The Sigil Blade (Archon Sigil Trilogy, #1)

The Sigil Blade (Archon Sigil Trilogy, #1)❮Ebook❯ ➨ The Sigil Blade (Archon Sigil Trilogy, #1) ➩ Author Jeff Wilson – The people of An Innis have fallen on hard times Vengeful thieves rud to be men returned from death have brought the island to its knees Using a fleet of captured ships they systematically plunder eve The people of An Innis have fallen on hard times Vengeful thieves rud to be men returned from death have brought The Sigil PDF/EPUB ² the island to its knees Using a fleet of captured ships they systematically plunder everything that enters or attempts to leave the coastal waters that surround the islandThe Sigil Blade the first book of the Archon Sigil Trilogy tells the story of Edryd a man who is trying to reinvent himself and conceal the truth about his past His unexplained arrival as a stranger upon the island will change the course of its history and set in motion events that will ultimately shape the future of an entire world He will duel with Aed Seoras a master shaper who seeks to use and control him and battle with immortal draugar and their human thralls as he struggles with dark powers over which he has no control He must learn to shape the darkness around him if he wants to avoid a destiny which holds the promise of endless bloodshed and destruction The tool he will need to do this is an ancient weapon of power The Archon Sigil Trilogy Book The Sigil Blade Book The Sigil Knight Book . This rating is strictly for the audio version I tried to listen to I laid this aside so to speak and went back to it several times The problem is not the book The story has a good plot line a must for me and seemsthat is seems to be well writtenThe problem is that the reader in trying for something stoicism maybea laconic mood ??? I'm not really sure what but anyway he reads in an almost monotone voice He has a good deep voice that could be easy to listen to but his lack of inflection leaves one's mind wandering off or at least mine did over and overI found myself skipping forward and had to re check from the library once as I let it expire before finishing it I don't plan to follow the series at least not until I take the time to try the text version of the book Sorry the audio disappointed me Brilliant debut in the genre of epic fantasy While all of the must have elements for a great fantasy novel are there it goes so much further than thatThe characters are each uniue and engaging and I was surprised by how much emotion I had invested in each of their individual stories The dichotomy between good and evil is expertly woven into each character and as they faced choices and challenges I felt myself struggling along with themThe weighty themes in this novel touch upon the human condition in a way that is relatable beyond the fantastical world they are built in The prose is tight and elegant The imagery is stunning and the action is vivid and visceral The action is in fact so compelling that if the book succeeding on that level alone it would make this book a worthwhile readThe world this author has built envelops you and the scale of it gives me reason to hope for the epic nature of what is to come in the next installment Thank you for a story that obviously took great time labor and care to craft I will be reading this again and anxiously waiting for Great bookDefinitely a 5 star book grabbed me from the start read it in one sitting The characters and setting hold your attention the whole way throughout the book One of the best reads so far this year hopefully we won't be waiting for book 2 for too long no pressure Jeff Wilson This is an astounding debut novel Compelling characters and a story that feels complete yet leaves you aching for the next installment A Fantasy Worth ReadingIf you are already fond of fantasy on a grand scale with different countries pitted against each other in the model of European history whether medieval renaissance romantic industrial or other ages most likely an early one with swords and adding in magicThis one ticks off all the boxes while not hitting all the tropes For a protagonist we have a warrior with a magic sword who has given the sword away He has left his kingdom after chaos has broken out across the land His troops the best army ever are trying to find him and so is the King but for very different reasons Our protagonist Edryd is stuck on an island with a black sorcerer who knows he is really a Prince and beats the crap out of him using a sword and his fists after they first meet The black sorcerer is also tied to psychic vampires creating mind slaves for the vamps the island's smugglers his own evil master the pirates and the island healer and her sisterEveryone wants a piece of Edryd some may know who he is some have already told people what they shouldn't have that he is on the island He finds out just how bad these people are making his world as he interacts with important citizens The book really picks up speed when a goal of one group and Edryd overlap for completely separate reasonsGood and uniue magic system significant world building along with nicely layered characterization and detailed plotting Recommended Great book highly recommended For me the best book I have read in ten years Being a long time fan of the fantasy book genre I have read everything that has grabbed my interest over the years As I have grown so has has my desire for better developed stories with complicated characters which are not simple copies of earlier works This book takes it time to develop its world and its people which gave me a sense of realism that other books have failed to provideI liked the patient pacing and plot development which appealed to me as a long time reader of the genre I won't give the story away but this book delivered an excitement that built the further I read Once finished I was left frustrated that the planned second and third books are not yet published The ending is simply awesome and I am eagerly awaiting The Sigil KnightGood job Jeff Wilson Please don't take too long to finish your next book I truly enjoyed this book The author is intuitive and introspective I look forward to future journeys with this author and the characters he introduces to us with skill and precisionI truly enjoyed this book The author is intuitive and introspective by his own admission but arguably better than he or his main character is comfortable with acknowledging The writing style and obvious intelligence and education of the author is greatly appreciated as he doesn't 'talk down' to the reader but treats them as an eual in thought I felt the chicken dumpling recipe was extremely thoughtful and not in the least bit contrite Although the author isn't the editor or proof reader that brought it to e print An unexpected treat that reminds you that the characters are than the writer The Sigil Blade is very well written and it is a page turner The beginning of the book was foggy with much mystery and few clues as to what was going on However information was illuminated at a steady pace and it only heightened the thrill as was revealed The action was steady and I enjoyed the character developed immensely Edryd and Irial in particular were beacons of light throughout a book filled with shady charactersI was surprised a few times in the book by the turn of events which is rare for me and I had a blast reading it I can't wait for the next one This is without reservation my favorite beginning to a series that will probably never be continuedThe very talented author Jeff Wilson passed away before finishing book 2 and it's really hard to imagine anyone filling his shoes But even as a stand alone this book is worth the readIt's a very different take on the Sword and Sorcery genre and as a caveat it is very male centered in the first book Not a spoiler since that's impossible but I think he intended to make a female the eventual hero of the series BravoI didn't know what to expect when starting this book To say it was a wonderful surprise would be an understatement A perfect mix of the political metaphysical emotional and action Complex characters; love loyalty betrayal conseuences and redemption all wrapped up in a believable story I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy or just a great story

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  • Paperback
  • 408 pages
  • The Sigil Blade (Archon Sigil Trilogy, #1)
  • Jeff Wilson
  • 13 October 2016
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