Perfect✤ [Download] ➼ Perfect By Rachel Joyce ➶ – Em 1972 foram adicionados ao tempo dois segundos para compensar o movimento de rotação da Terra Byron Hemmings está fascinado por este fenómeno Nesse mesmo ano envolve se num acidente de conseuên Em foram adicionados ao tempo dois segundos para compensar o movimento de rotação da Terra Byron Hemmings está fascinado por este fenómeno Nesse mesmo ano envolve se num acidente de conseuências devastadoras Byron e James Lowe o seu melhor amigo estão convencidos de ue a culpa foi daueles dois segundos Assim decidem iniciar uma investigação para apurar as verdadeiras razões de tal acidente Mas desafiar o destino pode ser perigosoRachel Joyce confirma o seu talento de grande romancista com este retrato de uma família levada ao desespero pela obsessão de uma criança. 25 stars Byron Hemming's friend James informs him that two seconds are being added to the year James knows all kinds of facts so Bryon becomes obsessed with the fact It will mess everything up You just can't mess with time Two seconds are huge It's the difference between something happening and something not happening You could take one step too many and fall over the edge of a cliff It's very dangerous On the way to school that morning that Bryan thinks the time is being added his mom is running late taking his sister and Bryan to school So she takes a shortcut through Digby Road that bad part of town that his father has forbidden her to goBryan's father has set ways that he wants his wife to act while he works away from home He calls to make sure that no one is there with her every day He comes home on weekends so she can wash his clothes He buys her a new Jaguar so they can impress the other families in the snooty area they live in I don't like Bryan's fatherAlthough your father is a very clever man of course Much clever than me I've never read a book from start to finishYou've read magazines You read cookery booksYes but they have pictures Clever books only have wordsDuring that car ride Bryan sees his watch go back in time those two seconds Then an accident happens and it changes that whole summer and the rest of all their livesThere is an alternating viewpoint from current time of a man learning to live outside the mental hospital on his own It ends up all tying into the story but it's a bumpy rideUsually I like darker reads but dang this book read slow I kept picking it up and making myself read Then the ending comes around and I ended up liking the book It's dark and twisty and bleak I've had this book from Netgalley for awhile and like the slacker boss that I am I'm just now getting to it Sorry Netgalley gods Being a fan of Rachel Joyce's other work The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry The Love Song of ueenie Hennessy I had high hopes for this oneUnfortunately I was left feeling underwhelmed which is a shame as the premise is a fascinating one how life can turn on a sixpence within the blink of an eye; in this case within the space of two leap seconds which were added to time in the year 1972 Perfect is incredibly sad but it's also ponderous The story lacks pizzazz and needs some va va voomNnnnggg and the 'twist' was easy to predict which is always maddeningSo nope not for meBut please don't let this put you off those other two books; both are simply glorious A sad and poignant story The perfect yet cold world of a family of three is gradually destroyed by an event which happened in 1972 and for which two seconds added to the year are blamed The other storyline takes place around 2010 and its main character Jim a middle aged man who having spent most of his life in an asylum is trying to find his way in the world I decided to read of Ms Joyce's novels after her latest one which I absolutely loved however this book despite its poignancy did not effect me as much as I had wanted to I was charmed and emotionally wrenched many times with this coming of age tale combined with that of a middle aged man trying to evolve past his mental illness So many passages shone with the special aura of truth In other ways the plot elements felt a bit too “precious”The story slowly connects the story of a ten year old boy Byron trying to correct the unhappiness in his mother’s life in 1972 with that of Jim a lonely middle aged man beset with obsessive compulsive disorder in the current time Byron is a sensitive kid in an upper middle class family with a loving stay at home mom Diana his sister Lucy and a cold controlling father who comes home only on weekends from his banking job He has become worried about an adjustment to take place in time an addition of two seconds to the official clock to make up a bit of variation in planetary spin When his mother has a minor accident on the way to school she is unaware of these threats link up in his mind and threaten the perfection of the world he tries so hard to hold on to His mother is so precious to him When Byron pictured the inside of his mother he imagined a series of inlaid drawer with jeweled handles so delicate that his fingers would struggle to get a gripHer tenderness grounds his world “What is it love?” He told her he was frightened and she rushed to shut the window She rearranged the