A night in with Audrey Hepburn

A night in with Audrey HepburnHilarious, Heart Warming And The Perfect Girl S Night In For Fans Of Sophie Kinsella And Lindsey Kelk ROFL Funny Unlucky In Love, Failed Actress Libby Lomax Has Retreated Into The World Of Classic Movies, Where The Immortal Lives Of The Screen Goddesses Offer So Much In The Way Of Romance Than Her Own Life.After A Terrible Day On The Set Of A Cult TV Sci Fi Series Where She Has Proved Herself To Be The Antithesis Of Feminine Poise And Embarrassed Herself In Front Of Heartthrob Actor Dillon O Hara, She Plonks Herself Down In Front Of Her Trillionth Viewing Of Breakfast At Tiffany S Relaxing On Her Battered Old Couch, Salvaged From The Props Department By Her Best Friend Olly, Libby Is Gob Smacked To Find Actual Screen Icon, Audrey Hepburn, Sitting Beside Her Dressed In Her Little Black Dress, Wearing Her Trademark Sunglasses, Audrey Proffers Advice To The Hapless Libby Between Ladylike Puffs On Her Vintage Cigarette Holder.And So, Audrey Becomes Libby S Confidante And Friend But Has Libby Got What It Takes To Turn Her Life From A Turkey To A Blockbuster With A Little Bit Of Audrey Hepburn Magic, She Might Just Pull It Off A Night In With Audrey Hepburn Is The First In A Series Of Three Books Following The Life And Loves Of Libby Lomax As She Blossoms From Z Lister To A Lister And All Of The Stages In Between With A Little Bit Of Help From Some Very Special Friends. WOW What an amazing concept And there will be YES PLEASE The golden age of Hollywood and its actors is one of my favourite things, and i LOVE Audrey so this book was perfection I really liked the protagonist She had that spark but at
Where have all the editors gone long time passing I so wanted this to be better it really had the potential and a great cover to go with it Libby is the loveable underachieving protagonist who finds herself in some outrageous situations, not the least of which are her encounters with Audrey Hepburn the ghost hallucination alter ego who, for a never discovered reason, chooses to guide, encourage and jump start her young friend s life Libby grew with up little nurturing from either parent and legitimately earned her under dog status, yet she is still a little too old for her futiley self preserving, salty retorts not that I can t relate to stalled maturity, they just got a little wearing, especially the ones directed at her goddess hero Audrey Her chronic doubts, denials, and lack of awareness of her own feelings and those of both Olly an
With SPOILERS Well, this was torture Horrendous things happen to the main character, it s like the catastrophes all lined up waiting for their turn to happen, and I guess it should be relatable and funny but it s not Maybe, it would ve been if it had been written differently or by someone else entirely.None of the characters are likable, they are annoying and acting stupid no, not acting because they are actors but legitimately being idiots Perhaps, the only normal person is her friend Olly but he didn t appear that much in the pages I ve read.Our main character, Libby, is so lovable and consistent with her opinions not really She s talking about an actor, Dillon O Hara, well she s being rude and judgmental and talking shit about him one second and the next when she sees she s been talking to the same actor, she gushes how handsome he is and goes for a smoke with him When she s not a smoker it can be understandable why she does this, but if you re
Though some parts were very familiar and well worn, I found this book genuinely funny and heartwarming. It has been quite awhile since I read such a funny, quirky book It was hilarious Great for breaks in between hard core, deeper reads Just plain fun Read it This was on the recently returned display at my library and looked cute, so I picked it up to try Honestly, the only reason I finished this book is because it counted for a spot on my library s summer reading bingo card It s not bad all the way through, and the premise is cute, but for awhile there the main character just makes so many bad decisions that I put it down in embarrassment and disgust The end of the book picks up a bit, but not enough for me to read the rest of the books in the series Spoiler alert for something completely obvious Libby is actually in love with her best guy friend not the dashing actor , and he s in love right back with her Either a they end up together in the end, which I already know, or b they don t, in which case I don t want to read it But the amount of secondhand embarrassme
The new Becky Bloomwood This was such a cute read If only Audrey would show up on my couch Review I am still in the mood of the International Women s Day so, I chose this book to be one of my March reading list It s quite a hilarious, fun and witty storyline when the author brought in the legendary Diva Audrey Hepburn in the set Despite all the series of catastrophic situation in Libby Lomax s life hurting and disturbing my feelings along the journey, she was enjoying her life with the slight fun that comes and go which made me enjoy it too It could have been better if Libby is a bit wiser than she is in this book so that she could save herself from those embarrassments Nevertheless, those embarrassing moments have made her journey worth.To be honest, it s quite a relaxing experience in reading this Just the right book I was looking for after the tiring days I am going to continue to read for the second book I came across to this recommendation in Goodreads where one of the reviewers said that, If you love Sophie Kinsella, you are
Druga pro itana knjiga ove 2019 godine je Tiho ve e s Odri Hepbern A night in with Audrey Hepbern by Lucy Holliday Odli na je Nisam mnogo o ekivala od nje ali sam dobila vi eslojnu pri u ili ja to samo previ e analiziram Sa glavnom junakinjom Libi skra eno od Liberty mo e se bar djelimi no poistovijetiti svaka od nas Libi poti e iz porodice pune standardnih peripetija, i odrasta u sjeni svoje po dana njim mjerilima prelijepe sestre, zapostavljena i od strane oca, kojeg rijetko vi a, i od strane majke ivi svoj ivot tu na i kao tek nijemi posmatra vlastitog ivota uga aju i razma enoj sestri i udovoljavaju i maj inim prohtjevima vezanim za izbor karijere I kona no se odselila u iznajmljeni stan i , izde avale su joj se mnoge ne ba tako lijepe stvari, ali sre om, tu su joj najbolji prijatelji Nora i Norin brat Oli A onda je u njen ivot u la Odri Hepbern, njen idol iz djetinjstva, kada je s ocem zajedno gledala filmove koje bi on odabrao Kako i
I am commenting on the Audio version of the book which is ace Audio Review, A Night in with Audrey Hepburnby Lucy HollidayNarrated by Anna Parker NaplesPerfect listing for a night in on your own with wine and snacks It is marvellous to listen to an audio version of this book as you can just lay back and listen as the very talented and marvellous Ann Parker Naples brings all the characters and the story alive.The thing that i liked best about this story, is that the protagonist Libby Lomax is such a normal sounding ordinary woman who is flung into the extraordinary situation of meeting the ghost of Hollywood screen actress Audrey Hepburn.We start the story off when Libby is much younger and she meets her two future best friends while auditioning along with her sister Libby s sister is a bit of a difficult personality, and along with her mother and estranged father, you feel glad that Libby has such good friends This story has many