The Relic of Perilous Falls

The Relic of Perilous Falls✸ The Relic of Perilous Falls Epub ✻ Author Raymond Arroyo – Fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Peter Lerangis’s Seven Wonders series will embrace this first epic adventure in a rollicking new series by a New York Times bestselling a Fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and of Perilous Epub ß the Olympians and Peter Lerangis’s Seven Wonders series will embrace this first epic adventure in a rollicking new series by a New York Times bestselling author   Will Wilder is a mischievous headstrong twelve year old with an otherworldly gift—he alone can see the nefarious creatures encroaching on Perilous Falls For nearly a century a sacred relic has protected his hometown from the raging waters surrounding it But when Will “borrows” The Relic Kindle - the relic for his own purposes he accidentally unleashes an ancient evil   As boats sink and hideous creatures crawl from the rising waters Will must set things right before it is too late With the help of his sweet if lethal Great Aunt Lucille the curator of a museum of powerful artifacts Will proves that the actions of one twelve year old boy can change the world    Praise for Will Wilder The Relic of Perilous Falls • Relic of Perilous PDF ↠ “Suspense adventure humor a compelling story and characters that fired my imagination Great fun and great frights” —Dean Koontz New York Times bestselling author • “Will Wilder is a brand new refreshing entertaining intrepid young hero who magically combines humor and genuine suspense And I love Great Aunt Lucille” —Mary Higgins Clark New York Times bestselling author and “ueen of Suspense” • “Laugh out loud humor palpitation inducing suspense and cliffhangers galore await readers young and old Who knew the battle between good and evil could be so much fun” —William Peter Blatty author of The Exorcist • “Monsters Prophecies Ancient relics This is a wildly inventive book and Will Wilder is just the kind of hero you want when the small town of Perilous Falls turns out to be the most important place in the universe” —Frank Cottrell Boyce author of Millions and Cosmic . I had really high hopes for this book primarily because I always wanted a book like thisThat being said it took forever for the action to pick up There was too much exposition and the battle scenes which are supposed to be a major part of books like these were veryshort I wish the battles were longer and dramatic Will's personality and character flaw disobedience are annoying to me If Will obeyed his parents and Aunt Lucille half of the problems would've been avoided He just refused to listen to anyone but himself and his desires Will experienced character growth but was still a littlebratty This might sound harsh sorry Raymond Arroyo but the main character shouldn't make the reader hate himher Character growth is a good literary device but readers will get turned off by the good guys being snarky and maybe so much so that they stop reading altogether I re read this book and I liked it It leaves suspense for the next novels I believe there will be 7 and the action seemed action y after a second go at it I think this book needs a second chance with some readers Other than that it was one of my dream books A kid harnesses the power of God to smack down demons I always dreamed of this happening to me Childhood This book does for Catholic traditions what Rick Riordan has done for Greek and Roman mythology with his Percy Jackson novels Although honestly I think Percy Jackson has a slight edge Will Wilder is a very enjoyable readIt is fast paced full of action suspicion danger monsters friendships rivalries and relationships My one criticism would be that the author sometimes indulges in over describing scenes which interferes with the plot but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure story with a good heart I look forward to seeing how the series will develop Another surprisingly good book for 2017 I think the best way to describe this book is like Indiana Jones Jr It was a lot of fun and the tie in of fantasy adventure and historyreligion was really interesting I think my favorite character was Simon I really like his and Andrew's friendship and they had me laughing whenever they were together I'm excited to see of Will and his and Marin's gifts Overall very good book with a fun Indiana Jones esue vibe This book was a mess Don't read this bookview spoilerI read this because I had an ARC and I wanted to take a break after reading Half Earth and I wanted to see if maybe my neices would like it I don't even know where to start with this A The writing is bizarre A lot of weird article use like Dan honey we need to talk Mayor Ava Lynch brayed from the other end of city hall's executive cooridor With every step her heels dug into the gray marble of the second floor hallway The woman with taut glistening skin and a sculpted plume of black hair advanced at amazing speed p 147 We've met this character before and she already has a name? It reads super awkward to describe her as the woman with XXX at this point and it happens allllll of the time in this book B The writing is also just not great The descriptions manage the trick of being both super detailed and really slippery at the same time; I kept having to reread things because where characters are located in relation to one another or to other objects changed from scene to scene C THE PACING IS ABYSMAL It takes 130 pages before Will Wilder is even searching for the relic I get the need for