Better➹ [Reading] ➻ Better By Amy Robach ➮ – NATIONAL BESTSELLER“I have breast cancer” When Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach revealed her shocking diagnosis on live television in November 2013 the seasoned news reporter embarked on the NATIONAL BESTSELLER“I have breast cancer” When Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach revealed her shocking diagnosis on live television in November the seasoned news reporter embarked on the most difficult and illuminating journey of her life In this intimate memoir she retraces the twelve months following her announcement and speaks candidly for the first time about how her illness affected her family life and her marriage tapped into her deepest fears and strengths and transformed her in ways she never could have imagined   Only weeks earlier in September ABC producers asked Robach to get an on air mammogram to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month Her first instinct was to say no—there was no history of cancer in her family she was only forty years old and she felt strange drawing attention to herself when she had no personal connection to the issue She’d been meaning to get her first mammogram that year but had conveniently “lost” the prescription Her colleague Robin Roberts herself a cancer survivor convinced her to do it with one simple sentence “I can pretty much guarantee it will save a life”   To Robach’s surprise the life she saved was her own Tests revealed malignant tumors in her breast and she immediately underwent a bilateral mastectomy followed by six months of chemotherapy treatments   Better is than a story of illness and recovery Robach recounts the day she and her husband Andrew Shue got the terrible news; the difficulty of telling her two young daughters and the challenges of carrying on with the everyday duties of parenting nurturing a fledgling second marriage and managing a public career She lays bare the emotional toll of her experience and mines her past for the significant moments that gave her the resilience to face each day And she describes the incredible support network that lifted her when she hit bottom   With honesty humility and humor Robach connects deeply with women just like her who have struggled with any kind of sudden adversity More important she shares valuable wisdom about the power of the human spirit to endure the worst—and find the way to BetterAdvance praise for Better  “By selflessly sharing the incredible story of her unexpected journey with breast cancer Amy has given countless others hope Better is the perfect title for her beautiful book Sitting next to her every morning at GMA I’m blessed to experience how my dear colleague and friend makes everything and everyone Better”—Robin Roberts co anchor of Good Morning America   “Amy is tough as nails and tenderhearted The perfect combination no I have loved her for years but never than when I watched her beat cancer with such strength and grace Her book is full of hope and healing—for Amy and for all of us”—Hoda Kotb co host of Today  “Robach’s beautiful new book Better is an exploration of her battle with breast cancer What I love about it is that she never claims to be fearless; she was petrified Super inspiring stuff the kind we need way of in general”—Meredith Rollins editor in chief Redbook   “With the amazing background to Robach’s discovery of her disease plus her inspirational tenacity during her career readers will likely never miss their annual mammogram again For all patient health collections”— Library Journal From the Hardcover edition. I remember when Amy Robach announced her cancer diagnosis on Good Morning America I remembered how I teared up and then sighed in relief that I had recently walked away from a benign cyst found on my last mammogramI continued to watch in wonder as Robach continued reporting and looking great even while undergoing chemo She didn't share her entire journey with the viewing public until she was done with treatment As Robach completed her journey mine was about to beginMy diagnosis came in March of 2014 and I always kept Robach in mind thinking to myself If she can report day after day and travel and maintain such a demanding schedule I can do it too Her voice is honest about what it is like to receive a diagnosis while alone; what it is like speaking to your children about said diagnosis; and how very different your life is once you receive the diagnosis But her important message is that she is a thriver That she kicked cancer's ass and she is still standing and moving forward and not getting stuck in the what ifs the future holds She speaks about her journey to inform the public about what it entailed I haven't had my day yet Amy but I'm hoping it will arrive soon Having watched Amy Robach since she came to GMA and having watched her do the mammogram I felt like I needed to read her book I didn't expect to have so much emotion while reading this I felt like I was right there with her especially when she had to tell her 2 daughters I found myself crying right along with her remembering the television segments that she talked about in her book It was a very good book one that I would highly recommend ExcellentI loved this book simply because the story was written as if it was my life When I was diagnosed in April 2011 it stunned me initially I cried my eyes out for a good couple of days no lie I was totally inconsolable But when I decided that the mourning and pity party was over I got to the business of planning my next move I automatically came to the conclusion that a Bilateral Mastectomy was the only answer for me although it was only in one breast So my story is pretty much like Amy's minus the chemo radiation TamoxifenAnd like Any I know there's a good chance that despite all the treatment in the world cancer can rear it's ugly head again And you just deal with it if it does come backI love what her husband said and I take it in as my new mantra 'There’s no need to die before you die'Such good words to live byit reminds you that life is for the living and we have to live it one day at a timeNo one knows when our time is up and worrying about