curtains into neat blue folds“ You’re such a worrier” she smiled “Things are never so bad as we think” Sitting on the edge of his bed she stroked her fingers over his forehead She sang a uiet song he didn’t know and he closed his eyesHe engages his friend James to help him figure things out He needed to find James He needed to find him urgently James understood things in ways that Byron couldn’t James was the logical piece of Byron that was missing The first time Mr Roper had explained about relativity for instance James had nodded enthusiastically as if magnetic forces were a truth he expected all along whereas for Byron the new idea was like tangles in his headHe is a uite bamboozled by the mental leaps James is capable of James Lowe had once said that a dog was not necessarily a dog Maybe he had said a dog was really a hat I am only saying that hat and dog are words that someone has chosen And if they are only words someone has chosen it stands to reason they may have got the wrong onesTogether they come up with a series of interventions to change his mother’s life ways to help her get back to perfection and to be her true self through alleviation of her isolation and the controlling boundaries laid down by his father In the process he feels himself acuire agency in the world taking steps toward becoming a man But his mother surprises him with the changes she makes leading to risks to stability of Byron’s world Many of the attitudes among her coffee clatch friends she ends up defying having a friend outside her class; believing a woman’s highest role is not having babies seem out of the 50’s than the 70’s but I let that imperfection in Joyce’s plot slide It was Byron’s desperate sense of responsibility for his mother that won me over He didn’t know how he was going to keep his mother safe The job seemed too big for one boy alone There was something about her something pure and fluid that would not be containedIn the segments about Jim in the other story thread we learn he has spent years in and out of a mental hospital and now lives in a camper while working at cleaning tasks at a restaurant in a shopping center The mystery of his connection to the other narrative lurks but I was content just to dwell in his story It is one of the most sensitive and empathetic portrayals of mental illness I have encountered For example in one scene a co worker Eileen defends him from a verbal attack by a diner whose coat he has knocked to the floor and the way the emotional violence undermines his mind rang true for me “Pick up that coat” “Why don’t you do it yourself?” The woman will be hurt Eileen will be hurt The supermarket customers and Mr Meade and the girls in the kitchen will be hurt and it is all Jim’s fault He can feel the woman watching both Eileen and the customer with her metallic voice It is like being peeled He is them than himself Then the rude woman sitsHow his OCD rituals work to make him feel safe is elucidated well by Joyce In remembering how a psychiatric nurse once exhorted Jim that “You will see that the rituals make no difference” he clings to his convictions But here she was wrong There were so many people there was so much chaos—there were fast trains and busy platforms there were pigeons missing feet broken windows and cavernous air vents—that what he learned that morning was that life was even hazardous than he had previously realizedHe suffers from a stammer and has big memory gaps We can only wonder what role shock therapy has contributed to such problems ECT would not cause a stammer the doctor’s agreed Jim knew they must be right; they were professionals It was just that a short while after his last session his mouth stopped remembering how to make wordsDespite the alien world of Jim’s mind his confusion over his budding relationship comes off as universal He doesn’t know suddenly what words mean He can’t see the sense in them; they seem to slice things in half even as he thinks of them Is he when he says “More crisps?” actually saying something else something like “I love you Eileen?” And is she when she says “Thanks you” saying something else something like “Yes Jim I love you”Many times his outlook leads to epiphanies that make me think he has a better handle on the mysteries of reality than I do Seeing the lilies Jim’s heart bangs inside his chest The petaled hoods are so white so waxy that they shine He can smell them He doesn’t know if he is terribly happy or terribly sad Maybe he is both Sometimes things happen like that; they appear like a sign from another part of life from another context as if stray moments from the past and present can join up and gain extra significanceAs Jim’s world seems to open up and Byron’s gets precarious we look for revelation in the mysterious connection between these two figures in the story I was content to let Joyce solve it for me at her own pace The resolution was a surprise and it felt a little contrived with a bit of the feeling of a fable It wasn’t uite as “perfect” as in “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” but for both the life of the story lies in the journey not in the arrival at the destinationThis book was provided by the publisher as an e book loan through the Netgalley