So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed➚ [KINDLE] ❄ So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed By Jon Ronson ➤ – Now a New York Times bestseller and from the author of The Psychopath Test a captivating and brilliant exploration of one of our world's most underappreciated forces shame 'It's about the terror isn't Now a New York Times bestseller Been Publicly Kindle Ó and from the author of The Psychopath Test a captivating and brilliant exploration of one of our world's most underappreciated forces shame 'It's about the terror isn't it' 'The terror of what' I said 'The terror of being found out' For the past three years Jon Ronson has travelled the world meeting recipients of high profile public shamings The shamed are people like us people who say made a joke So You’ve ePUB ô on social media that came out badly or made a mistake at work Once their transgression is revealed collective outrage circles with the force of a hurricane and the next thing they know they're being torn apart by an angry mob jeered at demonized sometimes even fired from their job A great renaissance of public shaming is sweeping our land Justice has been democratized The silent majority are getting a voice But what are we doing with You’ve Been Publicly PDF Î our voice We are mercilessly finding people's faults We are defining the boundaries of normality by ruining the lives of those outside it We are using shame as a form of social control Simultaneously powerful and hilarious in the way only Jon Ronson can be So You've Been Publicly Shamed is a deeply honest book about modern life full of eye opening truths about the escalating war on human flaws and the very scary part we all play in it. I thought this was fascinatingIt's not a perfect book In fact Ronson goes wandering down a number of paths that don't seem that relevant to the main topic such as that whole section with the shame eradication group and yet it is still uite fun to go on the journey with him I guess in the end there is just something so morbidly fascinating about public shaming and embarrassmentThe resurgence of public shaming on social media really interests me As Ronson points out public punishments were phased out over a century ago in the United States and Western Europe but they have recently been making a comeback I've heard it described as vigilante justice and herd mentality I think I might have called it the latter myself but whatever you call it you've probably seen it in some form or other Someone is outed online for saying something dumb or controversial for plagiarizing for whatever and suddenly it blows up Twitter piles on and destroys the person Jobs have been lost; lives have been ruinedIt leaves a lot of people feeling conflicted because on the one hand it can be used for good Social media users rally together and take on giant companies or powerful individuals The inspirational taglines write themselves Together anything is possible But what does someone really deserve for making a bad taste joke online? To lose their job and livelihood? To never be given a chance at their career again? Rape threats? Ronson goes to meet a variety of people who have been publicly shamed in a number of different ways He then takes it further and speaks with psychiatrists governors and law enforcement officialsWhat is interesting is the conclusion he reaches about the damage caused by public shaming There's a very good reason we no longer see value in publicly humiliating criminals and Ronson looks into that here A very interesting book It's scary that we don't look poised to take his advice anytime soonBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube Do you remember that story about the woman flying to Africa the one who tweeted a joke about how she was white and so wouldn't get AIDS there the one who after waking from her nap on the plane found her joke had outraged the entire internet that her job was lost and that her life was destroyed?Ronson uses this case and others like it to investigate the process of public shaming in our high tech age He shows us what a devastating and merciless process it can be and how it is not done by them but by us and worse that it is often something that makes us feel virtuous when we do it After all haven't we merely exposed another racist another snob another homophobe another chauvinist? Aren't we virtually effortlessly anonymously keeping up the good fight?In a score of revealing interviews and vignettes Ronson gives us glimpses into the lives of people who have been subjected to various forms of public shaming its immediate pain and long term conseuences Among them are a woman who mocked an Arlington Cemetery Silence and Respect sign the son of a prominent WW II British fascist who was filmed spouting German during an SM scenario a journalist who made up a Bob Dylan uote and a young drunk driver forced by a judge to wear an I am a Murderer sign There are other interview subjects too who provide context the aforementioned judge the college researcher involved in a simulated prison study and the head of a firm who claims that through the use of innocuous tweets and bland blog posts he can move your shameful crimes so far down the Google results list that no one except for the pathologically obsessed will ever encounter them againAs usual Ronson writes a sharp humorous prose that is also touched with compassion Like each of his books it is that rare thing in journalism an easy read but a thoughtful read too Many thanks to Emma for spotlighting this bookA joke that went too farA few years ago en route from New York to South Africa a woman sent a series of tweets excerpts are from the book