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Self Publish Your Book[EPUB] ✼ Self Publish Your Book By Jessica Bell – Are you ready to self publish your book but dreading the massive learning curve Well there’s no need to dread it any This 6th installment of the bestselling Writing in a Nutshell series will not ove Are you ready to self publish your book but dreading the massive learning curve Well there’s no need to dread it any This th installment of the bestselling Writing in a Nutshell series will not overwhelm you with Self Publish PDF/EPUB or all information available—it will tell you exactly what you need to know without the faff by following a foolproof cost efficient time efficient extremely easy to follow step by step self publishing methodWant to go from manuscript to a professionally published book within one week Then this is the book for you You’ll learn how to prepare your manuscript in Microsoft Word design your paperback and eBook cover prepare your frontback matter and blurb format your paperback interior eBook proofread your designed pages register with desired retailersdistributors export your eBook to a retail ready file and upload your paperback and eBook to retailersdistributors Not only will this book save you time and money but it will also save you from inevitable stress What are you waiting for Self Publish Your Book today. There are so many ‘how to’ writing and publishing guides on the market and like any self respecting procrastinating writer I have read a lot of them This guide from Jessica Bell is by far my favouriteEvery step from formatting to cover design to actually getting your book out there is covered in step by step detail Jessica manages to spell it out in simple detail without being condescending I love the bullet points; not only can you tick off items as you do them but it breaks down what can seem like huge tasks into bite size manageable chunks I’m not the most technical person but I managed to follow each and every step with ease A uick example before reading this book I spent days probably like weeks messing around trying to format my book With this book I had it all finished in one day That is how good this book isI seriously cannot recommend this book or the others in the In a Nutshell series I have them all enough If you’re serious about self publishing you have to buy this book If Jessica Bell’s Writing in a Nutshell series has not yet become the standard craft reference for all aspiring writers then it should have The books in the series cover everything about writing creative fiction and non fiction from showing—not telling —to polishing a finished manuscript They have now been joined by the sixth and perhaps ultimately the most useful book in the series Self Publish Your Book This amazing volume tells you step by step how to take the manuscript you have been lovingly incubating under Bell’s expert gaze and turn it into a volume as professionally produced as Bell’s books themselves The book is divided into sixteen chapters that cover everything from formatting the manuscript properly through cover design choice of format eBook or paperback or both? to getting your book into the hands of the distributers from where people can actually buy your baby It’s uite technical but it needs to be and everything is explained in Bell’s extremely user friendly prose that could make brain surgery seem like well something a lot easier than brain surgery In recent years self published authors have taken a lot of flak from the traditional publishing industry—most of whom are running scared—for a lack of professional uality particularly in terms of production values for books With this book Jessica Bell gives you the tools to break through that reputation sharing the secrets of her own success as an author and self publisher backed by her years of experience as an editor and writer If self publishing is a revolution then Bell has placed herself firmly at the head of it holding the flag With this book and the rest in the series you too can become part of the movement and take the publishing power into your own hands Disclaimer author provided an ARC in return for an honest review I had the honour of working through this book in its infancy I truly wish it had been around for me a few years ago I found tips inside that saved me hours of tedious work Happy to recommend to aspiring and seasoned authors who are looking to self publish their books Very excited to bring this book into the world And thank you Glynis Smy author of Maggie's Child for your fabulous uote for the front cover This was a great introduction to cover design and formatting with very easy to follow steps A placeholder for Shirley Bostrom’s self published book “The Power of Kari” A book of a mother’s grief over the loss of her daughter learning who Kari was to so many and celebrating Kari’s many gifts I was impressed by the clear no nonsense attitude of this book Even though it covers a subject I know well I still picked up some tips and alternative ways of working The aim is to give one experience honed way of publishing a book and it works well at that; even though I use different software and processes that suit my workflow much of it is translatable Note that this is a guide for once you already have an amazing book written and properly edited Never rush to publish until the book is as good as it can be so research those topics elsewhere I've heard that Jessica's other books in this series cover these areas very well if you are new to themThe one thing I'd change would be to include images at the point when they're referred to in the text rather than in an appendix at the back I'm happy to then zoom in on images to see them in detail I was reading on a Kindle so jumping to the appendix and back is enough of a chore that I didn't refer to the useful images That may even have already been changed in the latest edition invalidating even this minor suggestionOverall this is a really useful and fairly fool proof guide to what can be a very technical and complicated process It makes an excellent starter holding your hand until you're ready to go off exploring and learning on your own This book is a must have for every indie author who wants to save loads of time and money It's that simpleIn this book you'll learn it all from formatting tips to registering with retailers to how to design your own e book cover I personally found it extremely useful and I already put a lot of the book's advises to practice The author provides easy templates for you to use which will not only save you tons of time but also tons of money I can't emphasize this enoughSo if you're an indie author you'll want to buy this book Unless Donald Trump is your father Or you're related to one of the guys who invented Google Or you're Martha Stewart Very helpfulOne of the most instructive books I have read on self publishing Easy to read step by step and refreshingly free of fluff

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  • Paperback
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  • Self Publish Your Book
  • Jessica Bell
  • English
  • 15 February 2015
  • 9780994283740