Inked Souls

Inked Souls➽ [Reading] ➿ Inked Souls By T.T. Kove ➲ – Kian didn't anticipate being dragged along while his friend got a tattoo as anything but a waste of time Then he meets Silver a handsome tattoo artist who provokes all sort of x rated thoughts and amb Kian didn't anticipate being dragged along while his friend got a tattoo as anything but a waste of time Then he meets Silver a handsome tattoo artist who provokes all sort of x rated thoughts and ambitions More intriguing Silver's been waiting for a chance to get to know KianA relationship wasn't what Kian was expecting when they fall into bed but he's not opposed But the beginning of a relationship is the easy part it's everything after that's a challenge—especially when the danger of disease and infection enter the picture. This is my first book by TT Kove Inked Souls is number 2 of a series but can be read as a standalone which was great as I've not read book one The story felt really mellow Almost like I was watching everything happen through a barrier While familial conflict very little angst and a whole lot of feelings are shared and talked about I rarely actually felt them More like I was a spectator in the lives of these gentlemen Their relationship is filled with passion but still slow burning when it comes to them falling in love but I had a difficult time feeling that The opening prologue had me curious as to why the book starts the way it does This is a story about Kian and Silver and the books kicks off with issues surrounding Kian's mother and father Not knowing where the author was going was intriguing It all comes together for me when I realize that this story is not so much about these two guys meeting and falling and not so much about the threat of disease and infection it's about family Choosing a family for yourself when the one you had was toxic Choosing family that is not always blood related but different Kian finds family and love Silver and his friendsroom mates are part of that While this is a sweet and kind of fun book it didn't speak to me as much as I'd hoped Book provided by NetGalley for an honest review This story runs mostly concurrently with Scarred Souls the previous book in the series Though I don’t think you need to have read book one to get this story I would say that you might want to anyways It is a lot heavier in tone then this book though so you might want to also take that into considerationHere in Inked Souls we get to see the entirety of Kian and Silver’s story And baring a few bits of tension and uncertainty it is a pretty easy going storyWhich might have been it’s biggest weakness A lot of the drama in this story comes from Damian and Josh the MCs from book one and since I’ve already read their story I kinda didn’t feel all that connected to those parts of the book This is my biggest problem with stories that do the whole “rerun thru another perspective” thing Nothing in this story is a real surprise except maybe Silver’s back story Don’t get me wrong it was still enjoyable to read and Kian and Silver are supper sweet together but there was no real hook for meNow for the things that I did like and made this a book worth readingKian– who has the main POV in this story– is a great character He is sweet and a bit uncertain at times but there is also a lot of passion in him Watching him struggle thru the whole health scare you can really start to see how his mom’s lack of any real parenting has affected him but also how his dad his new family has begun to heal himThe tattoos –which I’m a big fan of but have always been too much a wimp to actually get any– are awesome And Kian’s reaction to seeing Silver giving someone a tattoo was hilarious Very inopportune boners going on hereI also really liked the various family dynamics in this story All them felt eually believable in there own way be it for better or for worseOverall while the repeated time line kinda made it hard for me to really get into I did still enjoy it And the bonus short story at the end featuring Damian and Josh was just great This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below 25 starsThis is by far the lightest read ever that I've read by TT Kove I'm so use to the mind blowing tension angst mental illness past abuse or some sort of trauma with her characters She never has me waiting for her guys to get together that's not the issue it's on the line of the amount of baggage that each guy comes with The first book in this series was good heavy but really good Her guys are all extremely young in nature but go through so much things and end up with this really big commitment to each other It's something I really like about her writing style While I'm really happy that Kian and Silver didn't have the amount of turmoil some of her past characters had I was bored I feel a little bit special saying that when I wanted something light but I think without the usual juice she gives us I was left feeling meh I had high expectations for these two since I seriously loved them in book 1 I think Kian's father is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amazing I loved that Kian wasn't hesitant to be loved when it came to meeting his dad for the first time I really enjoyed Silver from the beginning He was just an amazing guy They had a health scare but I think it's normal with most relationship if people aren't being cautious with their bodies I think the story just left a hole in me it was nothing spectacular I did not have the feelings that I'm use to when reading this author I was just bored Cute uick read Very little angst none too compared the Scarred series really I really would like to see if these two It is a very nice diversion from the other stories in the series I haven't read the first part and considering my rating I'll never will but since Inked Souls features a new pairing I gave it a goI wish I didn'tLet me start with the characters The I got to know about Kian the less I liked him Putting myself in his shoes wasn't something I could do His crush on Silver is not believeable Just because he is oh so gorgeous which the reader gets told again and again and again and you get the drill he's the love of his life? They have a lot of unsafe sex and even the sex scenes couldn't hold my attention I'm sorry but I just didn't feel their relationshipOn top of this there are the repetitions Things I have just read a few pages before get told again And even if there were than a few pages in between this is no book with hundreds of pages No need to tell the reader what has happend in this bookIf these were the only thing bothering me I'd gave a rating of 3 stars But there is Something I didn't expect and which I found to be executed poorly too Mental illnessesThere was no trigger warning on the book