The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media

The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social MediaSocial Learning Is A Fundamental Shift In How People Work Leveraging How We Have Always Worked, Now With New, Humanizing Tools, Accelerating Individual And Collective Reach, Giving Us The Resources To Create The Organization, And The World, We Want To Live In In This Newly Revised And Updated Edition Of The New Social Learning, Tony Bingham And Marcia Conner Dispel Organizational Myths And Fears About Social Media By Sharing The Success Stories Of Socially Engaged Companies And People, The Much Anticipated Second Edition Persuasively Makes The Case For Using Social Media To Encourage Knowledge Transfer And Real Time Learning In A Connected And Engaging Way.As Steve LeBlanc Noted, Social Learning Thrives In A Culture Of Service And Wonder It Is Inspired By Leaders, Enabled By Technology, And Ignited By Opportunities That Have Only Recently Unfolded Brand New Case Studies About Innovative Organizations Such As Boston Children S Hospital, National Australian Bank, LAZ Parking, Sanofi Pasteur, Cigna, CENTURY 21, And Roche Pharmaceuticals Illustrate Cutting Edge Social Learning Approaches That Cultivate Environments Where Great People Can Do Their Best Work The New Social Learning Lays The Foundation For Improving The Way You Engage With Colleagues, Collaborate With Teams Anywhere In The World, And Build Workforce Capability Take The Next Step To Connect Skills And Knowledge And Move Your Own Organization Forward As You Reclaim And Revolutionize Workplace Learning. I m a learning geek and have taken full advantage of social media to learn something new every day I was excited to read the book The New Social Learning 2nd Edition by Tony Bingham and Marcia Connor Social media allows people from all over to share and learn from each other This book champions the benefits of social learning and how it can be used to further learning, organizations, and teams What better way to engage with others than to put something out there and receive hundreds of ideas and thoughts back That s social learning.Bingham and Conner use real life case examples of how business and industry have used social media to grow, empower, and work with the ever changing workforce They eloquently aim to prove that social media can really transform companies, talent, and even company culture They explain what a powerful learning tool social media can be when managed and used to encourage personal connections Companies need to embrace new social technologies that focus on the talents of everyone, yet bring people together to share strengths There is so much negative critiscm of social media and The New Social Learning 2nd Edition meets that challenge head to head The authors effectively shoot down some of the excuses that organizations quote to not use and encourage social media They reaffirm that social learning does not happen overnight and that social media is a building block on top of
Social media is not a passing fancy, it s here to stay So how can we best work with it not in spite of it Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner share their ideas in The New Social Learning, a handbook for how organizations and teams can utilize this tool to improve capacity for learning and growing together They believe we can learn how to leverage the communities our people are already part of, the social media tools they use on their own personal time, and use them to connect and collaborate with each other and our surrounding communities.Some highlights Chapter 3 speaks especially to the importance of community and showing up online Chapter 4 provides practical ideas for growing your organization s social presence one bite at a time Chapter 5 presents some patterns, metrics, and goals to consider in analyzing the effectiveness of your impact and influence online Chapter 6 was especially helpful for me, as I don t work in the traditional corporate setting It connects the ideas presented throughout the book to roles outside the workplace such as attending conferences, speaking at events, or even getting to know someone over a good meal.This book reminds us to be humble enough to admit we need collaboration from others in almost every ende
As a school leader this book is an invaluable resource for using social tools for student learning as well as workforce teacher engagement As was said in the book, The 21st century is about leading into a connected world This book teaches us how learning from everything and everyone is possible. This is the second version of the original I downloaded on Kindle This time I bought the physical book and used it as a reference book I reread the whole lot and took notes through it Constant reference and must read Love the case studies too. Wow A useful go to handbook on using social media as a resource for knowledge sharing and just in time learning Some great case studies interwoven with some academic comments Everything you d need to to help you start or re start your social media learning projects. A truly inspiring book on how learning can be, should be and has already changed, full of practical tips and insightful cases

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  • The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media
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