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Tall Dark Billionaire Texan[Reading] ➷ Tall Dark Billionaire Texan By Mandy Baxter – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Some men are too good to resistBut are they too good to be trueIn The Billionaire Cowboy Ryder is a rough riding cattle baron When a gorgeous feisty veterinarian arrives at the ranch he meets the one Some men are too good to resistBut are they too good to be trueIn The Billionaire Cowboy Ryder is a rough riding cattle baron When a gorgeous feisty veterinarian arrives at the ranch he meets the one spirit he can’t tame And now Tall Dark PDF/EPUB ² he will do anything to show her what he’s really made ofDallas Cowboy Jase is a pro at charming women including the hot waitress he meets in The Billion Dollar Player But when their passionate encounter inspires Jase to do better on the field he can’t help but wonder Are his days as a player numberedRock star Luke has enough money and groupies to last forever But when his wild life wears him down he goes home in search of the one woman who’s ever meant anything to him But will she see past his fame and love him for who he really is in Rocked by the BillionaireIn The Billionaire Sheriff Noah pulls shifts in the police department He doesn’t need the money but he wants to make a contribution So when beautiful bar owner Naomi lands in trouble Noah is eager to help her outand offer protection in his strong loving arms. Nope I couldn't do it 2 stars still maybe it's not as bad as I think it is but I doubt itI really really tried but at one point I just had to close it and put it in the DNF pileI just couldn't get in the story And well that wouldn't have been a problem I would have gotten over it and at least finish the book But the characters got stupider and stupiderThe two main characters don't know each other they never really talked but their first conversation is really deep She tells him his problems and he understands of course he does My impression ok she's mature and she tries to explain to him why she's being a bitch But guess what? After about 2 pages don't think it was she acts like a 9 year old She has some tantrums that make no sense And the guy starts thinking that it's his fault no other reason right? And he decides he should change completely just to satisfy the crazy chick They both acted like they're some teenagers where she is that absolute bitch and he's the good ol' nerd who feels guilty and wants to make everything better Because of course everything is his fault The exception she's a vet and he's a billionaireTexas rangerplayboycowboywhateverAnd their relationship feels so damn fake Forget the chemistry or the fact that it takes a while for a normally shy person to open up to the big bad wolf or even the fact that the chick is an idiot and he's not far behind eitherYou know what? Just 4 starsThe Billionaire Cowboy Billionaire's Club Texas #1 Billion Dollar Player Billionaire's Club Texas #2 by the Billionaire Billionaire's Club Texas #3 Dark Billionaire Texan Billionaire's Club Texas #4 I really enjoyed The Billionaire SheriffHaving read the previous books I was looking forward to Noah's storyI enjoyed watching Noah and Naomi's relationship develop they had a great connection and I loved how protective Noah was I had no doubt these two were going to have a great life aheadOverall the Billionaire's Club Texas series has been a fun uick sexy and entertaining readThank you to St Martin's Press for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts ARC received for review I already read and reviewed the first three books but book 4 was new to me3 overall starsbook 1 3 starsWell there was so much that could have be written but it was all generalized in pillow talk that we don't hear It was just too short need some and it just ended without a real ending I'm guessing the next three books will be his brothers Luke Jase and Noahbook 2 4 starsWhy did I wait so long to read this? I loved it This one was way better than the first book I'll take a Jase any day of the week It a bonus that he's an amazing football player I really like his friend Chase too but it's a shame he's already married Off to read the next brother Luke I sure hope there's an amazing epilogue book 3 3 starsBetter than the first one but not as good as the second I didn't get the epilogue I wanted At least there's one brotherbook 4 25 starsJust not feeling it And still no great reunion with all the brothers Tall Dark Billionaire Texan Billionaire’s Club Texas #4 This book 3 stars I will admit that I was a little lost going in because I thought that this was the final book to the Christensen brothers and it was eventually This book is actually a series of four small books The first three were about the Blackwell Brothers and final one was about the last brother in the Christensen Billionaire Series The first book I had already reviewed previously in 2014 The second was The Billions Dollar Player 25 – 3 stars Jase Blackwell was the starting tight end for Dallas Cowboys He had been given a hard time his entire career because he turned down a scholarship and paid his way through college or rather his brother paid his way Now his team has a chance at making it to the Super Bowl and he’s hoping that his nickname of Million Dollar Blackwell will finally go away but he hasn’t been playing his best until he finally talks Avery Lockhart into seeing him Women normally through themselves at him but she was different She wanted nothing to do with him which only made him want her This book was along the same lines as book one Previously poor boy now rich wanting the girl that doesn’t want him because she believes that he’s too good for her because