Murder Most Howl Paws and Claws Mystery #3

Murder Most Howl Paws and Claws Mystery #3[Read] ➪ Murder Most Howl Paws and Claws Mystery #3 Author Krista Davis – The New York Times bestselling author of The Ghost and Mrs Mewer and The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss returns with a tail of a ruff winterThis January Wagtail Virginia the top pet friendly destination The New Howl Paws Epub á York Times bestselling author of The Ghost and Mrs Mewer and The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss returns with a tail of a ruff winterThis January Wagtail Virginia the top pet friendly destination Murder Most Epub / in the country is throwing a fun murder mystery weekend—but no one expected the real thingHolly Miller is delighted her grandmother has finally left the Sugar Maple Inn to take a well deserved vacation It means Most Howl Paws PDF ´ Holly’s in charge but running the inn might be challenging than she realized Wagtail’s throwing a weekend long murder mystery game to draw in tourists during the Most Howl Paws and Claws PDF/EPUB ² slow season the inn has a full house and Most Howl Paws and Claws PDF/EPUB ² a blizzard is on the way Trouble is unleashed the night the game begins when the storm blows in and the lights go out  It gets worse the following morning when Holly’s Jack Russell terrier Trixie discovers a body—one that’s actually dead Now Holly her calico kitten Twinkletoes and Trixie must play by the rules and find one dirty dogDelicious recipes for owners and pets included . This is a cozy mystery and this is the third book in the Paws and Claws Mystery series I have read the other books in this series I really loved this book I love the characters in this book Nestled on Wagtail Mountain in West Virginia the Sugar Maple Inn a delightful pet friendly resort in a pet themed town; is hosting a Murder Mystery Weekend Holly Miller's grandma 'Oma' is on a cruise leaving Holly and her friendly staff to entertain the tourists Once the game begins some of the competitors show signs of being unscrupulous about finding and keeping the clues Of course it's just a pretend gameuntil Holly and her dogs find a frozen body on a bench clutching a fake bottle of poison game prop Deputy Dave is prompt on the scene and starts investigating the man's past and a flurry of uestions begin Could the mystery game be related to the murder? As a blizzard rages on the mountain and no one can leave; a real killer is now on the prowlFollowing the storyline in this marvelous mystery will keep your eyes glued to the pages I didn't want the story to end For pet people every pet is precious and you want to pet and play with them yourself The Sugar Maple staff feel like good friendsI'm in awe of author Krista Davis's ingenuity as she continues to create and expand this cozy mystery series Bravo I eagerly await the fourth Paws and Claws MysteryThe author provided me with a complimentary copy of this book This review is my honest opinion and not influenced by anyone else Either these books are getting better or I’m getting desensitized to them and less inclined to be nitpicky Either way I was able to enjoy this adorable little mystery full of adorable pets DOGGIES KITTIES and their indulgent owners even though my brain was probably only 60% engaged with the story for the majority of the book Although I couldn’t have figured out the murderer from the clues revealed along the way it wasn’t too difficult since view spoiler there’s really only one non pet friendly person left alive in the book hide spoiler This book was awesome The murder mystery weekend and the real murder blended together until you didn't know who was who and it all came together perfectly for a great and logical ending I haven't met a book by Krista Davis yet that I didn't like Highly recommend Dollycas’s ThoughtsIf Wagtail Mountain was a real place I would bundle up in my warm winter clothes and head there today I would check right in at the Sugar Maple Inn with my dogs Oreo and NeraBelle and let the fun beginKrista Davis has created an ideal place for pet lovers A town the welcomes their dogs and cats and caters to them The restaurants have both pet and people selections on their menus Stores offer items for animals and the people that love them Hotels and places like the Sugar Maple Inn have cat and dog wings and allow the 4 legged family members roam and make themselves right at homeIn this 3rd installment the town is hosting the Murder Most Howl Mystery Game where guests try to solve the mystery like a huge game of Clue There is a blizzard headed toward Wagtail that could put a little damper on the festivities Of course a body found outside the Inn could be a huge game changer too Holly and her friends know the event is important for the town so they do all the can to keep things running smoothly while they try to solve the real murder mystery tooThe regular characters are joined by some very interesting characters in town for the weekend including The Thursday Night Cloak and Dagger Book Club and couple wanting to adopt a dog The Sugar Maple Inn has a program called If The Dog Fits where