Roo'd★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Roo'd By Joshua Klein ✪ – Roo'd is geek addled cyberpunk fiction at its finest about a teenage boy with two prosthetic legs and a band of misfit body modders shamanistic computer hackers and pharmaceutically psychotic bioscien Roo'd is geek addled cyberpunk fiction at its finest about a teenage boy with two prosthetic legs and a band of misfit body modders shamanistic computer hackers and pharmaceutically psychotic bioscientists But it's also an exploration of someone coming to grips with what they truly love to do and what it means to do it in a confusing world of shades of gray. Review originally posted here the previous book I’d read I was pleased to say I really enjoyed this one This was despite reading the description and being a little bit waryThe story is set in a near future where body modification is the norm and having your jawline reshaped is a common as having your ears piercedThe main character is Fed whose defining physical characteristic is that he has prosthetic legs – despite living in a world where getting a new set of legs would be trivial Fed is a bit of a loner highly intelligent and a near genius with computers His life is at a bit of a crossroads when he meets up with his estranged brother who convinces him to get involved in a what sounds like an impossible “get rich” scheme Fed agrees to get involved and drops out of school which is where the fun startsFed’s skill with computers a key part of the plan so this part of the plot was huge of interest to meThe story is very much about how Fed grows as a person and tries to figure out who he is as he comes across a wide variety of weird and wonderful characters and they soon realise they are way in over their headWhat I really loved about this book was the imagery it created of the world it was set it I honestly think it would make an amazing filmThe title of the book sounds a bit random but once you realise what the phrase Roo’d means it makes perfect sense It all gets a little bit crazy towards the end but it doesn’t take anything away from home much I enjoyed thisAs with a lot of the books I’ve read so far this year it’s available on a creative commons license so grab it and check it out futuristically extreme body modders create a seti at home like virus to harness the computing power behind the great fire wall of china for the purpose of developing an intelligence enhancing cancer for sale to highest bidderit's also freeware online here Roo'd is one of my favorite Creative Commons books I found it on the Feedbooks store and read it on my phone The book has a fast paced plot with a few very interesting characters The book tends to smooth the plot and doesn't provide a lot of background but that doesn't detract from the book The main characters work together to achieve a goal that involves the book's main theme which is body modification The supporting characters were the best part of the book their personalities and stories could have each had their own book Roo'd is definitely on my top list of sci fi and cyberpunk books A magnificent effort Roo'd is a entertaining read in the cyberpunk genre than many of the works of William Gibson The book isn't flawless though It suffers some from uneven editing and a few distracting cases of missing punctuation Still for fans of Gibson or Stephenson I'd say this is a must read I read a free PDF version of the book which contained an annoying amount of typos and editing errors which hopefully are not in other versions The story is fairly serviceable though is mashed through a standard collection of cyberpunk tropes and cliches A chore to get through hampered by a silly heel turn at the end Starts as an impressive battery of exciting and tenable speculations about the future generously padding a simple story line and ends as a big messy katamari of plot twists and snags blatantly unrealistic in complexity and scale I thought this was a fun book so tempted to give it stars But I found a the sudden mad skills on and off line of the protagonist and b the unexamined willingness of the good guys to do whatever it takes to dampen my enthusiasm great story of a plausible future good read for sure LOVE THIS BOOK Must have for any technophiles out there with an interest in biology this book is one of my all time favorites Very cool especially the stuff taking the pee out of Disney