Into the Sunrise

Into the Sunrise❰EPUB❯ ✺ Into the Sunrise Author Carolyn Haley – She’s afraid to love again and he’s afraid to love at alluntil their shared love for horses shows them how to love each other In one day at a horse show in 1975 Linny Eagan loses her job her belov She’s afraid to love again and he’s afraid to love at alluntil their shared love Into the ePUB ô for horses shows them how to love each other In one day at a horse show in Linny Eagan loses her job her beloved and her dream of becoming an euestrian champion The triple loss forces her to invent a new dream—this time skipping the romance part and trusting only in horses which can never betray her Her first try lands her at a public trail riding stable on Cape Cod Massachusetts There she meets Con Winston who dreams of being a Western artist on his own Montana ranch But he must play family head games for two years when he will inherit a fortune that will make his dream come true Until then he won’t waver from his path or give himself to anyone Yet in working together with horses he and Linny discover a perfect match of heart and mind But Linny doesn’t share Con’s dream and won’t ask him to sacrifice it; and Con feels the same way about her dream When things fall apart at the stable they regretfully continue in opposite directions connected only by Con’s half wild horse Living apart finally proves to them that dreams need love to sustain them and the only chance to have both is to reinvent a new dream together. I was expecting a romance with horses That characterization of this incredible book doesn't do this work justice This is a book about life Yes there is romance and it is the world of horses but it is so much I couldn't help but think I was reading a modern James Michener Wild Heart is a sweeping tale that draws the reader in uickly and never lets go It is so captivating and intense I had a dream about it the night before I finished it This book has been a hard to put down on almost since I started it I couldn't wait to see what would happen nextThis book screams out to be made into a huge movie This movie could be a blockbuster The casting options for Linny and Con are golden The sets would be divine This must be made into a feature filmA fantastic story that was a pure pleasure to read I recommend it to all readers of romance and horse books but so I recommend it to anyone who wants a great storyMy Rating 5 starsReviewed by Mr NThis review first appeared A Lovely Cape Cod RomanceI thoroughly enjoyed this story I found the characters engaging and very real Knowing Cape Cod as well as I do I found the descriptions of places and scenery to be accurate and reading this book brought back some wonderful memories for me And then there are the horses All together Ifound Wild Heart to be a book I had difficulty putting down I loved this book I must admit I love horses so a book about horses romance was right up my alley I loved how the romance unfolded in the book It was based on the ups downs of real life instead of storybook perfect love I couldn't put this book down I look forward to reading books by this author a good read really nice story a great summer read really liked it

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  • Paperback
  • 390 pages
  • Into the Sunrise
  • Carolyn Haley
  • English
  • 12 April 2016
  • 9781509201426