guests can get to know dogs from the humane society All the characters human canine and feline all come to life and leap from the pagesI really enjoyed this story The mysteries real and in the game were very well thought out and plotted Both had their share of red herrings the game than originally planned I ended up reading the book all in one sitting and was sorry my virtual visit to Wagtail ended so soon I look forward to returning there soon Another fun visit to one of my favorite fictional towns Wagtail As usual this one didn't disappoint at all It was a murder mystery weekend in January at the Sugar Maple Inn and Holly's friend Val who owned the pub Hair of the Dog was one of the people planning it Val had come up with 100 clues to be placed in the inn and around various businesses Players collected fake weapons which allowed them to find out secrets about their fellow players This was a great idea to boost business in January but no one counted on a real murder later followed by an attempted murder to complicate things I loved how the weekend also included letting people interact with various dogs from the Wagtail If the Dog Fits program Three dogs got their forever homes that weekend and Trixie Gingersnap and some of the guest dogs and cats got extra playmates for a few daysAs with the previous books this one was a page turner and had me guessing the whole time who the killer was I was pretty surprised at the end and the interesting reasoningplotting The take down was great assisted by who else one of the soon to be adopted dogs Rooster whose name got changed to Duke I missed the presence of Holly's grandma Oma and her good friend Rose Holmes's grandma but I do love Mr Huckle who did an amazing job of filling in At the beginning it explained Oma and Rose were on a two week relaxation cruise When Oma returned she was super proud of Holly and how she'd managed to keep her cool despite a murder power outages blizzards and everything else that happened that weekend I'd like to stay in Wagtail awhile so I might just start the fourth book soon Have you ever signed up for a murder mystery weekend? You have expectations Holly Miller and the residents of Wagtail both human and animal get than they expected when they set the mystery weekend in motionWith a blizzard closing the town off from the rest of the world this book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat to find out who the murderer was I recommend you set aside your plans for the day you pick up the book You won’t get to anything elseA copy of this book was sent for me for free to give my honest review The Sugar Maple Inn is hosting a Murder Mystery Weekend and oops an extra body turns up and this one really is dead Follow the clues and get to know Holly and the Wagtail residents and their furry cohorts I really enjoy this sweet series and I look forward to visiting Wagtail in the next installment Wouldn't it be grand if a place existed in North America where people with their pets could live without leash laws or off limit areas for their animal companions? Well welcome to Wagtail where pets are allowed in stores restaurants and where a walk with your owner is a joy of exploration exercise without the constraint of a leash One of the businesses in town is the Sugar Maple Inn where Holly Miller her grandmother welcome people their pets In this book the third in the Paws and Claws series Holly minus her travelling grandmother is hosting a murder mystery weekend When a real body is found in addition to the pretend corpse everyone appears to pitch in even the murder mystery participants Can they solve both the pretend real mystery before someone else dies? What could be better pets a murder mystery? This book is great combination of two of my favourite things When you add a hint of romance wonderful recipes for both people dogs a great setting the wonderful premise of a murder mystery weekend you have a very enjoyable and entertaining book that was hard to put down I am looking forward to going back and reading the first 2 books in the series I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Attention cozy fans It's time to grab your favorite snack and beverage and snuggle up by the fireplace Once you pick up Murder Most Howl you won't want to put it down This 3rd book in the Paws and Claws series by Krista Davis is FRIGHTFULLY GOOD Set in Wagtail a pet themed town a Murder Mystery Weekend is afoot There are fake weapons ingenious clues and even a dead body Unfortunately a not so pretend Mr Boddy is discovered by Trixie Holly Miller's adorable canine The murder victim is described as a pestiferous louse so it's no wonder there are as many suspects in this case than there are hairs on a dog The characters are delightful except for Aunt Birdie and the twists and turns are clever The author has a knack for details including a helpful cast of characters at the beginning of the book and fun recipes at the end Mystery lovers will enjoy this book so much they will be itching to relocate to Wagtail I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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