emphasis by me Weird German dude you're in first class it's 2014 get some deodorant inner monologue as I inhale BO Thank God for pharmaceuticalsThen at Heathrow Chili cucumber sandwiches bad teeth Back in London Then before boarding the final leg Going to Africa Hope I don't get AIDS Just kidding I'm whiteA few hours later her life imploded And it probably might remain that way Because the public never forget there are no second chances given in the court of public opinion Life as she knew it was over Possibly forever Admittedly her jokes were in poor taste reprehensible even but in the court of public opinion via FB and Twitter her penance as far I could surmise from the book is that she lives with the shame Forever A life destroyedThis woman's story in addition to a multitude of other cases forms the premise of So You've Been Publicly ShamedPoliticians authors porn stars ordinary folks Whether caught in a lie or a senseless act of their own making Conseuently Jon Ronson set out to chronicle their lives a post mortem of sorts Did they ever recover? If so who and why?Truth to Power? Social Justice? Or maybe simple vindictiveness?My uestion is What have YOU and I posted to social media and could it stand close scrutiny? Overall the author handled the victims and subject matter with compassion and I dare say this will have you reviewing your participation in any form of online shaming Update I can't resistLet shame follow this dentist even unto the last drilling and the last filling when he crosses the great divide let all the animals he shot be waiting for himTHE REVIEW OF THE BOOKHere is a 100% fast fun astonishing intriguing hectic sprint through the strange subject of shame Our tour guide Jon Ronson is an amiable journo who’s cherry picked a few recent spasms of shaming for our delectation and schadenfreude Like a freak show we can gawp and shudder in delicious horrorIt felt like we were soldiers in a war on other people’s flawsThe idea is this In the olden days public shame was part of the judicial processbut that was abolished in 1839 And now it’s BACK Public shaming has been revived and is in full swing on Twitter Facebook and other social media People are making mistakes and they are getting EXTRA JUDICIAL PUNISHMENT doled out by ourselves armed with only our keyboards and mices and tablets and iphones We – us – are now the angry crowd of pitchfork peasants We shove the miscreants in the stocks and pillories and pelt them with three month old cabbages and decaying turnips ONE TWEET AND YOUR LIFE ENDS JUSTINE SACCOHere is the example – the Awful Example – of Justine Sacco Here is what public shame and utter humiliation does She was a New York PR employee of some hot shit American conglomerate called IAC which I never heard of On 20 December 2013 she was off on holiday to South Africa She used Twitter and had around 30 followers She was at Heathrow airport waiting for the plane to Cape Town and tweeted Cucumber sandwiches – bad teeth Back in LondonThat was the level – unfunny mild insults about British people Hmph But then Going to Africa Hope I don’t get AIDS Just kidding I’m white Jon Ronson says “she chuckled to herself pressed SEND and wandered around the airport for half an hour sporadically checking Twitter ‘I got nothing’ she told me ‘No replies’”Then she went off on her 11 hour flight and couldn’t access Twitter While she was in the plane her tweet exploded Here’s how much it exploded in October 2013 she was googled 30 times In November 2013 she was googled 30 times Between 20 and 31 December 2013 she was googled 1220000 times No words for that horribly disgusting racist as fuck tweet from Justine Sacco I am beyond horrifiedHer level of racist ignorance belongs on Fox news From IAC her employers This is an outrageous offensive comment Employee in uestion is currently unreachable Fascinated by the Justine Sacco train wreck It’s global and apparently she’s still on the plane All I want for Christmas is to see Justine Sacco’s face when her plane lands and she checks her inboxIn fact her deeply tasteless comment was an attempt to spoof white ignorance “Living in America puts us in a bit of a bubble when it comes to what is going on in the Third World I was making fun of that bubble”The world did not get the joke “I can’t fully grasp the misconception that’s happened round the world” She had to cut short her holiday “People were threatening to go on strike at the hotels I was booked into if I showed up” IAC fired her In this book people are getting fired for perceived to be offensive tweets right and left Jon Ronson puts his finger on the reason for the vast avalanche of insult which poured down on Justine Sacco in the last weeks of December 2013 Dragging down Justine Sacco felt like dragging down every rich white person who’s ever gotten away with making a racist joke because they could SILENCE AND RESPECTSo JR looks at various horror stories of this type of lives destroyed by thoughtlessness Here’s another example Two women were guiding a party of disabled adults around Washington for the charity they worked at They liked to make spoof photos like smoking in front of No Smoking signs juvenile stuff like that They went to Arlington Cemetery and just took leave of their senses One posed in front of the sign which says “Silence and Respect” – she pretended she was yelling and was giving the finger as well What humour – it’s the opposite of silence and respect see? I get it So did all of Facebook when they insanely put the photo up and the woman in the photo was fired and spent a year afraid to leave the house SHAMELESS THE SICK NAZI ORGYJR examines examples of people who have been horribly shamed