she’s poor but doesn’t know that he grew dirt poor as well It’s been done a million times and while I liked certain parts of the story there were also many parts that I didn’t Rocked by the Billionaire 2 stars This one if about Luke Blackwell who is now a highly successful Rock Star that has lost his mojo and hasn’t written a song in close to a year He’s come home to claim his childhood best friend and former girlfriend Kayleigh Taylor He left her years ago and never looked back because he was out to prove that he wasn’t just the poor boy that had to wear hand me down clothes his whole life Kayleigh never saw him that way she always believed in him and was always there for him but he still left This book didn’t do it for me at all I didn’t care for Luke I tried I really did but he was arrogant and had that holier than though vibe going on that I just didn’t care for I also didn’t care a whole lot for Kayleigh She is supposedly content with her life the way that it is but the moment that Luke rolls into town she drops her boyfriend and runs to Luke’s arms She came off as flighty and needy I wouldn’t see this relationship lasting in real life because he’s too much rock start against her small town girl that wants to stay put The Billionaire Sherriff 3 starsThis book was what I had thought that I was signing up for to begin with It’s about Noah Christensen Noah like HIS brothers did not grow up poor they grew up very rich however because their father didn’t want for them to be lazy he made them work hard and sent them out to make it on their own Until his father died and left his billions to his four boys Noah is a small town sheriff and while he doesn’t have to work and everyone in the small town knows it he works hard every day keeping the town safe They all look up to him and respect him because of it He was content with his life and loved what he did but lately he had wanted and her name was Naomi Davis She had bought a local restaurant and it was now his favorite place in town to eat It didn’t hurt that the food was great but the main reason was because he wanted to get to know her better in hopes that he would find the courage to ask her out On the day does though he finds himself saving her from being attacked and now he can’t shake the feeling that she’s hiding something Naomi had waited her whole life to get away from her father and the people that he dealt with Who would have guessed that the only way out was to basically do the same thing that her father had done for years She’s now working on borrowed time because if she doesn’t come up with her payment soon she knows that it’s not going to be pretty This book disappointed me as well There was a small part at the end that I thought that we would have a reunion of the four brothers but it was suashed pretty uickly I hate spoilers in reviews but I have to tell you that when Naomi is kidnapped and held for ransom this part really effected my review because of what happened during it she should not have been fine afterwards and would have needed medical attention Just saying If it weren’t for that and the ending I would have given this one four stars Honestly you don’t need a lengthy review to figure out what you are getting with this one my fellow romance book loving friends The cover and book synopsis pretty much says it all Each of the four short novellas will feature a rich handsome hero who realizes he wants to give up his tom cat ways for a meaningful relationship with the heroine Well except for The Billionaire Sheriff because he is portrayed as an all around Mr Cleangood guynot a skirt chaser Expect each one to be a uick read with feisty heroines very explicit steamy scenes and reformed bad boy behavior Again except for the last one Thankfully the author for the most part interjects some dramasub plots here and there so sexcapades don't always hijack the storylines I say mostly because that wasn't always the case with novella 3 Rocked by the Billionaire which was my least favorite Can't say I liked it's self entitled hero very much at all He left eight years ago to pursue famefortune breezes back into town and expects his former lady love to fall right into his lap Though she talked a good game her actions said otherwise Yeah she ended up not having much of a backbone after all so she was my least favorite heroine as wellThe Billionaire Sheriff was the biggest surprise It featured a shy but alpha protective hero who has been trying to work up the courage for six months to ask the heroine for a date Sure it got heated pretty uickly once they got some alone time but there was also some major life threatening mob drama near the end that was well writtenThough most of these novellas can be bought separately you will save some dinero if you purchase this collection At the time this review was written The Billionaire Sheriff was not yet available outside this bookTitle Tall Dark Billionaire Texan The Billionaire’s Club Author Mandy Baxter Pages 414 stand alones HEA four short VERY EXPLICIT steamy novellas Mature readers 18 years oldNovella 1 – The Billion Dollar Cowboy Pages 91Novella 2 – The Billion Dollar Player Pages 88Novella 3 – Rocked by the Billionaire Pages 112Novella 4 – The Billionaire Sheriff Pages 123This review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and authorpublisher A copy of this book has been provided by St Martin's Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest reviewBillionaire Cowboy This book has everything a well written novella should have The relationship between the Hh was defined yet complicated We received enough back story about each of them that we actually cared about their outcome It also had tension and enough steam to make it a breeze