Without Regret

Without Regret[PDF / Epub] ★ Without Regret By Nicole Edwards – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Devil’s Playground Las VegasThe first book in the HOT new Devil's Playground series Isaiah Fontenot had never played the role of white knight At least not until his boss Maximillian Adorite gave him Devil’s Playground Las VegasThe first book in the HOT new Devil's Playground series Isaiah Fontenot had never played the role of white knight At least not until his boss Maximillian Adorite gave him the order to That was when he found himself coming face to face with the stunning Cassidy Owens the woman in need of savingCassidy only thought she was hiding from the men who were looking for her brother Not knowing where to go Cassidy opted to hide in plain sight taking up temporary residence in a Vegas hotel near her condo Turned out she wasn’t as good at hiding as she had planned When Isaiah finds Cassidy it doesn’t take long for passion to ignite But at the end of the day when the threat to Cassidy has been neutralized will the two of them be able to walk away Without RegretNovella No cliffhangerDevil's Playground is a spin off series from Southern Boy Mafia Each novella is complete and does not contain a cliffhanger. 25 stars I'm pretty disappointed with this one particularly as I'm a Nicole fan I know this was a novella but it lost me with I Love You after 24 hours of knowing each other Big tough gangsters don't say I love you and talk kids after one night no matter the situation or drama I just couldn't buy it maybe I expected ? Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good read Cassidy Owens is on the run when her brother Jordan gets in trouble with a loan shark they come after her so she runs Isaiah Fontenot is doing a job for his boss mafia Don Maximillian Adorite find Cassidy and keep her safe This was the first book in a new series from one of my favorite author's and it was a really good start Cassidy is not sure she should trust Isaiah or his twin brother Micah at first although she is pretty sure that Micah doesn't like her Isaiah falls for her the first time he see's her after she talks to Max and his wife Courtney she relaxes she knows that she is attracted to him When the three of them go to her apartment to look for clues to help find her brother and get her some clothes and all hell breaks out and Isaiah proves why he is in the mob When Cassidy makes her move on Isaiah and it was hot I mean shower sex at the first hook up Although this book was a novella I wanted of a backstory on each of these character's and although we got some of the twins story the book really didn't go into Cassidy's story This book was well written all of Nicole's books with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series This is a uick hot read NE is always a top favourite I like this spin off because I can never get enough of her serious' This insta love thing didn't do it for mein love after one day? Living together after two days? I don't know about that that's why the 4 starts and not 5 I am hoping that Micah is up for the next book I want to know about him What happens in Vegasnot always what you expect Cassidy is trying to hide from the men looking for her brother and thinks she is doing a good job of it When she is found by Isaiah with little difficulty she knows she is in trouble but he maintains he is there to protect her But is she safe with a man that works for the mafia? The have instant passion and as he is keeping her safe he is also keeping her warm in his bed I loved this story it was short yet full of suspense alpha male protectiveness and hot scenes There is a way to incorporate character development as well as an intricate plot in a short story and Nicole Edwards nails it in this one I enjoyed the banter the protectiveness and the brotherhood of the men that work with Isaiah A good uick listenThese characters need to be brought to life with a stern yet compassionate alpha male and Tor Thom is the perfect choice for this He gives each character their own style easy to discern and you can tell who is in charge Charley Ongel as Cassidy gives her strength and vulnerability and a little sass to make her character very real and believable A great listen I reviewed my personal copy of this book for Wicked ReadsI always enjoy reading Ms Edwards' books and have had this one and the next one in the series sitting on my Kindle waiting for a uiet moment They were a perfect indulgence in hot naughty and super sexy stories I have not read the connected books in the Southern Boy Mafia series but it didn't matter I enjoyed the Mafia elements anyway As long as you can go with the instant connection which does makes sense given the situation then this is a totally engrossing read I liked the underlying plot although it took very much a second string to the boiling heat between Isaiah and Cassidy I was convinced there was to the Devil's Playground Club but there was plenty of action in Isaiah's penthouse so I did not feel any disappointment There is a touch of domination but really this is just super hot If you have a shortish window of time but want a sexy read then this will deliver If you have time to read Without Restraint too then you will be very satisfied Looking for a uick read full of action and bad boys? Look no further Without Regret is the first book in a new series of novellas from Nicole Edwards This is also a spin off from the Southern Boy Mafia series In this first book we are introduced to Isaiah and Cassidy Isaiah is one of the club owners of the Las Vegas night club Devil's Playground and also works for Max Adorite of the Southern Boy Mafia He has been asked to protect Cassidy after her brother got in debt with the wrong people Things get hot and heavy when Isaiah finds he is attracted to Cassidy The sex scenes are hot too I truly enjoyed the story line and I'm looking forward to from this series I love how Nicole's series intertwine with each other so you are always getting glimpses of characters from the other books You can read this book as a stand alone however I do recommend reading Wait for Morning and Beautifully Brutal first as some of the characters are mentioned here I received this book complimentary from the author in return for my honest review Nicole Edwards I would love to visit your head for a while Between the Walkers and Now the Southern Boy Mafia you have some hot as all hell men living up in there HUM HUM HUM This novella introduces us to the Devils Playground part of the Southern Boy Mafia enterprises The Vegas branchI highly suggest that you read Beautifully Brutal first so you understand the workings of Max and Courtney I think that it would help you understand the way things and how uickly people jump and do their bidding in this book if you know the back story of Beautifully BrutalIsaiah and Cassidy's is fast paced an partially because it is a novella and partially because it is a spin of Beautifully Brutal you should know some of the back story already As with Sniper 1 Beautifully Brutal and Now Devils Playground these series are all inter mixed and will continue to be great reads like all of Nicole Edwards books There is a not a cliff hanger but a HEA I was really surprised that i liked Cassidy so much I am really not a fan of female leads but she was so NOT annoying or upity or biy at all I really liked her a lot Issiah was pretty hot but i have to say Micah has intrigued me hes got a story to tell and i really really want to hear it whispered in my ear on satin sheets oh i mean yeah hes kinda cool This was a well written short story that got the story told and i really enjoyed it The grammar and spelling were spot on and the suspense was good and not drawn out and i really prefer that in a novella Nicole is a favorite of mine and she never disappoints me and this story is no exception I cant wait for I would absolutely recommend this Novella as well and the series it spins off from Southern Boy Mafia I don't know how but with each book they just keep on getting better and better Without Regret is a short steamy and sexy read Isaiah and Cassidy come together uickly and set each other worlds on fire Their action packed whirlwind romance had me wanting with each turn of the page Very cuteinsta loveshort read and I loved it I probably should have read Beautifully Brutal first because it kind ruins what happens in the end for mebut who cares ill still enjoy it Isaiah was all kinds of sexyand to have a twin brotherwhewwwwwim fanning myself over here I cant wait to read about his brother Micah

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