and to be honest I would have needed one If I knew there was a bpd Borderline Personality Disorder character in this book and talk about self harm and suicide I would have never read this book The way a character's asexuality was handled or to be exact talked about didn't sit well with me as wellOverall this book made me feel really bad Because I don't want my lovely readers the same way here's a trigger list for this book Mental illnesses bpd bipolar disorder depression self harm suicide nearly attempted anti asexuality child rape sexual assault unsafe sex child neglect Hopefully I haven't forgotten oneI got a copy for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you Inked Souls Scarred Souls #2 by TT KoveMM RomanceTriggers Self harm death 4 starsI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow ReadsThe beginning of this story was somewhat perplexing I knew that this book would be the story of Silver and Kian however the book was for me drastically different than what the prologue presentsI did really enjoy the relationship between Silver and Kian but it seemed very tame too Even having read the previous book I was expecting a little heat between Kian and Silver Now don't mistake heat to mean no chemistry because they had great chemistry I think this story was the clear when I figured out that this was about acceptance family and who you choose to allow in to your life I wanted to hurt Silver's family well his parents a lot when they were so judgmental of Kian I really loved how Vincent and Silver stood up to their folks And even though for me the issue was not resolved it was not glossed over eitherBecause the characters crossover between book 1 and book 2 it helped me see the characters in a different light too I got to see the relationship side of Silver as well as the concerned friend side Even Damien's character was slightly different in this story partly because you were seeing him through Kian's eyesOverall I enjoyed this story but if you're looking for super sexy reads thus far this series is very tame I was given this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest reviewThis book runs parallel as Scarred Souls so you get to see both sides of the story just in different books This book isn’t as much as a dark read as Scarred Souls but it still has some dark moments I fell in love with Kian right from the beginning and Silver was also great These two people had to deal with some major health issues pretty much from the beginning along with their other issues The chemistry between Silver and Kian was very obvious and that was clear right from the beginning Not sure if the author is planning any books in the series but would love to see of these charactersAgain this is a dark read and I caution anyone who has a problem with abuse I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Inked Rainbow Reads Review TeamThis is the second book in the series; I read the first one and wasn’t really a fan of it but thought I would give this one a shot anyway Sad to say this one didn’t do much for me either I was bored at times I could at least feel some of the chemistry between these two These characters didn’t have as much angst or issues as the first books characters which was a relief Either the writing style isn’t for me or maybe the subject matter isn’t but this series just isn’t working for me This story had such potential unfortunately it was just too much telling and not enough showing for me Further though so many massive issues are touched upon yet none of them was in depth enough to make me care at all After reading Scarred Souls I wasn’t sure what to expect with Inked Souls I knew that Silver had a tragedy in his past based on comments made in book one but I didn’t know what it was Truth be told I was a bit worried to find out after all that was revealed about Damian and Josh in the previous book While Silver’s past is indeed tragic I was relieved to find out that it wasn’t the same kind of trauma as the other pair In fact despite Silver’s secret and Kian’s past Inked Souls was a upbeat read than I anticipated – so much so that I spent a good deal of the book waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop Thankfully it did not and I consumed this book in matter of hoursThe book opens with us meeting Kian on his eighteenth birthday which is also the day he meets his father for the first time Learning that Kian’s mother prevented his father from being in his life and finding out that Kian grew up being neglected by his mother it was practically impossible for me not to feel for the young man As his story progresses I fell in love with him Rather than becoming bitter about his childhood Kian tends to look at what he has instead of what he doesn’t have He is thankful that his father entered his life and that his stepmother and half brother welcomed him fully into the family It was obvious during Kian’s visits home that he was a full fledged member of the family so much so that I never would have guessed they’d only been in each other’s lives for mere months But as much as I loved Kian’s interactions with his family and his best friend Chloe it was his adoration of and eventual love for Silver that made his character so likeable for me Although the two hook up almost immediately Kove writes the characters in such a way that it works It wasn’t so much an insta love situation as it was an instant connection and from that we got to see their relationship progress With the book being told primarily from Kian’s perspective we don’t get to see as much from Silver’s point of view but it works because Silver’s actions and dialogue make it clear that he feels the same way about Kian That the two were so well matched sexually and hot as heck when they were together just added to their connection While Inked Souls overlaps some with Scarred Souls it isn’t necessary to have read book one first Being as I loved Scarred Souls I do recommend reading it For those who passed it up because of the warnings which should be taken seriously you can read this installment without issue because the overlapping scenes that are included are seen from Kian’s point of view and as Kian doesn’t know Damian or Josh as well Silver’s explanations provide the information needed for a new reader and Josh to understand what’s going on That said if you did read book one I think you will enjoy seeing how Kian and Silver got together – thank goodness for bribable flat mates – and how much easier their relationship seemed to form in comparison And catching up with Josh and Damian was a nice bonus I do hope the author plans to continue the series as I enjoyed Kove’s writing and would like to see of these charactersI received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers