I Burned at the Feast

I Burned at the Feast[PDF / Epub] ★ I Burned at the Feast By Arseny Tarkovsky – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Tarkovsky now joins the ranks of Mandelstam Akhmatova and Brodksky Philip Metres and Dimitri Psurtsev's translations—succinct and allusive stingingly direct and yet sweeping mournful and celebratory at the Epub á Tarkovsky now joins the ranks of Mandelstam Akhmatova and Brodksky Philip Metres and Dimitri Psurtsev's translations—succinct and allusive stingingly direct and yet sweeping I Burned PDF \ mournful and celebratory—are marvels—PENHeim citationHow does one translate the work of Russian classic Arseny Tarkovsky Imagine trying to translate Yeats high style rhetoric intense Burned at the MOBI î emotion local tonalities of language complicated historical background the old euation of poet vs state the tone of a tender love lyric all meshed into one all exuisite in its execution—and all so impossible to render again And yet one tries In the case of Philip Metres and Dimitri Psurtsev one tries brilliantly with gusto with passion with attentiveness that is akin to that of a prayer with the ear of real poets The result The gravity and directness of Tarkovsky's tone is brought into English without fail it is here honest and pained piercing and even shy at times like a deer that looks straight at you before it runs Tarkovsky's ambition was to seek us—those who live after him—through earth through time He does so in this brilliant translation—Ilya KaminskyArseny Tarkovsky was ten years old at the time of the Russian Revolution and died six months before the opening of the Berlin Wall He spent his career as a poet creating elegant and starkly interior transfigurations of simple happiness and pure grief triumphs of the individual self against the brutal realities of daily life in wartime and Communist Russia Through this meticulous translation of his work readers will encounter a metaphysical complex poetry at once searing and brooding very much in dialogue with such great Soviet poets as Osip Mandelstam and Anna Akhmatova Tarkovsky writes of a country where 'we lived once upon a time as if in a grave drank no tea' but still succeeded in making 'bread from weeds' where the 'blue sky is dim' but nonetheless manages to be the 'wet nurse of dragonflies and birds'—Michael Dumanis. Even though I do not know the language I get a certain feeling when reading great Russian poetry in English translation On one hand it's the exhilaration of discovery; on the other it's a feeling of sadness that I am experiencing only a few crumbs from the loafArseny Tarkovsky is clearly a discoveryThe father of film director Andrei Tarkovsky Arseny is the eual of the best of 20th century Russian poetry able to stand tall beside Osip Mandelstam Marina Tsvetaeva Anna Akhmatova Boris Pasternak and a handful of others Obviously my review of I Burned at the Feast Selected Poems of Arseny Tarkovsky is not worth a tenth of one written by someone who knows and loves the Russian language But until such a reviewer comes along this one will have to do as a sort of place holder I recently watched Andrei Tarkovsky's The Mirror and was struck by the poetry included and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were from Andrei's father who was apparently an esteemed 20th century poet I had no idea but am so happy and grateful that this collection of poems exists and have been lovingly rendered into English It's a very moving group of poems nicely formatted and organized There is also a really great essay by the tranlator Philip Metres on the issues of translation at the end Can't recommend enough Finally another translation of Arseny I'm hoping this will be the best Still looking for a glorious bilingual edition I love all of these poems Odd pantheistic lyrical generous For those like me used to the challenging gnarliness of Akhmatova or Mandelshtam these translations offer a whole new vision of 20th century Russian poetryand of those other poets Also of interest is the short intriguing essay by the translator Usual caveats for poetry in translation read by a non Russian speaker A stunning collection of poems some of the best poetry I've ever read So glad for this translation as well as thorough introduction afterword Pure excellence I was initially interested because this is Andrei Tarkovsky's father but these poems are so much than that they are really perfect Reading translated poetry one always wonders if it's ever really good enough but with these translations I felt like I didn't need to worry Tarkovsky's poetry is incredible even in English I also love the translator's notes at the end A small yellow tongue flickersThe candle drips and dripsThis is how you and I live our souls flare flesh disappears Candle Earth shatteringly gorgeous