program Eleven year old Byron Hemmings becomes anxious when his friend James tells him that two seconds are going to be added to the clock to compensate for the 1972 leap yearFretting about this when his mother Diana is driving him to upscale Winston House school one morning Byron is sure his watch has moved backward He insists on showing Diana the watch which causes her to swerve her Jaguar and hit a young girl on Digby Street a neighborhood of working class people Unaware of what's happened Diana continues on her wayByron obsessed with the accident hounds Diana until he convinces her of the incident and she goes back to Digby Street to confessThis starts a series of events that have dire conseuences Diana develops a friendship with Beverley mother of the injured child Jeanie Jeanie sustained very minor injuries but as Beverley becomes and envious of Diana's lovely home and lifestyle Jeanie's disability suspiciously become worse and worse This in turn makes Diana and frantic to make amendsByron wanting to help Diana and encouraged by his friend James studies what's going on and keeps a journal where he writes and sketches everything starting with the accident and continuing with Beverley's visits to his home Jeanie's escalating problems and so on He shares this observations with James who seems to be over interested in the entire affairAll this exacerbates the tension in the Hemmings home which is already high Byron's father Seymour who works in the city and comes home only on weekends is wildly jealous suspicious of Diana obsessed with appearances and distant toward Byron and his sister Lucy Thus Diana who seems to have an unrespectable history and takes some kind of medication is determined to keep the accident and new friendship a secret from her husbandThis story alternates with anecdotes about a man named Jim that take place forty years in the future Jim who has spent most of his life in mental institutions is now out He has a bad stammer and is severely handicapped by obsessive compulsive disorder However Jim is able to live in his camper and maintain a job cleaning tables at a supermarket cafe Jim is almost incapable of interacting with other people but seems to want to befriend his co worker EileenThe author does a good job conveying the ambiance of the Hemmings home as well as the mentalemotional states of the main characters I don't want to give away spoilers so I won't say except that the story provides an interesting treatise about obvious and not so obvious mental breakdownsYou can follow my reviews at Great literary dramas strive on understatement From the first few pages of Rachel Joyce's nearly perfect Perfect we know there will be tragedy We know it will affect two children in traumatic ways But the author leads us on oh so slowly giving us bits and pieces as we need them We are given a tantalizing premise at the first page In 1972 James Lowe tells his best friend Byron Hemmings that 2 seconds were added onto time to keep it in sync with the earth's movement What James accepts as an exciting bit of trivia Bryon reacts with fear Then an unfortunate event occurs that cements Bryon's fear that reality has been thrown out of whack Everything that follows comes from these occurrencesBut the novel is about much than tragedy It is told in alternating stories One taking place in the 70s and another happening about 40 years laterThey intersect well with all the details being filled as we read the novel As important to the story as Jim and Bryon is Bryon's mother Diana She is in a position of privilege but is uncomfortable to it and as delicate to reality as her son Bryon The British author is taking on the issue of class with some devastating frankness I was also impressed by Joyce's depiction of the Hemmings family The father is often absent and while Diana tries to be a good mother her relation to Bryon is like euals than mother and son We find the son often taking the role of dispensing advice to his mother which only heighten the sense of doom as we watch both of them unravelingIt a delicate and beautiful balancing act James seems to be on the outskirt of the action but often the instigator He is seen by others as the troublemaker and maybe a bit unhinged but one of the delights in this novel is in discovering the true connection with the characters and especially the connection to the two individuals depicts in the two alternating storiesThe novel grabbed me from the first page yet some may find it a little plodding and frustrating I can only say stick with it and you will be rewarded and maybe a little stunned with the end like I was Byron and James were school friends in 1972 England who connected with their shared intelligence and sensitivity Byron always looked up to James and their peers hung on every word he'd say James seemed a bit fragile and eccentric as if he bore a weight with his added knowledge When James told Byron that he'd read in a newspaper that two seconds would be added that year Byron fretted about it A lot can happen in two seconds In Byron's mind it was responsible for a crucial event that changed his family's life unalterablyByron's mother Diana is a very interesting character; beautiful and trying hard to adapt to