Lorens Hope

Lorens Hope[Reading] ➶ Lorens Hope By Jean L. Kuhnke – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk 1889 After the death of her mother Loren with the help of Joey is about to escape her evil captors when they decide to sell her to the local brothel in exchange for a real woman Loren is perceived as After the death of her mother Loren with the help of Joey is about to escape her evil captors when they decide to sell her to the local brothel in exchange for a real woman Loren is perceived as a child as thin as a rail with mud caked hair when Old Tom and his boys come across Thad Walters on their way to town Rather than take the chance that Miss Pearl won't offer him enough money for a visit at Pearl's brothel Old Tom decides to convince Thad to buy her Thad knew that he would do everything in his power to get the child away from the men that had her tied behind their horse half dragging her to town When he finally payed them enough to get four steak dinners and one roll in the hay for Old Tom he took her to his ranch planning to take the child to the next town where she could be taken in by a good family To his surprise when she got all the mud off he found her to be a beautiful woman not a child at all. Another wonderful story from Jean Kuhnke who is becoming my favorite author I loved Loren’s story She overcame the most horrific childhood then was sold for 4 steaks and a few coins She Witnessed her mother being abused daily and then being beaten to death Her mother did everything to shield her and another boy she raised from him birth I love this author I finish one story and go to the next Miss Kuhnke has a way with words Her characters are always easy to get to know Her books are always well written with a few typos that need correcting Other than that I’m always amazed at the end of the book for such a well written story I love her references to our Almighty and how He directs our paths Give Jean L Kuhnke a read You will be blessed with her stories and wisdom This is generally a good story but with a great need for editing especially copy editing which irritated me to no end Warning the reader about the assorted editorial errors up front does not excuse this Really this should not have been published here on at all until the manuscript had been further polished If the author wanted the input and corrections of reviewers this book would have been far better suited to publication at FictionPresscom first and doing the subseuently suggested tweaks before uploading to com and hopeful Kindle sales Moreplease I really enjoyed reading a powerful love story with so much than one storyline Very good plot and character descriptions to keep you wanting to know and keep turning the pages Fantastic storyThis is a fantastic story Yes it has daily trials and tribulations but it also shows God's love for us and helps reestablish our faith that as long as we believe God will bring us through Not my style May be enjoyable to young girls Too naive too close to melodrama I admit that I stopped around 80 percent through it as it became too sweet and loving to bear Sorry Just not my taste Western RomanceLoren's Hope by Jean L Kuhnke A very good story of the strength of women in adverse conditions Raised within a horrible place with fear at every waking hour Loren became the heroine I enjoyed every page of this book An enjoyable read The flow of the story was greatly hampered by the author's great need of a proofreader Hence 3 stars Loren hopeLoved this story could not put the book down Beautiful Christian story Well written I recommend this book Hope you enjoy as much as I did Beautiful StoryBeautiful story about loss and hope This truly demonstrates God love for all and how faith overcomes the most difficult situations in our lives Another great bookVery fast pace and exciting I really think that each of this authors books are better thzn the one before