but were NOT destroyed A good example in Britain is Max Mosley He has had a fair amount of shame to bear in his life – son of Oswald Mosley who was head of the British Union of Fascists and a supporter of Hitler Max became head of Formula One racing and he liked to attend SM parties One of which was filmed and splattered over a tabloid newspaper here in the UK There he was whipping girls and being whipped by girls F1 BOSS HAS SICK NAZI ORGY WITH 5 HOOKERS At one point the wrinkled 67 year old yells “she needs of ze punishment” while brandishing a LEATHER STRAP over a brunette’s naked bottom Then the lashes rain down as Mosley counts them out in German Within a year Max had successfully sued the paper for breach of privacy and appeared on a few general political discussion shows in the UK It turned out that the public couldn’t care less about SM orgies He was unshamed This inspires Jon to visit Kink Studios to see if he can answer the uestion is the porn industry populated by people immune to shame? Unfortunately he gets frankly rubbishy answers and does not pursue this line But it does make me wonder – what do the models in even the anodyne disrobings on the most vanilla of porn sites think about their intimate parts captured forever by the internet’s powers of recall? Assuming they don’t stay in the porn biz for life does this ever have any repercussions in the private or public sphere? WE ARE THE NEW CROWD OF PEASANTS WITH PITCHFORKSThis book is nothing than lightweight journalism but JR has a knack – just when you wonder what this or that person in the story had to say what was their angle what happened to her afterwards – he’s anticipated you and he’s emailed or skyped or twittered the person and he’s got the reply Jon interviews James Gilligan author of Violence A National Epidemic – read and reviewed who says that if shaming people worked prison would work and no one would reoffend but it doesn’t work In the end says Jon this has been a book about people who didn’t do very much wrong and got vengeance and anger rained down on them Vengeance and anger and shaming appears to be our default position here on the internet I would have liked JR to discuss why men get shamed in a forensic manner such as for plagiarism and women get shamed in a personal manner which very rapidly descends into misogynistic rape death threats always the ol’ rape ‘n’ death threats – he mentions this in a couple of lines then veers offBut that’s what this book is – filled with interesting ideas and uestions and leaping from one internet zone to another with the alacrity of an Olympic gold medallist gibbon – from Twitter to 4chan to instagram and back again He didn’t ask us on Goodreads if we had any good stories though If he had we would have collectively put our hands behind our head and gazed at the ceiling and saidWell now there was once this retired librarian called Ginnie Jones Last October I read The Psychopath Test I had no idea what to expect and I was blown away And Goodreads being the amazing place it is I had people recommending me to read this one It sounded very interesting so I went and bought it straight awayAnd let me tell I maybe liked it even than I did the Psychopath Test? It might be due to the fact that I already read Jon Ronson's book and it made sense this time around It was easier to see how it all connected Plus I already knew it was not a fiction story Yeah I had a bit of dumb moment with the Psychopath testThe story was great; I have to say that I generally stay away from Twitter because I always get angry there andor disappointed with the world So I did not know any of those stories the book mentioned It was all new to me I'm honestly thinking about reading up about some of them because it will be very interesting to compare the initials feelings which I had after reading about them in this book with those I'll have then I felt sorry for several people I wanted to ask what they were thinking One broke my heart Some culprits were not exactly sympathetic to me And I had a very hard time feeling anything toward them Then they were those people who inspired me a bit They looked the shame in the eyes and remained unbowed “As soon as the victim steps out of the pact by refusing to feel ashamed” he said “the whole thing crumbles” “I suppose that when shamings are delivered like remotely administered drone strikes nobody needs to think about how ferocious our collective power might be”I liked the complexity of the story How those people were shamed How they dealt with it What's behind the public shaming mentality Also how differently men and women are usually shamed which I never really realised but thinking now about it it's pretty terrifying truth And I have to say that I enjoyed the little tidbits where Ronson explained how he identified with those who shamed them I consider myself a social justice person It was my people abusing our powerIt was not a crucial part of the book But it's still my favourite Anyway the important uestion is which Ronson book I should read next? I love it when I hear about a book automatically have to go out and get it and then can't put it down It's a rare experience but it's a really potent and exciting one You're thrown into something brand new and days later emerge drawing breath crawling out of your book cave victoriousThis book examined ultimately to me compassion online I very much think of the internet as a wild west It's so new it's constantly evolving and there aren't any real agreed upon rules and regulations This book starts on that path on that conversation of what kind of place do we want the internet to be and how do we make it that? I've finished the book my