an upper class environment that is not commensurate with her past Her dour and severe banker husband Seymour is only home on weekends Tension reigns while he's in residence as his standards are so high Their country home sounds idyllic with a pond flower beds and geese They seem to have the best of everything including the new silver Jaguar parked in the garage This last possession is at the center of the story's turmoilA fateful event occurs one hectic morning as the family is running late on the way to school The event in itself was not catastrophic but Byron's perception of it sets things on a course of disaster How he handles it with his best friend James and his Mother Diana is at the crux of this tragic and poignant storyThe story weaves back and forth from 1972 to the present and Jim a former mental patient of Besley Hill Besley Hill closed down and now Jim lives in a van and works at a local store He performs countless daily rituals like stepping in and out of his van saying “Hello” to all its contents and finally duct taping all its windows and doors He doesn't feel safe or that things will be right unless he follows this routine He has difficulty communicating verbally what he's thinking inside He feels that he may have been damaged by the electric shock treatments he was given at Besley Hill Jim's job is cleaning the tables in the restaurant area of the store Despite his awkward nature he has received friendship and compassion from both co workers and his boss He finds a particular connection with Eileen a co worker in the restaurant area of the storeAs the chapters volley these time periods and characters back and forth a very rich story evolves and ultimately unites to a surprising and satisfying conclusion This is a rare gem of a book that I highly recommend Astonishing book I'm in tears after literally just finishing it this book punched me in the stomach and took emotions to another place I have rarely cried reading a book interestingly Rachel Joyce's first novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry did tooI won't repeat the book synopsis here but the book is magical the writing is sublime It is a book to please persist with it can seem slow going in places but when all the pieces of the story interweave together it will be worth it I promiseI loved Diana Byron's mother in the book because she could be any of a million women in the world living a similar existence she was so normal yet so tragic tooThere is humour if you look for it in this book but overall it's a sad melancholy story but wow does it pack a powerful punch at the end I was similarly moved by her other novel you just simply have to read this bookI just want to hug Byron the young boy whom much of the book focuses on he made me want to invite him home for a hot chocolate and popcorn Beautiful and heartbreaking portrayal of a young boys life and inner worldIt made me cry I got choked up that never happens to me everhighly recommended reading and hold on to the very end don't skip a single word you'll be so glad you did but have the tissues readyRachel Joyce is one of my new favourite authors Beautifully written books that capture the light and shade of life I received an advance copy of this book through a GoodReads contest My thanks to the authorI opened the book read a few pages closed the book Opened the book read a few pages closed the book You get the idea? I just couldn’t get into the story It seemed to go and on and I could see where the main part of the story was headed and it seemed to be CRAWLING to get there It was an awfully long way to go to get to the payoff at the end for the other part of the dual storyI started this book on Nov 18th and didn’t finish it until Nov 26th 9 days is a VERY long time for me to take to read a book It started to feel like homework I really wanted to read something else I started to resent having to read it and it went downhill from thereAs of today there are 183 reviews and 597 ratings for this book here on GoodReads So I don’t feel too bad about not writing a detailed review Suffice it to say that it wasn’t for me Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestHave you ever picked up a book to find that it wasn't what you expected? PERFECT was that for me It was really difficult to get into but the beautiful writing and dual narrative were oddly compelling More so when you start to see how the concept of perfect ties into the adult man Jim who is ruled by his OCD and the demons from his past and Byron the child of WASP y parents whose lives are torn apart because of a tragedyIt's been a while since a story I was enjoying made me so angry I think the last time was something by JM Coetzee He's good at that Rachel Joyce is also good but not as Byron's story was interesting but unraveled too uickly at the end Jim's story on the other hand had an unnecessary romance subplotPERFECT isn't a perfect book by any means but it's a fast read with an interesting mystery at its heart and watching both story lines spiral downward has all the appeal of a literary train wreckSorry if this review is short but I can't say much than this without spoiling everything ; 3 stars

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