Nursing Case Studies

Nursing Case Studies Med Surg Success In The Palm Of Your Hand Master The Art Of Critical Thinking And Clinical Reasoning With This Book Designed To Help You Develop And Utilize The Nursing Process And Prioritization In Real To Life Case Studies Surrounding The Most Commonly Seen And Tested Patient Diagnosis After Reading This Book You Will Improve Your Clinical Reasoning Skills Develop Confidence In Answering Difficult Med Surg Questions Become Familiar With The Most Common Patient Disorders Learn How To Answer Hard NCLEX Style Questions Improve Prioritization Skills Master The Nursing Process In Clinical Settings Case Study LayoutClient Case PresentationQuestions Regarding Client BackgroundCase ProgressionAdditional Critical Thinking QuestionsRationalEach Case Study Includes 8 15 Questions That Require You To Think Beyond The Most Simple Rational Case Studies Also Include Highly Detailed And In Depth Rationales Over 500 Words To Insure That You Are Learning As Much As Possible About The Disease Process Disease Processes Covered In This Book Congestive Heart Failure Ischemic Stroke Pneumothorax Hypertensive Crisis End Stage Renal Disease Cirrhosis Acute MI STEMI Hypothyroidism End Stage Renal Disease COPD Seizure Disorder Sepsis CABG Pancreatitis Respiratory Acidosis The Selection Process For The 15 Diseases Covered In This Book Included Drawing On My Experience As A CCRN In A Large Metropolitan ICU, Speaking With Other Nurses In Various Specialties, Referring To A Mountain Of NCLEX Prep Books, Reviewing CCRN Study Materials, Speaking With Physicians, And Reviewing NIH National Institute Of Health Data Regarding The Most Commonly Presenting Conditions In Hospitals.Scroll Up To Buy