back story and scene setting but this book just dragged on There are too many scenes with adults talking about local politics in a super vague way that imparts no real information and is also super irrelevant It's setting up a plot where the local government is pitted against Will and his family remniscent of the wizarding government being against Dumbledore and Harry to be honest But it worked in Harry Potter because Harry Potter didn't introduce adults having local government suabbles in like chapter 3 After the slow beginning the action kind of picks up? Even the action scenes weren't great; the challenges that Will and his friends solve don't make a ton of sense based on the poor writing mentioned above and the fight scenes don't carry any tension And the author insists on abandoning the point of view characters who are doing real things to flip back to like Will's dad having a meeting with the mayor I get that this is a cliff hanger trick but oh my god SO BORING Even the climactic battle is cut off by a scene of a tertiary character and her brother talking about his prophetic dreams NOT THE RIGHT TIMED The characters are almost too flat to be offensive but yikes We have Tobias Shen the wise Chinese sage; Dan Wilder the buffoonish athiest; Max Meriwhether a wheelchair bound autistic child who has visions; Cami Meriwhether the girl? A random news reporter appears during the last few chapters for basically no purpose except to a wear makeup and b be an airhead who is c terrible at her job Tobias and Max in particular rubbed me the wrong way; Cami was basically absent for the entire book I assume she's the future love interest because otherwise there is literally no reason for her to be in this book The news reporter thing was obviously dumb And Dan well E I tried to come at this with an open mind I didn't know how Catholic themed it was going in or honestly I probably wouldn't have read it but at the same time I started with a blank slate I didn't expect to be weirded out by this But this book is SUPER religious The relics are like the finger of Thomas the Apostle and the Elijah's mantle and they work like magic artifacts which I don't know Janking concepts from Greek mythology for your YA fantasy series seems fine; that's taught in schools or whatever But Catholicism is an active and powerful world religion and claiming that Bible stories a really happened and that b these relics have actual power in the real world if people have FAITH in them seems dubious at best But I think that even that would have slid if it wasn't for Dan the worst character in all of fiction He's the main character's father and he's a complete strawman He was raised in this super religious family who is part of the brethren who use religious artifacts and magic to fight literal demons but he has decided that it's all nonsense so even when he sees demons he literally refuses to acknowledge them It's ridiculous He has pointed arguments with his wife about whether things you can't see can be real which in addition to dragging down the pace in the beginning of the book bring the religious aspect of this very much into the foreground You can't pretend that the Catholic themes are incidental when characters start getting into literal theological arguments about it This happens again at the end when Will overhears some cartoonesue gross old dudes on a bench knocking organized religion Just that's the whole point of their conversation It's all very religions are PERSECUTED and it's SO HARD BEING CHRISTIAN WHEN NO ONE BELIEVES YOU and I just don't care about it at all Putting literal monsters and miracles in doesn't help the case although I guess it might make this adept at getting children invested in the Bible? To me it mostly read as weird Left Behindesue Biblical literalism which just isn't cute in 2016So I don't know I don't hate religion in children's books I love Madeleine L'Engle like nothing else but the religion was secondary to the plot there and there weren't a lot of veiled threats that if you don't believe every literal word in the Catholic Bible you're calling down the actual devil on your town I guess that's what it is this book was a plot written in service to someone's religious beliefs It was preachy and I can't deal with thatF And for real where in the world is this town located? America somewhere? The South? No one seems super amazed at alligators in the river? But just why is the central location for a group of Catholic demon hunters anywhere in America IT MAKES NO SENSE hide spoiler Fun and fear combine in this a terrifically entertaining tale for teens set in Will Wilder's hometown of Perilous FallsWill is twelve He has a little brother and sister as well as a loving mom and dad He has a cadre of great friends particularly Andrew and SimonHis Aunt Lucille is delightful if a bit unusual However it is primarily the reader who is the one who gets the chance to see her in action vigorously upholding the Wilder family traditions and caring for the church and the relic which resides in it The relic is the finger of St Thomas and was brought home after World War II by Will's great grandfatherYou know you're in for something special when a YA book opens with a uote from King Lear by Shakespeare And a very apt uote at that referring to monsters from the deepYou'll seeWhen the story begins Will has caused a serious accident to his brother Wanting to fix this he and his pals break into the church to recover the relic which has specific healing powers The troubles they go through to get the relic