won't don't much but stress you out while life passes you by I have to say this What drew me to Amy Robach was her hair I saw her short haircut without any knowledge of her cancer and I thought That woman knows how to wear her hair This book I think is supposed to be mostly about cancer but to me it was about being a world traveling journalist and what it is that makes an international journalist tick Because I once thought I would be a journalist this book really appealed to me I appreciate the subtititle of the book let go of control held on to hope found joy Cancer could certainly teach a person that lesson in regard to just getting out of bed every morning and facing the day but it seems to me that mantra effected every bit of Robach's life career and family maybe without her realizing it Her greatest fame came at a time when it probably seemed to her that her career was over or was about to be severely compromised Life is seriously what happens when you're busy making other plans A great book for putting life into perspective Amy Robach does a masterful job of describing her journey from her first mammogram done as a public service on Good Morning America the discovery of her breast cancer and how and why she made the choices she did to get better Also interesting is the story of her persistence and determination to achieve success in her career No doubt that strength served her well in all aspects of her life I remember the show when Amy announced she had breast cancer and I followed her journey I related to her story after my cancer battle this year The story is raw and real and I remember that I had many of the same feelings in my journey This book was a really beautiful story about what Amy went through during her breast cancer ordeal She was so open and it was like sitting and talking with a friend over coffee about the ups and downs she went through It makes me love her all the I'm almost 40 and Amy has made me so not nervous any about the mamograms now I did cry but not as much as I thought I would She tells her story very well and is lucky to have her Dr brother to give her advice Definitely recommend this Amy's story is an inspiration for me I didn't realize how much she struggled with the illness I also didn't realize how much she worked while battling chemo and the other medical issues It's truly amazing to hear her story Amy Robach’s goal in writing this medical memoir was “to share not only the daily challenges she faced as a newly diagnosed cancer patient but also the evolution that occurred as she transitioned from patient to survivor to thriver” Or as Amy’s subtitle indicates it’s a story of “how she let go of control held on to hope and found joy in her darkest hour” Robach has largely accomplished all that in this well told tell all journal It’s interesting to note that current ABC Good Morning America news anchor Robach published her cancer diary the same year 2015 that former ABC Good Morning America host Joan Lunden released her own “memoir of cancer survival In fact between pages 144 and 145 of Lunden’s bio “Had I Known” you’ll find a picture of Amy Robach presenting the Komen Impact Award to Lunden This reviewer read both books simultaneously and his reaction to Lunden’s book is published elsewhere in GoodReads In fact if you read both titles you’ll discover Robach and Lunden not only shared basically the same diagnosis but some of the same oncologists Most notably Doctor Ruth Oratz who treated both women Again if you read both bios you’ll also learn of the powerful influence Robach and Lunden’s mutual friendship with fellow cancer survivor Robin Roberts had on their joint recoveries Finally probably unconsciously Lunden even subtly mentions Robach’s book title on page 280 “If we’re given the chance all any of us can do is move forward with our lives and hope to do better be better love better and live better” Robach took her title by the way from “Better” a poem written by her oldest daughter Ava McIntosh The last line is a tribute to Ava’s courageous mother “She’s a fighter just like her daughter It has to get worse before it gets better and trust me it will get better” While both women were given similar life altering medical news Robach chose a radical different approach to treatment As soon as Robach learned that she had “a tumor in her right breast” with apparently no lymph node involvement Robach vetoed a lumpectomy “the most conservative surgical approach” Instead from the get go Robach was “ninety nine percent sure she wanted a double mastectomy” Told she had “aggressive and fast growing triple negative breast cancer” Lunden on the other hand chose to begin chemo treatments followed by a lumpectomy and then radiationRobach doesn’t shy away from her critics Within these pages the ABC TV anchor takes on Doctor Susan Love and others such as Peggy Orenstein and Dr Peter Bach over the issue of “the best approach to how we discuss and treat breast cancer” Robach also addresses the “metastatic breast cancer community” which allegedly opposes so much attention to early detection measuresAfter eight full rounds of CMF chemotherapy and after an eight month battle Robach believes she is now “a better wife a better mom a better daughter better sister a better friend” On the next to the last page Robach does mention “all the women and men who have received a breast cancer diagnosis” However the American Cancer Society estimates for breast cancer in men in the United States for 2015 are About 2350 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed About 440 men will die from breast cancer Breast cancer is about 100 times less common among men than among women For men the lifetime risk of getting breast cancer is about 1 in 1000 The number of breast cancer cases in men relative to the population has been fairly stable over the last 30 years While it’s commendable Robach ever so briefly hints at male breast cancer in that one line on the next to the last page had she painted the killer disease as than a female issue and given eual time to both genders this could’ve been an even “better” book

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