Just To Make You Smile

Just To Make You Smile[PDF / Epub] ☉ Just To Make You Smile ❤ Sarah Caldwell – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk “My dad was going to die My sweet loving caring and wonderful in every way dad was going to leave me before he could watch my sister and me grow up” At the tender age of fifteen Sarah Caldwell lea “My dad was going to die My Make You Kindle Ô sweet loving caring and wonderful in every way dad was going to leave me before he could watch my sister and Just To Epub / me grow up” At the tender age of fifteen Sarah Caldwell learned that her father had been diagnosed with ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and had only a short time To Make You PDF Í left to live In moments her life went from texting friends going to gymnastics practice and family vacations by the sea to watching her father’s rapid irreversible deterioration a process that plunged her into deep depression But Jim Caldwell was a man whose indomitable spirit in the face of his suffering provided the ultimate inspiration for Sarah to transform her depression into a journey of healing and love She learned to accept her and her father’s fate and became determined not to waste a moment of the time she had left with him When her father passed away leaving Sarah to face life without her beloved dad she was determined again to continue on the path of hope and strength making sense of her loss and honoring his life by helping raise awareness of ALS and money for desperately needed research for a cure With a special foreword by former pro football player Steve Gleason Just To Make You Smile is the rare honest compassionate and bold account of a young adult’s process of watching a parent get ill and die and the inspiration she hopes to impart by sharing her grieving process deep inner growth and healing By telling her story in its entirety from the lowest depths of grief and depression to the heights of finding her inner strength making a difference and carrying on her father’s fighting spirit she hopes to touch the lives of others especially kids with a sick parent letting them know they are never alone on this difficult journey. Firstly I want to say that I'm honored to have been able to read Sarah's story for review purposes but for me reading her story became so much How she dealt with her dad dying of ALS is heartbreaking yet enlightening Starting from the moment she found out about his diagnosis Her story is a very emotional trek through her thoughts feeling and emotions The intensity had me feeling everything along with her Her words are powerful in 'Not taking like for granted' So true In the fact the story was emotional and the pictures within the book has you seeing the reality even it broke me up a few days I had to take several breaks and hadn't managed to finish the story as soon as I would have wished to I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through what Sarah did at only 15 years old and know that one of your parents is going to die and there's nothing you can do to stop it In her story she proves her strength to be there for her dad and admits defeat in her most weakest moments Her story is a true inspiration to us all in regards to ALS The clarity and clarification of the disease makes you want to reach out and make the difference The 'Ice bucket challenge' was an excellent way and my whole family took the challenge Sarah if you're reading this review? Kudos to you for writing this book along with my gratitude and thanks for sharing your story with the world Love hugs and warmth to you and your family This is an incredible book I would highly recommend Sarah is an inspiration and her vulnerability in sharing her story is to be applauded