reminded this reader a bit of the Indiana Jones movies in a very fun and hair raising way Once Will has gotten the relic he unfortunately lets it get into the wrong hands All heck breaks loose and it's not very sweet It's a smelly vat of oil foul odors and creepy vicious monsters rising from the surrounding waters of Perilous Falls The author portrays the creatures as vividly as he handles the characters we are rooting for which makes a wonderful balance and keeps the reader going right until the last pageFortunately Will's Aunt Lucille just looks like a sweet old lady When she begins to help Will along with several of her friends the fight between good and evil really gets amped up The twists and turns are a lot of fun Many will be unexpected even if you are an adultI have always loved children's books and YA books as I was an inveterate reader from an early age Will Wilder is an excellent twelve year old character; real and enthusiastic but not too sensible all the time He is loyal and staunch with a good heartYoung readers will be entranced by every page Author Raymond Arroyo definitely has the touch This gets two stars only because Arroyo has done some really great nonfiction work for adults The book itself is a mess of cartoonish characters sloppy Biblical references and appallingly ham fisted social commentary Long review coming soon Siding with Kirkus on this one This book has been compared to Percy Jackson and I can see why It's pretty fast paced has a snarky twelve year old boy for it's main character and involves religion In some ways the fact that Catholicism is treated in a similar way as ancient Greek paganism fills me with nervousness If you're writing a book pretending that the Greek gods exist then it's not hard to create all sorts of magical items and such that fit into that world I am Catholic and I understand things that this book referred to such as describing relics as 'keys to faith' but it makes me nervous that view spoilerthe relic glows bright white and is used rather like a magic talisman to drive a demon back Or things like the device introduced in the last chapter the sarcopha bus Sarcophagi were used in Egyptian burial rites by people who worshiped Ra and Horace and Isis and are not something I expected to be used for travel in a Catholic world there was also some obvious influence from floo powder from Harry Potter with all of the warnings to keep you hands tucked in because it would be a rough ride like a tornado etc hide spoiler The high altar was in ruins Elite Nazi forces—the Green Devils—had overrun the coastal town of Ortona Italy In the midst of the stench invading the basilica an American soldier crept towards the exposed gold glinting within the shattered altar Jacob Wilder knew what was inside the shining casket As he placed the precious relics in a velvet sack a cadaverous German officer stumbled towards him Instantly Jacob drew his weapon knowing what demon stood before him in the Courtyard of HellThe Relic of Perilous Falls is a grand adventure from its opening scenes Young Will Wilder is as bold as his visionary ancestor—and gifted with similar powers Black shadows creep along the periphery of Will’s vision only to vanish when he fixes his gaze on them Mysterious thuds pound away at the roof alerting him to the dangers approaching his own home Reptilian Bottom Dwellers follow the tides of the Perilous River and swarm the town When demons emerge from the river shoals few of the uarrelous residents comprehend what is erupting from the Hells Mouth Will has to act uickly as he learns what it is to be a member of the secret Brethren Will Wilder is an endearing hero Though reckless and impatient he is also uick witted and determined to find a way to fix the grave problems his impulsivity has created With him on the journey is the wise and lithe Aunt Lucille a weathered veteran in the demonic wars threatening to engulf Perilous Falls Raymond Arroyo is an author with keen insight His novel develops vital themes of spiritual awareness power and division in an engaging and accessible way Kate Calina I for whatever reason didn't care much for Percy Jackson As an adult I get why I didn't like it but I also understand why the kids are so excited about the series A lot of people have tried to do something similar and it hasn't always work but Will Wilder is the closest I've seen anything come in terms making it happen and it ends up being an interesting read with some curious choicesIn the story Will is a kid in a small town with a history Will is also a little irresponsible breaking someone's shoulder during some horseplay There's a relic of St Paul in the local church and a local man approaches him to get it for him as it has healing properties and could help his hurt friend but it ends up reawakening a multigenerational war in the process as he pursues the relicIt's kind of a crazy story and perhaps most noteworthy is the use of the Christian imagery to get the plot going It's not crazy overt it's not a stealth religious book proselytizing but there are some bible stories mixed in along the way and I can see how that can turn off some readers Beyond that point though it turns out that the book balances humor action and adventure in a really interesting and accessible way This could end up being a pretty great series especially if it tones down the religiousness a bitOverall a good read One to be wary of perhaps depending on your sensitivity to religious material but I surprisingly enjoyed it

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