Married at Midnight

Married at Midnight When The Young And Handsome Earl Of Pennington Discovers The Inheritance From His Great Uncle Depends On Him Marrying At Midnight On The Eve Of His Thirtieth Birthday, He Is Irate Marriage Is Not Part Of His Plan To Save His Impoverished Estates He Crosses Paths Unexpectedly With The Beautiful Roxanne Chesney, Who Is Fleeing From Her Abusive Husband He Offers Her A Contract Marriage For Six Months To Help Him Fulfill The Conditions Of His Great Uncle S Will, Enabling Him Secure His Inheritance In Return He Will Pay Her A Small Fortune Can Roxanne Resist This Offer What About The Revolting Edgar Doyle Who Forced Her Into A Loveless Marriage That Has Not Been Consummated Roxanne Has Escaped Edgar S Clutches, But She Wonders How Long She Will Manage To Evade Him The Earl S Contract Has No Strings Attached The Offer Is Irresistible Except For The Fact That Roxanne Is Already Married It was packed with mystery and kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out if everything would have come together in the end Roxanne She is very na ve when it came to Edgar he was able to trick her and she not realize it till it was too late But she escapes and by some fate and miracle she is picked up by Julian As she settles into life with Julian and his staff she becomes comfortable maybe a little too comfortable She lets her guard down and in doing so is thrown back into the path of Edgar Julian He is very blind when it comes to people s flaws and dece
I really liked this book I would recommend it as a great Sunday afternoon read It is a regency romance that is very intriguing as well You ll like it.