to read through This book was great and I want his house based on description aloneBillion Dollar Player Absolutely perfect sports novella Jase was absolutely perfect I wish I had about their pasts but this story was the complete package sweet steamy and funny I liked that even though Avery was shy she was able to battle wits with Jase And the description of Jase made me want one of my ownRocked by the Billionaire Kayleigh and Luke were so so sweet I loved that he realized that he was being selfish by showing up like he did And I loved that she was also willing to compromise I wished we would have seen a flashback or some memory of them together as kids just because I think it would have been wonderful And Mandy Baxter can write one heck of a steamy sceneBillionaire Sheriff A uick read with a dash of suspense and a heck of a lot of heat Noah and Naomi have been doing the whole crushing from afar thing and just when Noah gets the courage to ask her out her dangerous past comes between them I would have liked to see with Noah's brothers but I was impressed with the level of suspense that Baxter was able to put inAll in all a great set of stories And it doesn't hurt that they're all builtand billionaires Thanks to NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review#1 4 of the Billionaire's Club romance seriesThis is a group of 4 novellas each about a rich a nd handsome Texan but each with a slightly different spin encompassing 4 different lifestyles I found the characters to be especially attractive and found it interesting that Baxter chose to put them in 4 different sub genres western sports music and law enforcement The fact that the men are billionaires really didn't impact the story except peripherally Instead the focus was on their loving and caring natures and their need to care for their women But the women for their part were no pushovers There was plenty of back story to build each world and make them believable And the HEA's were great and not rushed I'll definitely look for from this author HOT HUNKY COWBOYS WITH MORE THAN JUST A WESTERN HAT AND BOOTSI got my fill of sexy hot serious Texan Billionaire cowboys with lots to make a girl very happyIn The Billionaire Cowboy Ryder has his hand full with one beauty he can only hope to tame The Billion Dollar Player Dallas Cowboy Jase gets a bigger challenge when he find the one and she makes a difference in ways than one in his life and the field Rocked by the Billionaire Rock star Luke has enough money and groupies but in the light of day there was only every one for him Back home he must go to get that fulfillment he craved The Billionaire Sheriff Noah has to a lot than round up the bad guys to get his girl Since I only discovered Mandy Baxter last year I had missed out on her earlier releases I'm so excited that St Martin's Press released 4 stories that were originally in digital release only in one print book I love Mandy Baxter's billionaire stories and couldn't wait to dive into 4 new storiesI absolutely adored each of the stories in Tall Dark Billionaire Texan The first 3 stories are about the Blackwell brothers Ryder Jase and LukeThe 4th story which is a bonus story is about Noah Christensen who's brothers are featured in Mandy Baxter's Texas Heartthrob series that was released last yearI really loved Ryder and Lara's romance in The Billionaire Cowboy I loved most of all that Lara had repeatedly rebuffed Ryder's advances in the past as she was concerned about her reputation than taking a chance on him Even before their first kiss they had great chemistry I loved that Ryder had to work to get Lara see the real him and while their relationship really moved fast I totally bought it as they had known each other for some timeUp next was Jase and Avery's story in The Billion Dollar Player There was totally instant attraction between them but Avery was very hesitant to actually spend time with Jase After all she is a waitress and he is an NFL player for the Dallas Cowboy However their chemistry and Jase's persistence didn't keep them apart for long Fabulous chemistry and the fact I could tell each had real feelings for the other made is super easy for me to buy this romance lasting long termRocked by the Billionaire was my absolute favorite story in this book I love a reunion story and Ms Baxter did an amazing job with Luke an Kaleigh's story OMG it was the hottest story of the four and I wanted it to last forever I absolutely loved that even after being apart for 8 years Luke and Kaleigh still totally loved one another yet had to work out the logistics of their 2 very different jobs and lifestyles I won't lie I kinda cried just a bit at how Luke proved he would do anything to make his life fit in with Kaleigh's Totally swoon worthy Add in the smoking hot chemistry between them and they were my favorite coupleNoah and Naomi's story in The Billionaire Sheriff was really the sweetest of the 4 stories Noah and Naomi had both been attracted to one another from the moment Naomi came to town but because of Naomi's past she tried to keep herself at arm's length from everyone Of course her past shows up and Noah has to help her out I totally felt the attraction between Noah and Naomi but didn't connect with them as a couple as much as I did with the other 3 couples I did like the bit of mystery in The Billionaire Sheriff but just didn't enjoy the romance part of the story as much as other stories from Ms BaxterOverall I really enjoyed Tall Dark Billionaire Texan and loved getting to read each of the Blackwell brothers' stories and getting to read Noah Christensen's story I look forward to reading stories from Ms Baxter in the future

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