least favourite of Ronson's It was almost in two halves The first was interesting the latter part perhaps not a half but a third was boring It didn't finish as much as peter out This is a bit of a long review because I've picked out the three people in the book most affected by being shamed There were a lot of cranky individuals featured The most interesting being the serial liar fabricator maker up of uotations whatever you want and self plagiarist Jonah Lehrer He was a genius child flavour of the month pop scientistsociologist a la Malcolm Gladwell but got caught and shamed He did apologise publicly but not a real apologyThe purpose of an apology is not to excuse but to heal Apologies that begin I want to say I'm sorry but are excuses And his excuse was that neurologically some of the most brilliant yadayadayada And he was paid 20000 dollars to make it Still I find his punishment extraordinary He remains in the wilderness a nice one the Hollywood hills and without any credibility The New Yorker et al should get over themselves He didn't kill anyone he didn't plot to blow up some public building he told some lies Give the man employment he's a good writer A public shaming shouldn't mean a life sentenceJustine Sacco is different She liked making politically incorrect jokes on Twitter which betrayed if nothing else she felt superior in her well off White privileged position It doesn't mean she really was a racist who hated mentally challenged people but it does mean she didn't give a damn how they felt about her jokes because the tweets were aimed at other rich white privileged people who would understand them Still it was hard to understand Going to Africa Hope I don't get AIDS Just kidding I'm white Actually Sacco's main crime is that she is stupid beyond belief Stupid Stupid Stupid What person a top PR executive working with multinationals no less would think that her tweets wouldn't spread So why did Jon Ronson alone swallow her story of her trying to raise people's consciousness of the poor blacks in Africa and the dread plague of AIDS? Especially considering she had never knowingly tweeted a socially responsible tweet One of her other offensive tweets was I had a sex dream about an autistic kid last night view spoilerHere are some other pretty offensive ones hide spoiler A book that's incredibly relevant and that I would recommend All the information and examples provided were very interestingI can say that as a youtuber it's definitely a fear of mine Saying something which will be misinterpreted and being publicly shamed for it It sounds extreme but some minor occurrence happens on a daily basis I straight up NEVER read nonfiction I don't like it It's boring Where's the story? Is someone going to get punched? Anyone? Where is the writing style that doesn't make me want to shove a fork through my eye? I mean these are all things I needHowever Everyyyyyy once in a while an exception comes alongSAY HELLOOOOO TO THAT EXCEPTIONThis book is so funIt is not only fun; it is interesting It is not only interesting; it is funny It is not only funny; it is smart In short it is everything I need to have a good time while also feeling very pretentious and smart and patting myself on the back for eight consecutive weeks for reading anything with literary merit than a young adult contemporary romanceTHE STANDARDS ARE LOW AND THAT'S JUST THE WAY I LIKE THEMSo this book is about the recent ? semi recent trend of publicly shaming people on the Internet Which is my favorite thing Watching racists get sucker punched by the entirety of Twitter is my like religion I pray at the altar of screenshots you know? #JustMillennialThingsSo I was very curious to see if this book could convince me that this ultimate form of technological vigilante justice in any way a bad thingAnd it um kinda didn’t? And not for lack of trying It definitely got me convinced that like hey maybe we don’t need to ruin some of these people’s entire lives And there was exactly one person in this book who I thought was totally undeserving of the shit storm she formally received out of maybe 8 examples But I read this book shortly before Charlottesville and it’s hard to look at the hardworking people of Twitter outing literal Nazis and be like Hey Bad Because it isn’t Vigilante justice can be shtty but I’m not opposed to any anti Nazi action Any Try meANYI didn’t feel shamed by Ronson buh dum ch though or anything So it didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the bookWhat diiiiiiid detract from my enjoyment was Ronson casually easily you know justtotally shattering his authorial credibility to me as a reader Fun stuff But seriously this whole book is about delving into people’s pasts to find out the things they’re most opposed to people finding out Which is already thin ice But there’s a moment when Ronson makes really clear that the only privacy he gives a sht about is his own BOOOOOO shouts the audienceMy guy Ronson and I seriously did love his voice throughout this So Much which makes this heartbreaking moment even tragic attends a class on how not to feel shame This class begins with every person in it going around and stating something about themselves that they don’t want the other students to know Ronson includes every person’s answer which ismaybe not necessary EXCEPT GUESS WHOSE ANSWER IS NOT INCLUDED YEAH YOU GUESSED IT IT’S RONSON’SWhat kind of lack of integritySo I don’t know man I initially rated this five stars because I read it in a day and had so much fun with it and also my brain felt all big afterward and it made me so pretentious that I wore a monocle for the next 8 consecutive business days but there’s no way I can