sometime The contrast in the town's settings with time are also very vividly described and I could feel the sadness of the heroine as she walks along the road to see so many old Victorian houses like hers now sitting empty and abandoned The scenarios of the war the hardships of the farmers waiting for rain and the joy of a romantic meeting at a secret location containing waterfalls and river banks had me sighing and smiling like a hopeless romantic that I amI loved the author's writing style She made me cry laugh feel happy satisfied and then forever in love in this one book A very talented author I will be checking out her other books and keeping a lookout for her future releasesAll in all When The Crows Fly Low is a must must read I don't have words to explain all that I felt while reading this book but will say this I absolutely loved this book and think this is one of the best books that I have read this year and all my life5 super shiny stars to it from me and strongly recommended to everyone Go read this beautiful romance travel to the time of the Second World War meet the peaceful scenery in the beautiful town of Doyle and follow Will and Sarah as they weave a love tale full of magic passion sacrifices and above all devotion to each other

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