give that type of action five stars That sht is NOT COOL JONBut will I be reading other Ronson sht? Hell yeah I willBottom line A crazy good book with One Annoying ThingIS NOTHING EASY pre reviewI LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOKi seriously couldn't put it down and there exists a very limited number of nonfiction books i find un put down ablei am certain not a single one of you cares about my feelings on this book and yet i will share themreview to comeee Find all of my reviews at Most of you are probably already familiar with the concept of public shaming Heck we see it on Goodreads all the time The author who chooses to get spammy or games the ratings system with sockpuppets or trolls reviews when someone dares to bash their “special snowflake” is uickly drawn and uartered by users If you’re an American you were probably even forced to read about public shamings back in high school ^^^^This version was sooooo much better than the originalWhat you may not know is how prevalent public shaming was as a form of punishment back in the olden days While the practice of slapping a Scarlet A on someone’s clothing went by the wayside hundreds of years ago and public airing of grievances became a practice reserved strictly for Festivus Al Gore’s invention of the interwebs brought back public shaming in a BIG way With today’s handy dandy technology and the anonymity that the internet provides the world has become full of Keyboard Commandos “With social media we’ve created a stage for constant artificial high drama Every day a new person emerges as a magnificent hero or a sickening villain It’s all very sweeping and not the way we actually are as people What rush was overpowering us at times like this? What were we getting out of it?” So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed is a book that covers a handful of “shamings” and the aftershocks the publicly shamed experienced while trying to get their lives back together It covers everything from plagiarists to stories of those with good intentions gone wrong due to made up facts and studies but the sections I found most intriguing were those of jokes gone bad If you have been on the internet than a nanosecond you’ve probably seen someone get butthurt It’s easy to read something the wrong way when tone is absent Thus was the case with “The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World” and Lindsay Stone While it’s obvious that both of the above were cases of using poor taste both of these women’s lives were ruined leaving the author to note “There must have been among their public shamers a lot of people who chose to willfully misunderstand it for some reason” I agree I mean as distasteful as they may have been I think most people “got” both of the jokes and while I agree it’s up to these individual’s employers to determine whether or not they want to keep these women on their payroll I have to ask why it’s not okay for someone with less than 200 social media contacts to post something insensitive without getting flamed by millions while Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made millions doing the same???? FYI In case you are Anne live in a cave and are unfamiliar with the program the correct answer was “NAGGERS”We then flip the script in order to tackle the issue of a shaming which backfired While Justine Sacco and Lindsay Stone clearly put themselves out on display for judgment the two gentlemen in the previous photo did not Not only did Adria Richards take it upon herself to publicly shame the two tech convention attendees when she happened to overhear them making a private “dongle” joke which resulted in them losing their jobs she also ended up losing hers when she unintentionally publicly shamed herself whenever she opened her mouth “Have you ever heard that thing ‘men are afraid that women will laugh at them and women are afraid that men will kill them’?” she askedI told Adria that people might consider that an overblown thing to say She had after all been in the middle of a tech conference with EIGHT HUNDRED bystanders“Sure” Adria responded “And those people would probably be white and they would probably be male” Richards went out of her way time and time again to prove that ALL things male were most definitely not A Okay with her which led to something Richards should have really been afraid of – actual threats on her person and a DDoS attack on her company’s servers which resulted in her termination And that is where So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed got terrifying While I believe Richards seriously made a mountain out of a molehill and deserved to be fired for being a public asshat the nearly immediate response of the internet shamer to threaten a woman shaming victim with some sort of physical harm up to and including rape as a form of public degradation while never mentioning the same with respect to a man was nauseating The same can be said for the reaction to various sexcapades A woman who makes a stupid joke or has a differing opinion on a book causing her shaming can expect to be called fat or a c^t or a bad parent or told they should be genitally mutilated but a public figure who admits to having an affair will most likely be lauded a hero once he buys his wife a fancy vacation to “rebuild their marriage” or helps her get elected as President If you’re looking for a “smart” book that is easy to read I highly recommend this one Many thanks to Sam for bringing it to my attention – and for picking something we can FINALLY agree on Now if you’d just re read The Martian and admit that you read it wrong the first time I won’t have to gather the masses and shame you ;